China in the Crystal Shop


“Hard to believe that’s wood, right?”

I stood up when I heard her voice. I had been leaning forward to look at a display of what I thought were rocks. Now I noticed the sign that read “Petrified Wood,” and immediately forgot it again when I saw who had spoken.

She had on a loose sweatshirt over a black sleeveless top, and I caught a glimpse of a black bra strap on her shoulder. Dark leggings disappeared into gray Ugg style boots. Her strawberry blonde hair was up in a high ponytail, and she had classy, subtle eyeliner. There were specks of glitter on her cheeks around her eyes.

I realized I was staring and hastily looked back at the display of stones. Or wood, I guess.

“Hi, I’m David.” I held out my hand and she shook it once, up and then down.

“China,” she said.

“Um, no I think that’s crystal.” I pointed to the huge sign that read “Healing Crystals” hanging over the tubs of stone.

“No, silly. My name is China.”

I wanted to keep talking to her, so I looked for something to discuss.

“These are pretty, don’t you think?” Next to the petrified wood was a tub of white malachite cylinders, what the sign called ‘wands’. They were shaped like little cucumbers, in a smooth if uneven tapered cylinder.

She nodded excitedly. “Yeah, I got some for my brothers, and they were only like 8 dollars each.”

“That’s a pretty good price.” I didn’t actually how much stuff like this usually cost. I came here on a whim, looking for a few last minute Christmas presents.

“Kind of looks like sugar, right?” I joked.

“Wait, that’s what they are made of?” Her voice pitched up at the end.

I knew she was kidding when she stuck out her tongue and pretended to lick it. The sight of her open mouth in front of the white malachite phallus shape was extremely distracting.

She must have realized what I was thinking because she winked and made a kissyface.

“Hey China, come here.” This not-quite-shout came from the other side of the store, by the bright African fabrics.

China rolled her eyes, and mock whispered, “My sister.”

Her sister was a little older than her, cute enough but nowhere near as attractive as China. She had glasses and a beanie hat, and was FaceTiming with someone on her phone.

“Wait right here.” She ordered, and then scampered over to see what was going on.

I stared at her ass for a moment longer than I should have, and then wandered around past the tubs of stone to a wall with a mirror backed shelf display.

The minerals on display here were nicer than the ones in the bulk area, carved into geometric shapes and shined up. I picked up a little pyramid of black onyx and turned it over and over in my hands.

On the shelf below the onyx display was a large collection of polished spheres, displayed on little clear plastic stands. There was such a large variety of colors and shapes, and many of them had cloud-like swirls. I entertained myself finding and imagining shapes, like I was cloud spotting.

China came back over as I was holding up a lapis sphere with green-blue colorations. I showed it to her, and pointed out the front side.

“It looks like ‘Starry Starry Night’ by Van Gogh.”

She exclaimed in agreement as she took the sphere. “And look! I found the ‘Scream’ guy!” She pointed, and sure enough there was the man with his hands on his cheeks.

“That’s awesome! There he is.” I put the sphere back on its stand, and rotated it so that the swirl that looked like Munch’s ‘The Scream’ was visible.

“I love the spheres!” She enthused, and then grabbed my arm.

“Come on!” she urged impishly, and half pulled half pushed me towards the back of the store. I would have followed without the encouragement, but I got a thrill out of feeling her hands on me.

Up the ramp were the expensive stones, in their locked glass cases. There was a whole little nook up here, with a door on the far side. Because of the structure of the store, anyone who turned the corner towards the door could not be seen from the main area of the store.

There was a sign on the door that said “Crystal Therapy Room”, and a weekly schedule. Today was a Wednesday, and on the sign, Wednesdays were marked as “Closed.”

China tugged at my sleeve, and inclined her head towards the door.

“You wanna … see if there’s any more crystals in there?” Her voice was dripping with suggestion.

I turned to look at her, and slowly held up the malachite wand. I inclined it towards the door without breaking her gaze. She actually shivered — I saw it happen — and then she slowly turned the knob.

The space behind the door was dark. We slipped inside and let the door close behind us softly, just standing next to each other in the dark for a moment. I reached out and touched the wall, sliding my hand up until I found a light switch.

The room was bigger than I expected, with two black leather massage tables and a couch up against the wall. There were five-gallon Kıbrıs Escort buckets full of polished stones all over the floor last the couch. Posters adorned the walls, mostly close-up glamour shots of polished minerals and charts of the human body’s spiritual energy.

China looked all around the room, taking in the wall hangings, the scattered stones and metals, the silver metal chandelier hanging overhead. She walked over to the couch and knelt down to pluck a chunk of quartz from one of the buckets. I played lazily with the malachite wand while I watched her move.

After a moment, she dropped the quartz back into the bucket and turned to face me.

“Today is the winter Solstice.” Her eyes were huge and round. “Do you celebrate the Solstice?”

She started walking towards me. I nodded slowly, lost in the rich depths of her eyes, blue like sapphire.

“I want to do something special …”

She trailed off into silence, and her eyes began to close. I leaned in and kissed her full on the lips. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me back forcefully, thrusting her tongue down my throat.

After a minute or two of passionate French kissing, we backed off and just stood there looking at each other for a moment.

Slowly, without breaking eye contact, I reached down and took hold of her shirt. As I pulled it up she relaxed her arms and allowed me to pull it off over her head.

I tossed the malachite wand to her and pulled off my own shirt. She slipped the wand up under her bra and used it to flip one of the cups up.

Her breasts were B-cup, perfect little handfuls of softness. I could see her nipples sticking up in arousal, and my cock was getting tight in my boxers.

“Let’s massage each other with these crystals. Really let the positive energy flow inside of ourselves.”

Didn’t have to ask me twice. I slipped out of my pants and she took her bra all the way off. Her leggings followed, and all that was left was a tiny pair of sky blue panties, with white trim.

She leaned her arms back on the table and kicked one foot up to my crotch. My cock thrilled with sensation as her toes worked all around my bulging boxers. It took less than a minute for me to engorge fully, and she was grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

I reached down and grabbed her foot, using it to pull my boxer band down. My cock sprung out, and bounced up and down a few times. She playfully batted it around with her little toes.

“Come on, Dave,” she teased, as she dropped her foot. I stepped over to the little shelf unit and looked over the crystals.

When I looked back, her back was arched and she had leaned back on the massage bed, her feet on the ground and her arms behind her torso.

I took a lapis sphere in each hand and came over to the table. I bent over her and began massaging her tits with the stones. I would work them underneath, and then roll the crystals up, pressing her flesh up and inward. Every time I grazed her nipples she let out an “oh” of excitement.

She reached over and picked up a vial of oil with mineral flakes floating around in it and poured it out over her chest. Holding both spheres in my right hand I reached out with my left and spread the oil all over her chest and stomach. Her breasts squished and flattened under my fingers, springing out when my hand had passed, and she moaned and shivered with pleasure. I dropped my hand down to her leg and and smeared the last of the oil over her thighs and knees.

My cock was resting against her thighs, and as she began moving her legs back and forth, dragging against it, it began to grow.

Taking the spheres in each hand again, I worked the spheres over each breast in turn, massaging her soft flesh between the two stones, gently but consistently. I would roll one underneath her flesh, pushing up, with the other sphere above her nipple, teasing it in little circles. She had one of her hands in her mouth and was murmuring into it.

I grabbed the spheres in my right hand and leaned in, bending my right arm at the elbow and holding it horizontally. I pushed my arm up over her body, sliding the oil ahead of it. Her thighs were soft, but I felt the bones in her hip as my arm passed. I squished up over both of her tits at once, and her vocalizations crescendoed into a squeal of delight.

With my left hand I reached down and took both of her ankles together as I pushed my right forearm up over her chest and around her neck. Then I pulled her ankles up to the right and she spun in place, scrunching up a bit more onto the table.

She ended up face down with her legs bent at the knees, toes up on the air. I pulled my right hand back and slowly spread her legs far enough to ease my body up between them. I leaned in and ran my hand up the small of her back to her neck, massaging it for a minute. Her delicious ass was in my face and I couldn’t help but to kiss it one time. She smothered a giggle and wriggled her butt a little under me.

I Kıbrıs Escort Bayan pulled her cheeks apart and rolled the one of the lapis spheres right over her cute little starfish. As I pressed it down with my palm, and moved it around in tight little circles, a tremor ran through her entire body. I leaned over and ran my nails over the small of her back.

As her body tensed, her legs bent up in the air. I kept the sphere moving against her asshole with my right hand and reached around to grab her left leg with my other hand. I brought her foot over to my face and took her toes in my mouth, all of them.

Her back arched up and I could see her asshole. There was a wet stain on the black leather. She pulled an arm back to her side, and pressed the malachite wand between her legs. She teased her clit with the stone shaft, and the jerks and spasms came more quickly. I grabbed the other sphere, and hoisted my body up onto the table, perching over her with our bodies lightly brushing each other.

I reached down and lifted my ball sack over the stone that was on her butthole, relaxing my weight down a little. The amethyst sphere was now sandwiched in between my balls and the pucker of her little ass, and when I moved my crotch around, we both felt the sensations. My cock stiffened a little more, and fell in between the top part of her butt cheeks.

I made slow circles with my hips, teasing both of us with the amethyst. My cock was leaking a circle of precum right in the small of her back. Her skin was hot to the touch.

My arms were outside her shoulders, holding most of my weight, and I began nuzzling her ear and neck. She was making soft cooing noises of pleasure.

I had a little moment right then, maybe a preview of what was to come, and I lost track of time for a beat or two, mesmerized by her touch and smell and murmurs. It was like the haze you get with a huge bong hit, a wave of disassociation as your brain tries to work through its stimulations.

As it passed I clocked her moaning coming stronger and decided it was time to get down to business. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her body back on the table until her legs were hanging off.

Reaching down to her pussy, I parted her lips and thrust my cock deep inside her body. She was unbelievably tight, and electric sensations shot through my nervous system.

She let out a moan of pleasure and began bucking her hips under me gently, supporting my rhythm.

In front of the table her hands found one of the buckets of polished stones and she grabbed at it. She played with the rocks as we fucked, dragging her fingers and moving them around in the bucket as if they were water, and the sound was hypnotic.

I wanted to play with something too! So I grasped her ankles and flexed up her legs, holding them like handles as I kept the motion going.

I worked my fingers carefully in between each of her toes, and began kneading her feet with the same rhythm as my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I moved my fingers around between her slick toes, and worked her ankles backwards and forwards.

One hand burst out of the bin of polished stones to hurriedly clasp over her mouth just as she let out a gasp of pleasure. A few rocks clattered to the floor, and landed on the carpet. I worked harder, speeding up a little, pumping in and out like a piston.

It was all too much and I knew I had to make a change or it would be all over. I slowed for a second and then pulled back and out. She gasped in as I slid out of her pussy. My cock was rock hard and suddenly cool on the air.

I still had her feet in my hands and I felt the pressure as she pushed her legs together. Her feet in my hands met in the middle and I pulled them up to my face. I felt her big toe dig between my lips, and then she was inside, filling my mouth with her wiggling toes.

This lasted only a moment though, before she pulled them out down to my chest and pushed me back, not hard but forcefully.

I ended up on my ass on the floor, and barely had time time to process what had happened before she was on me, crouched over like a lion. Her lips clamped over mine and her tongue swirled all over my mouth.

My cock was still as hard as ever and her hand found it. She eased it inside and began pulsing up and down. Her mouth broke its lip lock and her tongue roamed all over my face. She was riding me with passion and confidence, her tits were bouncing up and down as she moved, and I reached up and grabbed them with both hands.

Her arms were already behind her; they had been playing with my legs as she rode. Now though, she pulled her limbs further behind her back and clasped her forearms together. That pose served to arch her back — her chest was pushed out, and her soft natural breasts filled my fingers.

I saw the malachite wand on the carpet and reached out with my right hand to grab it. I held it up to her and with a devilish smile she stuck out Escort Kıbrıs her neck and licked at it. My hand was along for the ride as she grabbed my wrist to hold the stone shaft steady while she sucked on it. Her hips moved in constant syncopation, her sweet pussy smothering and slathering and mothering my cock.

Letting go the wand, China leaned in and and kissed me again, as passionate as ever, sucking on my tongue in time as she fucked me.

Then her hips stopped and she gave me a peck on the forehead. She slipped off to the side and knelt beside my head. She nuzzled against my neck.

My cock was straight up in the air. Somehow she had the malachite wand, and my whole body pulses with sensation as I felt her poke my cock with it.

She was rubbing the malachite wand all around my balls and the base of my shaft, but avoiding the head. Her tongue darted in and out of my ear, hot and wet. Endorphins charged up and down my spine.

“It’s the Solstice today.” Her stage whisper was warm and throaty, and she punctuated this statement by biting on my earlobe. She snapped the wand up the back of my shaft, and my dick flopped back and forth.

“I want to be one with the earth.” She was moaning, hyperventilating. “Bind my chakras.”

I had no clue what she meant by that — I didn’t really know much about New Age beliefs.

Lucky for me there were posters all over the walls. According to the a rainbow colored chart on the wall, the “Chakras” are psychic slots of some sort for different kinds of crystals. There are seven, starting on her forehead and ending at her pussy. Well I sure had the last one covered.

Next to the rainbow chart were a few photographs of a woman laying on her back in a sports bra with precious stones resting on her forehead, neck & chest.

I rose up to my knees below her, and she stood over me. Rising the rest of the way we just stood still for a moment, facing each other, eyes locked together. My cock poked at her thigh.

I pushed her back onto the table like she had been when we first started playing for real. She lay back onto the table, on her back, and looked up at me with wide eyes.

I focused on those crystalline blue eyes so hard that my vision started to cross a little. When I blinked to clear them, I spotted the buckets of stones and a light bulb went off in my head.

I reached down and grasped her by the waist, turning her around to face the other way. She still held the malachite wand, and I guided it to her pussy. She took the hint and eagerly started working it back and forth, nudging her clit this way and that.

I scampered around the room once or twice, gathering the big items: two five gallon buckets, the onyx one and another with tourmalines deposited at the front of the table, and then I went back for two more to place at the back.

I came around to the front of the table again, and knelt. Pulling the buckets of stone in toward me, I knelt right in the middle, eye level with her pussy and the mineral shaft that was now moving in and out of it.

I bent both of her knees up, and brought her feet together on the floor. I lifted them up under my dick with one hand and flattened the other over my cock. Leaving her left foot on my cock, I pulled her right foot up to my mouth. She moaned and pushed her left foot down under my dick, bouncing my balls and teasing my taint.

A few minutes of indulgent foot-job later, with her big toe wiggling and tickling my ass until I burst out laughing, almost choking on her right foot. With one of the hand towels from the shelf in the bed, I dried off her foot.

Then I gently flexed it forward, into a ballet point, and carefully plunged it into the bucket of stones. It went in deep and I smoothed the rocks around her ankle. Her foot was completely encased in the stone. It must have been cold, because a quake ran all through her. Or maybe she just hit something extra special with the malachite wand.

With her legs buried under the weight of the stones it was like she was restrained. Of course, she could easily pull her feet out if she wanted to, but unless she made the effort, she was anchored down like a tent line. Dragging my fingernails up one leg and under her knee, I turned to the left for to do it again.

Once her other foot was in the bucket, I moved up to the head of the table and did the same with her hands. Before putting them in the stone I brought each hand up to my face to lick her palms and suck her long fingers.

She was not content to let this just happen. Her fingers dug all around my mouth, playing with my tongue as much as it was playing with her fingers. She tasted of herself, and a little salty sweat on top.

Once both feet were in their buckets, I gently pushed them apart on the floor, spreading her legs. The weight of the stones held her feet as if she had been tied down.

I pulled her arms over down to the sides, and pushed her hands into the buckets of small amethyst. The stones held her arms like they had her legs, and she was now anchored down at four points, spread and restrained in a wide “X” shape.

But I wasn’t finished there. I got a few flat, round stones about two inches in diameter with Chinese characters painted on them — no idea what they said.

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