Cootchie Amore

Big Tits

My girlfriend and I fall back in her bed after exhausting each other once again after a marathon round of sex. Sex with Janny had always been good. She is an experienced and talented lover. But ever since I started talking to my new lesbian on line friend, my sex life with Janny has reached astounding heights. Even though I’m a male, I love lesbian sex. I can’t think of anything more erotic than two women lapping at each others dripping pussies with wild animal lust and abandon; hence I spend a lot of my computer time on lesbian sex type sites.

Janny unknown to me, had been with several women before I met her. Almost all of the relationships ending badly, mostly because none of the women she was with could understand her occasional need for cock. She eventually swore off pussy long before I met her but that didn’t mean that a well formed female ass or a pair of plump breast wouldn’t turn her head. I always thought that she had some kind of hidden desire for pussy from the way she responded to the lesbian porn she would occasionally watch but since she always snuffed out any attempt on my part to explore these desires, over the years I gave up on it.

Then one day I met Cootchie Amore on the net. We hit it off right away as we exchanged movie reviews and pussy eating techniques with each other. It wasn’t long before Cootchie was titillating me with stories of her previous and present day sexual conquests. Just looking at my key board would give me a hard on. I was elated to be included in her sexual world as I would write fantasy stories for her pleasure. Eventually I told Janny about my correspondences with this tasty lady and the stories she told me. To my surprise she was deeply intrigued. Janny started telling me how she would Jill off to what Cootchie told us and how while watching lesbian movies or if I was eating her, she would some times pretend that it was Cootchie between her legs or sitting on her face. That’s when my sex life started getting much better.

Around now Janny told me of her secret early lesbian life and how Cootchie’s stories had awakened dormant desires inside of her. But she would never go back to that life for various reasons. However she did allow me to share several of her old war stories with Cootchie. Cootchie was intrigued that she was turning Janny on through me and vice averse. I had some how became a liaison to the lesbians, not a bad position with some nice fringe benefits but not exactly what I was hoping for. Sort of like being in the “friend zone.”

So needless to say when Cootchie invited me to meet one day because she felt bad that Janny would never fulfill my fantasy, pity was quickly pushed out the door when lust came a knockin. As I knocked on her door I didn’t know what to expect. Wild thoughts of hermaphrodite midgets to large hairy men race through my brain as I waited for her to answer the door.

“Come in, the door is open,” I hear in a sexy female voice that instantly dispels 75% of my fears, with hermaphrodite midgets still being a possibility. There lying on the bed lay Cootchie, hand between her slowly humping legs, busily at work on her tasty womanly treat. As I approach the bed the faint hint of warm pussy floats through the air and my pants instantly tighten. “Take your cloths off and lay here beside me,” Cootchie gently orders me.” I eagerly comply and in no time at all I am laying beside her reaching for her breasts.

“OUCH,” I yelp as my hands are deftly slapped away.

“Silly boy, you don’t touch, no man is worthy of touching me. This is for women only. But if you’re a good boy I will see that you are properly rewarded,” Cootchie says as she rolls me on my back. I have a raging hard on as Cootchie’s round full breasts, capped by succulent firm nipples, hang above my head as she ever so slowly swings a well shaped leg over my torso, exposing her beautiful, perfectly proportioned nether lips bursa eskort bayan to me as her leg comes down to straddle my stomach.

Cootchie pins my arms to the bed with her hands as she teases my lips with her hard nipples. Dipping them lower to my straining mouth then raising them away just out of reach of my darting tongue.

“NO, bad boy,” She chastises, “I either let you suck them or I don’t.” She looks at my hungry eyes and slowly lowers her tempting morsels to my mouth. I have learned my lesson and though my loins are burning with desire, I am able to restrain myself from her tempting womanly flesh. Cootchie circles her gorgeous nipples around my face never coming within an inch of my salivating mouth for what seems like hours. Finally she lowers one golden, plump tit to my lips and massages them with her hardening nipple. I can feel pre cum start to seep out of my angry boner as my poor aching balls tighten in agony.

“You may suck them now,” Cootchie decrees as she forces a ripe tit between my lips. As her nipple expands in my mouth a thrill so intense I nearly cum, shoots down my body and Cootchie smiles into my eyes at my bodies uncontrolled shaking.

“This one pleases me,” I hear Cootchie say as she switches tits in my mouth and begins to grind her pussy on my stomach with slow powerful thrusts of her full hips. Cootchie’s cootchie, rides up and down my body from my waist to my lower chest in an ever increasing pace as just the head of my now blood engorged member makes contact with her sexy ass crack. I can feel a little trail of wetness on my chest and when she lowers her hips so that her pussy can grind directly on my neglected cock, bathing it in her warm, sweet juices, I nearly cum.

And apparently she almost cums too as two giant shivers bring her now desperate humping to a quivering stop. When she regains her composure she looks down at my face and says, “This one pleases me, a lot, all most too much,” And she lowers her sweet lips to my mouth and kisses me with wanton abandon. She finally pulls away from her passion filled kiss, “You’re a very good boy, now its time for your reward,” Cootchie says as she rolls off my body to lay flat on her back on the other side of the bed. “Get in here now,” she orders, as I hear the closet door open.

A moan escapes my lips as my girlfriend Janny emerges from the closet completely nude. My dick is totally confused as it alternately points to Janny and Cootchie. Janny looks at me with that embarrassed look she gets when she’s doing something she shouldn’t be doing.

“Don’t look at him,” Cootchie demands, “The only thing you should be thinking about is my pussy unless I tell you different. He has pleased me greatly and is due his reward but you have not yet shown me your worth as of yet. Stand here by the bed.” Jackie walks meekly to the bed standing above Cootchie head bowed down, nipples more erect than I have ever seen them and breathing as if she has just run a race.

Cootchie inserts several fingers into her percolating pussy, swirls them around a bit and removes a palm full of her tasty juices. She reaches over to my staff mast of love and lets her pussy juices drip and flow over the head of my cock coating it with its warmth and drowning out my masculine scent with her much more powerful feminine one.

“There Janny, there’s a treat for you, go lick it up but if you make him cum, he’ll be eating my pussy and not you.” Though I would give my right testicle to sample Cootchie’s womanly treats neither me nor apparently Janny wants that to happen and I brace myself for the assault of Janny’s talented mouth on my cock. I don’t have long to wait as my entire dick is swallowed down Janny’s throat as her tongue gently licks all of Cootchie’s cum from my dick. I am thrashing on the bed and thinking of baseball as I feel my balls load and lock before I am able to flick bursa merkez escort the safety on my love gun inside Jackie’s mouth.

Satisfied that she has got every last drop, Janny removes her head from my cock and while licking her lips I see her throat muscles contract as she swallows the hot juices down and a soft moan escapes her lips as Cootchie’s cum reaches her belly.

“Did you find that tasty Janny?” Cootchie asks. Janny eagerly shakes her head with a smile on her face, “You may eat my pussy now,” Cootchie says as she spreads her legs wide for her. Janny slowly lowers her mouth to Cootchie’s plump pussy lips planning on savoring every lick and suck as she tastes her first pussy in years. But the strong sexy womanly smell and the delectable taste of Cootchie’s pussy is to much for her as she finds all her restraint melting away with the onslaught of Cootchie’s tasty pussy juices on her senses.

After just a few licks, Janny finds herself buried deep between Cootchie’s legs, her own legs pushing on the bed, desperately trying to burrow herself in deeper as she makes frantic grunting noises and her searching tongue is trying to lick all of the cum it can find from inside of Cootchie’s womanly cavern. Her tongue does not search in vain for Cootchie’s pussy is quit liberal with its juices as it rewards Janny’s tongue with all it could want.

“You,” Cootchie commands me, “Eat her pussy.” I eagerly comply as my hungry tongue is quickly eating out Janny’s hole as it wiggles in the air on her hands and knees.

My tongue fills Janny’s dripping pussy as hers does the same to Cootchie’s and both woman moan and wiggle their asses on their way to their orgasms. Janny opens her mouth a bit further and with her tongue still in bedded in Cootchie’s twat, Janny lovingly rubs Cootchie’s hard clit with her upper lip. I myself start sucking on Janny’s tasty, womanly nub while my nose is sucked into her wet pussy.

Both women’s orgasms hit at the same time. Janny’s pussy tries to clamp onto my slippery nose and her feet pound up and down on the bed as her nice round ass razzes in the air and her lower back rocks and rolls all the way down through her legs. Cootchie’s pussy shows its pleasure by filling Janny’s mouth with a steady flow of hot sticky pussy juice for Janny’s throat to swallow. Cootchie grabs Janny’s head with her hands and with a vice like grip holds it to her spasming pussy until it is finished dumping it’s cum into Janny’s mouth. Both women sated collapse on the bed leaving me forgotten.

After what seems like moments, “You girl, lay on your back,” Cootchie orders and Janny instantly complies. Cootchie lies between Janny’s delicious thighs and begins working on Janny’s clit, teasing the fattening bud between her lips with her well trained tongue. Coochie alternately sucks and licks on Janny’s rock hard clit until Janny’s hips start to buck and her pussy is once again swollen and juicy. Cootchie now easily inserts one then two fingers into Janny’s waiting cunt. She establishes a nice slow easy rhythem with her fingers and mouth.

“You,” Cootchie demands, “Lick my juices off her face.” Another reward, knowing I will never taste her pussy, Cootchie as honored me with the next best thing. Janny’s face tells me she is some place else from the pleasure Cootchie is administrating to her pussy as I lovingly lick the female cum from her heavily panting face.

Mean while back at Janny’s cunt, Cootchie has now inserted a third unnoticed finger into Janny’s now sucking love canal. Janny’s pussy is drawing the fingers into her pussy, unwilling to release them at the end of the thrusts. After all three fingers are lubricated, Cootchie puts in her forth finger and Janny’s pants of pleasure start to turn to moans as her hips roll in slow sensual circles to the rhythm of the pumping fingers. Cootchie stops pumping bursa sınırsız escort bayan for a moment and spreads her four fingers wide inside Janny’s vagina. She curls them upward and slowly messages Janny’s g-spot with the tips. Janny’s eyes shoot wide open as intense shocks of pleasure travel the length of her horny body and desperate moans escape her lips. White female juices are seeping out Janny’s stuffed pussy around Cootchie’s g-spot stroking hand.

“OOOHH, Baby, that’s it, take it all honey, your doing fine baby. Relax for me,” Cootchie coos as she continues to stroke Janny’s G-spot and starts to pump her slippery pussy with her four fingers. Gradually as she pumps and rubs, Cootchie brings her thumb into play and with each thrust all five fingers go a little deeper inside Janny’s vagina until her hand reaches it’s thickest point. Cootchie slowly turns her hand around in a complete circle then back again making sure every bit of skin is coated in cum seeping out of Janny’s vagina. “Ok baby, your doing a fine job, I’m so proud of you. Just relax now honey. Relax.”

Cootchie keeps soothingly talking to Janny and spinning her hand in slow circles until she feels a slight lessening of pressure on her hand and then she quickly, gently, pushes. Janny’s eyes shoot open in shock, then roll back in her head in pleasure as Cootchie’s hand disappears a few inches past the wrists deep inside her pussy. After a few gentile slow strokes, Cootchie ever so slowly makes a fist inside Janny’s pussy which immediately forces rivers of white girl cum out of her stretched opening. Smiling, Cootchie pumps her fist in and out of Janny’s pussy bring more juice out with each down thrust.

Cootchie now starts taking her fisted hand all the way out licking the cum off it and putting the un fisted hand all the way back in, clutching it back into a fist inside, then pumping it a few times inside and removing it again. From the moment Cootchie made a fist inside her for the first time I was unable to see Janny’s eyes in her wide open lids. But as she started this new type of pumping her eyes would come into view as the fist was removed and disappear as the new fist was made, her chest heaving and her breath being forced out of her with each new upward thrust of the fist in loud throaty moans of animal desire. I whisper her name to see if she is all right but I get no response at all that she even knows I am here. Janny’s pussy is no longer mine. And I love who I have lost it too.

After awhile Cootchie keeps her fisted hand inside Janny’s stretched Vagina and starts to pump it ever harder and faster deep inside her pussy. I can see Coochie’s knuckles protruding under the skin of Janny’s belly as they race up and down her juice leaking pussy. No not leaking, for rivers of white cum are now coming out with each thrust. Cootchie looks up at me smiling evilly and as if reading my mind says, “you wanted this, you got it, but remember, this pussy is mine now,” And pumps as hard as she can as she sucks her clit.

Janny sits straight up and screams a blood curdling scream as her pussy soaks the bed and humps wildly, impaled on Cootchies arm. Her legs shoot straight out stiff as boards and shake madly as the powerful orgasm rips through Janny’s body. Its’ like Cootchie is forcing the pleasure into Janny’s torso with her fist as each thrust pushes increasing waves of pleasure through her body along her spine until they detonate in Janny’s skull. Janny shakes like an epileptic on the bed as never ending pulses short circuit her nervous system and she loses consciousness quivering on the bed.

A giant spasm devastates Janny’s body as Cootchie removes her fisted hand from her plundered pussy and casually orders me to lick her hand clean. When I’m done Cootchie says, “Keep her warm, keep her loved and hold her until she wakes.” Nodding at my engorged cock, “Tell her to take care of that how ever she sees fit, tell her she has greatly pleased me and if she wants some more she knows how to get a hold of me. You may come too if she so desires. But I will never contact you again with out her calling first.”

Cootchie dresses and walks out the door leaving me holding Janny’s shaking body in my arms.

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