Cathy Unfettered Pt. 02

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The day was a long one, but at dinnertime, after Lynda had been given a strong sleeping draft, things started to return to normal. Cathy ordered Emily to dress like a slut with the intention of abusing her once again. Emily readily complied but as they both exited their bedrooms dressed in their sluttish attire, there was a strong knock on the door and both dived back into their rooms for housecoats. Cathy finally opened the door, it was Pete, and he asked if he could have a word with Emily.

Cathy looked at his groin; it was obvious his prick was hard. Cathy smiled and said, “You like fucking white bitch cunts do you?” Pete nodded and smiled.

Cathy turning to Emily said, “Take off that housecoat and bend over the table so Pete can ram his prick into your juicy cunt!”

Obediently Emily let her housecoat fall to the floor. Pete gasped as Emily stood before him, her double D breasts resting on a half-cup bra, the neckline of her dress cut to reveal both bra and tits, while the length of the flared skirt allowed a glimpse of her cunt lips. Lace topped black stockings and six-inch platform shoes enhanced the completely perverted image of a white slut.

Emily sexily walked over to the table and as instructed lay over the oaken table, her cunt and arse exposed, her tits pressed hard against the tabletop. Pete approached Emily taking out his prick, staring open mouthed at the white slut before him. Cathy smiling grabbed his prick and pulled him closer to Emily’s cunt and arse. Laughing she said, “Do you want it here first?” and stuck three fingers into Emily’s cunt. Rotating them slowly she pumped then in and out several times before offering her fingers to Pete’s mouth.

Pete sucked Cathy’s fingers eagerly, his prick straining to break out of the skin surrounding it.

Cathy withdrew her fingers, then plunged them through Emily’s anal rosebud, and violently rotated her hand. Looking at Pete she said, “Maybe you would prefer to fuck the white bitches arse.”

Pete gasped and unable to restrain his sexual desire any longer he plunged his distended prick deep into Emily’s cunt. The shock of the massive prick’s brutal invasion of Emily’s cunt left her gasping for air, but Cathy pushed her fingers into Emily’s mouth and said, “Clean the shit off them!” Emily sucked Cathy’s fingers as Pete began pumping rapidly in and out of her cunt; Emily was in ecstasy as she felt the rock hard prick repeatedly strike her G spot. It was inevitable that Pete would orgasm swiftly and as he cried out his eyes became unfocussed and with a final massive thrust, his balls contracted and a deluge of creamy white jism flooded Emily’s cunt. Pete panting griped Emily’s hips and held his prick tight in her cunt. As Cathy removed her fingers from Emily’s mouth, Pete began humping Emily’s cunt once more.

Cathy smiled and sitting down, she lifted her legs, encased in her high-heeled thigh length boots, onto the table. Crossing her ankles, directly in front of Emily’s mouth, she said, “Clean my boots with your tongue!” Emily complied as Pete violently thrust his prick in and out of her. Pete was like a man possessed and did not even react when there was a rap on the door.

Cathy called, “Come in, it’s open!”

James Walsh entered and stood petrified looking at the scene. James, open-mouthed, slowly approached the threesome, his attention fixed, not on the hapless Emily, but on Cathy’s boots. James reached out his hand and gently touched Cathy’s foot. Cathy smiled and lifting her foot, she jabbed her heel hard into James’s groin, his prick jumped, it was rigid, straining beneath the constraints imposed by his clothes.

“Get naked!” Cathy ordered and James immediately complied. Cathy lifted her feet on to the back of a chair and forming a cunt shaped gap with her insteps, looked at James and said, “Fuck my feet!”

James eagerly pushed his prick between her feet and began humping them. Cathy was amused but Emily appeared shocked, as James’s prick rapidly trust in and out between Cathy’s feet inches from her face. Emily was only distracted for an instant as the long strokes of Pete’s prick took her closer and closer to orgasm. Emily’s scream of ecstasy signalled an overpowering orgasm in her: at the same instant, Pete again ejaculated into her cunt. James was frantically humping Cathy’s feet but was spurred on by the scenes of the thrilling climaxes about him and spurted his sperm up over Cathy’s boots. James immediately dropped to his knees and began licking and sucking the sperm from the leather boots.

As Pete fell backwards into a chair, Cathy ordered Emily to sit on the table; legs outstretched toward James and then said to James, “When my boots are clean, you may suck Emily’s toes!” James became frantic in his efforts to clean the sperm from Cathy’s boots, his eyes straining to look at the next treat that was in the offing. As James commenced his sucking of Emily’s stiletto heels, Cathy noticed that Pete’s prick was yet again standing erect. Pete stood and dragged Emily’s arse across the kocaeli escort bayan table leaving a smear of jism to stain the tabletop. As Emily’s arse reached the edge, Pete supporting her, pulled her rosebud cleared of the tabletop and rammed his hard prick into her arse. James scrabbled to maintain contact with Emily’s toes laying his upper body across the table in order to reach his prize.

Cathy was amused as she looked at James’s arse bent over the table edge. Taking a large strap on dildo, she rammed the phallus into his arse. James’s eyes grew wide as his anal passage was stretch to its limit. As Cathy began to hammer James’s arse while he sucked and licked Emily’s toes, Pete pounded Emily’s arse unmercifully. It was not long before Pete ejaculated in Emily arse and Emily’s orgasmic scream echoed again through the room while James’s prick leaked what was left of his seed onto the floor beneath the table.

Emily desperate to show Pete affection turned to kiss him, curling her saliva saturated feet under her arse, James desperately tried to reach Emily’s feet but the huge dildo pinned him to the table. As Pete and Emily made their way to the bedroom, sperm dripping from her cunt and arse, James turned to Cathy and pleaded with her to let him suck her bare feet.

Cathy laughed and grabbing James by the hair whispered, “You’re mine now; you’re my black arsehole slave! You go home to your prude of a fucking wife. I will call when I or whoever I choose needs the service of a black arsehole. Go!”

The following morning Cathy did not see Emily and in fact she would see very little of Emily from then on.

Cathy and Lynda talked inconsequentially, and then Lynda looking serious said, “You know that when my daughter brought me here, she said that I was turning out to be a bad slave and that she was taking me to an evil dominatrix, who knew how to really break me.” Cathy stared at Lynda her mouth open. Lynda continued, “But all I have received is kindness. Not quite what I was led to believe, please tell me your side of the story?”

Cathy’s mind raced, but finally she spoke, “Oh, you have to realise that I have never engaged in a sexual act with or in the presence of your daughter. Whatever she thinks she knows about me is her fantasy. The only thing I know about myself for sure is that I am a lesbian! Men, boys are to me androgynous. The rest I am still trying to figure out. My most memorable sexual experience, on the great end of the scale did involve the domination of a girl. On the disgusting or repulsive end of the scale, was seeing man ejaculating purely from licking feet and having his arse fucked by a dildo.”

Lynda smiled, “Ok” she said, ”

As the conversation began to stagnate, Lynda, sensed a change in Cathy’s mood and said, “You appear to be rather down?”

“No, it’s just school tomorrow, I was just thinking about that.”

“Anything I can do?” inquired Lynda.

Cathy sighed and said, “Not really. I am anticipating a bad day. At the end the day I have a double period of science, which is always great and at the same time always terrible. But before that I have a mentoring session with Bianca.”

“Bianca?” Lynda said softly.

“Bianca, where do I start?” Cathy began, “She is a brilliant student, extremely clever, hard working, popular and absolutely gorgeous and I really mean, drop dead gorgeous. Perfect in every way, except she has always been a real bitch to me. She is an orphan so I have been trying to help as much as I can but all I get from her is shit, abuse and snide comments. She is brilliant at making me feel small, I hate it but for some reason I cannot retaliate.”

Lynda stared at Cathy and asked, “Do you know the reason why you don’t retaliate?

“Yes, I do!” Cathy said loudly, “And before you ask the answer to all your questions is yes. I ache when I am near her but I am positive she is straight, plenty of boys hanging around all the time.”

“Oh, I am sure it will all sort itself out in time. You know girls often keep thumping boys they like just to get their attention.” Pausing Lynda added, “OK science?”

Cathy smiled and said, “That is very simple, I, I have had a huge crush on the remedial science teacher for ages. Julia Carter; I know she has lesbian tendencies, don’t ask, but I never seem to make any progress.”

They both laughed and Cathy asked if Lynda was all right if she went out for a couple of hours.

Cathy dressed for a visit to Sheila’s lingerie shop. Cathy decided to adopt the stylish approach, possibly for Lynda’s benefit, a conservative two piece suit, blouse, dark stockings with three inch heels and, of course, no panties. With her make up on Cathy hardly recognized herself and confidently left the house to determine a strategy for the enslavement of Julia.

As Cathy entered the shop, she saw to her horror that the headmaster of her school was talking to Sheila!

Cathy hid behind the racks of underwear and heard the headmaster whisper, “I find myself facing a very sensitive kocaeli sınırsız escort and unusual situation.” He paused looking around the room and eventually said, “As you may know the, ah, sexual preference of my wife is for, ah, female company, ah, strict female company.”

Sheila interrupted, politely saying, “Yes, I do know Maria prefers sex with a lesbian dominatrix and your preferences are somewhat similar, but not lesbian, I believe.”

“Quite.” Colin replied going red in the face. He continued, “The fact is, my wife has this fantasy” he paused for several seconds before he blurted out, “about being dominated by the same mistress as myself.” A little surprised Sheila regained her composure quickly and said, “I see, your wife and yourself would like to be dominated at the same time by the same mistress. I presume in the same place”

“Yes.” Colin nodded.

Sheila straightened up and said, “Well, I am confident that that can be arranged, although you will have to come to a commercial agreement with the lady beforehand. I have your number, should I get her to call you?”

“No.” Collin said shaking his head, “I would prefer to contact her, my position you know.”

Moving away slightly, Sheila said, “That makes it a little harder, but we shall see. Is there anything else?”

Colin nodded, “Yes” then added, “My daughter”.

Sheila stopped abruptly and almost yelled, “What about your daughter?”

Collin was rapidly turning scarlet and replied, “She is 18 and would like to participate.” His voice trailed away into silence.

Sheila almost yelled, “Participate as what, as a dominatrix or is she submissive?”

Collin’s face went a luminous scarlet and replied, “Submissive.”

Sheila was visibly shocked and ushered Collin Stevens out of the door.

Cathy crouched there, her head reeling with ‘what ifs’. Cathy, almost at the point of orgasm; vaginal fluid was flowing from her cunt at the thought of being the domineering mistress of the Stevens household. Cathy had to admit to herself that she was going to become ‘Josephine’; it was simply a question of how she would remain anonymous, at least initially. Cathy had visions of giving her headmaster an enema, locking Maria into the anal and vaginal vibrators, Fred and George, forcing Maria to finger fuck and suck the daughter’s cunt, while Cathy, of course, pissed on each of them.

Sheila turned shaking her head and began walking back to her office. She was shocked as Cathy appeared apparently from nowhere and grabbed her arm. She was obviously perplexed as Cathy forced her into her office and locked the door.

Cathy glared at her, instantly deciding that a direct question was not the correct approach and said, “God, I’m horny, finger my cunt and suck my anus now, bitch!”

Sheila dropped to her knees behind Cathy and lifted her skirt. Her fingers found Cathy’s clit almost immediately and began to caress the hard nub gently. Cathy reached behind her and pulled her arse cheeks apart giving Sheila easy access to her rosebud and Sheila began tonguing it aggressively. Cathy soon found she was coming and yelled for Sheila to suck and finger her harder. She came all over the floor and collapsed to her knees panting.

“That was great!” she said, better than Julia, my science teacher does, any day. Julia is a bit inexperienced.

Getting to her feet, Sheila replied, “So you are the student that makes Julia’s cunt wet! She maybe an inexperienced submissive but she has made a good choice.”

“Thanks,” Cathy replied, “I would imagine she is still much better than that prick, Stevens!”

Sheila frowning said, “Never do anything for that turd! He can ask all he likes the answer is no! The last pro I sent him, was never paid, it damn near cost me my procuring business. He now wants a dominatrix prostitute to enslave the whole family! No fucking way!

Cathy kissed Sheila passionately and left the shop. She walked through the mall delighted. She had the answers she wanted: Julia was a lesbian submissive and her way was clear to dominate the whole Stevens family.

Cathy purchased a prepaid mobile phone and on her way home, she sent Collin Stevens the number of the phone in a text message and signed it ‘Josephine’. Cathy was surprised when the phone rang some thirty seconds later and she answered it with an “Ummm”.

Colin’s urgent voice said, “Are you coming tonight?”

“No.” Cathy replied in a deep husky voice.

Cathy could hear Colin take a deep breath and he said authoritatively, “I demand you come tonight.”

Cathy ended the call.

After the phone had rang some four or five times more, it was beginning to annoy Cathy and she switched the phone off.

Cathy woke early next morning and over breakfast, she switched on the phone: she had twenty-one missed calls.

“Persistent bastard, but he can stew for a while.” Cathy said to the room, and then she got dressed and went to school. Cathy was now looking forward izmit anal yapan escort to school because of the new information she had. She intended to make full use of it in the double period of science in the afternoon, but first she had to deal with Bianca. Bianca was her usual obnoxious self, which resulted in Cathy being in a terrible temper by the time she left for her science lesson.

Cathy stormed into the science lab and headed for the back corner. Julia Carter set the class the task of producing a vial of oxygen from permanganate and hydrogen peroxide. Cathy totally ignoring the assignment opened her notebook and wrote instructions, which she was determined Julia had to follow from the time of her enslavement.

You must address me as Mistress Cathy at all times.

You must always wait for me after class finishes.

You will present yourself for inspection to me every morning before school.

Your will carry a dog collar, a dog lead, a vaginal dildo and anal dildo at all times.

You will never wear panties.

You will wear 3 inch heeled shoes at all times in public.

Your skirts will be 3 inches above the knee at all times in public.

You will wear lace top stockings or garter belt and stocking at all times.

You will wear a half-cupped bra or none at all at all times.

Your top must be such that when viewed from over the shoulder your nipples must be clearly visible.

You will follow my daily instructions without question.

You will have nipple and labia rings inserted. The rings must be big enough to attach a dog lead.

You will have ‘Cathy’s Slut’ tattooed on your pubic mound.

Cathy got up and took a plastic vial from the supplies cupboard and neatly folded the instructions and placed them inside the vial.

Cathy knew that when a student asked a question it was Julia’s habit to go to the questioner’s desk. Nervously Cathy concealed the vial in her hand and raised her arm. Julia walked quickly to her side. Julia stood there smiling down at Cathy.

Cathy realised that the next part of the plan, took her past the point of no return. Cathy’s cunt was as dry as her mouth, her heart was pounding behind her tits and all she could think of was Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon.

Cathy whispered “Alea iacta est!”

Julia leaning down said, “Sorry?”

Cathy straightening up and said more confidently, “The die is cast, you know Julius Caesar”.

Julia looked into Cathy’s face and said, “Sorry, but I don’t understand?”

Cathy smiled and held Julia’s gaze for what seemed an eternity. Finally, Cathy said, “Do you know what Marie Antoinette and Miss Julia Carter have in common?”

Julia looked perplexed and said, “Cathy you are speaking in riddles!”

After a pause Cathy smiling, added, “You are both lesbians!”

Julia did not move but in shock whispered, “How did you…” But stopped.

Cathy smiled and said, “How did I know? That is beside the point; I do know you are a lesbian and that you are submissive. I also know more than that, I know that from now on I am your mistress and you are my slave!”

Julia was stunned her head turned to Cathy. Several beads of sweat were forming on her forehead and Cathy smiled at her new conquest.

Julia said, “Please can we talk about this?”

Cathy looked at Julia and said sternly, “Open your legs, now.”

Julia inched her legs apart and Cathy surreptitiously ran her hand under Julia’s skirt and up the inside of the thigh seeking Julia’s cunt. However, when she reached Julia’s crutch the tights Julia was wearing blocked her way. Cathy forced her finger through the tights and loudly ripped a hole in the gusset and then pushing Julia’s panties aside to expose Julia’s labia to her touch. Several of the class heard the sound of Julia’s tights tearing and looked around, but Cathy unperturbed positioned the vial at the entry to Julia’s cunt and pushed. Julia was dry but Cathy forced the vial in to the depth of her finger. Julia face was scarlet.

Cathy smiled at Julia and said, “You may go now slave, I will see you after class!”

Julia moved away nervously and sat silently at her desk.

Cathy waited patiently for the interminable double science period to end, while she watched, Julia sitting at her desk, her head lowered in submission. Julia seemed surprised when the bell for the end of the period rang and hardly acknowledged the students as they left.

Cathy stood and walked towards the classroom door, locking it, she turned towards her slave, her cunt juices spilling over onto her stocking and skirt. Cathy grabbed Julia’s arm and wrenched her into the office.

“Lie on the floor!” Cathy commanded as she locked the office door. As Cathy turned and walked towards Julia, who was still standing motionless, Cathy said, “Slaves immediately do as they are told or they are punished!” Cathy smiled and kneed Julia in the groin. Julia collapsed on to her knees and Cathy violently pushed her on to her back. Before Julia could react, Cathy had sat on her face, her cunt at Julia’s mouth. “Now make me cum!” Cathy ordered and Julia slowly stuck out her tongue and ran it over Cathy’s labia. Eventually Julia found Cathy’s clit and began tentatively sucking and tonguing the hard nub.

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