Bonfire Fairytales Ch. 02

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* * * PART I (in Drew’s voice) * * *

It was several minutes before Sara returned with our drinks, and when she did, I was pleasantly surprised to see that she brought Heather and Patrick with her. Patrick, who was carrying bags of Indian food, was a good-looking guy, as Sara had hinted to Julie and Lily. He was a little shorter than me, but well-built with a short mane of wavy, dirty-blond hair. Heather, as always, looked amazing. As she came into the yard, she smiled at us from beneath some wisps of blond hair that had fallen from her short ponytail. She wore a light blue blouse with just a few buttons secured in the middle, which revealed her lovely cleavage and navel. Below her navel, her hips were hugged by a pair of tight, low-cut jeans. She was helping Sara to carry drinks for the rest of us.

“Jeesh, I’m not even off work an hour and you’re making me carry drinks again!” Heather complained, chiding Sara. As the three of them arrived on the patio by the pool, Heather handed us each our drinks.

“Thank you, Heather,” I chimed.

Heather laughed. “It’s no problem. I’m just kidding… Anyway, hi!” she exclaimed, her face lighting up to greet us. Friendly as ever, she threw her arms around me as a warm greeting. I hugged her back, quite happy to have her hot little body pressed against me for the first time. Heather went on to hug Julie, Lily, and Steve.

“I feel like I know you all so well already!” Heather said, seeming to have a genuine affection for us. What did she mean? We were friendly last week at the bar, but we hardly had a chance to talk to her while she worked. Had Sara told her what we talked about at the table? After all, Julie had more or less encouraged Sara to share our secrets with Heather. Did she know everything? Seeing how anxious Heather was to get to know us, the idea was intriguing.

“Everyone, this is my boyfriend, Patrick,” Heather continued. As we greeted him, Julie and Lily had already begun their subtle flirting. Heather either didn’t notice or didn’t seem to mind.

“It’s nice to meet all of you,” Patrick added. “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you from what I’ve heard.” Again, the insinuation.

Julie took him up on it. “Oh really? What have you heard?” she cooed playfully.

“Oh,” Patrick stuttered a bit, “just… just that you’re a lot of fun to be around.”

“Ah, okay,” Julie smiled, noticing the evasive answer. “Well, we are,” she said with a wink.

Sara stepped into the conversation. “I agree,” she added, smiling at Julie and Lily as she handed them their drinks. “Now, who’s hungry for some dinner?” she continued, cleverly changing the subject. “We can eat over by the fire. It’ll get cooler once the sun goes down, and I think there should be enough chairs over there for all of us.”

We helped Patrick and Heather lay out the Indian food on the large brick buffet that jutted out from the brick fire enclosure. There were yard chairs scattered around the patio, which we collected near the fireplace.

“Okay, so who’s really good at starting a fire?” Sara asked. As soon as she asked the question, a smirk started to curl up on her lips. “Lily and Steve, you’re experienced campers, huh?”

Lily and Steve each raised an eyebrow at her, knowing that she was giving them a good ribbing for one of the stories they had told her at the bar last week. I watched Heather and Patrick’s faces to see if they were in on the joke. If they knew, they were dutifully hiding their grins. Acting almost too oblivious to Sara’s suggestion, they still left me wondering how much they knew.

Steve cracked a smile at Sara. “Oh yeah,” he replied, “I’m all about the great outdoors.”

Lily pinched him, wondering if Heather and Patrick would catch on. I interrupted their little game and offered to help Steve start the fire. In a few minutes, Steve and I had built the fire with some logs and newspaper, and by the time we started eating the flames were beginning to roar.

Over dinner, we got to know more about Heather and Patrick. We were all really taking a liking to them. The two of them shared the same, sarcastic sense of humor that had bonded Julie, Lily, Steve and I—and more recently, Sara. They were every bit as flirtatious as the rest of us, and—dare I say it—they seemed to have the same, spontaneous playful streak.

After clearing away the dinner, the seven of us went through a couple more rounds of drinks, laughter and conversation. The sun had set, and the yard was lit only by the fire and some incandescent lanterns scattered around the patio.

“So did you guys do a lot of swimming today?” Heather asked as we lounged around the raging fire.

“Yeah, definitely,” Lily answered. “Swimming, tanning… it was a beautiful day just to hang outside. And the water was perfect.”

“Is it really nice?” Heather asked. “I haven’t even dipped my toes in it yet.”

“Oh yeah,” Lily replied. “It’s so warm. It feels really great.”

Heather put her drink down. She sat forward Ankara bayan escort in her chair and smiled around at all of us. “That gives me an idea,” she grinned. “Let’s all jump in the water!”

“Just jump in?” Steve asked, confused by the suggestion.

“Yeah!” Heather exclaimed. “Clothes on and everything! It’ll be fun! We’ll dry off again by the fire. Who’s with me?” Heather stood up and kicked off her sandals, waiting for us to follow along.

“Sure, I’m up for anything,” Patrick was the first to say. Heather bounced on the balls of her feet with excitement.

Julie and I looked at each other, shrugged, and began to kick off our shoes as well. Lily, Steve, and Sara followed suit. Drawn in by Heather’s enthusiasm, we followed her to the edge of the pool.

“Alright, ready?” Heather asked as we all lined up along the edge. “Everybody hold hands. Ready? One… two… three!”

All fully clothed, we plunged carefree into the water. My jeans made it harder to swim, but I made my way back to the surface, hearing giggling all around me. The seven of us waded around in the pool, comically struggling against the resistance of our clothes. We swam around, laughing at each other and tugging playfully at each other’s sopping clothes.

“Ohh,” Heather sighed. “That was fun! We’d better keep that fire going because this is going to take a while to dry!”

“Good thinking,” Steve said, pulling himself up onto the side of the pool. The water poured down off of his shirt and khakis, both of which clung to his body. “Here, I’ll give you a hand,” Steve said, offering a lift to anyone nearby.

He lifted Julie up onto the edge of the pool. Her skirt was heavy with water and had started to slide down her hips. The straps of her underwear arched over her bare hips, and I noticed Patrick stealing a peek.

“Oops,” Julie joked, pulling up her skirt. She rung out her tank tops, which seemed to have shrunken to the shape of her body.

Heather was the next to get a hand from Steve. Her jeans were drenched and clung tightly to her sexy legs. Even better, her light blue blouse had become translucent, revealing the outlines of the dark bra beneath. The top button had come undone, revealing even more of Heather’s gorgeous cleavage. Heather noticed, but didn’t seem to care, instead tying up the tails of the shirt just above her flat belly. Seeing her wet, dripping body was starting to turn me on, so I decided to wait it out in the pool for another minute.

Patrick hopped out of the water, offering Lily a hand as she followed. Lily nearly fell back into the water as she tried to keep her tube top from slipping down. The surface tension of the water had nearly yanked the top from her chest, almost giving Patrick a front row seat. He smiled at Lily as he politely helped her out of the water while she held up her top.

Noticing how everyone looked in their sexy in their soaking, skin-tight clothes, there was a palpable attraction amongst all of us. Even though I was still fighting off a growing erection, I decided it would be even more obvious if I insisted on staying in the pool. I pulled myself to the edge of the pool and hoisted myself onto the edge, inconspicuously sitting with my feet in the water.

Sara swam over to me and reached out her hand for some help. I pulled her up onto the poolside next to me, and to my pleasant surprise her green t-shirt revealed that she wasn’t wearing a bra! Her shape of her breasts was perfectly evident under the clinging fabric, and the light-brown shade of her nipples peeked right through!

Sara was quite conscious of how immodest she appeared, and she smiled uncomfortably at me. I chuckled and shrugged my shoulders, trying to relieve her embarrassment. Holding in her laughter, Sara darted several glances at me before she broke out into a giggle.

“I think I won the wet t-shirt contest!” Sara joked. Deciding not to delay the inevitable, she turned around to let everyone see the gorgeous tits that beamed through her shirt. We all burst into laughter, Patrick and Steve especially enjoying the invitation to take a good look at Sara’s chest.

“Oops,” Heather giggled. “I didn’t realize… well, I’m sure the guys are really glad I made us all jump in the pool!” Steve, Patrick and I shrugged in agreement.

Laughing, Sara replied, “Well, I think dripping wet clothes are a pretty good look for all of you! But seriously, let’s get back near the fire!” Sara stood up, her cut-off denim shorts riding up her ass, and made her way toward the fire. The rest of us followed, and settled into our chairs around the warm flames.

We were sitting in a large semi-circle around the brick fire-pit: Lily, Steve, Julie, and I on one side, Sara, Heather and Patrick on the other. I tried not to gawk at Sara’s beautiful chest, but I really couldn’t help myself. For her part, she had given up on modesty, and let us all have a good look if we pleased.

Heather looked really sexy, too, with her bra peaking out Escort bayan Ankara from the top of her blouse and practically visible already through the thin, wet material. Both she and Lily looked fantastic in their skin-tight jeans, and Lily’s nipples were pressing through the top of her tight, white tube-top as well. Julie actually managed to retain her modesty beneath the layers of tank tops, but she couldn’t help but look impossibly hot in her sopping wet skirt.

“Ah!” Heather sighed. “Everyone looks so sexy!” We all laughed, taking the opportunity to check each other out. “Who knew that everyone would actually follow my crazy idea?!”

More laughter. Julie cut in, “Well, Sara knows that we’re always up for a little playing around, right?” She winked at Sara. Sara smirked, wetting her lips seductively.

Julie turned to Heather. “Did Sara tell you what we were talking about at the bar last week?”

And just like that, Julie fearlessly threw open the door to our secrets. If Heather and Patrick didn’t know already, they would surely beg to be told now!

Heather and Sara exchanged furtive glances. Sara smiled at Julie and the rest of us and guiltily shrugged her shoulders. I knew it! Sara held apart her thumb and forefinger, as if to say that she had told Heather “a little bit.”

Julie giggled. “Come on, how much? We don’t mind what you know… I told you it was okay to let Heather in on our little secrets.”

Sara slowly widened her fingers in answer, grinning at Julie. She had told Heather all of our steamy little secrets!

“Enough to make me think I’d really like you guys!” Heather interjected. “Believe it or not, Sara had never told me about that night at the bar five months ago! Not until last week.”

“Julie never told her friends about me either,” Sara explained. “I guess it was our little secret.”

“Well, you see…” Heather began, glancing at Sara for permission, which Sara granted in silence. “You see… Sara and I have a kind of history, too.”

“No way!” Julie cut in. Heather and Sara glanced at each other, trying to muffle their smiles. “Sara never told us about that!”

“Well, it’s been kind of a touchy subject,” Sara said. “I told you that I broke up with my old boyfriend, Matt…”

Julie nodded, anxious to hear more.

“Well, this was before Heather and Patrick were dating. And one night Heather and I were watching a movie at home, and the question came up of whether we would every try a threesome. I had never really taken the idea seriously, but after that night at the bar—seeing you and Drew—I was really getting into the idea of bringing other people in my sex life…”

All of us listened intently as Sara spoke. Leave it to Julie to get people talking about sex!

“So I admitted to Heather that I was actually a little curious. Turns out, so was she! And then… there was a long pause.” Heather laughed to herself, remembering the conversation as Sara recounted it.

“The idea must have occurred to both of us because the next thing I knew, I was asking Heather if she would ever want to have a threesome with Matt and me! As we started to think about what it would be like, the idea got hotter and hotter to both of us… The next thing I knew, we were actually planning on doing it!”

“That’s hot!” Julie exclaimed.

She wasn’t the only one who was captivated by the idea of Sara and Heather getting tangled up in a threesome! As the two of them sat across from us in their dripping wet clothes, Steve, Patrick and I nearly drooled over the idea!

Turning to Patrick, Julie added, “So I’m assuming you knew all of this already?”

Patrick snapped out of his trance, trying to register Julie’s question. Heather smiled at him, placing her hand on his knee.

Smiling back at her, Patrick answered, “Actually… no.”

The rest of us registered our shock. Had Heather really just broken the news to him right here and now?

Patrick went on, “Well, I mean, I knew that Heather had a bit of a… well, experimental past. So do I. But I didn’t know about her and Sara!”

Patrick wasn’t upset. Rather, he just seemed stunned—unsure what to make of this revelation. His smile let on that he was turned on by the idea, but perhaps part of him was a little intimidated by the idea that Heather might be more intimate with Sara than she was with him. Heather rubbed his knee, trying to assuage whatever fears he might have.

Sara explained, “But the thing is… it never really happened. Heather and I never… Matt wasn’t up for it.”

“What?!” Patrick blurted. “Was he insane?!”

Sara and Heather laughed. The rest of us joined in quietly, trying not to interrupt what was turning out to be a huge moment for Patrick and Heather.

Heather glanced at Sara, and then turned again to Patrick. “It’s funny you should say that… because, well, I think the reason I never told you was because I was secretly hoping that… well, that you would let Sara join Bayan escort Ankara us.”

Patrick’s jaw dropped open. Sara seemed just as surprised that Heather was springing this on him. The rest of us looked on with a fascinated curiosity to see how Patrick would respond.

Heather waited patiently as Patrick fumbled around for his words.

“Would I?” he finally asked. “Baby, if you really want this… and if Sara really wants this… then there’s no question! You didn’t even have to wait this long to ask!”

Heather squealed with delight. “Really??” she asked, grabbing him excitedly by the hand. Patrick nodded with a pleased smile. Heather squealed again, leaping up to plant a long, grateful kiss on his lips. She pulled away from Patrick’s lips, holding his face with her hands and looking excitedly into his eyes.

Then Heather spun around toward Sara, unconsciously splashing everyone as water whipped out of her drenched hair. “Would you?” she asked Sara, hopefully.

Still getting over her surprise, Sara glanced at Patrick and then at Heather. Slowly, the corners of her mouth curved up into a bright smile, and she nodded excitedly at both of them.

Heather threw her arms around Sara’s neck, beaming with delight. She was so high-strung that she bounced joyfully in her seat, but Heather became suddenly aware that the rest of us were still there! “Sorry,” she blushed. “I can’t believe I just negotiated a threesome in front of all of you!”

All of us laughed, helping Heather make light of the situation.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Julie replied, smirking. “The three of you are so sexy! That’s one threesome I don’t mind thinking about!”

It was a strange compliment, but in the circumstances it came off as very genuine. Heather, Sara and Patrick blushed at the notion that their little conversation had gotten everyone a little hot under the collar!

“Anyway,” Julie continued, “you know enough about us to know that we’re not exactly private about sex! You have to know when just to have a little fun!”

“Well, I really like my girlfriend’s idea of fun!” Patrick joked. Heather and Sara grinned at him, and imagining what the three of them had in mind was beginning to make me hard!

“It’s not for everyone, I guess,” Julie added. “But I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend and good friends who know how to have a good time without getting all uptight about it.” Julie smiled and held my hand. “I wasn’t always that way. I don’t think any of us were.” Lily, Steve and I nodded in agreement. “But at a certain point, it just becomes too exhausting to pretend that the person you love is the only person you could have any fun with!”

“I’m with you,” Sara said. “But you’re right. It’s not for everyone. For some people, the love and the fun are inseparable. And I guess I’ve come to accept that you can’t expect someone just to change who they are.” Sara grinned. “But that doesn’t mean I have to be with them! I’d much rather be right here, hanging out with people who know how to have my kind of fun!”

Laughing with her, Julie replied, “Amen!” After the laughter subsided, Julie continued, “Okay, but I really have to know. What could have gone so wrong that Matt wouldn’t even consider getting it on with you and Heather? Was he afraid it would tear you apart or something?”

Sara shrugged. “Yeah, something like that. We never really talked much about it. He was pretty upset with me for even wanting to ‘put our relationship in jeopardy,’ as he said. But anyway, you don’t want to hear the boring details of my break-up drama.”

“They don’t sound so boring to me!” Julie replied, on behalf of all of us. “Did you and Heather actually try to seduce him? Come, on give us the dish!”

“God, it’s so embarrassing,” Sara blushed. “It took me months just to believe that it wasn’t completely my fault. He made me feel like such an awful person for even wanting to bring someone else into our relationship. I don’t know if I could bear to remember all the details.”

“You don’t have to be embarrassed with us, though,” Julie urged. “We’re going to think that he’s the crazy one! Come on… you don’t have to go into the whole drama. Just tell us what you and Heather cooked up! I’m sure Patrick would love to hear the story, too!” Patrick smiled in agreement.

Sara was still hesitant. Julie pressed on. “Okay, how about this… We’ll take the pressure off of you. If you tell us the story, we’ll act out every detail while you tell it! The spotlight will be on us. We’ll make fools of ourselves, and we can all laugh at what a moron Matt was.”

Sara seemed amused by the idea, but not wholly convinced. “Come on!” Julie continued. “That’s it. We’re doing it. I’ll play you, and… and Lily, you play Heather. Sara, you just tell us exactly what happened, and we’ll do whatever you say.”

Julie stood up, beckoning Lily to follow. Sara almost objected again, but Heather chimed in. “Oh, this could be fun! Come on, Sara, let’s tell them. How funny would it be to have them act it out?”

Julie and Lily stood in the middle of our circle by the fire, eagerly awaiting Sara’s instructions. Sara pensively smiled, glancing back and forth between Julie, Lily and Heather. Finally, she made up her mind.

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