Brandon and Danielle


It takes balls to hit on a pharmacy cashier who’s ringing up the condoms you’re buying to fuck someone else. Brandon Jamison had no shortage of balls. Danielle Smith was blonde, cute, nineteen, a student and new to town. Brandon chatted her up while he laid out the cash for a box of twenty-four Magnum condoms and offered to show her around. He left with five ninety-five in change, a box of condoms clearly intended for a fuck session with someone else, and her phone number.

Several days later, Brandon got to thinking about Danielle. She looked hot for nineteen, and he thought it might be fun to see if she was up to some action. He pulled her cellphone number out of his wallet and dialed it. She was working, but only until 4:30. He asked if he could take her out to dinner; she agreed and told him to come over around 6:00. He pulled up in her driveway on his motorcycle at five of, and waited. He’d worn a light jacket and the jeans that best displayed his package. He saw the curtains part; she looked out the window and realized he’d arrived. She lingered a bit longer than proper, so Brandon knew that she’d taken the time to scope his crotch.

She waved, he waved back, and she motioned him to wait. A minute later, she came out of the house. He placed her on the bike and they sped off to a restaurant. She was shy at first, nervous. Turns out that she had not been on too many dates – three, in fact – and she was completely intimidated by having an extremely attractive twenty-six-year-old guy like Brandon hit on her. She never said it – she didn’t really have to – but Brandon quickly realized that she was a virgin. They talked a while – he kept it simple, asking her about her studies and where she came from. At the end of dinner, he suggested hanging out at a little coffee bar. He put her on the cycle, but this time, sat behind her. Her pert, tight ass ground into his crotch as he squeezed her between his thighs.

After an hour and a half at the coffee bar, talking and laughing, he said it was late and offered to take her home. She was reluctant to end the evening, and he told her he was, too. “I can take you home, Danni. You tell me whether you want that to be your house, or mine.” He smiled, stood up, and held out his hand to her. She took it, and he helped her to her feet. They walked out, headed for his bike. She paused as they got close. She stared at the big, powerful cycle, and the very masculine rider, and paused.

He sensed her hesitation. “Cold feet?” he asked.

“A little.”

He stepped close to her. Closer. Put his arms on her shoulders. He drew her in, turned her head to one side and gently placed his lips to hers. As he kissed her, her slid his hands down to her waist, holding her close and feeling the heat from her body. She melted into his kiss, his arms, his body. He broke the kiss gently.

“Mine, or yours?” he asked.

“Yours,” she said.

He guided her to the cycle, helped her mount it, mounted behind her, kicked it to life and tore off in the direction of the house. When they reached the house, he helped her dismount and, taking her hand, led her to the front door. They kissed again under the porch light as he unlocked the door. He stepped inside, turned and held out his hand.

She knew that if she took his hand and went inside, it would change her life forever. She took a deep breath and stepped into the house. The door closed behind her.

He told her that he would do nothing she didn’t want to do, offered her a drink. She first thought of beer, but switched to wine. Somehow it seemed a little less tawdry to lose her virginity after sipping a glass of wine than after swigging a bottle.

They talked a while on the couch. She relaxed some, but was clearly still nervous. After about half an hour, he moved closer, leaned in and kissed her. And again. She kissed back, timidly at first, but with growing confidence. This was good. She was rubbing his chest through his shirt when he said she could take off his shirt. She carefully opened the buttons and slid it over his head. He slowly opened the buttons of her blouse and separated the folds of fabric. She was wearing a red brassiere, matching her blouse. It was his favorite color, and he told her so. Her cheeks quickly matched it.

He told her he assumed this was her first time, and she nodded. He kissed her and asked whether she’d done that before; she laughed and told him she wasn’t quite that naive. He began to touch and caress her, nibbling her ear, and then her neck. He touched her stomach, her thighs, and finally cupped her very ample breasts. Each time he asked whether he’d reached her frontier. When he kissed one nipple while firmly stimulating the other with his fingers, she whispered “It’s pretty much all new to me after this.”

“Danni…you’ve never had a guy go down on you?”

“Uh-uh.” She had a look of exaggerated, silly disappointment on her face.

“Oh, are we ever gonna fix that…”

He stood up and took her hand. She followed him up from the couch. He drew her Bostancı Escort close, their bare chests pressed together. He kissed her, softly at first, then more firmly, then aggressively. She gave back as much as he put into it. Brandon felt a twitch in his jeans as his cock aroused and began to stiffen. He didn’t want her to feel it yet, so he pulled back and led her from the living room to the bedroom.

“Wait here.” He went into the bedroom and came out after about a minute. He looked at her expectantly. “Ready?”

She laughed nervously. “I never thought of myself as the kind of girl who would fuck a guy on the first date.” She felt him gently pull at her arm as he turned in the direction of the bedroom. She followed. “I guess I am.”

Yes, Brandon thought, yes, you are. And I’m the guy that’s gonna fuck you. His cock got just a little harder.

He guided her to the bed, decked out with white satin sheets and candles on the nightstands. “Ahh,” she said. “That was the ‘wait here’?”

He smiled, guided her to the bed and they sat down together. He caressed her cheeks in his hands, kissed her, and slowly slid one hand to her breasts. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, breathing hard as she felt the bizarre sensations Brandon was stimulating all over her body. He drew her back onto the bed, laying down next to her and letting his hands roam across her taut, smooth stomach. He slid a hand down her hips and legs, brushing it through the “V” of her crotch. Her breathing got faster, fuller.

He said he thought she was wearing way too much clothing; “I’d like to take some of it off and kiss you somewhere very very nice.” She nodded rapidly.

Brandon fumbled with the buckle on her belt, then the top button on her jeans. Then the next. And the next. Once they were all open, he slid his hands on top of her underpants, feeling her mound through the fabric.

“Is this new?” he asked

“Very new. And very nice.”

He kissed her as he slid his hand up to her stomach and then down again, this time slipping under the elastic of her panties. His hand probed her bush, then her labia, and finally brushed her clitoris. She gasped at the contact. “Oooh, ok, that’s REALLY nice…” she said, breathily and with her eyes closed.

Brandon slid slowly down her body, kissing and nibbling at her skin. He worked himself down to her legs, then rolled over and knelt between her feet. He gently gripped the waist of her jeans and firmly pulled until they started to slide down. Slowly he slid them down and off. She lay on the bed, naked except for her red baby-doll panties, and Brandon felt his cock throb and get harder still. He lay down between her legs, face to her crotch, and started tenderly running his tongue along her inner thighs and the margins of her bush. Danielle was panting as he tongued her, arousing her and exciting her. She felt the first trickle of wetness in her pussy. Brandon nudged his tongue closer to her box and she felt the trickle turn to a flow.

“Has anyone ever done this to you before, Danni?” he asked, though he already the answer.

“Nooo. Ohh, no but it feels so good.”

He gently moved the strap of her panties to the side and very lightly touched the tip of his tongue to her labia. She squirmed and moaned as he made contact. Another light flick, then a firmer one, and then he dragged his tongue the length of her vagina, drilling the tip of his tongue into her clit. She jerked and grunted, and one hand flew around to the back of his head, holding it in place over her pussy.

“Oh my GOD, yes, oh give me more!!” she cried out.

Brandon could hardly say no. He dragged her lips apart with his thumbs, and plastered his tongue inside her. She writhed and moaned as she felt his warm, wet, probing tongue spark feelings in her that her own fingers had never been able to create. After a few moments of basic teasing, he moved one finger closer to her wet, tight hole. He slid it into her, gently teasing her hole open to let him in. She moaned again as the digit sunk into her – one inch, two, three – and then Brandon felt her hymen.

He backed off it, continuing to tease her canal with one finger. He knew he would need to stretch her further before she could take his cock. So he slowly added a second finger.

“Ooohhhhh, oh, oh that’s…mmmm…what are you doing?”

“Is it bad?”

“No, it’s good, it just…ohmigod, it’s thick. It’s really thick.”

“I need to stretch you a little if we’re going to fuck. I’ll do it very very carefully.”

“Unnnnnhhh…you’re really hung, aren’t you?” she finally asked, the question that had been on her mind from the night they met in the pharmacy.

“I’m not small. But don’t worry, I won’t even try to fuck you until you’re ready.”

He kept working two fingers inside her, and after another couple of minutes, added a third. She groaned, but took it. He knew that was enough to get his cock in her. But first, he wanted her to have a little fun. Diving into Ümraniye Escort her bush, he fluttered his tongue everywhere and anywhere. With his tongue working her clit and lips and his fingers probing inside her, it would be only a matter of time before he brought her off. A few minutes later, she cried out in ecstasy as, for the first time, a man brought her to the brink and tumbled her over. She plunged into a long, wrenching orgasm.

Brandon eased off, knowing that she’d need a few moments to recover. When she did, she started crying, so he moved up next to her and wrapped her in his arms. “Are you ok?”

“Oh, God, yes…I’m sorry I’m crying…I just…oh that was so good…”

“It’s ok to cry, as long as you’re not hurting.”

“No, no, no – I’m fine. I just never ever felt anything like that.”

They lay together for a few minutes, just laying there while Brandon stroked her hair. She stirred and said “can I see it?”

Brandon smiled. “See what?” he asked, teasing her.

“You know what. Your…” she blushed again. “Your…(sigh)…look, can I just see it?”

Brandon broke out into a toothy grin and a laugh. “Sure. All yours.”

Danielle moved to the middle of the bed and started working on Brandon’s jeans buttons. She could see – and feel – the outline of his cock in his pants, stretching across his hip. It was big. She opened his pants and tugged them away from his waist. She tried to see in, but couldn’t.

“Just take them off, babe. It will be easier.” he suggested.

She dragged his pants down as he hunched his butt off the bed. As his pants passed over his cock shaft, it sprang up, already very hard.

She gasped when she saw it standing straight up from his body. “Oh, jeez, Brandon…I don’t know if I can…” she stammered.

“You can. And you want to.”

“Um, should I suck it?”

“If you want to, that would be really nice. But you don’t need to. I’m certainly ok if you just want to fuck,” he chuckled.

“I don’t really know how to suck…” she whispered.

“It’s ok, we can study that another night.”

She smiled as he said that. “Oh, and what makes you think there’s going to be another night?”

He looked at her bemusedly. “Because once you feel this for the first time, you’re gonna want it again and again and again.”

He sat up, took hold of her shoulders and guided her back against the pillows. He knelt between her feet, then leaned forward and once again dived face first into her bush. He once again set his tongue to her clit and lips, and once again firmly thrust a finger up into her. Then two. Then three.

She was ready.

He reached over to the nightstand, opened the drawer and pulled out the box of Magnum condoms.

“Hey, I just thought you might like to see this. The box? Still unopened…” he laughed.

She chuckled. She knew he was trying to tell her that he hadn’t been with anyone since that night at the pharmacy. She didn’t know whether it was true – kinda doubted it – but it was a nice gesture.

“Um, actually, I’d kinda like to do it without those. As long as you don’t have any diseases. I’m on the pill.”

His cock throbbed at the thought and swelled to a full erection. “Are you sure?”

“It’s my first time. Please, Brandon, I want to feel you, not latex.”

He put the unopened box back in the drawer. He lifted her legs to his shoulders and slid into the saddle of her thighs, giving her cunt one last experimental probe with his thumb.

“I’m gonna just touch you with the tip, ok?”

She nodded.

Brandon slid a hand up the shaft of his cock to the head, then down again. He angled the long, thick shaft downwards and rubbed the knob against her labia. He nudged it against the opening of her hole, without entering. Danielle moaned and squirmed a little beneath him.

“Nice?” he asked.

“Mmmmmmm…” she sighed. It WAS nice.

“How about if I just slip the head in a little?” he asked, as he nudged the tip against her clit.

“Oooooh, yeah. Yeah. Do that.”

He slid the knob down from her clit and nuzzled it right at the delicate, pink bud that marked the entry to her cunt. One push and the head went inside her.

She gasped as she felt, for the first time ever, a penis enter her pussy.

“More?” he asked.

“Yessss…” she purred.

He pushed again. Two inches of cock slid inside. Another push brought him up against her hymen. She winced.

“You know what that is, Danni?”

“Yes,” she gasped. “Break it.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, dammit, break it. Tear it. I know it will hurt. I don’t care. I want you in me.”

Brandon leaned forward and pushed his cock down into her. He burst her hymen, taking her virginity. She shrieked in pain, then moaned. “Fuck, that hurt.”


“It’s ok, you had to. OK, come on, let’s do this.” She swiveled her slender hips, encouraging him to move deeper inside her.

So he did. He pushed forward, burying himself inside Kartal Escort her body. He couldn’t believe it, but she was taking the whole shaft without a problem. WIth one final shove, he buried the full length inside her.

“Damn, Danielle, that’s amazing!” he exclaimed.

She moaned, impaled on his shaft. “Jeez, that thing’s enormous! Oh jeez, Brandon, how big are you??”

“You sure you want to know?” She nodded, so he shrugged and told her.

“Jeez…” she moaned. “Well, might as well do it right from the start, y’know?” They both laughed.

Carefully, he started fucking her. Slowly at first, but with increasing tempo and intensity as her natural lubrication kicked in. She stroked him like a too-tight glove. Danielle felt him gently move in and out. He was being careful to fuck her gently, but couldn’t get around the fact that he was extremely well hung. His cock drove down inside her, each time hitting bottom and making her feel as if someone was gently punching her in the gut from inside.

She felt him reach down and place a thumb against her clit, gently tweaking it as his shaft pumped in and out of her. Ohhh, that felt good. “Oooooh,” she groaned, “oh, Brandon, oh, that’s good…”. He smiled as he continued to firmly piston his cock slowly in and out of her. She was squirming on his cock, writhing with the growing erotic pleasure of being fucked.

“Glad you like it,” he whispered. He continued tweaking her clit, aiming to set off another orgasm.

“Oh, Brandon, don’t stop…please, don’t stop…” She felt the climax building inside her as he massaged her inside and outside. She was going to go off with him inside her, and it felt like a big one. He stroked and massaged her as she felt the swirling heat and ecstasy building in her loins. This was it, she said to herself, she was sooo close.

“Brandon, oh, yes…yess…yessssss…please…don’t stop.” He was teasing her, taunting her, keeping her right on the edge of a climax. “Please, Brandon, I need to cum…oh God, stop teasing me…I need it, please! Oh you’re cruel…please, please, make me cum…let me cum!” With a wicked smile, Brandon increased his thrusts and pinched her clit between two fingers. He started to pump his cock harder, longer and faster inside her. Quietly, seductively, he whispered in her ear, “I’m gonna push you over the edge, Danielle…gonna make you cum so hard…”. She believed it. She felt him plunge into her, and lost it. Her vagina spasmed and she felt the pounding, pulsing explosion of her orgasm start. It unrolled, flowering like a blossom of orgiastic energy, pulsing out of her vagina and loins, rolling over the whole of her body and ricocheting off her brain.

Brandon slowed his thrusting and waited until her orgasm had subsided. She looked up at him, breathless, wild eyed, and completely fried.

“Feel good?” he asked, with a smile. She couldn’t speak, she just looked at him. “I guess my big ol’ cock made you cum, huh?”

Danni exhaled, heavily. “I think I really like fucking…”

Brandon smiled and started a slow, gentle, circular humping motion. He was really aching to climax.

“My turn, baby,” he cooed.

Somewhere through the fog of her orgasm, she heard him and realized he was working up to shoot off inside her. “Ohmigod,” she whispered, “this is it, huh?”

“Mmm-hmm,” he said, as he pushed deep. He looked into her eyes and smiled. “And nothing between you and me, Danni.” He stroked harder, faster, wanting to bring on his orgasm and fill her. She was panting as he stroked his cock in and out. He felt his precum start to flow and the bolt of semen building in his shaft. His cock was getting harder as he stroked Dani’s pussy, seconds from firing his semen into her. He thought about the load of cum that was about to spurt into her, her first ever, and his cock swelled at the thought of what he was about to do.

She gasped as she felt his penis plunging into her. He warned her that he was going to cum, and then moaned as he prepared to keep his word. She moaned as he thrust harder and deeper into her. “Unnnnh, oh yeah… Do it, Brandon, do it. I wanna feel it.”

He pushed hard, driving his cock into her, aiming for the deepest part of her womb. A spray of precum issued from his cock and seconds later, his first bolt of cum shot into her. Brandon groaned as he emptied himself into the virgin pussy of the teenager on the bed beneath him.

It took a few moments for his orgasm to subside. He was breathless, panting for air as he came down from the climax. As he began to regain his breath and composure, he leaned forward and kissed her passionately. She returned the kiss, grabbing his head in her hands.

He broke the kiss, leaned up, and looked her in the eyes. There was perspiration on his forehead. Her face was flushed with the aftermath of her orgasm. His cock, half hard, was still inside her.

He smiled and said, “That, baby, is what fucking feels like. Welcome to the club.”

He stood, and his cock slid out of her with a “plop”. It was slick and wet with their mingled fluids. A huge glob of white goo appeared at her gaping hole and ran down her ‘taint. He jumped into the bed next to her and wrapped her in his arms. They lay there, naked, sweating, heated and catching their breath.

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