Dream Date

Ball Gag

We have spent the night talking intimately. First going out to a fairly nice restaurant, slowly munching on our meals while talking quietly to each other. Afterward, I drive us to a theater.

I am wearing a light blue, long sleeve shirt. One that matches my hypnotic light blue eyes, and a pair of tight jeans, you note that they show a nice curve that is my rear. 🙂

You are wearing a blue dress that has a low cut front, with spaghetti straps. It shows your figure quite well, every curve just right.

As we enter the theater, I stop short, holding your hand. I step towards you, wrapping my free arms under yours and behind you. We hold each other for a moment, as we start to break our embrace I give you a light peck on your cheek.

We go into the movie… a calm romance … we catch the main points, but the rest is lost, as we are sitting in the very back corner of the theater (uncharacteristic of me), softly kissing. As you adjust in your seat, I inadvertently get an eye full of your exquisite chest. Your eyes, just at that moment, happened to be in just the right place, you notice my … interest, seeing my own uncomfortable shifting. We continue to kiss for a moment. Pausing to relax a bit, and make sure no one is watching, we return our attention to the movie.

After about 10 minutes the movie reaches a high point, the notable hero and heroin start up their own heated screen. You reach for my hand. As the screen on the screen heats up more, you softly stroke my hand, from wrist to fingertips. I lean closer to you, silently wanting more. You start to move my hand up, meeting your lips as you kiss my palm. Your tongue slips out from your lips, slowly tracing lines across my hand toward my fingers. When your tongue reaches the tips of my fingers you wrap your lips around one, immediately noting how stiff and rigid my hand is now. You slowly slide your tongue around my fingers as you move them slowly in and out of your mouth.

Right about now, the romantic screen in the movie is hitting its high note, with the couple starting to make love. Loosing myself in the moment, I quickly lean towards you, firmly grabbing hold of your breast and nibbling fiercely on your neck. Before we know it, the movie is over. We are the very last ones to leave the theater. We walk out into a dark evening, about 11:30pm. Hand in hand, we quickly stroll around to my car… I escort you around to the passenger side, but instead of letting you in immediately, I press you against the car, leaning into you. We start to kiss deeply, as no one is in sight. My hands wander, rubbing softly across your breasts, tugging the front of your dress down a bit, revealing more of your wonderful figure. When we notice a few people starting to head in our direction, I let you into the car. We kiss once more before I start the engine and pull out of the dark parking lot.

On our way back to your place, we talk a bit. Both shaken from the passion of just a few moments before. You place your hand on mine as I shift the gears, speeding along on our way.

After quickly reaching the highway, it becomes evident that we aren’t going to make it all the way to your place without … “complications”. 🙂 I keep looking over at your beautiful form. And you notice. While looking out the window one of the straps to your dress “accidentally” slips off your shoulder. Unable to resist, I take my hand from Yalova Escort the gear stick, slowly sliding it up your arm, moving my hand further along, finally reaching your shoulder. My hand starts sliding down and forward. It finally comes to a rest when I’m grasping your now exposed breast in my hand. I massage it for a while, running my fingers back and forth over your nipple.

After a while of this, I get really bold… I pull my hand away from your breast, taking in a nice eye full of it. I slide my hand back down your arm, just to the wrist, then back up. When I get about half way up your arm, I start moving it back down, this time following the curves of your body… I start to rub my hand from your hip to your knee, each time moving more and more inward. Finally my hand works its way completely between your legs, coming to a rest right on your warm mound. I start to slide my fingers side to side over the fabric covering your clit.

We come to a turn in the road that requires me to stop rubbing you, and place both hands on the wheel. When we are passed the turn, my hand moves back to massaging you. After a bit, I stop, moving my hand to yours. I take your hand in mine, and start to lead it across my thigh. You feel your fingers brush against flesh. A bit surprised you turn to look. You realize that during the turn, I had my right hand on the wheel so that my left hand could unzip my pants. Hanging out of them is my cock, stiff and firm. I guide your hand to it, wrapping your fingers around it. Your jaw is almost on the floor in surprise as my hand moves back between your legs, starting to rub your spot again. You start to slide your hand over the head of my penis, slowly moving it up and down.

After a few moments, I realize I’m not going to be able to keep driving like this. I slow the car and pull over on the side of the road. When the car has stopped and I have the emergency break on, we both turn to each other, wrapping our arms around each other and start kissing passionately. My hands move from your back to your beautiful chest, where I start massaging your breast.

After a bit, we decide we can’t hold back any more. You get out of the car as I open the trunk, pulling out a blanket. I take you by the hand and lead you a few yards from the car. I lay the blanket on the tall grass; we start to kiss, slowly working our way down to the blanket. We finally lay down, you on your back, me laying half on top of you, our legs twisting together. As we kiss, I start to pull the bottom of your dress up, revealing more of your legs, and finally, your warm wet pussy. You feel my hand move across it, rubbing it gently with my fingers, then sliding my finger tips down to your lips, laying my hand flat against you so that the heal of my palm is over your clit, and rubbing firmly in a circle. You start to stroke my cock again, sighing lightly as I rub you.

You unbutton my pants as I start to pull your panties to the side, now touching your warm wet flesh. When you start urging me to take off my pants, I roll off of you, starting to slide out of them. Meanwhile you slip out of your panties. You sit up, unbuttoning my shirt. I reach behind you, unzipping your dress. You start to run your hand through the ample hair on my chest as I start tugging on your dress, pulling it off your shoulders, revealing your lovely breasts underneath. I reach behind Yalova Escort Bayan you again and unstrap your bra. Dropping your bra to the ground, and half out of your dress, you climb on top of me, straddling me. You slide your body back and forth over mine until you feel your in just the right position on my penis, the you move your body just right, so that without any help from our hands, my firm member slips easily into your tight wet hole. We hear each other sigh in ecstasy. You wiggle yourself around, rubbing your clit against my pelvis. As you do, I raise and lower myself in and out of you, just a little, so that you can enjoy yourself in your own activity.

After some time, you are really worked up. You start to bounce on me as I slip in and out of you. I slowly start to pick up my pace, thrusting harder into you, hitting the front wall of your vagina as I move in/you move down. Your short sighs now become sharp moans. You look down and see pure joy on my face. As you bounce, I reach up and start to massage your breasts once again. I keep speeding up my inward thrust, each time you let out a louder moan. You start to bounce on my penis faster … and faster … as I thrust into you faster. Before long you start to feel waves of pleasure build within you. As you start to spasm you lean forward and lay on my chest as you do. I keep rocking myself in and out of you as you cum. Without giving you a chance to calm down as I sense your orgasm starting to fade, I roll us over and immediately pull out of you, moving down to your now soaking pussy, and start licking your lips, cleaning every drop that I can from your base skin. Finally, as your orgasm ends, I start to lick your clit ferociously. Wrapping my lips around it, sucking it gently, while slipping 2 fingers into you, palm up, rubbing once again the front of your vagina. You start thrashing slightly as I devour you. Within seconds of your first orgasm, you start having another, more powerful one. Panting and yelping from sheer bliss, your body shakes uncontrollably. After a few moments, I sense once again your orgasm starting to fade. I quickly slip my now soaked fingers out of you and place my whole hand against your warm skin, the heal of my hand at your wet hole, my fingers over your clit. I start to rub my whole hand in tight circles, moving more side to side than up and down, covering your entire pussy, lip to lip, pussy to clit. I rub you furiously as you start to almost scream in pleasure. After mere seconds again, you feel your body exploding from my touch. This one lasts even longer. By the time the orgasm starts to fade away you’re dizzy. Panting hard and legs shaking, you whimper in pleasure. I stop rubbing you and work my way up to meet you. I start to crawl on top of you a bit, half laying on you, half-lying on the blanket. As I start to massage your breast, I work my leg between yours, so that my thigh is touching your pussy. We start to kiss passionately.

After some time has passed, and you are calming down a bit from your ordeal, you push me off of yourself and start sucking on my nipples. Kissing your way down my body, you finally reach your destination. You wrap your index finger and thumb around the base of my penis, which is still nice and firm. You give it a nice kiss right on the front of the head, slowly sucking me into your mouth. I feel your tongue wrap around me as you suck Escort Yalova me deeper in. When about half of my penis is in your mouth, you start to slide your tongue around it, flicking the sides of the head, and just above the tip, which you notice gets quite a reaction from me. You not only taste yourself on me, but you start tasting my precum as you enjoy my penis. As you start to pull back, you slide your tongue along the head. You hear loud sighs and light moans coming from me as I run my hands appreciatively through your hair. Slowly, you pick up speed so that after a few minutes your head is bobbing along, sucking me in and out of your mouth. You pop me out every once in a while to lick my shaft, kiss your way around it, or kiss different parts of the head. You pop me out and sit back. As you watch, I start to stroke my penis, my finger and thumb wrapping around it, slipping up and down quickly over the head of my throbbing member. When I get right at the edge, I wrap my whole hand around my penis and SLOWLY stroke the head. You quickly wrap your moist lips around my head, as an explosive wave moves throughout my body as I start to have my own orgasm, my warm milk spraying into your waiting mouth. You hear me almost yelping, nearly scream in pleasure. When my orgasm is finished, you lean over my cum dripping penis and start licking the remaining portion of yourself off of me. Being that I am now more sensitive in that area, I start to squirm under your attack, begging you to stop so I can recover. But you continue on sucking me. After a minute of this I’m literally crying in pleasure. Screaming in ecstasy I shudder again, filling your mouth with even more of my semen as I grab your head, pulling on your hair. Finally, after my orgasm fades, you slip my penis out of your mouth.

Breathless from the experience, I pull you up to me. Laying on my chest, you start to kiss me deeply. I pull you closely, returning the kiss. After close to half an hour of lying there, cuddling, kissing, and fondling each other, you stand, finally dropping your dress to the ground. I slip out of my shirt as you kneel in front of me. You turn your back to me, leaning forward onto your hands and knees. I crawl towards you, kissing your bare ass, the small of your back, and then the middle of your back as I stand on my knees behind you. You reach back between your legs, grasping my penis in your hand, starting to stroke it, getting me hard once again. Meanwhile I kiss your back and fondle your breasts. When I’m hard enough, you stop stroking me and start to rub your clit rapidly, as I slowly glide into you from behind. I quickly work up to a rapid pace of thrusting in and out of you. You match my pace rubbing your clit. Within moments you are having another orgasm. I continue my thrusting even though you are barely able to stay up on all fours. You start to wiggle your hips, pulling your knees closer together. I immediately notice how much tighter you are. Moaning loudly, I continue to thrust into you. After only a few minutes, you hear me panting loudly. I start to slow my thrusts to a near stand still, moving slowly, very slowly into you. When I am hilt deep within you, I (even more slowly) start to pull myself out. As I start to pull out, you tighten your muscles around me. Unable to contain myself any longer, I climax within you, still slowly pulling out until just the head of my penis is within you, then moving back in, just as slowly. You feel my entire body shake behind you. Finally, exhausted, I pull out of you. We both lie once again on the blanket, kissing deeply. We lie on our backs holding each other while looking at the stars, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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