Carol’s School Tales Ch. 06

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“I thought I told you we had finished,” Jim said, shocked at seeing me in my school uniform.

“I’m not letting Becky down Jim. If I don’t do this then I will have failed her again.”

He nodded after awhile. This was my decision to carry on, and after what she had already gone through I felt it would go someway to helping her.

“So we carry on?”

“Yes, then when she goes to university it will just be you and me. We can have a normal life together.”

“What do you mean by you and me?”

I felt flustered by the suspicion in his eyes.

“Nothing it will be OK then. When Becky goes away things will sort themselves out.”

“Oh I see, get rid of my daughter you mean!” he spat.

“NO, no I didn’t mean that at all,” I pleaded.

“Not much, do you know how hard it has been for her? Not just with what happened, but not having a mother since she was 3 years old. How bloody selfish can you get Carol?”

He stormed into the bathroom leaving me to regret my decision now. Why the hell couldn’t I have just kept my mouth shut? Last night he was going to take me home and we would be a proper family. But I had just talked myself into another 4 ½ months of pretending to be a bloody schoolgirl!

So we carried on for the next week and I was back in Becky’s room, well my room I suppose. Still at least Zack seemed to leave me alone. I think he must have realised he had pushed me as far as he should.

We settled into our History class with Mr Bird. I enjoyed history when I was a schoolgirl, I mean a proper schoolgirl. Mr Bird was nice, all the girls fancied him. He was 29 about 6 feet tall and slim, and he had short brown hair, and a smile that made your toes curl! I was fast becoming his favourite, I think because I seemed to know more than the others in my class. Of course Della and a few others picked up on it. But I honestly wasn’t aware that I was swooning as much as the other girls. Although when he gave you that cute smile, when his dimples appeared in his cheeks, I blushed as much as the others. So there I was waiting to ask him a question as the class emptied. He began talking to me and I found myself tipping my head to one side and swaying slightly. I really had to concentrate on the answer he was giving me. Fantasies flashed through my head. I tried to stop imagining us on a secluded beach but I just couldn’t! Then he started going on about how impressed he was with my work, he and Miss Newark swapped notes on me apparently. Yes I was blushing by all the compliments and praise he heaped on me. I just hoped I could live up to his expectations.

So that is how I came to miss my bus and take up the offer of a lift home with Mr Bird. He stopped to fill up with fuel on the way, that’s when I noticed the damp feeling between my legs. I told myself to stop thinking things about him. But I knew my fantasy that night would be about Mr Bird and me.

I did my chores as usual after school. Yes I had chores, well Becky was a lazy so and so. I usually made tea, washed up, and ironed Jim’s shirts. But at least she ran the vacuum cleaner round the house. Maybe one day she would learn to plug it in and switch the damn thing on!

So there I was up in my bedroom listening to ‘Take That’ god they were sexy. I had posters of them in my room. Now that might seem a little strange to you. But I had to keep up with the music for appearances at school. So I suppose if you listen to it long enough you begin to like it?

“So who is Dave Bird?”

I looked up at Becky from my bed. She had one of my exercise books. I blushed scarlet. I had been scribbling his name on my books with little love hearts. Jesus I didn’t even realise it but I must have started doing it a few weeks ago!

“You’ve got a crush on your teacher,” Becky said, with a teasing little laugh.

I snatched the book out of her hand. God this was so bloody humiliating! I mean how the hell I could be so stupid. I was only playing at this and I was scribbling a teachers name on my books!

“The other girls like him, I, I thought I had better let them think I fancied him too.”

She gave me that I don’t believe you look. But she let it drop.

That was bloody stupid. She better not think I fancied him for real! That night I fingered myself to an orgasm, as visions of Dave and I filled my head.

Becky caught me watching her the next day. I had been for a few days now.

“So are you going to ask Hatay Escort me something?”

She stood watching me. I knew she wouldn’t let it drop.

“Becky how do you, I mean how come you, well after what…”

“Jesus spit it out! You want to know how I managed to get over it so quick. Well I haven’t, I just pretend things are normal. Maybe I should have seen someone but I don’t want people knowing what happened.”

“Becky I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bring it up again,” I mumbled pathetically.

“Hell Carol I’m trying to deal with it. Why do you think I have sex with dad?”

I went to get up but she stopped me.

“Because I trust him, I want sex with guys my age, whether it’s right or wrong for me I don’t know. But at the moment I’m thinking of the kid falling off the bike thing. So I have to get back on and pedal, pedal my heart out,” she said, with tears streaming down her face.

I cuddled her to my chest as she sobbed. Her shaking, clinging fingers dug into my skin. Then all of a sudden she pushed herself away.

“No I don’t need you to hold me. I’m stronger than you anyway,” she said, sniffing back more tears.

“Becky I’m trying to help you,” I said, reaching out to her.

“Yeah well maybe you should have helped me back then!” she yelled.

I watched as she calmed down, and that sick little grin spread across her face.

“Anyway I’m getting my own back on you now. Everything I do, making you dress like a slut is just to get back at you. But it will never ever compensate for you not taking your turn!” she spat.

I stayed in the kitchen for the next hour sorting out something for tea. Becky came in and poured herself a squash.

“Don’t mention it again Carol,” she said, without looking at me, “now what’s for tea?”

Just 2 weeks later I was slow to leave my history class. Dave, I mean Mr Bird had asked Ken and me to put things away. Ken bleated on about how he was playing in the school football match so he got out of it. I was in the small store cupboard up on the steps. Mr Bird was watching me; I could feel his eyes on my legs and ass. I could just make out him moving slowly to the cupboard. It had me trembling, and the books slipped from my hands and went tumbling to the ground. He was in the cupboard now picking up the books. I turned round a little, and from where he was knelt he could see straight up my skirt! I held my breath, as I watched his eyes travel ever so slowly up my legs. His face looked flushed, probably as flushed as mine felt.

“You’ve got a hole in your tights Becky,” he mumbled softly.

I looked down and saw the hole just below the control top of my honey coloured tights. But worse than that I had twisted round and moved down a step, only my hem didn’t! I saw my little white panties under the thin micromesh of my tights! Even worse than that I could feel how wet they were, and he could probably see the aroused state I was in.

“Have I Sir?” I gulped finally.

I felt his hand on my knee and it slowly travelled up my leg. I just stood there trembling, my eyes danced from his hand to his eyes. He seemed to realise what he was doing, and worried expression came over his face. He slowly pulled his hand away. I just grabbed it and put it back on my thigh.

“Becky I can’t you are a pupil,” he mumbled thickly.

“The hell I am, I’m a woman, Sir,” I panted.

Shit here I go again, trying to give the questioning face a reason why I would say something that shouldn’t have come out of my mouth.

“I mean think of me as a woman, not a schoolgirl, please, Sir?”

He reached up the back of my skirt and yanked my tights and panties down. The ladder wobbled and I clung to a shelf to stop myself from falling off. His face buried itself between my legs. God was he passionate! I was panting heavily and gripping the shelf as tight as I could. My high heels dragged across the metal step. I whimpered and moaned as his tongue forced its way into my gushing pussy. He was grunting and groaning which made his tongue vibrate, and had me feeling it on my pussy lips. I just tried to keep my balance, which was made even more difficult because he had pulled my foot off the step. My shoe, panties, and tights, soon got pulled off my hanging leg. He grabbed my thigh and pushed my leg up onto a shelf. My fanny was now wide open, and he seemed even more eager to get his face between my legs again.

“Oh Sir,” Hatay Escort Bayan I moaned, as I felt his tongue even deeper in me.

I suddenly stop breathing in disbelief as I felt a finger join his tongue! I whimpered a little more as he began kissing my clit. He sucked it into his mouth and a spasm shot through my body there and then. The steps were now rocking more violently.

“I’m going to, to f, fall off Sir,” I stammered.

He grabbed my leg and put it over his shoulder. Then he did the same with my other leg. He kicked the ladder away and we stumbled backwards. My ass hit one of the shelves and I perched there holding on with quaking arms. His tongue was back between my legs, and I clung to his head as he buried his face deep between my legs. More books came falling off the shelves, and my hands searched frantically for something to grip. It didn’t bother Dave as a book slapped on top of his head. He just pushed deeper into me with his finger, and his tongue licked and sucked my clit harder.

“Oh Sir……OH SIR!” I screamed, claiming my orgasm for all eternity.

There was not a muscle in my body that didn’t shake, spasm, or quiver. I just held his head as I felt so much pleasure. It was just how I imagined in my bed most nights! He finally pulled away panting, and I slipped to the floor. He looked exhausted.

“I guess you missed the bus Miss Norris,” he said, with a grin and still panting.

I melted as his little dimpled smile spread over his cheeks.

The sound of the cleaners somewhere down the corridor soon brought us back to earth. I scrambled my panties and tights back on, as Dave hastily put the books back on the shelf. He drove me home again, but this time we sat in silence. We stopped a little way from my house.

“Look Becky, what happened should not….”

I put my finger on his lips to shut him up.

“I know what you are going to say. Please I’m not stupid, I know what we did was wrong. I know it won’t happen again, and I promise not to tell a living soul.”

“Jesus Becky how can you be so understanding and so mature?” he said, with his eyes searching mine.

“Look we were both wrong and I know you are married like me.”

Shit! Another mystified look ran over his face. Quickly I thought. Maybe I could say I ran away with a boy from my old school and we married? No shit, think Carol!

“You are married to your wife, and I, am married, to my…. school work.”

Shit how bad did that sound?

“I well, god Becky I know you like school but, to be married to it, to think like that at your age.”

Shit I had to help him out here!

“I really want to get to university Sir.”

“Well we can all see that Becky.”

“No you wouldn’t understand just how much I want to get there, you really wouldn’t,” I said, actually meaning the real Becky.

“Why, is everything OK at home?” he asked, with a concerned look.

Yeah I’m really 23 and married to Jim, who by the way is shagging his daughter the real Becky, who is pretending to be his wife! I had images of his face if I had spouted all of my last thoughts at him. I began to grin and then laugh. I could just see him speeding up the road leaving a trail of rubber!

“No everything is fine Sir; really I just want to be a good pupil.”

“OK Becky, but remember to have fun as well as study.”

“I just did, didn’t I?” I replied with a grin.

I leaned over and kissed his cheek. We smiled at each other and I went home.

I was still smiling when Jim slammed me against the wall.

“Who the fucking hell was that?” he shouted.

“My teacher,” I said in panic.

“Do you always kiss your teachers!” he growled.


I looked over Jim’s shoulder at Becky.

“That’s why you wanted to stay here. It’s nothing to do with helping Becky, you just want to stay and have some sick affair with a bloody teacher!”

“Well if that is sick then what do you call fucking your own daughter?”

His panting slowed and he released his grip. He went into the lounge almost dragging his body weight.

“Well done Carol,” Becky hissed, with a sarcastic tone in her voice.

The next few days past slowly, everyone seemed to be snubbing everyone else. When I got home from school on Friday Becky was out. Jim came home and I was lying on my belly on the floor doing my homework. Jim and I still weren’t talking very Escort Hatay much. I could see him sat on the couch in the reflection of the telly.

“What are you doing?”

“My English homework,” I replied.

I could see his eyes looking at the backs of my thighs. I watched him in the reflection of the telly for awhile.

“Becky has gone to stay with one of her old school friends for the night.”


His eyes looked right at my backside now.

“I’m sorry I was a shit the other day. I just thought, well, never mind.”

I scribbled away but looked back into the telly screen.

“Jim nothing happened, Mr Bird just helped me out. I mean do you think he’d risk his job for a quick fling with a schoolgirl?”

“Some men would,” he said, after a few moments.

I watched his eyes still staring at my legs. I flexed my foot letting my shoe fall off, and his eyes watched as I wriggled my toes.

“You, you just look so, well sexy in that school uniform. Do they, do boys stare at you?”

I saw him adjust the front of his trousers, and then I looked back to my books trying to figure him out.

“Do men look at you?”

I swallowed. Yes they did, all sorts of men, old, young, sexy, and gross men, they all looked at pretty schoolgirls.

“Yeah they do, at first it was embarrassing,” I said remembering them.

“And now?” he mumbled.

“Now it doesn’t bother me, well sometimes it does. Certain men bother me. They have this thing where they…”

I stopped not sure if I should continue. I was sure that my talk was turning Jim on but why was he suddenly aroused? After watching me give Mr Bird a kiss this didn’t seem logical after all the fuss he made.

“Do you get whistled at?”

He was holding his breath like he was uncertain of whether he should be asking his wife a question like this.

“Sometimes, now and then the guy who drives the school bus leers at us,” I swallowed hard.

“What is he like?”

“Gross, fat and gross,” I mumbled distantly.

I heard him get off the couch. I had my eyes closed. I felt his lips kiss the backs of my thighs through my tights.

“You know I could see your knickers from the couch,” he said with a pant, and then kissed my legs again.

“Some of the boys at school hang around under the stairs, when we get, to the bottom they, they always say what colour panties we are wearing,” I said gulping.

He pushed my skirt up and started kissing my backside. I savoured the feel of his lips.

“And the men, the men out of school?”

“They stop at, at zebra crossing to let me walk in front of them. When it’s windy, my skirt blows up, that’s all they are waiting for.”

“So they can see up your little school skirts? So you have to push them down,” He panted.

I could feel his wet tongue pushing my panties and tights into my ass a little.

“Yeah, sometimes, but sometimes I think what the hell, sometimes when we are in a group we, we just let our skirts blow up, on purpose,” I whispered distantly.

He grunted and I could hear him pulling his cock. Then I could feel its long length rubbing on my nylon clad legs. I closed my eyes so I could just concentrate on the tingling on my thigh.

“Do you like it, being ogled by dirty old men?” he groaned.

“Yes!” I moaned finally.

My answer was greeted with an excited gasp, and I felt his spunk shoot over the backs of my thighs!

We didn’t speak about this episode afterwards. I think he was quite embarrassed about lusting after me in a school uniform.

The next week things at school began to get more hectic. We had a few mock exams, and I felt quietly confident I could do well when the real thing came around. Friday came and I had just got home. I walked into the lounge and my face dropped.

“My god what do you look like?”

She looked me up and down with an amazed look of disbelief on her face. My eyes shot between Jim and Becky. Jim looked stunned, but Becky had a strange smile on her face. So there I stood in my school uniform in front of my mother-in-law!

“Is someone going to explain this to me?” she said, still in shock that seemed to be fast turning to anger.

I opened my mouth but a strange gurgling noise came out.

“OK let’s make this simple, I will ask questions and you will answer.”

My fingers were trembling so much I put them behind my back.

“Why are you dressed like a schoolgirl Carol? And why is my granddaughter wearing your wedding ring?”

I looked at Jim, then back to the ever increasing look of anger from my mother-in-law.

“Well come on explain, answer my questions if you can!” she spat.

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