Brian’s BD – Wilson Family Women Ch. 03


“Damn, Kevin. Your mom is a smokeshow!” yelled Tony, one of the other guys on the swim team. “Your dad is one lucky man. I can’t believe he lets her post this stuff on Insta though. I’m pretty sure I can see her nipples!”

He continued to pass the phone around to our teammates, while Kevin sat there mortified.

“Fuck dude,” said Connor. “Her tits are absolutely massive. I’d give anything to fuck those! Now I see why you’re trying to coach this loser up, Brian,” he said to me while pointing at Kevin, “pool time must be a lot more fun with her around.

“Not the only reason… his sister is almost as hot as his mom,” I howled. “It’s just a shame she won’t be there tonight. A threesome would be hot, but I’ll settle for just being a mother fucker.”

“Fuck you,” Kevin tried to say over the laughter of everyone in the group. “You like to give me shit, but you love playing me in League. Still can’t beat me! Whose the loser now? Just cuz I’m not as big as the rest of your jock friends doesn’t mean you have to mess with me all the time.

“Ha, you know I’m just teasing you dude. These guys don’t get it, but you can be a cool kid sometimes. I’m glad we’re buddies, even if these guys give me crap for it,” I said to Kevin. “And you better be ready to play tonight. You can’t talk crap and not back it up. I’m coming for you hard!”

“Whatever bro, see you later. Go fuck yourselves to the rest of you,” joked Kevin as he walked off.

“Third game in a row! Guess you aren’t so hard after all haha. Talking crap in front of the team like you’re a big bad guy. Well I’m the king now!” yelled Kevin.

“Chill out dude, it’s just a game! Glad you’re feeling confident though. Let’s go see if we can use that to help improve your technique in the pool. Grab your suit and meet me outside,” I tell him as I head to go get changed.

I head downstairs to the living room. His mom Jennie and her sissy husband are sitting on the couch watching some TV show.

I walk in front of the TV and slowly remove my shirt. I just smile as Jennie openly stares transfixed on my perfect İstanbul Escort body.

“I need help with these pants, slut,” I tell her, as she immediately falls to her knees in front of me.

Before she even gets to the button, she lets her hand glide against the massive bulge showing through my jeans. I don’t say a word. Just let her worship me silently as I smile at the pathetic wimp behind her on the couch.

“We don’t have much time. Kevin is coming down for a swim soon. Help me get my trunks on. You can suck it for a few seconds too.”

“Thank you, Master,” she says as she quickly unbuttons my jeans and takes them off. Wasting no time getting my cock in her mouth.

“Actually, no time for any sucking now. Just let the head sit in your mouth for a second. I need to use the bathroom before hitting the pool.”

“What are -“

“Shut the fuck up, faggot! I thought we settled this already. Aww damn, that feels good. Really had to let one go I guess,” I say as I begin to empty by bladder down my her throat.

“Your wife is my whore. There’s nothing you can do about it. If she doesn’t want me pissing down her throat, she can get up right now and walk away. I’m not making her do anything. I’m letting her choose between continuing to live her life as a doting wife and mother of two, respected businesswoman and amateur athlete in the community or worshipping my dick. She’s decided she’d prefer to worship my cock.”

Looking down to my slut, I let her know I’m finished. Very hesitant to release my dick, I have to pull it from her mouth, eliciting a loud popping noise.

“Get those last drops of piss,” I say to her, holding my cockhead in her face.

She sticks her tongue out and gives my piss slit a few good licks. I drop another wad of spit in her mouth to help her wash it all down after and then tell her to finish dressing me, as I return my attention to the pathetic being in front of me.

“I know how much you love her, though I have no idea why you married such a slut when you’ve got such an average cock. Anadolu Yakası Escort As I’ve told you, as long as you’re a good husband and let your wife do what she loves, everything that happens in this house stays here.”

“Thanks for your help, slut. Now go back to sit with your wimpy man. Give him a nice kiss for me. Make sure to get some tongue in there,” I say to her as I can’t help but grin at my own creative cruelty.

This slut is under my total control. Clearly needs my dick more than air as she takes forever to remove her hand from the massive bulge in my swim suit and head back to her husband. I stare straight at him, clearly disgusted as his wife comes in for the kiss.

“What a pathetic faggot. Enjoy the taste of my piss”, I say to him as Kevin finally bounds down the stairs in his suit.

“Eww, gross guys. Get a room!” he says running outside past his kissing parents.

I head out to show him a few pointers. Unfortunately my dick has a mind of its own though. As soon as I took that piss my dick was ready for action. After 15 mins or so, I tell Kevin to keep practicing what I showed him and I get out of the pool.

I head through the sliding doors out the back and walk to the couch where they’re both still sitting. I walk to the side where Jennie is and stand next to the armrest she’s leaning on.

Not even bothering to look down or make eye contact with her, I just say, “suck bitch.”

I countdown in my head. It doesn’t even take three seconds for her to get my dick in her mouth. Her husband less than four feet away as she worships her teenage lover’s cock.

“Good slut. I’m sure you’ve missed that cock. It’s almost been 12 hours since it’s been down your throat last. Show your pathetic husband how you suck a real man’s dick.”

I stood there motionless. The only muscle moving was my mouth as I continued to get off on berating a man twice my age for submitting to me so completely.

“You worked so hard to provide for her. Build a great life for her and the two kids she gave you. This is how she Ümraniye Escort repays you hahaha. By showing you were never man enough for her.”

“So unbelievably pathetic. I just turned 18 dude. I’m not even really a man yet. You’re letting some punk kid steal your wife from you. Look at her! She’s my whore. This isn’t some dream, and I can definitely tell you’re not some cuckold enjoying this haha. Your wife is literally a whore, dude,” I say to him as directly as possible. Tears clearly coming to his eyes now, somehow making my dick even harder.

“Why are you doing this, Brian? Aren’t there girls your age you can mess around with? Please leave her alone. Please!! I love my wife very much. We all have our troubles, and I love her in spite of them. Please don’t make her do this!” bitch hubby balling uncontrollably now.

“What troubles? Your wife is just like every other girl in this town. There’s plenty of ass my age, and I’ve had all that’s worth having. Your wife is just submitting to her natural urges. I know you’ve never seen women respond like this to you, but this is the normal response an actual man gets when he gives a woman what she needs. Women need massive cock, and most, like your wife, will do anything to keep it.”

“Suck harder, slut,” I say as I watch his face. “See how easy that is. I command and whores obey.” The sound of her sucking overtaking her husbands pathetic whimpers.

“Listen to that! My second favorite sound to hear. I’ve listened to this a lot in my life, but your wife definitely makes some of the most beautiful music. I can’t wait until she’s singing my favorite song later. You won’t believe all the different positions she can fuck in. In one night she rode my dick in more positions than she has yours in over 20 years of marriage!”

“It’s fun letting you do all the work, but I need to get back to teaching that loser son of yours how to swim. I don’t get how the men in the Wilson family are so pathetic. There’s definitely nothing Kevin is as good at as you are at sucking dick,” I say to Jennie as begin to jack off with her mouth for the second time that day.

Just as I’m hitting a good rhythm, covering half my cock in her saliva, I hear Kevin say, “Brian, where are you? I’m done practicing.”

“I’ll be right out Kevin! Stay out there. I have stuff I want you to work on with you. I’ll be right out.

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