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Ball Busting

Let me say a few things about myself before I try to show how my life as changed in my later years. I am a fifty six year old widow. However I have been married three times and have given birth to three children two sons and a daughter. I was married young the first time and my husband was killed in an auto accident after one year while I was pregnant with my first son. I was married again when I was twenty and soon had two more children. My second husband was a hard worker but also a hard drinker. I was divorced when I was twenty eight. I was a single mother for five years when I married for the third time. I was married for twenty four years when my husband died leaving me single again at fifty six.

I have had sex both in and outside of my marriage bed. My second husband got me into swinging with his drinking friends and since I had a very healthy sexual drive. I was very young so I went along with his choice to swing. I have added it up and I have had sex with twenty six men besides my three husbands. After my divorce from number two I stopped screwing the swingers and settled in on a nice one on one relationship several times for the five years between husbands.

I was happily married to number three for nearly twenty years when I had an affair. That affair started me down a long road and I might add it has been a happy one.

I have been a reader of Literotica for many years. I like sex story and have shared many with my husbands and lovers as I like to read and then do while I am still hot and ready.

I have many stories and will only write one at a time.

This is before my first marriage and through it.

I was eighteen when I graduated from Euclid High school. My body was then pretty much as it is today. I am chubby but not fat. My small waist makes my hips look good. I have blonde hair (natural) blue eyes and my breasts are in the forty “D” size. I stand at five foot six inches so my one hundred fifty pounds looks pretty darn good.

I lost my cheery about two weeks after my eighteenth birthday. I was dating a guy I knew from the store where I worked part time. His name was Kenny. He was a tall skinny drink of water with a deep bass voice. He introduced me to sex stories and sex magazines. He would read to me and show me pictures. This turned me on so when he said he wanted to show me his cock. I was thrilled and as soon as he freed it from his jeans I grabbed it and started jerkin go no it.

When he said for me to take it in my mouth I thought that was something special so I did as he ask. He told me to move my mouth up and down on it and he would cum for me. I thought that was something special too. He said I was a “Natural born cocksucker” This sounded special to me also. He cum and I swallowed his sperm as fast as I could. I liked the strong salty taste and wanted to do it again. He stayed hard but at that time I did not know most guys went soft after they cum. But Kenny was young, and this was my first blow job and he was so excited he just stayed hard.

I lowered my jeans and let him finger my pussy taking my cherry as I sucked his cock for the second time. If it hurt I never felt it as I was so excited and ready for this. We were in the front seat of his car so when he moved over on my side and pulled my hips to the front edge of the seat I was ready to feel his cock punch in me.

He pushed into me doing so easily and before long I felt him jerk and there was a warm feeling in my pussy that was so wonderful I nearly passed out. This time he did go soft and slipped from me. There was a big mess of wetness on the seat and a little blood but not much.

After that we would go to the drive in and I would go down on him and suck him off before he would finger fuck me. After a few time we would park in the back row. We would get in the back seat and he would fuck me doggie style. I really liked this.

After a few months of this every night fucking and me sucking him off. Kenny had to go away for a few months. There was some kind of hardship in his family and he had to go out of state and help out.

So after a few days of being alone I was horny but did not know what that feeling was until later. But when a guy I knew asked me out I accepted. Just being with a big guy like Mark made me feel good. Mark was twenty three and had been married. His wife ran off with some guy. So after we went out for dinner he asked me to come by his apartment for a drink. I accepted. Well I was not into drinking so after just one it hit me hard.

Mark was a big guy, well over six foot and maybe three hundred pounds but he was not fat. Just a very big guy. I was looking out the window of his apartment when he came up behind me taking both of my breast in his hands. I started to say something but it felt so good to have someone playing with my tits I just let him have his way.

Mark took one of my hands and pulled it behind me placing it on his hard-on. This trousers were thin and I could feel his massive cock swell as I gripped it. I thought it was much Gaziantep Escort bigger around than Kenny’s. So when Mark turned me around I let him kiss me. I was still holding his cock as we kissed. He pulled back a few inches and unzipped his fly. I happily pulled his cock free and was so excited to see it I quickly dropped to my knees and started sucking on it.

Mark said “Wow, Nancy you’re the best cocksucker.” I think he was going to say more but he started to cum in my mouth. I sucked his cum out and swallowed it. It was not as pungent as Kenny’s and it tasted much sweeter. I was so happy that I sucked him off it was really good and different. We got naked and walked to the bedroom.

Mark was such a big guy he laid on this back and I sat on his lovely big cock. I never did it this way before and I liked the way it felt. Besides Mark was reaching up and squeezing my tits all the while. I felt this strange feeling over whelm me and I exploded. I jerked crazily all over the place. I had never climaxed before and this was my first. God was it a new exciting feeling. Mark cum and I exploded for the second time in a row.

I stood up over Mark letting our juices drip from my pussy all over his cock. I squatted and took his cock in my mouth sucking our cum off him. I was about to stop when he said “Don’t stop I am going to cum again. Suck my cock Nancy.” I did and he cum again and I loved it all over again. I spent the night with Mark and he screwed me twice more before we fell asleep at sun up.

Mark was dressed and standing by the bed. “I have to go to work, Let your self out and lock up OK. I’ll call you later today. You’re a; well you’re great. Nice tits and all. I got to go; well there is one more thing. No one I know sucks cock the way you do and you’re good at it. I mean really good. You’re the best cocksucker ever.” He blushed and left.

I felt pretty darn good about that. I just might be the best cocksucker in town. It sure was true; I did like the feel of a strong cock in my mouth and Mark’s cum was so sweet. I knew I wanted to suck him off again and I did not care if Kenny ever came back.

Mark had left me money to take a cab home if I wanted. It was not over three miles and so I walked. I was about half way when all of a sudden I felt a large gob of cum, pussy juice and what ever come out of me and wet clear through my panties. This gob of stuff was about to run down my legs. I was in front of the Hotel Stark so I dashed in and quickly ran to the ladies room off the lobby. I lifted my skirt and covered my cunt as I tried to open the little stale door. But the damn thing was locked and there was no one in there. The second stale was in use so I danced around holding my hand over my pussy. A lady stepped out of the stale and looked me, she stepped back held he door open and I darted in.

The door was still open as I lifted my skirt and jerked my panties down. I squatted and shot a load of what ever into the toilet bowl. I let out a moan and showed some relief. I wiped my pussy a few times and stood. Then I wiped the inner sides of my thighs. I was standing there with my dress up wiping when I noticed this lady still standing there looking at me.

She said “Are you alright young lady. Is there any thing I can do to help?” She was well dressed, tall dark haired with a broad mouth and a winning smile.

I was so stupid and young I just told her what it was and why I had so much of it running down my legs. She laughed and said “If you will come up to my room I’ll show you a way to prevent this from occurring the next time you go out fucking all night.”

She was smiling and so I felt happy all of a sudden about meeting her. She had a rooms on the forth floor. We entered and she offered me a drink and even though it was still before noon I took it as I wanted to act like an adult.

Two drinks later and we were talking like life long friends. I told her how I had sucked Mark off and how really big his cock was. She told me she loved to suck cock too as she handed me a third drink.

Then she said “Let me see your pussy and I’ll show you mine.” This sounded fair enough to me so I lifted my skirt. She suggested we both get naked so we can talk and be comfortable. This also sounded like a good idea and a few seconds later we were both naked. She came and stood close to me and said “My name is Karen. What is your name?” I stood so I was not looking up at her. After all she was taller than me by five inches.

My speech was slow and the words came out not sounding like they did in my head. ‘Nancy. Yes My name is Nancy.”

Karen put a long strong arm around me and leaned down so her mouth was close to mine. Our eyes were only an inch apart. Her eyes were dark almost pure black. I thought she was so pretty and she had dark red lip gloss on he wide mouth.

I guess I was a little unsteady on my feet because she cupped one breast as she brought her mouth to mine. She kissed me and I stood there letting her tongue wiggle past my Gaziantep Escort Bayan lips and into my mouth. Her large lips were soft and warm and she was a good kisser. I reached up and took one of her pointed tits in my hand. This was the first time I had ever touched another woman. It was kind of exciting.

“Wow Nancy, I see why Mark liked you. You’re a good kisser and I can see why he thought you are a good cock sucker. You have a wide generous mouth. I bet you are a really good cocksucker.” She took my glass and kind of walked me toward the bed.

“Here Darling set here and be comfortable.” I sat and she stood. ‘Now Nancy tell me did you really like sucking Marks big fat cock? Did you like the taste of his cum?”

I liked this lady and said proudly “Oh, my yes Karen I loved the feel of his big old cock in my mouth and I got all excited when he said I was a great cocksucker. And yes I liked the taste of his cum. I was so sweet.” I was remembering the taste of Mark cum when Karen pushed me back on the bed.

“Here dear child lick my cunt and you can taste my boyfriends cum. He just fucked me before I came down stairs. Lick my cunt and tell me if my boy friends cum is as sweet as Marks.” Again this sounded like a good idea. So when she climbed up and squatted down over my face with her pussy gapped open right above my mouth I opened my mouth and licked the pink parted pussy above my mouth.

It was warm and wet and she had a wide gapping pussy. It looked much bigger than my own well fucked pussy. I licked and ran my tongue into her pussy and I did not taste anything for a few moments and then I did. Karen moaned and she pushed her pussy down hard on my mouth and I got excited and licked even faster.

Then: then I tasted it that sweet juice it filled my mouth and I was happily sucking it down my throat. I had just licked my first pussy to a climax and I liked that too.

Karen was spurting like a man. It was clear, sweet and washed my face as well as getting a lot of it into my mouth. My hair was wet and she was not done yet.

Karen turned around and spread my legs. The next thing I knew her mouth was covering my own wet pussy. She dug her fingers into my thighs and pulled my pussy wide open so she could get her tongue deeper into my now throbbing pussy.

This was all new and no one had ever licked my pussy before and I thought this was so exciting. I lifted my ass up off the bed and gave a shiver just before I had a climax. This was also my first climax by being licked. I yelled out when I started to cum. Not because it was so exciting but because she had rammed two fingers into my ass hole. I was a shock and it felt strange but all of a sudden I was cumming and squirming all over the bed. I had the climax of all climaxes and nearly died from the greatest joy of my life up to that point. This was better than either of the two cocks that had fucked me. This was the greatest…

Karen fell to the side and we rested. It was some time before we got up and she guided me toward the shower. I was still very drunk and wobbly on my legs. Her voice was kind of like a fog horn way off some where.

I was so tired yet I was feeling the tender sensation of what she had brought me into. I knew little about girl to girl relationships. But in most of my talks with other girls it was fronded upon. However I had found it exciting and highly pleasing.

The warm water seemed to help my drunken state. Karen tilted my head up and kissed me full on the mouth. Our tongues danced together and she ran a hand up between my legs as we kissed. Her soapy fingers pushed will up into my pussy and then I realized she had once again pushed a finger in my ass hole. Again I wanted to say “No stop this” but I let myself be guided into a whole new realm of love, lust and desire. My body was afire and I let her have her way.

“Darling would you like to suck cock; a fabulous cock? Would you like a nice cock to fuck you in the mouth? Come with me dear Nancy and let me introduce you to my friend Carl. He has come by to visit me and I told him about how you are a great cocksucker and he would like to have you show him how good a Cocksucker you really are.”

I smiled and said “Of course I would be so pleased to meet Carl.”

We staggered from the shower and back into the bedroom. The sun was so bright I could hardly open my eyes. I stood by the bed and a shadow of a man came up to me and hugged me. He was naked and he guided my hand to a throbbing hard on. It was thick, long and very hard.

“Nancy sweet girl my name is Carl. Karen tells me you’re a real fine cocksucker. Feel my cock dear, would you like to suck me off and drink my cum.”

Karen was behind me and she was once again fingering my ass hole and I was beginning to like the feel of that. Carl turned me so I sat on the edge of the bed and he was standing in front of me. His wonderful cock was proudly pointing straight out for me to see even in this bright sun. Karen leaned down next Escort Gaziantep to me and said “Darling suck Carl’s cock. Make him cum.”

So I did I closed my eyes against the sun and took this wonderful cock into my mouth and started moving my mouth back and forth on it. It was thick and it tasted like he had rubbed something sweet on it like honey. Yes it was covered with honey. Carl was such a nice man I wanted him to like me so I made up my mind to give him the best cock sucking I had ever given in my life.

I sucked it slow taking it deep in my mouth, I licked the large knobby head and held it up and licked the under side, I pulled on it and played with it. Then Karen said “Carl turn around and show lovely Nancy you fine firm ass. So he did. Karen pulled his ass cheeks apart and told me to look at his tight ass hole. The sun was so bright but I did as she asked me. Then Karen told me to lick his ass hole. I smelled the honey was there between his cheeks and so I licked the honey off his ass. I felt the tip of my tongue run over that tight little puckered hole and that made me excited. How was it that I got excited by licking Carl’s ass hole?

He soon turned around and once again his cock was in my mouth. This time he held my head and working his hips back and forth. Karen told Carl to “Fuck her mouth.” And he did. Then I was moved around and jerked until I was on all fours still on the bed and once again Carl’s had his cock in my mouth. Then I felt hands on my hips and fingers probing my pussy from the back. It must have been Karen wanting to join the game and it felt good to have my pussy played with while I had this cock in my mouth.

Strong hands; a man’s hands grabbed my hips and pulled me back. I felt a hard cock head pop into my pussy. Then a long cock ran deep in my pussy. I was getting fucked. Then it got all crazy with voices. Carl said “Yes; Jack nice to see you. I want you to meet my daughter Nancy. Nancy wiggle your ass and say Hi to Jack.” I was not Carl’s daughter. Was he drunk too?

There was a hard push and the cock rammed up inside me. I heard a voice “Hi Nancy, I am Jack. I must say your pussy feel very tight. It is a delight to be fucking you.” Then he rammed deep in me again.

This double dick thing was very arousing and erotic. I wanted to scream but Carl started to cum in my mouth and I could not. I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could but then I felt this strange tightening in my belly and I climaxed myself. Wow; want a climax I had. I jerked and my guts twisted all around inside me. Jack cum up my pussy and we all three were happy as can be.

Karen turned me around and stood over me. I heard some one say “Golden shower” then Karen start to piss on me. Then Jack jumped up on the bed and he was pissing on me. Then Karen laid down on me crushing my tits between us. Jack and I think Carl too were pissing on both of us. Karen kissed me on the mouth and it tasted like piss. Karen licked down my belly as she lifted my hips up and hooked her thumbs in my pussy pulling it wide open. She covered my cunt with her mouth and I heard some one say “Are you getting all this.” Then I passed out.

It was well into the afternoon when I woke. I was alone in the hotel room laying on a wet bed that smelled like sex and piss. I was almost sober when I again staggered to the shower.

As I left the room the maid was just coming down the hall. I was sure glad she did not fine me asleep in that nasty room.

Once home I showered again and rested on my own bed naked and thinking of all that had happened since I turned eighteen. I have sucked off three different guys, been fucked by three different guys and went to bed with a older woman. I have been double fucked and I am laying here still feeling as if I missed something. I am still horny and wanting more. All this in just a few months since I started to fuck and suck those wonderful cocks. I knew there were more cocks out there just waiting for a sexy young girl with big tits and a wide mouth to suck them off. Oh, my; what a wonderful life this is turning out to be.

Remember I told you my first husband was killed after a year while I was pregnant with my first son. Well just shortly after all this fucking and sucking I found I was pregnant but I was not sure who the Daddy was and this scared me so I thought I needed a Daddy and soon. But who?

The big question was answered a few days later when a kid that went to school with me came up to me at the super market. We talked and I could see he was interested in my tits first and me second. He was nice enough and was not to bad looking so I accepted his offer to go out.

He picked me up at the house like a real gentleman and took me to a nice restaurant up in the hills above town. He wined me and dinned me and after dinner we danced and had a couple more drinks.

His parents own a nice business in town and he works there making good money. I thought he would make a good father for my on coming child. So when he made a pass later in the car on the way home I let him get in my pussy in the back seat. He cum too quick and after he was done I sucked his cock hard again and he fucked me again and this time it was better. We started seeing one another and after a couple of week of steady fucking I told him he was going to be a daddy. He was happy and so was I.

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