College Math


I stared, rapt at the junction of lips and cock shaft as the stubbly cheeks swelled and collapsed, tongue circling beguilingly around the veined velvety hose fully erect and building to its pleasure and mine. I caressed my swollen shaft in my shorts, building again to the plateau, tantalizing myself with aching balls and tortured cock as the precum soaked my boxers. I had jacked and held, jacked and held, jacked and held eight times now as the man now sucking had delivered his load to his friend and then knelt before him to give a perfectly lit, perfectly timed blowjob, letting me see every detail as the hose went semisoft to rigid and pulling back at the last second to hold only the head in his mouth as the high-definition recording caught every pulse pumping juice down into the swallowing mouth, the image filling my screen in detail I had watched constantly since discovering it a month before.The cock was gorgeous, perfect, slightly curved and deeply veined, eight inches and topped by a perfect fire helmet in purple. Other clips showed it shooting its pearly juice up to its owner’s chin, thick and viscid streaks matching my own as I matched pump with pump and stared at the visual expression of the sensations in my loins, imagining it was my own cock finally visible from outside me as I pleasured myself, but the film I was watching now, the highlight of half an hour of gay joy, was the pinnacle of my collection. All I knew in the flesh was my own flesh, my throbbing joy spraying above my pistoning fist, as I so often stared at my ever-stiff friend delivering me bliss as I dreamed of finding another young man to celebrate our manhoods with; this video let me see what I was missing in maddeningly seductive detail.The twitches started that I had memorized long before, and I withdrew my hand from my shorts as the first pulse caused the cock to stiffen even further as the underside bulged with its slurry; I watched as pulse after pulse flooded through the lips locked tightly under the flange, scrotum tight and crevassed as the juicy plums inside released their seeds. I sighed as the cock slowly went soft, a drip draining from the corner of the mouth when it reluctantly released its sensitive toy. I backed up the film to watch the process again, vowing to hold off until the twelfth repetition this time, when the klaxon slammed into my lust-drenched brain, making me go semisoft almost immediately as I stared around at the empty computer lab and grabbed my bag, shutting off the computer and sighing as I walked gingerly outside into the deep summer night.I had come back from a week-long camping trip where I slept in a tent with three other guys, leaving my balls sore from all the juice they had to store; pretending I had to study for a probability and statistics test, I had been looking forward to a slow, prolonged release of what felt like a quart of cum, and now I had to wait again until I could get alone. I looked at the clock, 11 PM, and sighed again; while I had planned not to drain myself until midnight, I preferred to do so at my own pace.As I passed another lab, he came out. We nodded at each other and I saw him blush as red as I felt I was. A month before, I had peeked in a computer lab at 2 AM and seen him staring fixedly at something that cast a fleshly light on his face; he was of course seated in the corner so that no one could see his screen, and in a fit of voyeuristic curiosity had snuck outside to the window next to him, inching slowly until I could see the screen with its pulsating cock being sucked by its own owner. I inched a little further and saw him stroking his solid cock, perhaps six inches long, and waited for a minute until it sprayed hot and sticky into a handkerchief at the same time the man on the screen drained and swallowed himself. I pulled back and slid away, fascinated by the sight but guilty at my voyeurism, and afterwards watched him from afar, wondering how his cock would feel in my hand and then my Sarıyer escort bayan mouth.We walked side by side and out into the summer dark, the warm moist air enveloping me like a second lust. After a moment he seemed to gather his courage and said, “Hey.”“Hi.”“Carl.”“Bob.”“Working late?”“Yep. You?”He nodded as if dry in the mouth and I asked, “You a freshman too?”He nodded again and asked me about classes. We talked for ten minutes as the twelve or so of us in the computer building milled around waiting for the firemen to come check about the alarm, probably set off by some drunk moron, and then he said, “I need a drink. Want a beer?”“How do you know I’m not an undercover alcohol narc?”“You seem too normal for that.”“What if I am though?”“Maybe I am and I’m just entrapping you.”“I’ll chance it.”He nodded again and we walked to his dorm, a small one with a few lights on, and as we entered the side door he stopped, puzzled, and looked at an open door at the base of the stairs. “Wanna explore?”“Okay,” I replied, eager for something a hell of a lot more intoxicating than beer. We snuck down quietly into the subbasement and walked to a room at the end where a boiler and a lot of pipes filled half the room; a low-wattage bulb shone behind the door into the lit half of the room, but otherwise the room was in darkness. We peeked around the boiler set-up until suddenly we heard a door close and two pairs of footsteps come down the hall toward us. We ducked behind the pipes at the edge of the boiler, where we were hidden in deep shadows, and crouched so as not to be caught trespassing, and the thrill of danger aroused my unsettled lust as my stomach clenched and my loins trembled. I listened and heard that his breath was as ragged as mine until it stopped as the door opened.We held our breath as a maintenance man came in, probably forty or so, with another man, perhaps thirty or a little younger, black and tall and nervous, his slacks forming a massive tentpole. “Still willing?”The younger man nodded nervously, and the maintenance man put his right hand on the wall behind him and leaned in to caress his face with his left hand.“You know you want it. No one will know.”He nodded and ran his hand up and down the maintenance man’s sleeve, and the maintenance man intoned quietly, “You’ll love it. A man knows best how to please another man. You think about it all the time, don’t you?”“Yes,” he whispered.“You watch it on computer every night, you said…”He nodded.“And you can’t stand not knowing anymore…”He nodded again.His hand had descended down the younger man’s body, and now hovered above his belt buckle. “Nervous? Scared?”He nodded and whispered, “I’m not sure…”The maintenance man leaned in and whispered, “It’s just flesh, you know. You touch your own flesh all the time.” His fingers sank a little lower, and he continued, “Your own solid, throbbing flesh. While you imagine holding another man’s flesh. It’s just flesh, all of it. Is it wrong to hold your own flesh?”“No.”“So this won’t be wrong.”In response, the younger man ran his fingertips up his sleeve to his chest and down to his belt, staring into his eyes as his last qualms faded into irrelevance in the moment at hand, and he gasped as his new friend reached down to grasp him firmly and explore his mere flesh. They soon had unbuckled and were turned so that we could see their cocks straining toward each other, one ebony, the other a dark tan, both fully erect and throbbing, each man touching the other’s cock lightly with their fingertips as they leaned in for their first kiss.The maintenance man was patient but firm as we heard him whispering, “So long, so hard. Feel my fingers on you.”The younger man grasped his cock firmly and looked down to stare at the new toy in his hand, seven inches of lightly throbbing flesh, his own eight inches quivering in sympathetic response, and as his new friend stroked him firmly, his resolve rose. The maintenance Silivri escort man watched him eagle-eyed until he seemed satisfied with the low boil the younger man was in, and he then leaned over and licked the tip of the cock jutting up to him. The younger man leaned back to rest his shoulders against the wall and stared down at the tongue slowly circling the head.I looked over into the darkness to see Carl staring raptly at what I wanted to do to him, and I returned my attention to the stage show and nearly sighed as the maintenance man’s lips descended past his quivering tongue to envelop his new friend’s cock head within his suckling mouth. He worked slowly and quietly, counting on patience to get everything he wanted, and let his new friend explore every part of his mouth with his slow thrusts as he worked his mouth back and forth to give him new sensations.I stared in awe at my dream coming true less than ten feet in front of me, the glory of the throbbing black flesh slick and shiny with spit receiving its due tribute, an instrument of pleasure giving all four of us pleasure as its new friend worked it skillfully, relentlessly, slowly, reveling in its beauty.When he saw the younger man was close, he pulled back and stood up. “We need it to last. You only get one first time.” He pulled him away from the wall and leaned back in his place as the younger man avidly grasped his cock and looked into his eyes. He whispered, “You know you want it. Play with it. Lick it. Taste it.” As if hypnotized, the younger man leaned over and stared at the flesh he was finally free to handle, stroking it as it came further alive in his hands, and with sudden resolve leaned in and took the entire head in his mouth. He licked with eyes closed, suckling as his friend pushed up into his mouth and pulled back.“Yes, keep licking the head. Circle it. Taste my precum. You’re finally doing it…”His friend pulled away long enough to kneel before him, letting us watch his joy of discovery in profile as he worshipped at his first cock, slowly learning to coordinate his tongue and jaw and lips with his fingers stroking as he felt his friend give himself over to him. I stared fixedly at the white cock in his mouth and his black cock below, both throbbing, and my heart leapt when the maintenance man reached down, held his head, and whispered, “I’m going to come soon. You need to swallow every drop. Prove to me you’re man enough to take my spunk.”As he thrust further into his friend’s maw, he said, “That’s right, you know you need it. Your mouth is so talented. You must have wanted this for so long.” Finally, after two minutes of increasingly ragged words of lust, he moaned, “I’m gonna come! You’re so good, take it all!”With a groan, he held tightly and thrust forward, burying all but an inch in his friend’s mouth, and after his first spurt flooded out of him, his friend pulled back so that only the head was in his mouth, giving us a view of the pulsing flesh draining into him as he swallowed readily. His friend’s cock finally softened and popped out, and he stood up and pushed his friend to his knees. “Now suck me.”He leaned in in exhaustion and took the throbbing black cock between his lips and into his mouth and throat, deep-throating him easily, and looked lustily up at his friend groaning and cooing above him, his nose buried in the hair at the base. His earlier patience was gone; now, eager to repay his friend for his good job slobbing his knob, he applied all his talents to drawing forth his first taste. His efforts lasted two minutes, and then sensing that the swollen hose was about to spray, he pulled back to let his mouth take every drop. I stared again at the sight of a cock pulsing in joy, watching rapt at every twitch before the climax came, and then staring at the cock coming alive in orgasm, spurt after spurt wracking it with muscular spasms.When he pulled back, his friend stood, fully erect again and eager for Escort Topkapı more, and they stripped and fell to the floor. I looked over to see Carl staring at me with fevered surmise, and I stared back until we heard the maintenance man say, “Suck me as I get you hard again.” When I looked back, I saw them in a sixty-nine, the maintenance man on his back milking and sucking the beautiful black cock half-hard above him as his friend, clearly used to the act he had wanted and feared for so long, greedily sucked at the throbbing cock jutting up beneath him.They worked each other happily and without overmuch haste, exploring each other’s snake as they worked to their second climax, which came almost simultaneously after five minutes. The maintenance man came first, spasming into his friend’s welcoming mouth; his friend tensed up after the first two spurts in his mouth pushed him over the edge, and I could see their cocks spasming in time with each other, the black hose spurting into the white mouth just before the white hose spurted into the black mouth as we heard them swallowing the fruit of their lust.The younger man sat up and said, “You know what I want now.” They played with each other as they became erect a last time, staring at each other as they jerked away happily in renewed lust. Soon the maintenance man stood up and went to his overalls; he pulled out a tube and helped his friend lube up before kneeling and dropping to his hands and knees.Before, I had had no interest in anal sex, and even now the fascination with breaking taboos was the major attraction I felt, but as he readied his friend’s hole and whispered, “God, I need your ass,” the week’s worth of cum in my balls had me wanting nothing more than to fuck and be fucked. I glanced over to see Carl staring with mouth open.I returned to staring at the spectacle being acted out for us. “You’ve done this a lot, haven’t you?” the black man asked his boyfriend as three fingers sank into his rectum to the lowest knuckles.“Never this good,” he replied. His friend pulled out his fingers and took position with his head buried between his cheeks, and I guessed that he had started entering when the maintenance man breathed more heavily. The long black tube disappeared from our view as he worked slowly into him, repeatedly saying, “So much better than pussy, god damn,” and when he bottomed out, he starting pumping fast and hard into the receptive ass beneath him. He reached around to feel the rampant cock throbbing with each fuck-stroke and said, “God, I’ve wanted cock and ass for so long.”“Don’t jerk me off, man. You might be able to come five times a night, but three’s my limit, and I need your ass.”In response, the younger man sped up, holding his hips firmly as he reamed him like a jackhammer, pounding in an intoxicating rhythm as he prepared to flood his friend’s bowels. Soon he started keening, “God, I need you in me, I’ve needed it for so long, I need everything…” and then he screamed and buried himself to the hilt as climax seized him.When he pulled away, his friend kissed him and pushed him down; as he lubed up, the younger man said, “God, fuck me.” He soon obliged him, pushing slowly but unrelentingly into his ass, finally overcoming the last resistance of his ring and soon bottoming out. He reached around to grasp his friend’s resurgent cock and milked it as his friend’s ass milked him. They lasted three minutes and came simultaneously. I stared at the white pearls spattering the concrete as they shot from the swollen head of the beautiful black cock jutting upward, throbbing and spewing in the essence of male pleasure, and vowed that someday soon I would receive his thick cum like he would mine.They collapsed in exhaustion, finally coming awake after a couple of minutes and looking happily at each other.“Was it good?”The younger man nodded, “Better than I had hoped. I am drained. I have never been this sore. Or this empty. I think my cock will be dead tomorrow. Can we do it again?”“Whenever you want.”“Two nights from now? Same time same place?”“Yes. I will fuck you and suck you at the same time. You’ll be in heaven.”“Can’t wait!”They quickly dressed. The younger man looked at the puddle of his cum on the concrete and his friend said, “I’ll mop it up tomorrow.”

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