Class is in Session


Myra Tillis looked over what had been the spare bedroom of the house; nodding with satisfaction she closed the door. She had spent the better part of the last week preparing the small room. She had moved the single bed and small dresser against the one wall, and removed the other furniture. Purchasing an easel and flip paper, she hoped it would work for a replacement for a blackboard.

She had placed a standard desk from her downstairs office next to the easel, along with the office chair. Opposite she had put a smaller desk and chair for Tyler.

Glancing at the clock and seeing it was almost three-thirty, she headed for the living room. Tyler, her son, would be home from school soon and she wanted to be waiting. All this work had been for him, and Myra shivered at the thought of what she was going to do. Straightening her shoulders, she felt she needed to do something.

It had been the prior week, when she had arrived to pick up Tyler from his swim practice that all this had started. Sitting in the bleachers, she had arrived early and wanted to enjoy watching him practice.

That enjoyment had been short lived as she listened to the boys horsing around as practice wound down. Sure, some had been directed at others, but it was what was directed at her son Tyler, that had struck the thirty-six year old mother so hard that evening.

Words like Geek or Nerd she could live with. Myra had raised Tyler to be a gentleman and to focus on his studies. Being a struggling single mother, she wanted the best for her son, and she knew education was the key. No, it was the other words that echoed in her mind. Like pussy or wuss, or even worse Momma’s Boy.

Myra had expected Tyler to rage back, but was shocked when her son just took the abuse. He had not even made any comments, simply walked away. Was her son really a Momma’s Boy? She wondered. Had she so focused on him being a gentleman, she had somehow neglected how to be a man.

Tyler had just turned eighteen, and was now the man of the house. She realized, with horror, she was partly at fault. She had treated him as a child, in her own way hoping to keep him to herself. He needed to stand on his own two feet, be assertive and strong.

Myra had thought hard how to help her son; finally, the idea of simply ‘teaching’ him had crept in. The change of the bedroom to a small private classroom was the beginning. Tonight, would be their first ‘class”, she hoped things went well.

Tyler arrived at home, and headed to his room after giving his mother a kiss on the cheek. The smell of her perfume filled his nostrils, and he hustled away before she could see the reaction it caused in his body.

In his room he changed into a t-shirt and jeans, all the while remembering the long day. He couldn’t wait for school to end, and then he could get a fresh start. New place, new friends and people who didn’t know him might make the difference, all the while deep inside, he wondered if he could really change between now and the fall.

After dinner, Tyler returned to his room, this time using his laptop to pull up one of his favorite sites. He needed some release after the long day. He stared at the screen as he watched a mature woman sitting on her couch, then a young man entered the room and slowly began to massage her shoulders.

Not needing a plot, it only took moments before the older woman was stretched on the couch, and the young man was almost mauling her large breasts. Tyler glanced at the title at the bottom of the clip. Momma Does It Right, oh yeah he thought.

Tyler could feel his cock stiffening in his jeans as he watched the young man slide his hand under the skirt of his make believe mother. Just then, he heard a light tap on his door. Fuck, he thought. Quickly he stopped the movie and then closing the lap top, he told his mother she could come in.

When Myra entered his room, she noticed the laptop and Tyler at his desk. A quick glance at his lap confirmed for her, he had been just getting ready to masturbate. She was not naive, she knew Tyler masturbated. After all, she did his laundry. It wasn’t something she brought up, after all everyone did it, even her.

The timing had been perfect, she wanted Tyler a little agitated if this was going to work. She stood beside her son, placing one hand on his broad shoulder.

“Honey, I wanted to talk to you.” Myra told him.

“Sure mom, what’s up?” Tyler looked up at his mother. He tried to keep his eyes focused on her face, not daring to let them drop to the full breasts only inches from his face.

“I wanted to talk to you about practice last week” Myra started.

“Mom, I told you” Tyler cut her off. “It’s no big deal. The guys were horsing around and I am fine.”

“If you are so fine” Myra said. “Why are you angry?” She looked at her son. “Having your manhood questioned is not what any male should have to endure.”

Tyler sighed heavily. He knew his mother was right; it did hurt when the others poked at him. What was he supposed to do? Kağıthane Escort Punch them?

“Look Mom” Tyler said softly. “I’ll figure this out, OK”

“Come with me” Myra said softly. She leaned down and took her son by the hand.

Tyler was confused as his mother led him from his bedroom. What did she have in mind? He stared as they entered the spare bedroom, and he recognized what looked like a made up classroom. He slowly sat in the desk as his mother led him over. Then, Tyler watched as his mother stood facing him from the other desk.

“It is ten minutes to seven” Myra glanced at the clock. “I have ten minutes to explain.”

Tyler sat quietly as his mother spoke. As she explained what she had in mind, he went from confused, to angry, to simply dazed. She couldn’t be serious.

“Every week day” Myra told her son “from seven until eight, we are going to have class. I will teach you Anatomy, biology, psychology, sociology. All the things it takes to be a man.”

Myra walked to the easel. “The first forty-five minutes will be lecture. The last fifteen minutes will be lab.”” She picked up the marker from the stand. A lot of the beginning may seem redundant. I don’t know how in depth public school goes. I, however, will hold nothing back, so you may be a bit shocked.”

“You may take notes if you wish, or just simply listen” Myra continued. “The choice is yours. The lab will be directed by you, and only you. You will see what I mean as we progress.”

Tyler was going to object to the absurdity of this, but saw the determined look in his mothers’ face. Knowing better than to argue with her; he simply sat and waited. He wondered what she meant by more ‘in depth.’

Tyler sat stunned as his mother began a list of words on the blank page. Penis, Dick, Cock, Rod, Prick, even Fuck Stick; were all listed. Next to that list, she began a second row. Pussy, Clam, Cunt, Snatch and Box; all the names for a woman’s anatomy… Jesus, Tyler realized, she really wasn’t holding anything back.

Tyler stared as a third group appeared at the bottom. Make love, copulate, Breed, Fuck, Bang. They were all there he realized.

“Now” Myra continued. “Let’s start with the male. When would it be proper to use each word? There IS a right time and place for each one.” She put a small check next to each as she went through the list.

“Penis” she told Tyler. “Something you might tell your doctor. While a dick is something your male friend has.” She smiled. “Now a rod is something you hold onto, so when you spend your time alone in your room, you are jerking your rod.”

Tyler coughed loudly as he realized his mother was implying he masturbated. She knew, he realized with horror.

“Don’t worry baby” Myra said softly. “Every man jerks his rod, just like every woman fingers her clam.”

“Now his cock” Myra continued. “”That is something a man has when he gets it sucked or stroked by someone else. Preferably by the opposite sex.” She added.

“Jesus Mom” Tyler exclaimed.

“A fuck stick” Myra ignored her sons’ outburst. “That is what you put into a cunt when you fuck a woman.”

For the next forty minutes, Myra went through every part of both the female and male anatomy. As she finished with the various descriptions for a woman’s breasts; Tyler couldn’t help but notice how hers hung firm and full, with small pebbles pressing against the fabric of her blouse.

“All right” Myra told her son. “Lecture is now over. You have fifteen minutes for lab, what would you like to do for today’s lab?”

Tyler sat half in a daze; he could feel his cock straining at his jeans after the graphic descriptions his mother had given him. His eyes hungrily looked at her full chest straining at her blouse.

Myra knew exactly where her son was looking, but remained silent. This had to be him, this was the key, she realized.

“Can I…can I see your breasts?” Tyler asked hesitantly.

“Are you asking?’ Myra replied.

“Yes” Tyler barely got out.

“Then the answer is no” his mother told him. She watched his stunned face.

Walking over, Myra leaned down in front of her son; she knew her large breasts were now filling his frenzied vision. “A man doesn’t ask Tyler” she said in a soft voice. “A man tells.”

His mother abruptly told him class was over for the night, they would resume tomorrow. Tyler sat and watched as his mother strode from the room, her tight ass the last sight. The last words she had said echoed in his mind as he slowly returned to his room.

The next night, Wednesday, Tyler finished his homework in record time, and then considered watching a porn movie. His mind kept wandering back to the clock. By seven he was almost in a state of rabid need as he heard a soft tap on his bedroom door, and the receding step of his mother.

Mutely, Tyler sat through the forty-five minutes of lecture, as his mother reviewed sensitivity spots on both a male and female. That she knew all a man’s sensitive spots Kağıthane Escort Bayan came as a shock to the young man.

After the lecture, Myra looked at her son. It was time to see if he had learned, she realized.

“What would you like for lab today?” she asked.

“Show me your breasts” Tyler said without hesitation.

Myra knew they had now reached the line. To cross it would be no going back, but she was determined to help Tyler on his passage to manhood. Without a word, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, pulling the material free; she set it on the desk beside her.

“Jesus” Tyler moaned when his mother turned back. He knew her 36D’s by heart. How many times had he jerked off into the cups? Now, he stared at the mounds of flesh barely contained in a white lacy bra.

Her bra, Tyler realized. She had kept it on. Why? He wondered. Then, something in the list clicked in his mind.

“Show me your tits” the young man said firmly.

“You’re learning” Myra smiled. Without another word she reached behind her back and undid the clasp to her bra.

Letting the lacy garment slide down her arms she felt her full tits appear before her son. Was she going too far? She wondered. The stunned but hungry look in her son’s eyes told her she had accomplished goal number one. Tyler had learned to not ask, but SAY what he wanted.

Tyler could only sit and drink in the vision of his mothers’ beautiful breasts. The curve as they stood proud. Even her hard nipples stood out straight. Hard nipples, he thought. Jesus, is she turned on or just the cool air of the small room he wondered.

A small buzz sounded behind Myra. She stepped towards her son, letting him see her breasts in close-up. She felt her nipples stiffening even harder under his lust filled gaze.

“Lab is now over” she whispered. “You are learning baby” her voice not able to hide the huskiness.

For the next week, Tyler listened to his mother lecture about how to be assertive without being aggressive and the difference between being in charge and following. Each lesson sank into the young man’s mind as he tried different things for each lab session.

Simple directions like showing her tits or even removing her slacks, followed by more complex commands. Playing with her nipples or even teasing herself over her panties. As Tyler watched the growing wet spot on the thin garment, he then knew his mother was as turned on as he was.

By the second week Tyler wanted more, he decided it was time to put the lessons his mother had been giving him to the true test. This time, instead of waiting for her in his room, Tyler was already seated in his chair when Myra entered the room. She looked at her son in surprise.

“A bit eager today aren’t you?” Myra asked with a smile.

Instead of answering, Tyler watched the clock. He wanted this timed just right. Just as the clock ticked 7pm, before his mother could speak, he raised a hand to silence her.

“Today is a full lab session” Tyler said firmly. “You will now strip.”

“I don’t think…” Myra started to say, only to be interrupted.

“Then don’t think mother” Tyler said quickly. “It wasn’t a request…strip” he added in a stronger voice.

Myra felt a shudder run the length of her spine. Tyler couldn’t mean…she could feel the control she had exercised for over the last week simply shatter in that moment.

Tyler rose from his chair and stood in front of his mother, his eyes locked to hers. She could smell his aftershave as she tried to stare back, and then letting her eyes drop. As if they had a will of their own, her hands undid the buttons on her blouse, letting the cloth fall to the floor. Following it with the pale pink bra she wore, she felt her son’s eyes burn into her skin.

Hooking her thumbs into the waist band of her yoga pants, she shimmied the cloth over her hips, as it gather at her feet she used one foot to lightly kick the material to the side. She stood in just her pink panties, her breathing ragged.

“Tyler…I…” Myra tried to whisper.

“All of it…now,” His voice was like a hypnotic command in her ears.

“Oh God” Myra moaned as she slowly slid her panties down and let them fall to the floor.

Tyler watched as his mothers’ bare pussy came into view. She was clean shaven so when she had demonstrated her anatomy Tyler had a clear view. He could see small droplets of moisture starting to collect on her outer lips.

“Sit on the desk” Tyler commanded. “Show me how wet that pussy is.” He told his mother.

With a moan, Myra slid back onto the desk, letting her legs splay open. She watched as Tyler knelt between her thighs, she could feel his hot breath on her thighs he was so close. Reaching down, she used her fingers to spread her outer lips open, letting him gaze into her moist pink interior.

“How wet are you?” Tyler asked. “Tell me.” He directed his mother.

“Soaked…I am soaking wet” Myra gasped. “Oh God…don’t do this Tyler.” She Escort Kağıthane begged.

“Show me how wet” Tyler didn’t relent. He only had an hour and he planned to take full advantage of it. “Shove a finger into that wet cunt” he choice of changing words sending a bolt through Myra.

“Tylerrrrrrrr” Myra moaned, but unable to stop herself as she jammed her finger deep into her wet cunt.

“That’s it mother” Tyler hissed. “Finger that wet cunt.” He said

Tyler wasn’t sure how far his mother would go, but he was starting to understand her depths as much as his own. Just as he needed to learn to take control, it seemed Myra needed to BE controlled.

For Myra, it was as if she had slipped back to being eighteen again. As a strong older man took charge of her, putting her into the position where her son had been created. This time the ‘man’ was her son, but the voice and strength were the same to her. She looked through lidded eyes and watched as her son gazed between her lewdly splayed thighs. She could hear the wet squelch as now two fingers pumped in and out of her dripping cunt.

Tyler could smell his mothers’ heat, and watch as her cream dripped out to puddle on the desk under her ass. He glanced up and saw he was quickly running out of time, rising to his feet he stared into his mothers’ eyes.

“You like that, don’t you mother.” His voice was strong and clear. “Fingering your wet cunt in front of your son.” He told her.

“Oh God Tyler” Myra could only grunt in return.

“I bet your pussy juice tastes so sweet” his voice hissed in her ear.

“Unnghhh” Myra shuddered violently at his words.

“Taste it mother” he directed his mother. “Show me how good you taste.”

Without taking her eyes from Tyler, Myra pulled her soaked fingers free and slid them into her open mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm” the wanton mother mewled. She rolled her fingers across her tongue, savoring her juices as they slid down her throat.

Before Tyler even needed to tell her, Myra had shoved her fingers back deep into herself, hearing the obscene wet sucking as her tight walls pulled them inside.

“Oh fuck”” she gasped. “I’m going to cum.” She moaned.

“Not yet!” Tyler barked, causing her eyes to snap open and stare at him.

Her eyes widened as she realized his jeans were now undone and he was holding his throbbing cock in his grip. Oh God, he wouldn’t she thought. Yet, with a dark certainty, Myra knew at that moment, she would have welcomed him inside her.

“Give me your fingers” Tyler commanded her.

Without hesitation, Myra pulled her now drenched fingers free of her clenching hole, and slid them between her sons’ lips. Her body shook violently as she watched him suck her juices off her shaking hand.

“Mmmmmmmm” Tyler murmured. “Fucking delicious” he mumbled through his full mouth.

“Oh shit!” Myra grunted as the orgasm lurking deep in her belly suddenly burst free.

Coming” Myra keened. “Oh my Godddddddddd” her body jerked as she felt her cunt cream gush out of her untouched holed, forming a river onto the desk.

Watching his mother orgasm, as the scent and taste of her filled his senses, drove Tyler over the edge. He felt his cock throb in his grip.

“Oh Fuck Mom” he grunted around her fingers.

Through lust hazed eyes Myra watched as his cock jerked, and then a thick rope of hot cum arched out between them, to splash across her belly. She could feel the thick cream begin to ooze down her skin closer to her quivering cunt.

“Give it to me…please” she gasped.

Tyler pulled his mouth free and shuffled closer. The next thick rope, of hot cum came jetting out and splattering over her gaping cunt lips. He felt like his balls were emptying on the spot as his hot cum exploded out again and again.

Myra’s eyes rolled back as her body sank back onto the desk, gasping to catch her breath. Dimly she heard the buzz of the timer behind her signaling the end of class.

Tyler slipped his softening cock back into his jeans, looking down at his nude mother splayed out on the desk. This was going to be interesting, the young man thought. He knew he had to take this slow, or his mother might start to fight back. One step at a time he quietly thought as he left the room.

Still in a haze of lust, Myra’s mind whirled. What had she unleashed on herself? She thought. She could feel her son’s cum slowly drying on her belly and between her thighs, while the wet puddle on the desk under her ass reminded her how her own body had betrayed her.

This can’t go any further, she thought with horror. She had to reassert control again, these classes were to help Tyler become a man, not help him seduce his own mother.

For the next week Myra kept the classes on a more direct approach. She deliberately skipped having a lab for two sessions. Then, when she resumed them, it was more towards how to approach a woman, talk to her.

It was on Thursday that Myra was surprised by a comment from her son. She was stunned when he admitted he had never kissed a girl. He was eighteen, he had to have at least gotten that far, she thought.

Standing next to her son she looked up into his eyes. She could feel the electricity in the room growing. Once again, she found herself treading on dangerous ground.

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