Dream Lovers Ch. 04


Chapter 04 (EDITED)

Jeri Shares Leslie with Lucy

Leslie gradually grew comfortable living with her lover Jeri and friends Matt and Christine. A friendly, outgoing nature replaced her shyness. Lovers Matt, Christine, Janet, and Lucy found her irresistible and extremely desirable.

She is stunningly gorgeous, 5’7″ tall with a 37-23-36″ perfectly toned swimmers body. Her natural blond hair with sun-bleached highlights adds to her sensuality.

Jeri considered herself the luckiest person alive to share her life with someone so adorable.

Leslie felt the same about Jeri, the blonde-haired, 5’4″, 36-23-37″, beauty, Christine’s long time best fiend.

Jeri grew up with Chris and had a mad crush for his mother Janet since she was a little girl. The puppy love has long since turned to heavy lust. She masturbated frequently with thoughts of Janet eating her pussy.

She treated Chris more as a girl friend and supported his transformation to Christine. The night she moved in with Matt and Christine she realized a dream to have sex with Janet and an added bonus, her new lover Lucy. It changed her life forever. The former bisexual is now an adventuresome lesbian.

Jeri’s love for Christine will last forever. In her mind, Christine, except for her 9-inch cock, is a sexy, incredibly beautiful woman. She is kind, charitable, sharing and caring.

All the sexually active women in her life accepted Matt’s philosophy to avoid sexual labels and enjoy sex for one’s own and their lover’s pleasure.

Their open relationship models after the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young lyric: “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with,”

Matt, Christine, Janet and Lucy patiently waited for the day Leslie would learn the joys of casual sex outside her relationship with Jeri. Experience taught them that sexual freedom made their relationships stronger.

The turning point finally arrived one night. In the midst of a hot 69, Leslie moaned, “Oh Lucy, I love your pussy.” Realizing her faux pas, she immediately turned to apologize and saw Jeri smiling and lightly laughing. Seeing the look of concern on Leslie’s face, she told her not to worry. “I, too, think Lucy is very hot. You must feel the same way.”

Leslie relaxed and admitted she thinks about sex with all her fiends including Matt.

“I know for a fact they all harbor lust for you. If you really want sex with others, I am all for it. In fact your joy with others will make me happy for you and love you even more.”

“So you have had sex with all four?” Leslie asked.

“Not since I met you.”

“But you still want sex with others?”

“Only with your blessing, Leslie. If we are to have sex outside our relationship, it must be with mutual blessing and a promise it will not lessen our love for each other. I do not care of you fuck every lesbian at Women’s Cave, I will always love and trust you.”

“Wow that is a lot of pussy!” Leslie laughed. “It is probably better if I keep it closer to home.”

“Agreed,” Jeri, answered.

“Agreed,” Leslie laughed. “Right now we have unfinished business.”

The two lovers got each other off in record time.

They cuddled and drifted of to sleep dreaming of sharing their love with others.


As customary, Janet and Lucy stayed the weekend at Matt and Christine’s home. bursa escort Leslie eagerly anticipated spending Friday night with another lover for the first time. Following dinner the three couples sat together enjoying soft tender love songs designed to get everyone in the mood. Matt and the women dressed only in loose fitting T-shirts, easily removed when the action started.

Christine took Matt’s hand and guided him to their bedroom Janet led Jeri to the room she shares with Lucy,. Lucy moved to set with Leslie. “I have wanted you since we first met.” Lucy moaned. Taking Leslie in her arms, Lucy held her tight. Leslie’s bountiful 37″ breasts pushed hard against Lucy’s 35″. They moved quickly to the bedroom Leslie shares with Jeri.

Lucy removed Leslie’s T-shirt and marveled at her well-toned swimmer’s body. Leslie, 7-inches taller than Lucy, removed her T-shirt. Her magnificent breasts stood level with Lucy’s mouth, Lucy held Leslie’s right breast in her tiny hands, caressing it softly. She loved the fullness and softness and kissed her light brown areola, licking her hard nipple.

Leslie raked Lucy’s dark brown hair. She massaged her back and shoulders. Lucy moved to her left breast. Leslie hugged Lucy and fell backwards on the bed. Lucy held Leslie and stared into her smoldering blue eyes. She turned slightly and they molded their wide-open lips perfectly.

A large volume of saliva poured between the locked lips as their tongues swirled, probed and jabbed.

They stopped to catch their breath. Lucy stroked Leslie’s beautiful hair and lightly kissed her forehead, ears, and neck. As she caressed her furry pussy, she licked down the valley of her breasts and licked her belly up and down repeatedly.

Lucy’s tongue drove Leslie crazy. Until now, she never considered her belly an erogenous zone. Her body involuntarily twitched with each lick. Her pussy continually released sweet juice on Lucy’s hand. Lucy fed Leslie her soaked hand and gathered more, greedily feeding her own mouth.

Lucy placed her hands on the inside of Leslie’s thighs, pressed them open and gazed at her beautiful pussy covered with fluffy blond hair. She pressed her face to Leslie’s golden mound. She thought of the teddy bear she loved and slept with as a child, so soft and loveable.

Leslie is proud of her soft golden mound. She shaves often to maintain a perfect bikini line. She uses the same shampoo and rinse on her pussy that she treats her thick blond hair.

Lucy parted her soaked pussy hair in the middle and licked up and down her prominent outer lips. She kissed firmly and licked the soft sensitive skin of her inner lips. Leslie frantically bucked as her lover’s tongue entered her vaginal opening.

Lucy inserted two fingers slowly into Leslie’s tight pussy and gently fucked as she expertly located her G-spot. She rubbed her G-rpot and gently flicked her clit. Leslie tossed relentlessly about the bed. Her ecstasy grew. She could take no more and forced Lucy away. She arched her back and screamed and spurted clear streams of para-urethral liquid on Lucy’s face and body.

Leslie cleaned the fluid from Lucy’s body and shared each mouthful in sloppy kisses. Leslie, still full of passion and energy easily lifted Lucy to her back and focused on her deep eyes. Her long hair fell to the sides of her face.

Lucy looked back and softly twisted and turned her bursa escort bayan golden locks. She played with Leslie’s ears and caressed the back of her neck. Leslie held Lucy’s head in her hands, lowered her lips and lovingly pecked at Lucy’s lips.

Lucy prepared for a long road to orgasm hoping she could keep up with the energized Leslie. She surrendered her body to Leslie’s control and tried to relax.

Leslie kissed Lucy firmly, opened her mouth slightly and licked Lucy’s lips. Lucy followed her lead and maintained lip contact. Leslie ran her tongue along Lucy’s teeth. They opened further into a passionate French kiss. Barley audible Os and Ahs escaped their tightly closed lips.

Leslie roamed much of Lucy’s 35-22-36″ body finally griping her plump ass. She caressed her butt cheeks and lightly ran her hands thru her crack and over her asshole.

Lucy sensually fondled Leslie’s desirable 37″ breasts. Oh how she loved her breasts! She agonizingly lost contact as Leslie removed her hands from he ass and straddled her body. She cupped Lucy’s nicely rounded tits and alternately sucked and tweaked her nipples. She pressed the mounds together and rapidly ran her tongue from one to the other. Lucy lost control. Her first orgasm of the night racked her body. Juices pouring out of her pussy increased dramatically.

Leslie loved making love with Lucy and derived a certain amount of gratification bringing Lucy to orgasm so soon, and vowed to try to give her the orgasm of her life

Lucy, extremely sensitized by Leslie’s ardent attention, almost lost control again when Leslie licked her tits all over, around and under. In her long lesbian life, none of her lovers lavished her breasts like Leslie. “What a find,” she thought.

She focused on Lucy’s tender belly. She started at her navel and licked her knot leaving a pool of saliva. She licked ever-widening circles starting at her navel and reaching from the valley of her breasts to teasingly close to her pussy. Lucy groaned happily with each passage of Leslie’s talented tongue.

Leslie kissed and licked her right thigh, then her left. She kissed and licked her calves. She kissed and licked her feet. She drove Lucy crazy by licking and tickling the sensitive bottom of each foot. She stopped when Lucy begged for mercy, and then sucked her toes like little cocks.

Leslie turned and held Lucy’s legs open. She spread her legs and pushed forward in a scissors position against Lucy’s pussy. Lucy pressed hard at Leslie’s soft muff. Juices ran freely in epic portions.

They started a fucking motion. Squishing sounds grew faster and louder as the two lovers pounded each other faster and harder. Lucy reached orgasm again. It was prolonged and deeper than her previous cum from Leslie’s breast play. Leslie came shortly afterwards. Sweet sticky juices covered most of their bodies and the reveled in the combined aroma of perspiration and pussy juice that permeated the room.

The pair rolled out of the scissors and lay face down, heads at opposite ends of the bed. Lucy, nearly exhausted, fought to catch her second wind. Even after two orgasms, she knew the incredible insatiable Leslie would again stoke her fire until her last ember flickered out.

Leslie possesses inexhaustible energy and often engaged in marathon sex sessions with other lesbian lifeguards. Regulations demanded lifeguards bursa escort kız swim a mile once a week. It builds the stamina needed on and off the job.

She eyed Lucy’s desirable plump 36″ ass and tenderly caressed each cheek with her strong hands. She kissed all over Lucy’s ass including the sensitive perineum. She kissed and licked along her ass crack gradually spreading her buns until her anal ring came within easy reach of Leslie’s talented tongue.

Lucy preferred a cleansing enema prior to anal sex. However, her thoughts were elsewhere concentrating on the ecstatic pleasure of Leslie’s tongue probing her ass. Pungent gasses escaped her ass diluting the heavenly mixed aroma of perspiration and pussy juice.

Leslie ignored Lucy’s flatulence and drove two fingers into her anal canal with depraved indifference to the creamy brown waste covering her fingers.

Leslie finally removed her fingers and cleaned them on the soaked sheet. Lucy ass burned. Leslie turned her over and gazed into Lucy’s eyes. Her deep brown eyes showed a mixture or pain and pleasure. Leslie meekly asked, “Did I hurt you, little one?”

Everyone endearingly called Lucy “little one.” and she loved it. She had several catfights when women called her, “Shorty,” or “Pipsqueak.”

“I am OK, but my ass burns a little.” Lucy replied.

Leslie knew just what her ass needed. She licked in a mouthful of Lucy’s pussy juice, lifted and pried open her ass then dripped a little juice several times. A deep sigh from Lucy told Leslie all is well again.

Leslie lapped more of Lucy’s juice and shared it with a kiss. She kissed down thru her breast valley to her pussy. She lipped locked Lucy’s inner lips and probed deep into her vaginal opening. A tiny amount of pee escaped her urethra, understandable since their lovers have been at each other for the last five hours. Lucy’s pee tasted slightly salty, but tolerable.

She probed her urethra. Lucy could not hold back, yelled “SORRY!”, and urinated a steady stream if pee into Leslie’s mouth. She was unable to swallow every drop. A good bit flowed down her body to the bed. As the flow slowed to a dribble, Leslie licked her clean.

Leslie gently tongued Lucy’s clitoral hood and slowly fucked her with two fingers. She located Lucy’s G-spot as her clit peeked out from its hood. Leslie ribbed the tiny G-spot nub and flicked her clit.

Lucy heart pounded. She rejoiced in the tingling of a thousand nerve endings in the walls of her vagina and clit. She began to feel strong pre-orgasmic sensations.

Her head rocked. Her breasts shook. Her pussy exploded in towering waves of ejaculate liquids. She and Leslie drowned in the massive discharge. Leslie beautiful blond hair barely showed thru the sodden darkness. Lucy’s lovely straight brown hair became a tangled mess.

Their sticky bodies lay in a pool or Lucy’s fluids. They reeked of perspiration, urine, poop and their combined pussy juices. They first removed the ringing wet sheets, dried the waterbed covering and spread new linens, then walked arm in arm to the shower.

They washed each other’s bodies. Lucy lingered on Leslie’s hairy muff and perfect 37″ breasts. Leslie caressed Lucy’s plump ripe ass.

They shampooed, rinsed and brushed out each other’s hair. Lucy shampooed, rinsed and combed Leslie’s soft blond pubic hair.

They carefully dried each other, wrapped their hair in plush white towels and slipped into terrycloth robes. They lounged alone in the living room as the sun appeared above the distant mountains.

Christine gently touched their shoulders. “Get some more rest. Tonight is a big night at Women’s Cave.” she promised.

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