Domestic Tranquility


I turn the doorknob. “Great! Why did she lock the door”? I fish through my keys and find the right one. I insert it in the keyhole and it is difficult to get it in all the way. I’ll have to remember to spray some oil into that, I tell myself. I push and jiggle the key and the lock suddenly responds. I push through the door and lock it behind me. What a day! End-of-Fiscal-Year rush and everybody needs to spend the leftover dough or lose it in next year’s budget. I was glad to be home: the only place where work is not a topic for discussion.

“How was work”? Katherine calls from the kitchen.

“Oh, you know.” I put down my purse and bag and hurry to the kitchen. You are finishing up some dishes in the sink.

“Hi, hon.” You lean down to kiss me. I open my mouth and feel your tongue stroke mine. My arms wrap around your waist and I draw you closer to me. We kiss more deeply with a few muffled ‘mmms’ and I break the vapor lock.

“It’s so good to see you. I missed you all day.” I hug you tight and run my hands down your back and to your ass. I squeeze your cheeks and offer a suggestion.

“Why don’t you get out of those jeans and go put on that fishnet teddy and those black heels? I’ll be up in a minute.” Your face brightens.

“Your wish is my command.” You close the dishwasher and disappear upstairs. I go to the refrigerator and put ice in a tall glass. I fill the glass with water and drink several big gulps. I wait a few minutes so that you’ll have time to change. I refill the glass and go upstairs.

Our bedroom is larger than the standard but cozy. Candles rest on the ledge and the bureau. You took the time to light them, which gives the room a warm, inviting glow. The navy blue carpeting makes the room seem darker than the fading day suggests. I put the water glass on the night table, next to my accessories: a leather harness, which holds a six-inch dildo, lubricating cream, massage oil, a hand towel and a box of tissues. The king-size bed has soft, flannel bursa otele gelen eskort sheets, which help quell the winter chill. You exit the bathroom and walk toward me. I stroke your upper arms and shoulders.

“Take off my clothes.” You smile and start by pulling my sweater over my head. You begin to fold it, but I take it and drop it to the floor. You unbutton my shirt. As you do this I place my hands on your ass and pinch and rub your perfect globes. You’re gorgeous. The black teddy has a mesh design that clings to every beautiful curve of your body. Your heels give your calves that sculpted definition that I love to run my fingers over when you’re near. Your smooth, perfumed skin makes my body ache when you’re not around. I love the way you touch me when you undress me. Your delicate hands slide around my waist as you lift my shirttails. You lift my sportsbra over my head and cup my breasts in your soft hands. I sigh at the feeling of freedom my breasts now enjoy and at the magic of your caress. I feel a stream of wetness coating my underwear—a fact that you will discover shortly.

“Suck my tits, Katherine.” I hold your head to me as you take a nipple in your mouth and feel it harden. “Mmmm, that feels good, baby. Suck me.” You squeeze my tits together and lick them simultaneously. You push your tongue between them and pinch my nipples, which causes my knees to buckle and a sigh to escape my lips. My other hand leaves your ass and I massage your clit. You continue to suck my tits. You grind your pussy against my fingers. I stop and tell you to finish undressing me. You sink to your knees, letting your hands slide down my waist and stomach as you go. You nuzzle my crotch with your face.

“I think somebody’s wet,” you say with a giggle.

“Well, you better check, just to make sure. Mmmm.” I close my eyes at the thought of you on your knees before me. You undo my belt buckle and then the button on my pants. You rub your bursa eve gelen escort bayan hands over my hips and then over my pelvis.You take the zipper in your teeth and work it down to my crotch. Your hot breath on my underwear feels good. I run my hands through your hair in anticipation of what you’ll do next. You run your hands up my quads and to my inner thighs. You playfully pinch my crotch but then your fingers wander into the opening and you stroke me with your thumb.

Your fingers stroke my mound and you breathe deeply onto the cotton material. “What do you want me to do, Diane”? Before I can answer, you forcefully pull my pants to my ankles and push me backward onto the bed. I let out a laugh at your uncharacteristic aggressiveness.

“So you want to play games with me, eh? No games till you finish the job. Now, take off my shoes and socks, too.” I laugh at my mock seriousness. But you comply by unlacing my sneakers and then pulling off my socks and pants. As you finish, I call you to me.

“Come ‘ere.” You crawl onto the bed on all fours and straddle me. I pull you down to me and kiss you. The fishnet tickles my nipples.

“Suck my tits, baby.” You slide down to my breasts and take one in your mouth. Your tongue expertly traces my aereola. You nibble on my tit, which drives me crazy. I run my fingers through your hair as you continue your work. You suck me hard and leave hickeys on the sides and underside of my breasts. The candle lights add a bronze glow to my light-brown skin and the contrast with yours only makes me want you more. This is where my madness begins.

“Oh, Katherine, that feels really good. Yeah. Mmm, I want you to eat my pussy.” You move down my compact frame and nuzzle my crotch. Your fingertips press into my fleshy mound and you nibble my lips through my underwear. Your hand finds my wetness and you lick it.

“Take them off.” You tug at my waistband and I lift my butt so that you can bayan eskort bursa slide my underwear off. You run your hand over my mound. The bristles tickle when you touch them. My hair is trimmed short and I’ve learned to use scissors so you don’t get whisker burns. You part my lips with your fingers. Your nails dig in gently and the slight discomfort excites me even more. You lick my lips, one at a time. Your tongue glides like a skater on ice, over one lip, down to the edge of my pussy and then back up to the other lip. Your gentle sucking and tugging have me groaning and writhing in our bed. You playfully lick and suck my clit, alternating between flicking your tongue, kissing and sucking. I love the variety of sensations you coax out of me every time we make love. You plunge your tongue into me and tickle my insides. I grab your head and push you deeper into my pussy. The lights from the candles dance with their shadows, seemingly in response to this madness you bring out in me.

“Oh, yes, yes, Katherine, fuck me with that tongue. Fuck me, baby.” Your tongue dives deeply into me and your lips move around my hole. This double fuck builds in my pussy and I’m ready to explode in your mouth. I draw my legs up and move my hips up and down on your face. I hold you there with my hands and I wonder how you can still breathe. The shadows on the wall dance with the motions of your tongue. You wrap your arms around my thighs. My pussy is grinding and bucking, now and all you can do is hold on. Your tongue dives in and out of my hot snatch as you push me closer to the edge. My sweet juices begin to flow as you lick my clit and my hole, sucking up the hot syrup that you created. I reach down and pull the skin of my mound back, exposing my lips even more to your hungry, hot mouth. You suck deeply as my body stiffens. I let out a choked groan.

“YES, YES! Eat me, baby, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I work to catch my breath but my staccato pleadings are all that I can get out. I moan loudly one last time as your tongue completes its mission. My body shakes and I half sit up for a brief moment before falling back on the bed. My stomach spasms with the aftershocks. You climb on top of me and wrap your arms around me, feeling the last of my twitching and shaking. We lie together in the flickering room. The shadows of the candlelight have stopped their twitching, too.

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