Cassie Seduces Grandad Again


Grandad wiped his eyes and smiled at me, “Of course you can stay Cassie, for as long as you want.”

“I want to stay with you Grandad, I want you to love me like you loved Nana, never in my life have I wanted to give myself completely to a man.”

“But Honey, what about Trent, he loves you, and wants to marry you.”

“Oh that won’t be for years and by the time he finishes at medical school he will be too busy for me, I want you to be my lover. Teach me how to love you back Grandad, show me how you like fucking”

“But Cassie, I am your Grandfather, and we shouldn’t have let ourselves get so carried away.”

“When I saw you in the shed and saw what you had to offer, I decided then I wanted you, and now that I have had a taste of your lovely cock I want more.”

“I will have to think about this Cassie, what if we get caught, I could go to jail.” And away he went to finish mowing the lawns. “I’ll talk again later Cassie, I need some time to myself.”

“I will make Grandad want me, I will make it so hard for him to deny me his gorgeous cock” I said to myself. she then wrapped a towel around her petite body and ran into the house. “I’ll take a bath and relax, and then think of a plan to seduce Grandad tonight” With that I filled the bath with warm water and allowed myself the luxury of some bubbles from the bathroom cupboard. “Mmmm, this is heavenly, Nana certainly had extravagant tastes when it came to perfume.” I must have drifted off to sleep in the bath and woke to see Grandad watching me. “Sorry I woke you honey, I didn’t mean to, you look so relaxed and beautiful lying there”

“I was having a dream about you Grandad, want to hear about it.”

“Sure Darling, perhaps I could make us a drink and you can tell me all about your dream.”

“Ok I will be down in a Isparta Escort minute.” This was my chance to get another taste of Grandads’ cock. The dream will make him so horny he won’t be able to deny me another fucking session.

“What’s your poison, Cassie” Grandad called from the lounge. “A wine would be nice, with a couple of ice cubes please” I replied. “Cheers” he said as he raised his glass to me. I returned the salute and smiled across at him. Intentionally sitting across the room from him, I let my skirt slide up my long legs so as he had a good view of my pussy. It wasn’t long before he said, “Cassie, you haven’t got any panties on, have you? Innocently l replied, “No Grandad, my pussy is a bit sore, and the crotch of my panties was a bit irritating.”

“Did I hurt you?” he said as he came to sit beside me on the large sofa. “Oh it only hurts a bit, I think you may have torn me a little when you pushed into me so hard, but I will rub some cream on it and that should help” Grandad gasped and I noticed that he had was getting an erection. “Mmm he was getting horny again, I wonder if I can handle his cock in me again so soon”

“grandad, do you think you could have a look and see if my pussy is OK. I may need you to help me rub some cream on it.” With that I lay back against the cushions and lifted my skirt to show him my throbbing pussy.”

“Cassie, you are so naughty, I know what you are trying to do and I’m afraid it won’t work, we cannot continue as you wish us to, so cover yourself up and sit up like a lady.”

“But Grandad” I said as I slowly slide my fingers down my belly to rest against my pussy. “I am horny again, perhaps you would like to watch.” And I started to flick my long nail across my clit and slide it into my wet pussy. I watched Grandads Isparta Escort Bayan face as I started to finger my pussy, and could tell he was enjoying the view. I could feel my juices starting to flow and casually lifted my fingers to my lips and sucked them clean. I closed my eyes and said, “Are you sure you don’t want to taste my wet juicy pussy again Grandad,” I didn’t wait for his reply, I just continued to rub my clit and moaned as I brought myself closer and closer to orgasm. Grandad started to moan and I opened my eyes to see him releasing his now erect cock from his shorts. “Don’t stop, Cassie, I want to see you make yourself cum, you look so lovely there enjoying yourself, please continue.” Now that Grandad was pumping his cock and watching me finger my pussy I quickly orgasmed. Grandad s cock was massive, and as he slowly pulled it I saw a look in his eyes and knew he was going to give me exactly what I wanted. ” Cassie, come here and suck him, get you mouth around my cock and suck him.” I had never heard Grandad speak so sternly, so I did as I was asked and positioned myself between his legs, taking his cock in my hands. “Suck it you little Slut, I tried not to let you make me do this, so now you will pay” With that he pushed my face down into his crotch and forced me to take his huge cock in my mouth. “Lick it Cassie, lick it and suck it, this time you are going to really taste my cock, I am going to cum all your lovely titties, then fuck your brains out, and then maybe you will leave it alone.” I smiled to myself, “I doubt it Grandad, you will want me more than ever after I have finished here.”

Grandad wanted me to take the whole nine inches in my mouth, but I decided I would rather suck on his balls. Them I could get in my mouth, they were large and hung Escort Isparta low in their sac. He didn’t stop me, he grabbed his cock and kept rubbing it while I sucked on his balls. Then I reached under him and ticked the area between his scrotum and anus. It was driving him crazy, and he was nearing orgasm. As his cock tightened, I looked up at him and said, “I swallow.” That did it, he grabbed me and forced his cock between my lips just in time. The first shot hit the back of my throat with such a force I just about gagged, but he wouldn’t let me pull away. He must have pumped a half a gallon of semen down my throat and it tasted yummy. I did the dutiful thing and swallowed the lot and licked and sucked him clean. “Cassie, that was wonderful, Not even Nana could have matched that, and I don’t think I am finished yet.”

“Good” I replied. “because my pussy is wet and wanting a feel of that cock of yours”

“Cassie you are so good for me, come here” I went into his out stretched arms and crushed myself against his chest. His cock was still hard and without saying anything I straddled his legs and took his cock in my hands and rubbed it over and around my saturated pussy. “It should be easier this time Grandad, my pussy is wet and really wants to be fucked.”

“Well what are you waiting for, help yourself.” So I got up on my knees and positioned my Pussy over Grandads mammoth cock. His hands grabbed my hips and he pulled me down hard on him. “Wow, what a feeling” it slide straight in and felt like I was in heaven. “Fuck me Grandad, give it to me hard and fast.” We both yelled and screamed as we rode each other to orgasm and again Grandad pumped half a gallon of cum into my horny wet satisfied pussy.

Once we had both calmed down, Grandad pulled me against him and whispered into my ear, “Cassie, I want to love you like I loved Nana, and I want to teach you everything I know, Please don’t ever leave me”

One day and I had been fucked by my Grandfather twice, and we had the rest of his life to enjoy, I can’t wait. And I didn’t even get a chance to tell him about my dream.

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