Cabin Fever Ch. 2


I saw our wives in the window staring at Jeff and meet from the window. “Jeff..,” I croaked. He looked up, saw them and groaned.

A moment later the door to the cabin burst open and our wives rushed inside. I watched them carefully for a reaction. Their faces didn’t seem to hold anger as much as humor, shock and excitement.

Deb, Jeff’s wife, spoke first. “Just what the hell are you boys doing? Is this how you spend your little ‘getaway’ trips?” She was trying to sound angry but wasn’t succeeding. Nevertheless, Jeff and I couldn’t come up with anything to say. We just lay there on the bed, stunned that we’d been discovered. Anna, my wife, said, “I can’t believe what I just saw.” She bit her lip. “Go shower and get cleaned up, then we need to talk, mister.”

Jeff went off to shower first. I fidgeted on the bed. The girls were whispering among themselves. I thought I heard a couple of giggles. At one point I started to get up and put my pants on. They both turned and said “Stop! Just hold it right there, ” Anna said. “Don’t get dressed yet”. So I sat back down and waited. Jeff eventually got out of the shower and I took my turn. As the water cascaded over me, I wondered how to explain all of this and what was going to happen now.

Once out and dried, I joined the others by the fireplace. Deb and Anna sat on the couch and Jeff and I, naked, sat on kitchen chairs facing them.

“So,” Anna said, “just what were you doing?”

I blushed. “You saw. We just got a little too drunk last night and got carried away.” Pretty lame, Mark.

“I’ll say”. Anna looked us over. “You two seemed to be enjoying it. How did you like fucking your buddy?” Again I stammered something lame and they both laughed.

“So tell us all the details, exactly what happened,” Deb said. She was leaning forward and the tip of her tongue touched her lips. Was she getting excited?

So Jeff and I explained in intimate detail what we did the night before. It was obvious as we talked that the women were getting excited. So were we. By the time we finished, Jeff and I had hardons again. Anna was staring at Jeff’s cock and licking her lips. Deb kept squeezing her legs together and Anna was almost moaning from our narration. When we finished talking. Deb said, “Well, Anna, love, I think these boys should be punished, don’t you?

“By all means! What do you suggest?”

“I think they should be spanked, don’t you? Misbehaving like that. Without even inviting us!

Anna was really excited now. “Oh yes! Let’s!

Deb gestured to me. “Come over here and get across my knees. You’re going to get a thrashing!”

I was really confused now. Anna crooked her finger at Jeff for him to do the same. We looked at each other. I think we began to realize this might be more fun than we thought.

I walked over to Deb and lay across her knees, exposing my ass to her. I felt her wriggle for a moment and spread her legs a bit. Then I felt her hand caressing my ass. “Very nice,” she whispered, ” just relax and enjoy this. I know I will.”

She put her left hand on my back to hold me down. There was a long pause and then “WHACK!” her hand came down smartly on my butt. About the same time, I heard Anna give the same to Jeff. Deb continued to spank me and she wasn’t shy about it. At first it was annoying, then it was painful. I began to squirm and she held me down tighter. After about the twentieth whack, my butt began to burn and at the same time I started to get hard gaziantep bayan escort again. Deb’s hand left my back and insinuated itself between her legs. She grasped for and found my erection and squeezed. I gasped and almost came. Her fingernails scraped my cock lightly.

“I think they’re still being naughty, Anna”, she said. “Mark still has a hard on.” Anna paused in her spanking and a moment later she said, “So does Jeff!”

“Well, we’ll just have to do something about those hardons won’t we?” she said sweetly. She pushed me away and had me kneel on the floor in front of her. Jeff joined me.

“I think we should tell them our little secret now, don’t you think?” Deb asked. Anna grinned over at me. “Yes, about time”. She stood up and looked at us sternly. “Just stay there,” she commanded. And then she began to take her clothes off. Deb stood up and did the same. It was the first time I’d ever seen Deb naked and she was magnificent. She was not particularly tall, but she has great legs and firm thighs, even at her age. She has short dark hair matched by the dark thatch between her legs. Her waist was a bit thick but it somehow added to her beauty. She had large breasts and nipples, dark in color. She was watching me the whole time she disrobed. My cock was throbbing.

Anna looked just a beautiful. She let her shoulder length brown hair cascade over her naked shoulders. Her breasts are small but firm, with nipples that stand out a good inch when aroused as they were now. A thin waist but thick thighs. Beautiful legs and really sexy feet.

“You see, ” Deb said, when the last of her clothes were gone, “what do you think the two of us do on our little weekend getaways?” And with that they turned toward each other and embraced and kissed a passionate, wet, open mouthed kiss. Jeff and I were flabbergasted. I started to get up, but they saw me and told me to stop. “We’re not finished with you two yet,” said Anna. They both sat down on the couch and spread their legs. Deb was right in front of me and I could see her pussy and it was wet with excitement. She gestured to me and then pointed downward. “Now you have to please me. Anna says you have a great tongue. Let’s see how good it is.” I moved forward between her legs. Jeff was doing the same to my wife. Anna grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face roughly between her spread legs.

I lowered my face to Deb’s pussy. She was already incredibly wet. With my tongue I gently probed her outer folds, eliciting a moan from her. Emboldened, I started licking her pussy with long, broad stokes. I found her clit and ran my tongue around it, then took it between my lips and sucked on it. She was starting to shake. I went back to probing gently with my tongue. I found her hole and slid my tongue in her. I have a rather long tongue and I think she was surprised. She jerked and grabbed my head harder. I probed inside her as far as I could, trying for her G spot. Then I withdrew and licked her up and down some more. Each stroke became longer and longer and I went from her clit to her asshole. The first time I licked it she jerked harder and almost screamed.

This went on for several more minutes. I finally zeroed in on her clit – licking and sucking as hard as I could. Deb started moaning and crying and I knew she was coming. She came once but I kept my lips and tongue glued to her and she continued to come and come. She was almost screaming now. Next to us I could hear Anna making her short little groans and I knew Jeff had her at the same place. Deb was convulsing under my tongue and crying. Suddenly, she pulled my head away. She pushed me down on my back on the floor and with one swift move, mounted me. My cock slid up her incredibly wet and hot pussy, and I almost came right then. Deb leaned down and kissed me with a fervor I’d never experienced, her tongue almost raping my mouth. I reached for her huge breasts and clung to them. I started playing with her nipples, pinching and pulling. It was too much. She broke the kiss, threw her head back and cried out. I felt her pussy convulsing around my cock and this time I did come. I shot hot and hard into the pussy of my best friend’s wife. Deb collapsed down on me, nearly smothering me with her tits. Finally, my dick shrank and popped out of her. With a groan she fell to the floor by my side.

Meanwhile, somewhere during all of this, Jeff had ended up on top of Anna on the couch. The results were pretty much the same. I looked up into her eyes and she grinned at me.

After a bit, we all pulled apart and just sat on the floor next to each other. Deb lit a cigarette and I shared it with her. The four of us were exhausted from our bout. Anna suddenly got up and walked out the front door, naked. I heard the car door open and close and then she came back in holding an overnight bag. At the sight of it, Deb broke into a grin.

“Right,” she said, “we haven’t finished punishing these two have we?” Anna laughed and sat the bag down. “It’s our toy bag,” she explained. “This is what Deb and I play with when we’re on holiday.”

“What’s in it?” Jeff asked.

“Not so fast. You’ll see.” She looked at Deb. “What do you think we should have them do now?”

Deb thought a moment. “How about this: since they love sucking and fucking each other, why don’t they have a suck off? They have to suck each others cocks. The first one to come gets fucked by the other.”

“Oh, sounds delightful!” Then I bet we can come up with other things, too.” Anna looked at us. “Okay, you two, get at it!” She laughed.

Jeff and I looked at each other. I shrugged. We moved around on the floor in a 69. I reached for his cock, still wet with my wife’s juices. I reached out with my tongue and began to gently lick the tip. Jeff wasn’t so tentative. Apparently, he wanted to win. I felt his mouth engulf my cock and amazingly, it responded right away. Knowing the stakes, I bent to my task. I took his cock in my mouth and began to work up and down the length. I used one hand around the base of his cock and my mouth and tongue slid up and down. The velvet texture of his cock head was a turn on. I began to work up and down and fast as I could, hoping I could get him off first. I felt a tingling in my crotch and knew I was going to have to hurry. I put everything I had into the effort – sucking, licking, deep-throating. I could feel Jeff begin to squirm, but it was too late. There was a sudden feeling in my loins and then I was shooting off. Jeff pulled out as I began to come, letting me shoot into the air, as if to show he’s won.

“We have a winner!” I heard my wife exclaim. Reluctantly, I came off of Jeff’s cock and sat up.

“Okay, mister, on your hands and knees. This should be real fun.” Deb seemed to be really enjoying herself.

Wearily, I got on my hands and knees and awaited my “punishment”. Jeff started to get into position behind me. I heard Deb rustling round in the overnight bag. Then Anna surprised me. She lay down and in front of me, spread her legs and moved as close as she could. “Here’s a little something to feast on”, she grinned. I lowered my face to her pussy just as Jeff began to penetrate me. I had to admit, I was now enjoying my two favorite things: getting fucked up the ass (newly discovered) and eating my wife’s glorious pussy. Anna was very wet from all the action and I could taste Jeff’s cum too. I licked her pussy up and down in long strokes, something I know she loves. I even rimmed her and tried pushing my tongue up her ass. Then I moved up and flicked her clit. She squirmed underneath me.

Meanwhile, Jeff had once again buried his long, hard cock in my butt. It was well opened and lubed by now, so he was moving in and out with a steady rhythm. I loved the feeling of having my ass high up in the air while his big cock filled me up. I relished the feeling of something so huge inside me. His balls would bang against my ass everytime he would thrust into me.

Anna was making her little moaning sounds and I knew she was getting off too. I heard the tone of her voice change and I paused long enough to look up. Deb was kneeling by her face wearing a strap on dildo with a huge life-like cock attached to it. It was probably 12″ long and very big around. Anna was gripping it with one hand and sucking it in and out of her mouth. Deb saw me looking and grinned. “You’re next!” My eyes widened at the thought. Jeff was big but this thing was huge! I didn’t know if I could take it but I was going to try. I bent back down to my task of getting my wife off.

Jeff began to pick up speed and I knew he was about to come. His lunges became faster and deeper. He gave a shout and fell upon my back and at the same time I could feel him coming inside me. He pulled out after a few moments and rested with his back facing the couch. Deb left Anna and moved around behind me. Anna pulled away, wanting to watch. Deb slapped my ass hard a few times, then slipped a couple of fingers up my well worn asshole. “Just right,” she said, and then I felt the huge dildo at my entrance. Deb slowly but steadily pushed forward and to my surprise the monster slipped slowly in. I let out a grunt as I felt myself being stretched wider. After a minute I could feel Deb right up against me and I knew I had the entire length inside me.

Behind me Deb let out a contented sigh. Then she began to thrust in and out. I could feel myself being stretched wider. “How do you like that?” she asked. I could only nod. “I use my little friend here to fuck your wife’s brains out. What do you think of that?” I could only groan.

“I’ve fucked your wife and now I’m fucking you. You’re a real nice fuck you know? Almost as good as your wife.” I moaned again at the thought. I looked over to my right and Jeff and Anna were necking furiously. Anna was pumping Jeff’s cock, but it looked as if he was finally done for a while.

Deb fucked me for a good five minutes. Finally she leaned over. “You’ve been good, now here’s your reward.” With the dildo still in me, she reached around and began to pump my cock. Her hand felt hot on me as she stroked me up and down. Faster and faster she worked. I could feel myself beginning to come. My cock spasmed and Deb kept stroking. My asshole clamped down only to be stopped by the dildo. I shot my load over her hand and the floor. Deb pulled out and I just collapsed forward into my own puddle of cum. I didn’t care. I was exhausted and worn out. I fell asleep right there on the floor and slept for hours. So did my companions. It was nightfall before we were all awake again.

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