Cara’s Victory

Big Tits

Author’s Note: While this story can be read in isolation it is part of a series with (in order) Hypnotising Cara, Cara’s Revenge and Cara’s Game. Therefore it may make more sense if read in conjunction with those. As always, all feedback and comments are appreciated, especially, since this is likely to be the last in this series, feedback for your views on the journey as a whole.


Dylan was just getting into bed when his phone rang. Grumbling he reached over and picked it up.

“Hey sexy, it’s me.” Cara started. “Want to come over?”


“Because your kind, generous and amazingly gorgeous girlfriend asked you nicely.”

“I would love to but I only got in at 7 this morning then I had to go to work. I’ve only had a couple of hours sleep today and I kind of want an early night.”

“Fair enough then;” she replied brightly, “I guess Lydia and I will just have to drink all this wine ourselves.”

“Lydia’s there?” He asked suddenly finding some interest.


“Isn’t she the girl you snogged that time?”


“I’ll be over in five.”


It was four minutes thirty seconds later when Cara went to let him in, greeting him with a passionate kiss. “How were your parents this morning?” she asked.

“I think they are getting used to our dates not ending till the morning. Although they are still giving me grief; when I said I was coming over they just started laughing, saying they didn’t know how I had the energy.”

“If they think our vanilla dates are impressive then just be glad they don’t know what we were doing a few weeks ago.” She smiled and took his hand, “We had better get back to Lydia before she finishes all the wine.”

They went into the lounge and soon the bottle of wine was finished, closely followed by another. Dylan tried to keep up with the conversation but kept being distracted by images in his mind, of red hair mixing with brunette as lips locked in battle, Cara reaching down between them unbuttoning Lydia’s jeans, running her fingers through the little bit of rouge fluff as she made her way down to her womanhood…

He was interrupted by Lydia’s giggles. Confused he looked over to Cara. “I never realised you found our gossip quite so interesting.” She smiled, nodding at his crotch.

“It’s lucky we were just talking about college,” Lydia continued, “If we had actually got onto dating he might have messed his pants.” Dylan felt his cheeks start to burn.

“The problem is that I told him about us kissing that time.” Cara confided, “Now he can’t seem to look at you without getting distracted.”

“Just because of a little kiss? You mean something like this?” Lydia planted a chaste kiss on Cara’s cheek. “Or was it more like this?” She gave her a peck on the lips.

“I think in his mind it was a bit more like this.” Cara responded as she pulled her into a long, passionate kiss. As it went on for minute after minute, Dylan felt his pants becoming uncomfortably tight. He wanted to go over and join in but at the same time felt rooted to his seat, scared to speak, to breathe, in case he broke the magic.

Eventually Cara pulled away, leaving Lydia looking lost, her lips trying to find something that was no longer there. “Do you think it’s time?” Cara asked her.

“Definitely.” She replied as she started to lift Cara’s top over her head, kissing at the exposed skin as it came away. Throwing it onto the floor, she moved her hands down to Cara’s waistband, unzipping her jeans, running her lips down her legs as she pulled the jeans away before kissing back up the entire length of Cara’s body back to her lips.

Deciding quickly that she shouldn’t be alone in just underwear, Cara undid the buttons of Lydia’s blouse, never breaking their kiss, sliding it down her shoulders and onto the floor. Pushing her back, she used her hands to explore the fair skin beneath her, gently stroking up and down. Finally pulling away, she whispered something into Lydia’s ear before standing and pulling her up, making her skirt fall off. She took hold of Lydia’s hand and started to walk her to the stairs, turning back to Dylan when she reached them. “Coming?” she asked with a grin.

Shaken from his amazement, Dylan jumped up and quickly followed them up the stairs, enjoying the view of Cara in a green thong, perfectly framing her curvy little ass, and Lydia in lacy black hipsters, contrasting against her pale skin, begging to be torn asunder. The girls sat on the bed and started whispering again as he entered the room, Cara reached out a hand and when he took it pulled him onto the bed, climbing atop him, kissing him deeply. He felt hands grabbing at his jeans, pulling them off him, stripping his boxer shorts from him, letting his erection spring into the air. New lips swapped with Cara’s, a new taste entering his mouth. He felt Cara tugging his t-shirt up, breaking them for a fraction of a second, before Lydia’s tongue entered his mouth once more. He could feel their bodies on top of him, moving him around, kissing gaziantep bayan escort him, slipping things onto his wrists and ankles.

He realised their trick as the cuffs clicked shut. The girls got off him, laughing, giving each other a high five. Cursing, he tried freeing himself, but they were too tight to slip out of, the bedframe too solid to pull apart.

“You shouldn’t use such language in front of ladies,” Cara reproached him, “if you are going to be so foul then I think we shall have to give you a little time to think about how you should behave.” She took a leather gimp mask out of a drawer, “You’re not the only one who can go shopping.” With Lydia’s help, she manhandled him into it and zipped it shut, blacking out his vision and muting his protests, leaving him unable to do anything but listen.

Knowing this full well, Cara started to add extra moans as Lydia kissed her again, adding to his torment. She felt a hand reach behind her back, undoing her bra, pushing it away as a hungry mouth found its way to her breast. As Lydia played with her nipples, sucking them, kissing them, licking them, the moans became real. She ran her hands through the luscious red head, pressing her breast further into the teasing, making sure the pleasure couldn’t escape. A hand snaked its way down her stomach, her breath caught as she felt it sneak into her panties, felt it trace down her velvet, felt it reach her clit and start to play. The touch was electrifying; fingers pinched her swollen nub between them, circling her, making her knees feel weak.

Lydia moved her mouth to the other breast, flicking her tongue over the erect nipple, teasing her, making her mew, pleading until finally she took it fully into her mouth, sucking on it eagerly. Still her fingers kept working, going faster and faster, she sneaked a look up at Cara’s face, watched as she bit her lip, her face starting to flush, feeling her body becoming rigid then release as the orgasm swept through her. Smiling she went back up her body into another kiss, leaning into Cara she moved her back and down onto the bed, using Dylan as a pillow. Kissing her way back down she ignored those beautiful breasts, for now, exploring past them down her stomach, reaching the band of her underwear. She pulled them off and as she did so kissed her way around Cara’s womanhood, letting her teeth rake along the lips of her pussy, kissing the join of her thighs, getting a little giggle when she momentarily pushed her tongue inside her. She started to concentrate on her clit, sucking it into her mouth, letting her tongue play across it. Slipping a finger inside, she curled it round to reach Cara’s g-spot, rubbing it in time with her oral ministrations, using it to help keep her face in place as Cara began to move around, making sure she couldn’t escape until the orgasm had been forced from her. As it subsided, she felt fingers in her hair, urging her up, Cara demanding her own turn.

Dylan felt explosive with frustration. He could hear the sounds the girls were making, could feel the brush of their skin as they writhed around on the bed next to him but this just made things worse. He kept still, listening intently, trying to figure out who was doing what to whom but it was no use. His mind kept swapping scenarios as soon as they appeared while his cock kept twitching, despairing at being so close without being part of the action.

Cara pulled the black lacy underwear off and stared at Lydia’s womanhood. It was the first time she had seen one, apart from her own, but she had imagined this many times. Her tongue flicked out, tracing the course from taint to hood, feeling hairs brushing against her nose, enjoying the taste of it, the subtle difference from her own. Once more she tentatively followed the curve to the top before her excitement got the best of her and she dived right in; sucking, kissing, licking, nibbling, within seconds her whole face was covered in cum. With two fingers of one hand, she started pumping into Lydia’s hot cunt; with one finger of the other, she did the same with her ass, a surprised squeal greeting her efforts.

To Lydia if felt as if there was not one but ten people between her legs; Cara was so enthusiastic that she seemed to be everywhere at once. It didn’t take long before she felt her muscles tighten, that urgent feeling within her hips. She started bucking; trying to get that little more, the sensations she needed to send her over the edge. Cara responded, pushing harder, licking faster, forgoing air, as she made sure Lydia reached her need and was rewarded by the shudders running through her friend.

They cuddled together for a few minutes, kissing each other’s face clean, licking the juices from their hands, before Cara turned her attention back to her frustrated boyfriend. Straddling his chest, she unzipped his hood enough for him to speak, then lent forward and whispered into his ear, “Do you want to join in?”


“Well tough. You’re useless to us now. Lydia prefers a feminine touch and I think I’m starting to agree with her.” She started scratching a nail down his chest, “I felt so hot when she was sucking on my chest…” she paused, smiled at his groan, “then when she started fingering me I almost exploded. You should have seen it, she looked so hot, she has such a fit body, breasts to die for, an ass that I could spank all day…” she stroked down his hard shaft, making him shudder, “and the way she tasted…, hmmmm, when I was eating her out, it was like the best meal ever. I just couldn’t lick her enough. Can you imagine what it was like? Me between her legs, licking at her clit, playing with myself? You would have loved that, Lydia certainly did.”

Lydia took that as her cue to join in the teasing. “Oh god yes, that felt so amazing. The way you ran you tongue along my soaking vagina, and then when you started to finger me, mmmmmmm, it just felt so amazing,” she paused for effect, “especially when you started doing it to my bottom as well. No one has ever fingered me there before. I’m definitely going to get you to do that again.” She cupped his balls in her hand, rolling them gently between her fingers. “There is no way a penis could ever be that good, no way a man could do me as well as another woman could. I’m glad she isn’t going to let you join in.”

“Do you hear that Dylan?” Cara asked, “She’s glad you aren’t part of this. She doesn’t want you looking at us when we 69 on the bed, she doesn’t want to taste your cock as you shove it down her throat, she doesn’t want to feel your cock inside her pussy, her virgin pussy, at least where cocks are concerned.” She put her hand to her mouth to stop herself from giggling, taking a couple of deep breaths to get her face straight again. “Maybe I should give you a chance to change her mind, obviously you won’t be able to but it will prove to her just how rubbish men are. There is no way you would be able to make her cum with your tongue as I did but maybe I should give you the chance. Would you like that?”

“Please.” He begged.

She considered for a second. “No, you’ll just be so rubbish that it’ll be embarrassing.”

“No, I’ll be good, I’ll make her cum.”

“Oh, so you think you’re as good as me?”

“Yes… No! Er, I don’t know…. Please!”

“What do you think Lydia?”

“Hmmm,” Lydia considered, “well I suppose I really should compare. Just for the sake of science you understand.”

Cara bit down on her hand, trying not to ruin the effect by laughing; Lydia making it more difficult by pulling faces at her. She silently shook her fist and regained control of herself. “Well if you’re sure…”

She helped Lydia onto his face, kissing along her neck and shoulders as he started licking below. She left a trail of kisses down from Lydia’s shoulder, along her chest and back up the other side, working her way round to her ear, licking around the edge of it then whispering in, “Are you going to be ok with this?”

Back came the whisper, “I think so, I mean I like strap-ons and I should at least try it once. You’ll look after me though, won’t you?”

Another lick round the ear made her shudder, “I’ll make sure you have a good time.” Cara resumed her kisses, snaking her way down fair skin, following a random path, never kissing the same place twice. Every so often she would break away, enjoying the sight of her lovers face as she lost herself in Dylan’s attentions. As Lydia came the first time, she went back to her ear and whispered again. “You forgot to say thank you.” She teased.

“Thank you.” Lydia breathed

“You’re welcome.” Cara put her mouth to hers, pushing her tongue into her mouth, drawing Lydia’s into a duel, breathing in her moans as Dylan licked her to her peak twice more.

Helping Lydia off, she asked, “Do you think he has earned the right to join us?”

“Oh yes.” Lydia responded before she saw Cara’s scowl, “I mean maybe… it was just about good enough, I suppose.”

Cara shook her head and smiled, “Well you seem to have convinced her, but I’m not sure.” She told him, stroking his cock. “Looking at this, I don’t think you’ll be able to last long enough for us. Maybe we should just leave it at that for tonight, let you join in some other time.”

No, please, I…. I just need to cum, then I’ll be able to last for ages.”

“And you expect us to help you with that? Do you really think you deserve for us to go down on you, to suck on you until you spurt? Is that what you are asking?”

“Well, er….” The feeling of a warm mouth interrupted him on his cock.

“Lydia!” Cara exclaimed.

Lydia just shrugged her shoulders, “I was curious,” she licked from the base of his cock to the tip, “and we can’t just do half the experiment.”

Cara laughed and took his hood off. “I suppose you had better watch to make sure we’re being properly scientific.” She moved down the bed and put her tongue on the opposite side of him, kissing Lydia when they met at the top. They kept their pace slow, keeping him on edge, switching to taking turns bobbing down onto him, sucking his head into their mouth, then letting go and swapping again. Desperately he clutched at the bed frame, moaning his pleasure at them, encouraging them to go faster.

However, every time he felt Lydia increase the pace, Cara would be at her ear slowing her back down again. He felt his balls begin to burn, the tension rising with in them without chance for release. His sentences began to stumble, no longer making sense, no longer using real words, being driven insane by the devilish attentions of these angels.

Finally taking mercy upon him Cara whispered to Lydia to keep going, then sucked his balls into her mouth, rolling them around her tongue. It didn’t take long before their twin assault made him shoot out, Lydia catching the first spurt in her mouth before rising in shock, the rest of it falling onto her breasts.

Panting, he started to relax but, before his cock could begin to droop, Cara started to clean the jizz from Lydia’s breasts with her tongue. The sight of his girlfriend, playing with those gorgeous orbs and the knowledge that it was his juice she was swallowing from them would have been enough to ensure his hardness but when she kissed the bounty back to the redhead, he felt almost ready to explode again.

“Are you ready?” Cara asked Lydia as she retrieved the key from the side.

“Yes… I think…. I’m not sure.” She bit her lip as she tried to make up her mind.

“Don’t worry,” Cara reassured, undoing the cuffs around Dylan’s hands and feet, “he’ll be good. I promise you’ll enjoy it.”

“I know… but still…”

A light bulb went off in Cara’s head and she ran downstairs, leaving Dylan and Lydia looking blankly at each other. A few seconds later she returned pulling a strap-on out of Lydia’s handbag, “Why don’t you let me go first, get you into it, then we’ll see what happens.” She took a scarf from on top of her dresser. “This will help,” she told Lydia as she tied it in place, “trust me.” She positioned her on all fours and then started stroking the dildo against her cunt, coating it in cum, before pushing it inside her. Kneeling behind Lydia, she tied the straps around herself and started to screw her softly.

Dylan spent a few seconds enjoying the view before he remembered he was now able to join in, he started to move, changed his mind, moved again and stopped. “When there are so many options how do you just pick one?” he thought, before noticing that both sets of boobs were swaying together rhythmically, distracting him again. He shook his head and made a decision, moving up to the top of the bed, putting his cock against Lydia’s lips. She took the invitation straight away, opening her mouth, letting her tongue swirl around his head. Cara, lent over, whispering encouragements into her ear, then grabbed hold of her hair and increased the pace, pounding harder so that with each push Lydia was forced to take more and more of his cock into her throat. She started to make little choking sounds, which quickly had moans added to them as Cara reached around and started to stroke her. Dylan could feel each sound running along the length of his member, growing more powerful as Cara pushed her on remorselessly to orgasm.

As Lydia enjoyed the warm afterglow, Cara slowed the pace again, leaned over, kissed Dylan then motioned silently for him to come around behind her. Reluctantly, he pulled away, disappointing Lydia for a moment until Cara resumed her faster pace, distracting her again. He moved into position, guided by silent hand signals, just in time for Lydia to come again, then Cara pulled out with an “Oops” grabbed him by the cock and pushed him quickly in. Moving to the side, Cara put her fingers to Lydia’s clit and rubbed it violently to distract her, looking to see if she had noticed the switch, smiling as the only outcry was another release of ecstasy. Taking off the strap-on, she moved around to the front, taking Dylan’s place.

Feeling soft lips against her face, Lydia reflexively began to lick. It took a while before she realised why the alarm bells were ringing, a sharp wave of fear went through her but relief instantly replaced it as she realised what had happened. Finding a sensitive spot, she nipped it with her teeth, making Cara squeal, letting her know that she knew. She grabbed Cara by the knees and pulled, making her fall onto her back, pulled the blindfold from her head, then dived deeply in Cara’s cunt and attacked it in earnest. Using every trick she had ever learned, she quickly managed to reduce her to a quivering wreck, swallowing mouthfuls of her cum at a time, pushing four fingers inside her and using the momentum from Dylan to power her pumps.

Her tongue finally tiring, Lydia decided it was someone else’s turn to put in all the work. She pushed a hand back at Dylan telling him to stop, then turned and sat on Cara’s face. Dylan quickly got the idea and lifted Cara’s legs onto his shoulders, pushing his rod deeply inside her, eliciting satisfied sounds. He pushed forward, reaching Lydia’s nipples with his mouth, sucking on them as he fucked his girl. With tongues punishing her breasts and cunt, Lydia soon started the orgasms off again, making Cara join in when she reached down to stroke her clit.

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