Coaching My Son Pt. 02


That summer, I felt I was reconnecting with my son as he happily brought over his trampy girlfriend, Heather, to fuck in front of me.

As Texan father and sons know all too well, we wanted to do everything together. Hike, Hunt, and soon it dawned on my boy, Levi, that he wanted to share Heather with me as well. Now, Heather, was all for it. It thrilled her to no end to have father and son taking turns dicking her.

So it was on a Thursday night when the young couple came home, giggling like fiends. But instead of heading to his room, Levi and Heather went to my room.

“Daddy? Could you come here?” Levi yelled.

I walked into my bedroom to see Heather and Levi sitting on my queen size bed, butt naked.

Heather made a pouty face. “Can we have fun on your bed?”

I laughed, “Only if I’m included, girl.”

“My idea exactly.” She laid back on my bed and gestured for me.

I was plenty nervous, so I said I’d watch first. My son, Levi, happily hopped over her, planked and pushed his veiny organ into her. They were soon body-slapping, moaning and groaning. I watched with pride as my son plowed into her. Heather kept her eyes on me so I could watch the blaze in her eyes at every thrust.

“C’mere” she smiled.

By this time, watching them bone like that, I was hard as a rock. I knelt by her head and waved my own boner at her face.

“Mmmm,” she cooed. “So this big dick of yours made Levi? Tell me about the time you made him. Do you remember exactly?” With one hand, she stroked me, looking at my dick like it was some precious object. She tapped the top of my organ and played with my precum as Beylikdüzü Escort Levi pounded away, expertly, with the rhythm and stamina sports had given him.

“I do remember. It was a hot summer night. His momma and I were messing around in the back of my pick-up truck and she said it was too hot to fuck missionary, so she got on all fours and I did her doggy style. As i worked myself in and out of her, she was gripping the edge of the truck and yelling my name. When I came, she rolled over, sweating. I had creampied her sweet little puss, so she fingered herself and said to me, ‘I want to bear your children, Sam.’ We were both just 18 but I knew then that she was pregnant.” I put my arm around Levi’s sweaty shoulders. “And here he is, big strapping boy.”

Heather moaned. “I love seeing father and son like this. You’re both good-looking men. You made a good looking son.”

I laughed, “Thank you, girl.”

“Now, Levi, slow down sugar and let your daddy have a turn.”

Levi obediently pull out. By now, I was rock hard and ready to go. Levi and I exchanged places, so I was position between Heather’s legs.

“Reach for the man who made you,” Heather said.

Levi smirked. He reached for my erection and guided me into her.

“How did that feel to hold the organ that made you?” Heather moaned.

Levi wiped the sweat from his forehead, “Felt great. Though, sir, if I may, I think I’m bigger than you.”

I laughed, “I’d hope my son would surpass his old man!” At that I started grinding in a circular motion, a move neither Heather or Levi knew, and she made the most thrilling noises Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan of pleasure.

For the next half hour, we changed places every 5 minutes or so. As we continued our tag teaming, her vagina grew sopping wet. We got her on all fours, doggy. We got her missionary. She rode us Texan cowgirl. And she started coming when she had both our attention – one of us fucking her, the other feeding her cock or sucking on her big titties.

After a while, she came up for air and asked if we could try double penetration on her. But she wanted double vag – two dicks in her pink.

I looked at Levi’s swollen dick, then at my own. I didn’t think we could fit in together, but Levi reminded me that women could give birth to babies down there, so of course Heather should be able to accommodate 2 thick dicks.

I lay on my back. Then Heather got up and inserted me. She laid back until her hair was in my face. Then Levi clambered over her and worked his own dick carefully. It was an incredible sensation feeling his dick slide up against my. He worked himself in, centimeter by centimeter, listening to all 3 of us breathing. And once we got past our curves, he plunged in, and I felt the exquisite and rare pleasure of his balls slapping against me.

Heather moaned loudly. Her eyes rolled back in her head. I thought she was possessed as she chanted, “two dicks in me, two dicks in me.” We were all slippery with our sweaty bodies as Levi’s dick set the tempo. He pushed in, eased out, pushed in.

Heather reached for my hair, “How does it feel, daddy? How does it feel, your son’s dick up against Escort Beylikdüzü yours? Do you feel him?”

“I do. I feel great. I feel proud.” I felt very proud to feel the edge of his mushroom head rubbing up and down my shaft. Father and son could not be closer.

“How do you feel, Levi? Do you feel your father’s dick?”

Panting, Levi answered her, “Feels great. Feels fucking incredible to fuck you with my daddy with me.”

We rocked slowly together. A trio of sweat and moans. Heather was quite happy, snuggly filled with our dicks. My handsome son carefully and considerately pumped in and out so as not to hurt her. And all i had to was lie there and make sure I didn’t slip out, enjoying the odd sensation of Levi’s legs and balls up against me.

After a while, Heather started coming. She shuddered and spasmed like she was having a seizure. Her well filled vaginal walls struggled to clench us both as she lubricated us with her juices. Levi picked up the pace, but as he did, the ridges of his dick rubbed faster against me. We men, we both grunted almost at the same time, “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

I let Levi do the work. He was hunched over and pumping like a hyper monkey. I enjoyed his fast thrusts almost as much as Heather did. His face contorted, cheeks flushed red. Heather reached for his shoulders with one hand, and reached back for my hand.

Levi rolled over and laughed as he saw how much cum was in Heather’s pussy. She slid off me and felt herself, smiling like a very happy cat. I looked down at my very red and raw dick, coated with all of our juices.

The threesome who fucks together, showers together. At least that’s what we tried to do, but three people can’t fit in a shower that easy, so we ran butt naked into the pool.

As we swam lengths, I saw my boy, Levi smiling at me, sitting at the end of the pool.

“Sir, I’m so glad I’m spending my summer with you.”

“Me too, son.”

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