Camilla Ch. 045


It was around 6 PM that Tuesday when all of Camilla’s and Candice’s guests got dressed and ready to leave their apartment, though Camilla as usual remained in the nude; she even left Calina’s come on her face, knowing that the Russian nymphomaniac would like to see her still gooey-faced. Calina was the last guest to leave.

“With a body as beautiful as yours, Calina,” Camilla told the girl, whose come was dripping off the speaker’s chin, “you should work as a stripper with Candice and me at Luvlee’s.”

“We all naked together?” Calina asked in her lyrical Russian accent. “So hot!”

“Yes,” Candice said. “It pays well, too. It’ll be good for paying for your university tuition. And talk about summer partying! Sex, drugs, you name it. All the men want you; you just pick the men you like.”

“Make me crazy,” Calina sighed. “We three make love, too?”

“Sure,” Camilla said. “Candice and I eat each other’s pussies onstage sometimes…while everybody watches. Feel free to join us when we do.”

“Oh, how exciting!” Calina moaned. “I think about it. See you next week in summer school trigonometry class, Camilla; and, I hope, you both in Luvlee’s. Bye!” Calina walked out the door and left.

“Bye,” Camilla said, then closed the door. “Now to clean up and get ready for my dinner-date with Mr. Langella.”

“You’re fucking him tonight?” Candice asked. “What about Bates Massage? Don’t you have to work there tonight?”

“No, I quit,” Camilla said. “I got sick of it there. Always the same old fat, ugly pigs of men for customers–not my types at all. It’s no fun there anymore. Besides, I’ve got new work posing for Bob. Now that’s fun work. You should do a lezzie video with me for him one of these days.”

“I don’t know if I want to be seen in porn,” Candice said.

“We can do it POV style; only my face will be seen. They won’t see your face: only your body. Think about it. Anyway, I’ve gotta get ready.”

Camilla showered, put on a dark red evening gown with matching high heels, and painted up her face in this manner: dark red lipstick, thick mascara, dark blue eye shadow, and pink blush. Then she did her hair up in a bun and went into the living room so Candice could see.

“What do you think?” Camilla asked. “Whore of the century?”

“Elegant whore of the century,” Candice said. “You look great.”

“Thanks,” Camilla said. “Gotta go. Bye.” She opened the door and walked out.

“Bye,” Candice said as the door was closed. Then Candice got a bag of heroin and a hypodermic needle she got from Francine, and looked in the kitchen for a spoon.


Camilla arrived in her car at Langella’s house at about 8:05 PM; he was waiting on his porch for her. “Do you ever look beautiful!” he said as she got out of her car.

“Thanks,” she said as she closed her car door. He took her into his house. The last time she had been in his house–last Friday night–she was too high and preoccupied with sex to notice all the art on Langella’s living room walls, all painted by him. They were all in an Expressionist style, showing man’s anguish at seeing his society corrupted by selfish desire, and his fear of one day having to bear responsibility for his sins. Camilla was awed by her art teacher’s talent. “Sir, with so much talent, why do you only teach art?”

“Because that’s how I put food on the table, obviously,” he said. “Speaking of food, our dinner’s just about ready.” The aroma of their meal, lobster creole, was emanating from the kitchen and hovering throughout the house.

“Mmm, that smells good!” she said as he led her into the dining room.

“Thanks,” he said, Gaziantep Escort pulling out a chair for her at the dining room table. She sat down, and he went into the kitchen to get the food. He brought back the lobster on plates for both of them, then he uncorked a bottle of wine–Sauternes–and poured both of them a glass. They clinked glasses, took a sip, and started eating.

“Sir!” she said after her first few bites. “This is good! You could just as easily be a professional gourmet chef.”

“I’m glad you like it,” he said. “At the risk of sounding snobbish, I believe in good taste. High quality in food, and high quality in the arts. The music you were stripping to on Friday night–the Black Eyed Peas and that kind of thing–is that what you normally strip to?”

“No, usually I choose older music,” she said.

“I’m glad to hear that,” he said. “There’s so much better music to strip to than trash like Peaches or Trampauline, if you don’t mind my criticizing you.”

“Oh, I agree. I only danced to ‘Gang-banged’ because I wanted you teachers to do that to me.”

“So, that’s why you always sang that in front of me in art class; I understand you sang that in front of Mr. Williams in his class, too.”

“Yeah, I’m a bad girl; I hope you can forgive me for that.”

“Speaking of forgiving, I hope you can forgive us for what happened after the gang-bang two weeks ago in that old abandoned building. You running out naked and all, and those punks chasing you. Terrible.”

“I know, but it all turned out okay. I remember the bruises you guys got from fighting them.”

“Yeah, you can still see the black eye I got, if you look carefully. Kids like those punks, and that new ‘music’, are the poisons of society.”

“Speaking of poison, sir, can you tell me more about what happened to Mr. Leroy, please?”

“Well, he died of food poisoning, as I told you this afternoon.”

“What did he eat?”

“He always ate bad food: burgers, pizza, chocolate bars, soft drinks–we among the faculty were always telling him he needed to eat better, but he’d never listen. I’m amazed he didn’t get fat.”

“But, sir, that’s not food poisoning; that’s just a bad diet. What did he eat that killed him?”

Langella sighed, then reluctantly continued. “It isn’t a pleasant thing to talk about while enjoying a meal.” He sighed again. “An autopsy was done, and in his stomach was found…faeces and urine–not his.”

Camilla froze.

“I know–it’s disgusting to talk about.”

“Oh, it’s not that,” she said. “I’m worried: whose pee and crap was it? Do you know?”

“No, no one knows,” he said. “We also don’t know what could have possessed Mr. Leroy to consume so…unappetizing a thing. An analysis was done of his blood, as well as of the ingested urine and faeces. In all three, the doctors found something, well, alien. Something one never finds in blood, urine, or faeces when looked at under a microscope. When thus magnified, what you see apparently looks like a pattern of tiny black ovoid things, like microscopic black eggs swimming in the liquid, darkening it. It’s hard to describe, from what I remember the doctor saying.”

Camilla remembered peeing in a bottle for Leroy, shitting in his toilet and not flushing it, and the black ‘egg’ in her dream on Friday night. Beginning to sob, she was convinced she’d killed him.

“Baby, what are you crying for?” Langella said, getting up and walking over to her. He sat on a chair next to her, and she sat on his lap. He put his arms around her.

“It’s my fault,” she said in sobs. “He drank my pee and ate my shit.”

“What?” Gaziantep Escort Bayan he said with an incredulous sneer. “How do you know? Did you see him do that?”

“No, but I peed in a bottle of his the last time I was with him, and when I went to his home to fuck, I crapped in his toilet as he watched. He was into that.”

“Coprophilia, eh?” he asked as he rocked her shaking body back and forth in his arms. His penis was getting hard.

“He must have eaten and drunk my pee and poo after I left his place.” She was crying louder.

“We don’t know for sure. It could have been prostitutes’ piss and shit. He was often looking for whores, I remember. If anyone gave him a fatal disease, it was one of those women.”

“Really? But I had a dream about a black egg that darkens everything around it, just like what the doctor told you.”

Sneering again in disbelief, Langella said, “Camilla, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He gave her a tissue; she wiped her tears and blew her nose.

“Those black things in his blood and pee; maybe they’re in mine, too. Maybe I have an STD.”

“Nonsense,” Langella said, still rocking her back and forth; his hard-on was poking between her legs. “I’ve never heard of a ‘black eggs’ STD. Anyway, people don’t die of sexually transmitted diseases that quickly, not to my knowledge. You slept with him recently, right?”

“Yeah, but other lovers of mine have died recently, too. Maybe this is a new disease.”

“I think you’re imagining things. Don’t worry so much, sweetie. Sometimes coincidences are just coincidences. Don’t jump to conclusions until you know for sure. Come on, let’s eat: our food’s getting cold.”

They finished their dinner and their wine, then went up to his bedroom. She unzipped her dress at the back and let it fall to the floor. Wearing no underwear, the naked girl kicked off her high heels and got on the bed on all fours. Spreading her legs wide and pushing her ass out, she made sure both her vulva and anus were showing; she got her anal lube out of her purse and lay it beside her so he would have a choice of three holes to penetrate.

He got naked and got on the bed behind her; they were in the doggy-style position. He gently pushed his fully-hard cock against her moist vaginal orifice. “Oh, that feels…so good,” she sighed as he slowly slid his cock another few inches inside her. “You sure…you want…to fuck me, sir? Ah!” He was three-quarters of the way in now.

“Why not?” he moaned as he pushed his cock all the way in. He pushed it in, the knob poking at her A-spot; and pulled it out, the shaft rubbing against her G-spot.

“What if…you die? Oh!” Her cunt was dripping already.

“I won’t die…oh!” He slid his left index finger inside her rectum and massaged her anal walls; this indirectly augmented the stimulation of her vaginal walls, which were electric with gratification. Indeed, too busy squealing and screaming with pleasure, Camilla forgot about Leroy. Her pussy was smiling too much from Langella’s cock for her mouth to be frowning about dead lovers. Langella put his right hand on her right breast and gently squeezed it. He pinched the nipple; she responded with a high-pitched squeal. Then he pulled his left finger out of her asshole and put that hand on her left breast. He admired the sight of her wide-open anus as he fucked her. He squeezed both breasts as he continued shoving his cock deep inside her pussy.

Her staccato squeals got higher and higher, while his thrusts came in faster and more forcefully. Every millimetre of her vaginal walls was being intensely stimulated: Escort Gaziantep his cock fit inside her like fingers in a tight glove. As he continued pushing his cock in and out, he took his hands off her tits and picked up the tube of anal lube. He smeared some lubricant on his finger and slid it in her asshole. Her screams were approaching the whistle register, propelled not only by his cock’s thrusts but also by his finger’s probing. Finally, she screamed in whistle register and came all over his cock and balls; it dripped copiously all over the middle of the bed.

“Oh, shit,” he said. “I’ve got another mess…to clean up.” He pulled his cock, drowning in her come, out of her soaking pussy.

“Sorry,” she sighed as she caught her breath. “I’ll help…clean it.”

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” he said as he aimed his cock at her wide-open anus. “I’ll clean it myself. You’re my guest.” He pushed his cock against her anal orifice.

She looked back at him as he pushed it in. “Ah!” she squealed as his cock went in a few centimetres. She squinted her eyes and opened her mouth wide open to show her pleasure in receiving his huge cock in her welcoming ass. Her screams of “Oh! Oh! Oh!” got higher and higher the further in he slid his dick. By the time his cock was two-thirds of the way in, she asked him in sighs, “Do you…like how…that feels, sir?”

“Oh, yeah!” he groaned as he pushed it all the way in. As he slid it in and out, he asked, “I’m not…hurting you, am I?”

“No,” she moaned as she felt her ass gleefully widening. “I…love it! I want…to please you.”

“Oh!” he grunted as he continued fucking her ass. Just as every millimetre of her vaginal walls was being stimulated before, now every millimetre of her rectal walls was being thoroughly massaged by his large cock. His cock in her ass was now like a finger inside a glove that was a bit too tight: but that bit too tight was more than a bit more delightful a sensation. “I…love this,” he moaned. “But I’m…at a plateau. I’m not…going to come.”

“Let me…blow you, sir,” she said. He pulled his cock out of her ass, and she reached for the wet napkins in her purse. He lay on his back; she turned around and wiped the anal lube off his cock. Ready to receive his cock in her mouth, she looked lewdly in his eyes as she kissed the tip of his dick and licked his knob. She continued licking his shaft for a few more seconds, then took his whole cock in her mouth. His manhood, which before was drenched in her come, was now drowning in her saliva: she deep-throated his cock, and her fingers played with his balls, tickling his scrotum and tapping his testes to make them sway alternately like paired pendulums of clocks. She took his cock out of her mouth and began jerking him off while she sucked on his balls. Looking dutifully in his eyes to see how well she was pleasing him, her tongue boxed his testicles, making them rebound gently against her teeth and the roof of her mouth. Her hand continued sliding up and down his rock-hard shaft, and when she took his balls out of her mouth, the dutiful look in her eyes changed to a lascivious smile. Playing with his big dick was fun, to be sure. As she jerked him off, she thought about how, if she were a man, she would probably spend all day, every day, just beating the bishop.

Her gluttonous mouth wrapped itself around his member again, and she deep-throated it while tickling his balls with her fingers. He was approaching orgasm, and his moans were getting louder and louder. His hands caressed her cheeks as she sucked. She wrapped her tongue tightly around his protruding corpus spongiosum, and her wet lips squeezed against the length of his shaft. Finally, he blew his load, and she drank it all up, not missing a single drop. When his penis was spent, she took it out of her mouth. They lay on the bed for a few minutes, catching their breath.

“Thank you, sir,” she said, “for giving me…so much…to eat tonight.”

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