Dana’s Story Ch. 44


Luke has seen exactly what he’s been missing, and is eager to have sex with Dana. She is more than happy to oblige, and wants to make his first time a much more enjoyable experience than hers was.


“Great,” James said, looking from Dana to Luke, grinning.

“But you need to leave,” Dana said, knowing that wasn’t what he’d been working toward.

James’s grin vanished. “What?”

Dana patted James’s chest, and he responded automatically, pushing him up and pulling out of her. He knelt between her legs. “What?” he asked again. “Why?”

Dana turned her attention to Luke. He was watching them both, a guarded expression on his face. Probably afraid that the offer of sex was about to vanish before his eyes. “James says you’re a virgin,” Dana told him. “Is that true?”

Luke’s guarded expression turned to severe embarrassment, and he turned his head like he wanted to look away. To his credit, he didn’t. “Yeah,” he muttered.

Dana reached out. “Hey,” she said, wiggling her fingertips. Luke glanced at her hand, then took it in his. It was the first time they’d touched all evening.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” she said, meeting his eyes. She smiled at him, hoping it would help with his nerves. Perhaps it did. He gave her a brief smile before looking away again, still embarrassed.

“Why do I have to leave?” James asked. “It’s my room!”

“We made Luke leave when we had sex the first time,” Dana said, frowning at James. “Fair’s fair.” Did he not get it that this was Luke’s first time ever? He deserved the same privacy. She wanted privacy, too. She wanted to make sure she could focus on Luke.

James looked like he wanted to argue, but he just blew out an annoyed breath. “Fine,” he said. He climbed off the bed and made a show of annoyance while finding his clothes and getting dressed. Dana covered herself with the bedclothes, not liking this side of him and unwilling to remain naked in his presence. She and Luke watched him silently, glancing at one another occasionally.

Luke looked both nervous and excited. Dana understood the feeling. She remembered losing her virginity after her senior prom. She’d been both excited and terrified by the idea in the days leading up to that moment. The sex had been uncomfortable, disappointing, and mercifully brief. She wanted to make Luke’s experience everything hers wasn’t.

“Okay,” James said, standing by the door with his hand on the knob, “I’m out. I’ll be in the lounge, I guess.” He mustered a smile, and it seemed genuine, despite his annoyance. “You guys have fun.”

When he was gone, Dana and Luke looked at one another. His face displayed excitement and terror in equal parts. Dana felt the usual mix of excitement and arousal that always preceded sex with a new lover. The novelty of exploring a new partner’s body and discovering what turned them on the most was a huge thrill, and added greatly to her pleasure.

“Alone at last,” she said, drawing a weak laugh from Luke.

She shifted position beneath the covers to make room for Luke on the narrow bed. Patting the mattress, she asked, “Would you like to join me?”

Luke nodded silently. She wasn’t sure he could speak at the moment.

He struggled out of the sleeping bag and stood. He wasn’t quite as tall as his brother, and clearly wasn’t the athlete that James was. Luke was a little heavier, though not overweight. Softer might be a good word. He was wearing a pair of black boxer briefs and his erection was obvious.

“You won’t need those,” Dana said gently.

Luke glanced down, then up at her, guilt all over his face. Dana laughed. “If you weren’t excited about having sex with me, I’d be disappointed.”

Luke mustered a smile, and removed his briefs. He was hard, though not fully erect now, and bigger than his brother. He shuffled closer to the bed, self-conscious about being naked and erect. Dana flipped the covers down and patted the bed again.

Dana suppressed a smile. It was funny to see how nervous he was, but she was careful not to show it. Funny to her, but deadly serious to Luke. “Why don’t you lie down, Luke?” she suggested. “Let’s just cuddle for a bit, okay?”

Luke nodded silently and stretched out on his back beside her, pulling the covers up to his waist. Dana moved over to snuggle up to him. He was tense, unmoving, and clearly very uncomfortable. She rested her head on his should, and one hand on his chest, one leg draped over his. “Relax,” she said quietly. “We can take as long as you need. This is supposed to be fun, after all.”

He turned his head to look at her. “I know, I just…it’s my first time.”

“I know,” Dana said, “and I want you to enjoy it.”

“Luke smiled shyly. “How could I not?”

Dana smiled back. “There, see? I like that,” she said, and gave him a kiss. “That kind of talk will definitely Ankara Escort get you laid,” she added afterward, and kissed him again, more thoroughly. Her arousal had faded a bit during James’s exit and while coaxing Luke into bed, but she felt it rebounding now.

Luke was attractive, if not the hard-bodied type she really liked, and she felt powerful. She wasn’t the nervous near-virgin she’d been when she started school. She was experienced now, and knew both what she liked and how to give her partner what he liked. The idea of being the first woman to fuck him excited her.

She continued to kiss him, and began caressing him gently, slowly, hoping he would relax and be able to enjoy himself.

It seemed to work. He began kissing her back and, tentatively at first, touching her as well. Too tentatively, actually. After the umpteenth deniable brush of his fingertips, Dana grabbed his hand and placed it firmly on her breast. Given this unambiguous sign of her approval, he began to fondle her with enthusiasm

“That’s better,” Dana said. A virgin he might be, but he’d clearly made out with girls before. He caressed her all over, enjoying the feel of her body, and used his mouth on her breasts as well, kissing and licking the nipples into hard peaks. One of his hand stayed down between her legs to discover that she was wet, and soon Dana was moaning into his mouth as he fingered her.

“That’s really nice,” she whispered.

She felt one finger slip carefully inside her, then another. He curled them to stroke her g-spot as he used his thumb on her clitoris. Yeah, he knew what he was doing. He would make her come if he kept that up. Dana spread her legs, more than willing to let him get her off.

She wrapped one hand around his cock. He was hard as a rock now, and packing a big one, both thicker and longer than James. He groaned and shuddered at her touch, and lost focus on fingering her. “Oh Jesus,” he gasped.

Dana released her hold immediately, aware that he was far closer to an orgasm than she’d realized, and fearful of making him come before he’d even fucked her. She kicked the covers off of them, and sat up. Luke lay on his back, eyes closed, breathing deeply. He was quiveringly erect, the head of his cock bright red. But as she watched, he relaxed gradually, and opened his eyes.

“Can we…fuck now?” Luke asked.

Dana grinned and nodded. “I’d love to.”

Arranging themselves to fuck was a delicate dance in the narrow bed. Luke shifted into the middle of the mattress. Dana carefully crouched over him, steadying herself with a hand on the wall above his head. She reached down between her legs to aim the head of his cock between her lips.

He felt hot and hard and thick. Dana lowered herself slowly, making a soft sound of pleasure as he slid deeper, impaling her. She quivered at the intensity of the sensations. All too soon, she settled her weight on his hips, the full length of him buried inside her.

“Oh god,” Luke muttered. “That feels so good….”

Dana leaned forward to kiss him. She felt him reach up to grab her breasts in both hands. She lifted her hips until half his length had slipped out, then drove herself back down onto him. Then again, and again, and—that was all it took.

Luke grunted loudly, hands clutching at her, his body bucking against hers as he came. “Oh fuck,” he yelled, and “Oh shit,” and then he just groaned wordlessly. Dana felt his cock twitch inside her, filling her with his cum. Dana reached down between them to finger herself, stroking her clit rapidly, until she too quivered and cried out, coming hard. Having Luke’s hard cock inside her only made it better.

When it was over, Dana sprawled on top of Luke, both of them breathing hard but content to lie quietly.

“Thank you,” Luke whispered. “That was so nice….”

“My pleasure,” Dana replied. “And I mean that literally.”

Luke chuckled. “I noticed. Glad you had fun, too,” he said. He hesitated, then added, “That was pretty quick.”

Dana lifted her head to look at him. “Well, it was your first time. I think that’s pretty common.”

“I guess,” Luke said, averting his eyes, obviously embarrassed.

“Hey,” Dana said, touching his face and catching his eye again. “It was your first time,” she repeated. “You have a naked woman lying on top of you who is ready to fuck again as soon as you’re ready.” She rolled her hips again, pointedly reminding him that he was still inside her. “Which should be soon.”

“Very soon,” Luke said. He squirmed beneath her. “I really want to fuck you again.”

“That’s good, because I want you to fuck me again, too,” Dana replied. Luke looked like he was about to ask a question, but didn’t. “What is it?” Dana asked.

“Have you…done this before?”

“Done what?” Dana asked, stalling Balgat Escort for time. She moved off of Luke, feeling his cock slide out of her. He was only semi-hard now, but still quite large. She snuggled up beside him, taking him in hand. He was slippery with cum and her juices.

Luke groaned when she began stroking him. “Popping a guy’s cherry,” he said.

Dana smiled, enjoying the feel of his skin sliding through her fist, and the slipperiness of their mixed juices. “Once, I guess,” she said. “But we were both virgins. I didn’t enjoy it much.”

She stroked him faster and with a firmer grip. She could feel him responding, getting harder again. “You’re a lot more fun.”

Luke turned to pull her tight against his body and kiss her thoroughly, fondling her breasts and ass before his hand found its way between her legs. He caressed her vulva, fingertips gliding across her wet, open lips and stroking her clit steadily. By the time he had two fingers curled deep inside her, Dana was breathing hard, legs spread wide, eyes closed to focus on the pleasure, her hand wrapped around his cock but unmoving.

The tension singing in her body wound steadily tighter. Dana opened her eyes once to glance at Luke as she trembled on the verge of an orgasm. He was watching her closely, grinning hugely, obviously pleased with his success. Well, so was shee.

“I’m…gonna come,” she gasped, wanting him to know, wanting him to keep doing exactly what he was doing.

“Good,” Luke said. “I wanna see it.”

Moments later, Dana thrashed and cried aloud as the pleasure exploded through her body, waves of ecstasy that left her gasping and keyed up, eager for more. She opened her eyes again to see Luke watching with awe. A glance showed that he was rock hard again.

Dana threw an arm around his neck and pulled him down into frantic kisses. “Fuck me,” she said, between kisses. “Please fuck me.”

Luke scrambled onto his hands and knees above Dana, a goofy grin of anticipation on his face. He looked as eager as Dana felt. She reached down between them, grasping his cock to slide the head inside her. “There,” she whispered, “right there.”

Luke pushed forward, his cock spreading her open, filling her up. “God, that feels good,” she told him, smiling happily. For his part, Luke groaned softly, eyes fluttering closed for a moment, as he buried his cock inside her. He lay on top of her, hands on her shoulders, clinging to her, his weight on her body.

He began awkwardly thrusting his hips. It was uncomfortable and not very enjoyable. Dana shook her head. “Wait,” she said, touching his side. Luke froze, looking guilty.

“This isn’t comfortable,” Dana said gently. “Try supporting your weight on your elbows,” she suggested.

“I’m sorry,” Luke said immediately. He pushed up onto his elbows as requested. It was a relief, and Dana gave him a kiss. “Thanks,” she said and smiled. “And don’t be sorry,” she told him. “You’re new at this. It takes a little practice, that’s all.”

Luke began to move again, and Dana sighed loudly, a little theatrically for his benefit. “Oh, that feels good,” she said. “Keep doing that.”

He did. He seemed content to fuck her slowly (for the most part), savoring the sensations he was experiencing. His efforts were inconsistent, the pace and force of his thrusts varying, along with his angle of attack. He adjusted his position frequently.

Dana enjoyed his efforts. The long strokes of his cock felt good, though it wasn’t pushing her toward a climax. Watching him experience sex for only the second time, knowing that she was giving him pleasure, and that she was the first woman he’d ever fucked, was a thrill of a different kind.

He stopped moving twice, breathing deeply. Dana remained passive, letting him set the pace. She wanted him to enjoy this as long as he was able. During one pause, Luke said, “I want to—can you…turn over?”

“You want to try doggy?” Dana asked.

Luke nodded.

“Of course,” Dana said. “Whatever you like.”

When she was on her knees, one hand on the head rail of the bed, Luke’s hands on her hips, she again guided him into position. His cock parted her lips and then slid smoothly into her pussy. “Mmmm,” she said. “I like that.”

“Fuck,” Luke muttered. “You’re so tight.”

Dana grinned but said nothing. She grabbed the head rail with both hands to steady herself as Luke began to fuck her. And fuck her well. He set a steady pace, drawing nearly the full length of his cock back before driving himself balls deep. The slippery friction as he stroked her felt really good. Really good.

His hands roamed as he fucked her, caressing and stroking and squeezing her back, waist, buttocks, and thighs—but primary her ass. Dana began to suspect that Luke was an ass man. She generally preferred missionary, Çankaya Escort but Luke’s performance now was far more arousing than earlier. Maybe because he liked being able to feel her ass, maybe because kneeling was easier than mounting her when she was on her back.

Whatever the reason, he was really hitting the right spot.

Dana began breathing hard, hands tightening on the head rail, as the glorious tension wound tighter and tighter until she screamed and shuddered in ecstasy. She could feel Luke’s cock moving inside her as she came, and the way his hands tightened on her ass.

Dana’s orgasm faded, leaving her powerfully aroused and ready for more.

“Oh fuck,” Luke exclaimed, slowing for moment. Perhaps he hoped to delay his own orgasm. But the excitement of making Dana come, or perhaps the rhythmic clenching of Dana’s pussy when she climaxed must have been too much for him.

“I’m gonna come!” he cried, and began thrusting hard and fast, pounding her mercilessly. The head rail pinched her fingers against the wall as it shifted with every thrust of Luke’s hips. Dana jerked her hands free, then braced herself against the wall as Luke absolutely railed her.

The intensity of it sent Dana over the top. She came again, shuddering and wailing, as Luke buried himself as deep as he could get inside her. He twitched against her ass, fingers digging into her flesh hard enough to leave marks, making choked sounds of wordless pleasure, filling her with his cum.

Then it was over, only the sound their heavy breathing filling the silence.

Luke continued to kneel behind her, his cock still impaling her, caressing Dana’s back and ass and thighs. Dana reached back to touch his thigh. “I need to lie down,” she said. She felt weak, her arms trembling from the intensity of the experience.

Luke didn’t move immediately, then pulled out of her. He helped ease her down to lie on her side, and snuggled up close behind to spoon her. She could feel his cock against her ass, still semi-hard.

“Thank you,” he whispered, kissing her cheek.

Dana turned her head to look at him. “Thank you” she said. “I had fun.” She was relaxed and content, enjoying the feel of his body against hers.

“Yeah?” He smiled back at her, but there was a hint of real uncertainty in it.

“You couldn’t tell?” Dana asked.

“Well, yeah,” Luke said, “but…”

“But you thought I was faking it?” Dana didn’t know whether to be amused or annoyed. She decided on amused. “I wasn’t faking. You did good. ‘Four out of five stars. Would fuck again.'”

“Only four stars?” Luke asked.

“Only four stars?” Dana replied. “Dude, I gave you four stars. The last time I had sex with a virgin, it was a terrible experience.”

“You’ve done this before?”

“I told you, once,” Dana said. “We were both virgins and had no idea what we were doing. It was awkward and unpleasant.”

“Right,” Luke said, wincing in sympathy. “You did. Sorry.”

Dana smiled. “Well, you had other things on your mind. I forgive you.”

“Point is,” she said, “you did much better.”

“Well, I had you to give me pointers.”

Dana couldn’t argue with that. If either she or Mike had had any experience, their sex might have been a lot more enjoyable. “Yeah,” she said.

She might have said more, but the door flew open and James burst into the room. He had one hand over his eyes, fingers spread so he could see. “You guys done yet?” he asked, as he pushed the door closed.

Dana felt Luke jump and then pull away a little, as if they’d been caught doing something wrong. She squirmed back against him, pulling his arm around her, placing his hand on her breast. He got the point, relaxing into her again and fondling her breast.

“Oh, good,” James said, dropping the pretense. “You are. How was he?” he asked Dana.

“Four stars,” Dana said, turning her head to smile at Luke. “Maybe four and a half.”

“Really? Well done, Luke.” James said.

There was silence for a few moments. Luke continued to caress Dana’s breast casually, and she thought she could feel his cock beginning to stiffen again. Luke said with obvious reluctance, “I guess you want your bed back?”

“If you don’t mind,” James agreed.

Luke abandoned the bed, though he paused to give Dana a long kiss, using his tongue. “Thank you,” he said.

“Any time,” Dana said, meaning it. She’d happily fuck Luke again. As he moved, she caught a glimpse of his cock. He was definitely recovering.

Luke stripped quickly and rejoined Dana in his bed. They lay facing one another, kissing repeatedly but without the passion of earlier. James had come three times already tonight. It wasn’t likely to happen again for a while. Plus, it was about 3 a.m. They were both tired. Morning would be a different story.

Eventually, Dana turned over so they could spoon, and soon she slept.

* * *

As always, thanks for reading. You have a vast number of options here, so if you’ve taken the time to read my story, I appreciate it. I enjoy getting feedback, it’s more tangible evidence that people are reading my story than simple view counts. If you have a comment, question, or suggestion, I’d love to hear it.

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