Captured Mother

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I had her face down on the bed a hood over her head and tied loosely but undoable. I wrapped some duct tape around the hood and over her mouth to keep her quiet whilst I accomplished my mission, this was intended to be temporary, making sure her nose was popped out of the hole in it to allow her to breathe freely. She was helpless, this had been a long time coming, it had taken me months, not only to work up the courage to do it, but planning it as well.

I knew her movements; I had practised what I was now putting into action, even running different situations through my mind. I wanted to make sure as much as possible that this would succeed; failure wasn’t an option this day!

I was busy tying her hands not quite behind her back but more at the sides, I didn’t want to hurt her physically, it was a struggle as she attempted to jump and twist from me. Her heels were banging into by rear end as hard as she could manage, which wasn’t a lot. She was wasting her time doing that. I had not only expected it but gave her the chance to do it, to give her focus to get free.

Once she realised that she had been captured and unable to get free, and knew I was in control of the situation she now found herself in she relaxed a little. I knew she was frightened and scared stiff of what her fate was to be, but that was my main objective too, to let her know that her life was never ever going to be in danger.

Her body was in a lot of danger from me though, because I was going to fuck her wholesale for the next three days, but it would be done with loving seduction, we were alone, no one would be visiting her this weekend. Whether she found out or realised who I was would be a matter for the events as they occurred and unfolded.

She was breathing heavily from her exertions; I let her lie still to recover. I could hear muffled noises coming from within the hood over her head. That was my next task, to remove it and replace it with a blindfold, and then I would tell her that if she promised to remain quiet I would remove the tape so she could speak and breathe freely.

Still kneeling over her back I used the tool that would keep my identity safe. I spoke in a welsh accent; I had been blessed from my baby days to be able to imitate almost anyone I came into contact with. My parents had first noticed it when I began imitating my favourite cartoon character at the time, Scooby doo.

And over the years I had got myself and plenty of others in rouble by saying things in a teacher’s voice, or the principal’s voice for instance. I was feted by my friends and hated by my enemy’s, but I was never relay nasty to others too much.

So in my much tried welsh accent, I said to her.

“If you promise to behave an keep quiet, I will remove the gag, if you can’t promise me that, then it will stay on all the time okay?”

She nodded her head in assent.

“Good,” I said, “now, I am here for the whole weekend, and now I am going to cut open the top of the hood on your lovely head and replace it with a blindfold, understand?”

She gave another nod.

I wasn’t taking any chances so I put on the second hood I had over my own head so she wouldn’t be able to see me if she suddenly gained some movement. Taking the pinking shears I took great care and slit the top of her hood, and holding her face into the bed covers. Sliding the blindfold over and down her forehead, over her eyes making sure it was located properly, I lifted her long soft silky hair up and fastened the Velcro straps over her ears and under her hairline. It was on and in position, next I took the two pieces of sticking plaster and put them over it to stop her working it up or down to get a view.

Now I removed the tape and what was left of the hood, ready to refit it if she started making a commotion. None came and I removed my own hood now, I knew I was safe from identification.

Using my ‘accent’ I told her I was going to cut her upper clothes off, if this was a surprise she didn’t show it, I suppose she had guessed this was coming.

“Please don’t hurt me, I’ll do whatever you tell me I promise, I promise?” she said through the tears I knew were there.

I hated to do this to her but she’d left me with no option, she had spurned my advances really, on the grounds of age difference she had told me. She was 37, I was or still am even, 18 ½.

I cut up the sleeves of her cardigan, her blouse, and right across the back and pulled it all away, her bra went next, I didn’t speak, I just got on with the job in hand. Her skirt went next but that was easy I just unhooked and unzipped it and off it came, I left her panties on for now.

She shivered and mumbled again, “please please don’t hurt me, please?” she was begging me, she knew now that nothing she could do would keep her from her fate in my hands.

I reassured her vehemently that I had no intention of that, a solemn promise I told her in my terrific accent.

She is Celia Dodd’s, she is nearly 38, as beautiful Hatay Escort as any woman could be, her husband had left her for a floozy, (her words) five years ago. Long soft and still silky auburn hair, the most beautiful dazzling smile you could wish to see, big wide brown eyes that could stun you if she flashed them at you. Lips that were symmetrical to each other, both gorgeously pouted, the top one slightly fuller than the bottom. Her body was to die for, well that’s my opinion anyway, as I was dying for it right now. And at 5ft 7″ she was a statuesque beauty.

She dated a few times but always said that she couldn’t seem to find the right man. Well here I was, I was going to be that right man, rain or shine!

Me? I’m her only son TJ, or if you want to be pedantic, Thomas James, but known to all before I could even talk as TJ, my nana had started it off and it had stuck. I’m 6ft dead, about 170lbs, hold my own when I have to, and I think I’m okay looking, I haven’t had many problems with the girls except the one I wanted the most.

And now here I was kneeling over what was and is in my humble opinion, the most beautiful and sexiest woman on earth, my mum. I love her with all my heart even if this wouldn’t be construed as love because I was illegally going to rape her in a true sense, but not in mine. I had tried to get her to want me in the same way I wanted her and the result? Nada! I knew that she would gladly let me into her bed if I wasn’t so young, and the small fact that she was my mother!

The attempts on her had not gone unnoticed by her, and in fact I had become more blatant with it because I knew what she thought. She wanted to but daren’t, and was frightened by it; she just wasn’t able to take the final step, the final decision.

So I had to take it for her, us. Now it had all come down to this, I intended to do nothing but seduce her until I got her where I wanted her to be before I revealed myself as her loving attacker. If I had done this openly she would have fought me to the death probably.

So was going through this charade for her, and I suppose for me, if this didn’t work I was done for, there would be no way back into a loving mother son relationship. I had even bathed in soap other than the one she provided for me, and used a different deodorant so she wouldn’t smell my normal self.

I turned her over and told her that I was her silent and anonymous seducer, and she was going to be mine no matter. As I gazed at what was before me I nearly choked, god she is so beautiful. Mum lay there before me in all her glory, the fact that I had left her thong on added to her sublime beauty to me.

Getting up from her I removed my clothes, I wanted to shout at her, ‘look at me mum, I’m here, and I’m here for only you, no one else mum, just you!’ I got back on and kneeled next to her, I didn’t want to frighten her anymore than she already was, saying in by welsh accent to her.

“Don’t be afraid, I know you can’t stop m, but I’m doing this because I think you are just beautiful, and I am certain you need someone, someone like me.” I told her as I ran my right hand over and up her leg.

She jumped in surprise, and said again.

“Please please please, I’m sorry if I have upset you somehow, I know you must know me, who I am, where I live obviously, and you must know I’m on my own this weekend, you have told me by saying you are staying here for the next three days.”

I was supposed to be staying with a friend of mine, but I’d told him I was going to spend my time with a young lady from school whose parents were away and not to call my home asking for me.

Now taking a deep breath I allowed my hands to roam a little, inside her toned thigh, up over her still flat stomach, cupping first one breast then the other, mum wiggled her body, had that excited her, or did I imagine it? I did it again and another wiggle came. Her mouth opened slightly showing her lovely even white teeth, and she drew in a long but silent breath.

That’s when I took hold of both of her wonderful nipples in my fingers and rolled them.

“No,” she breathed softly, if I had been watching this on film I would have said it was part of an act but I was right there, she did do it! Her no had almost sounded like a yes to me. I squeezed and rolled them again and her body lifted slightly from her bed. Mum shifted very imperceptibly from side to side. She was finding it hard to resist it, I almost screamed out with joy, my mother was unable to resist the feeling of her own body!

Thinking back later, if I had understood what she was finding herself going through, I would have just taken her and not even bothered with all this, but I was just beginning to discover how much mum was in need of love, care, and attention.

I stayed on her nipples which were rock hard between my fingers, and they were so distended it was unbelievable for sometime. Soon she was unable to stop the soft moans escaping her lips, I leaned over Hatay Escort Bayan and bit one ever so lightly, nipping it gently in my teeth, this had the effect of making her jump. Now I knew I was on a winner, maybe she liked being tied and blindfolded, maybe she was into this, unable to defend herself against a determined sexual predator?

Whilst nipping the nipple and playing with the other one I ran my free hand down her tummy, pressing my middle finger in and running it around, she knew where it was going to end up for sure because her knees lifted up, her feet flapped around in the air, it was as if anticipation had her in its hold.

I know I’m not the world’s best lover, not by a long way, I’m not old enough to have that kind of prowess. But I had enough sense and knowledge to know when a woman or my girlfriend was in heat, and that’s what I knew here, mum was in heat, or if she wasn’t she was very close.

I took on the role of dominator, I wasn’t sure where this was going just yet but I was more than pleased with things so far, I had no idea that what I was doing would take this path, I didn’t even know what path it would take, this wasn’t part of my scenario’s.

My mother’s breathing was becoming heavier, although I could tell she was trying to control it, so I asked a question.

“You seem to be fighting me, why?” As I let my hand slide over but not into her pussy, I was enjoying this.

“I’m not enjoying this one bit, please let me go,” she said, but her soft gasps belied her truth.

“Oh I think you are,” I said, my welsh voice hiding me. I nipped her nipple a little more than I had been.

How I managed to control myself I will never know, looking back it seemed impossible for me not to dive on her and get my rock hard prick into where it wanted to be. I slid my middle finger over her wet slit, the stifled moan that elicited from her confirmed all I was believing to be true, she was feeling the heat, she was getting aroused, and I was not going to give up now, or ever.

“I know you have the upper hand here, and you can do what you want, but you can’t make my mind accept this, you can force my body, but you can’t force my mind, please stop and please let me go, please?”

It was a heartfelt plea, and she was right, I suddenly understood that, what I was doing to my captured mother was wrong and I knew it. But fuck it, I wasn’t going to stop now, even if I never got her again I was going to have her this one time, hell or high water!

“Well,” I said, “maybe you are right, but we’ll see what happens and what your opinion is afterwards, agreed?” Not mentioning that I would let her know who I was by some means I hadn’t decided on yet. She never answered, but I sensed a sort of acquiescence.

Without any further preamble I dipped my middle finger in her pussy and wriggled it about, it brought an immediate and unwanted response from her, she gasped softly but loudly.

“That wasn’t bad for someone who doesn’t want to react to things was it?” I said, as I fingered her some more.

“Please don’t,” she whispered as her body moved around with my finger fixed firmly and centrally to the action.

I sank deep into her and her whole body apart from her ass left the bed, I almost sang, ‘oh happy days.’ Even though her arms were tied to her side and she couldn’t see her tormentor, or stop from responding to my invading digit.

“Now now now, you just stop that,” I chided her, “anybody watching this would think you were enjoying it,” as I dug my finger deeper and then rubbed my thumb over her clit, which was stuck out of it’s little hood like an observatory dome.

“Ooooh oh don’t please stop stop stop, please?” She babbled.

“Do you know what,” I said as I deepened my accent, “I’m beginning to think that you really don’t want me to stop, in fact if I keep this up, you are going to blow aren’t you?”

Her body arched again, I attacked her pussy with all the gentle persuasion I could, and the coup de grass? I bit and sucked the other nipple.

Volcano time! Moby Dick, thar she blows! She twisted sideways, then the other way, her upper body came almost upright, then flopped down again, her feet spread wide then closed, she shuddered and shuddered. She came right there at my side, I had made my mother cum for the complete stranger that she thought I was.

“Argggh, Ooooh, oh, oh, oh Argggh, yes oh hmmmm, yes yes, ugggh, please yes oh god no, Argggh, don’t don… hmmmm,” then she stayed. She lay there as if she was dead, but thank goodness she wasn’t, her heavy breathing told me that. Her mouth was open as she breathed in life giving oxygen.

That’s when I pressed my mouth to hers, she mumbled in the enclosed gap between us. I suppose she was too weak to try and turn away. I lifted and let her breath again, then kissed her once more, a bit longer this time, then away again, when I kissed her for the 3rd time I held it and she kissed me back, whether she knew she Escort Hatay was or not I didn’t know, but I revelled in her kissing me in return.

I let her recover completely but still let my fingers and hands dance over her luscious body, and she didn’t ask me to stop once. I think that part was over now; I believed or rather hoped that she was beginning to accept her position now.

I lay down beside her, leaned in took her tight in my arms, it was almost time for my ultimate action, to love and fuck my mother, hoping that when she finally knew who it was she would accept me totally as her forever lover.

I spent a long time kissing and caressing her, touching, nipping, poking, slipping and sliding around her, then heart of hearts she began giving back what she could, but being tied and blindfolded as she was it wasn’t a lot. The first thing I knew about her desire for the moment was when I felt her nails digging into my upper thigh as I kissed and fondled her. Then as I slowly lowered my lips to hers she sought me out, we connected in a full blown kiss, she moaned into my mouth.

“Shall I stop and let you go now Celia; is that what you still want?” Knowing I wasn’t going to no matter what she said.

She hesitated for a longish time, then said, “To be honest, not particularly, but I would love to know who you are, please?”

This made me so happy I nearly jumped off the bed and released her, but I managed to get a hold of myself.

“All in good time Celia,” I told her, “All in good time.” I wasn’t doing anything until I had fucked my beautiful mother, and then I decided, we would see. I drifted my prick to her hand that was rubbing my leg; she took hold of it like it was a long lost child, “Oh,” she whispered, as she squeezed and rubbed it. I was in danger of cumming right in her soft hand.

Pulling myself free she gave a little whimper. I had to taste my mother; I needed to know if the taste I had imagined in my mouth was the one I had built in my mind. I climbed over her in the classic 69, dipped my head and sucked her in after a huge downward lick. Mum rammed her pussy up into my mouth and there it was, that unmistakable smell, the taste of sweet honey nectar, her pussy wrapped around my face like an octopus attacking its prey. And I was the willing captive of her sweet lips.

Now it was her in charge of her own situation, although I’m sure she never realised it. I just went with her, whenever she humped up, I adjusted myself to fit, and when she sank down I tipped my head to keep in close contact. Then heaven opened its doors to me, her whole body stiffened, her legs shot out sideways, then closed tight together. She let all the air out of her lungs before gasping a huge breath. Mum then spurted her cum into my mouth which was as if super glued to her hot pussy. Now I was in ecstasy, I couldn’t get enough of her in me; I sucked as hard as I could.

Her ragged breathing and bodily actions had told me all I would ever need to know, mum was all the way in for this, and she was loving not only what I was doing, but being tied up, my thoughts raced ahead to what might be, bondage etc, with me as the captor, master, lover, and more important soul mate.

I let my prick brush her lips, her tongue came out and she licked it, she knew what it was, then she pursed her lips gathered in the head and gave it a slobbering kiss. But I had to pull away I would come in her mouth if I didn’t. I turned around after loving her pussy tenderly, sipping the last drops her love pot gave me, kissing it lightly, I wiped my face off on the bed sheets and turned around to face her once more. Her cheeks were flushed red, her lips filled with blood, parted and her small teeth on show.

I got over her, she parted her knees because she knew now what was coming, she didn’t need the blindfold removed to guess that bit. I kissed her as lovingly and as softly tenderly as I could, I wanted her to know that I was her lover not someone who would ever hurt her, as I lengthened and deepened it she began to return her kiss to me, was she understanding now that I wasn’t someone who would deliver pain to her. All I needed to do was gain her trust, but I suppose that wouldn’t come until I took off the blindfold?

I looked down at my engorged blood red member and drove it in, her knees and legs flew up and over my back.

“Oh Jesus, oh my god!” she yelped as I crashed it all the way home in one hit. I had my hands under her shoulders so my grip was tight; my toes were dug into the bed as I charged my prick in and out. I settled into a full on humping, back and forth I sawed my thick log, I wasn’t going to last long and I didn’t. I shot load after load of hot thick cum into my helpless mother’s hot pussy. I remember crying out as the first spurt left me. I was so far up her it’s a wonder my hips didn’t get in there too. I almost shouted “Oh mum, oh mum,” but clamped my mouth shut as the first “Oh,” left me.

Mum bless her cried with me, she had an orgasm that lifted her head up to fasten her teeth painfully but wonderfully into my shoulder near my neck.

“You bastard, you wonderful bastard, I love you.” She cried to me between mouthfuls of my flesh. Then without me realising it, she gave me a huge hickey where she bit me.

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