Convenience Store Encounter

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Joe paused in the vestibule of the convenience store as he prepared to enter through the noisy automatic doors and into a world which seemed all too boring and familiar. He took a brief moment to study his reflection in the glass, distorted by a thin coat of dust and grime which made him feel even more hideous than he already knew he was. A long sigh of frustration escaped his throat as he fidgeted with his oily, matted hair and adjusted his thick-lensed glasses which always left a bright red stripe across the bridge of his nose when he removed them. It was a routine which the 18-year-old high school student had played out again and again over the years, and it never seemed to ravage his self-esteem any less.

The bullying which he went through at school didn’t help. Even his weekends echoed with the raspy-voiced remarks made by the gorgeous and long-legged cheerleaders whose clean white sneakers squeaked past him down the marble hallways every day between classes. He would often stand and watch them pass, waiting to catch a glimpse of their plump bottoms peering from beneath their skirts, hugged by their tight and lacy panties, as they bounced rhythmically with each stride. Even Joe’s moments of solitude were punctuated by the screams and jeers of the large football players who enjoyed squeezing his thin, noodle-like arms and thrusting him about, mocking his high-pitched voice and tussling his dirty blond hair.

Last night had perhaps been the worst of all. It was one of those rare occasions when Joe had actually been invited to a party in the neighborhood. He knew that the invitation had been made with the intention of the other students using him as the night’s laughing stock, yet something had compelled him to go. Time and time again he returned home from backyards on warm summer nights, smelling of woodsmoke and cigarette ash, yet every time, remaining an unwanted and untouched outcast with an increasingly low opinion of himself.

Joe knew why he really went to the parties. It was never in an attempt to “fit in”, because he shared virtually no interests with his peers. It wasn’t for insightful conversations either; in fact, the stories told around the glowing bonfires were often the most shallow he had heard. There was very little for Joe to contribute. It was, in fact, a matter of what Joe wanted for himself. The truth was that despite his continued virginity, the young man possessed a level of lust which topped that of nearly every teen in his district.

The lust had burned within him for as long as he remembered, and despite all of the frustration it could cause him at times, he had no intention of stopping it. There was nothing he loved more than to sit in class, staring at the rows of tender, firm butts, encased in tight denim, moist with a mysterious sweat. His mouth would flood with salty saliva as he caught a whiff of sweet perfume drifting in the breeze left by a passing female. He admired their clothing, and how tight and different it looked from the clothing which he wore. Every woman excited him, and though he knew that he didn’t excite any of them, it didn’t stop him from having fun with his fantasies. He wanted to stroke their smooth, tiny bellies which poked out from above their waste lines. He longed to squeeze their jiggly love handles, pulling them close and feeling their warmth, nibbling seductively on their fragile necks. There was such a sense of physical desire, yet at the core of it all, Joe wanted to feel loved; to lay beside someone special in the early hours of morning, whispering secrets in a large, soft bed and exchanging longing glances. It seemed impossible, but he never stopped dreaming. Every night, his eyes would close and he would drift off to sleep with a grin on his face, his sheets stained with a spot of freshly-squirted, warm cum. Some day, he would think to himself. Some day.

Last night, Joe had struck up a conversation with one of the cheerleaders. She had seemed unusually nice compared to the others, and asked lots of questions about Joe, his family, and his interests. He found this Maltepe Escort to be somewhat unusual, but did not let it fool him. He humored her, answering each question and asking questions of his own, as he watched the football captain move in on her throughout the course of the party. Even after bringing her a cup of punch, hanging up her coat, and trying as best as possible to be a gentleman, it was clear that Joe would not be getting any action tonight. Within an hour, Rachel had spotted Jason, rushed over to give him a hug, and then playfully climbed into his lap, laughing.

At that moment, Jason had seemed like the luckiest person alive. Rachel had the most perfect figure in the entire school, and he could only dream of what it must feel like to have each of her warm, squishy thighs wrapped around a single thigh of his own… to feel her full weight, playfully bouncing on his erection as she giggled… to recline in the old lawn chair as she did the same, pressing her warm back into his chest so he could feel her breathing, seemingly in perfect harmony with his. He couldn’t help but stare. After several minutes, hand in hand, Rachel and Jason had gotten up and gone inside, heading upstairs.

Joe couldn’t help but follow them, trailing far enough behind so as not to be noticed. He then waited outside of the locked door, listening to the grunts, groans and delighted squeals emanating from within, mixed with the creaking of metal mattress springs. Within just a minute or two, his self-control subsiding, he unzipped his trousers and released his massive, engorged penis, gently stroking his hand up and down the pumping shaft, quickly exploding into orgasm as his eyes clenched shut in a confusing mix of pain and pleasure. A sizable load of cum, like a sexual tear drop of sorts, splashed upon the brown shag carpeting. He would once again be going home a virgin, yet he had once again gotten a taunting look at what his fantasies would be like had they ever come true. Leaving the party and heading home through the stillness of another lonely night, he left a small imprint of tears on his pillow.

By now, Joe was standing in the center of the convenience store, searching through his pockets to find his shopping list. Taking it out and smoothing out the crumpled paper, he began to move from isle to isle, filling the plastic red basket with various items. From the back corner of the store, the strong smell of photo-processing equipment punctuated the air. Joe glanced up to admire how colorful and clean the photo-processing area was. Filled with portraits of happy couples and playful children, it looked inviting and well-kept. It was at that moment when he saw her.

She emerged from the darkroom, standing directly in the center of the doorway. She was a short girl with a round, pale face and large, dark eyes which shimmered like small pools of innocence. He curly locks of black hair spilled down her back like a cascading waterfall. Her small, round breasts were clearly secured by a tight sports bra, and peaked out from the collar of her white polo shirt. Her legs were perfectly framed by a skin-tight pair of light blue denim capri pants, cuffed just below the knees. She stood with one wrist hanging limply in the air, and Joe could see her alluring black nail polish glistening beneath the bright lights. He longed for her. He wanted her more than any other woman he had ever seen, and he could barely control himself. He stood there, trembling with emotion and lust, wondering what to do.

At that moment, the woman glanced up and her gaze met his. The tension quickly subsided when Joe was greeted by a warm and friendly smile.

“Hello”, a soft voice sang out. “May I help you?”

“Umm, umm, just getting a few things today” Joe stammered.

The lady threw back her head and let out a delightful laugh.

“OK, mister,” she replied. “I can ring everything up in the front of the store. Just follow me.”

Her request didn’t require much persuasion. Joey followed right behind her, catching her scent in her tracks. Anadolu Yakası Escort His penis was already hard, pressing angrily at his zipper, begging to be released and plunged into the warm, moist depths of his fertility goddess. She must have been five years older than him. What a body!

As she began to ring up each small package, Joe noticed her name tag. Excited, he did not realize that he had just read it aloud. “Michelle.”

Michelle smiled at him as his face turned beet red and a wall of sweat was released from his forehead.

“Hey,” she said, smiling.

Her smile was one that Joe had never seen before, and he didn’t exactly know how to read it. If he didn’t know any better, he’d almost say that it looked a bit flirtatious. What should he say? What should he do?

He could have come up with a clever line right then and there, but all he managed to make out was a single “I’m Joe”, before handing her the twenty dollar bill in his pocket and taking the change, pocketing it.

“Nice to meet you, Joe”, Michelle replied as he headed out the door.

“Nice to meet you too”, he replied, almost ready to pass through the automatic sliding doors and back out into the street. He stopped, however, when he heard an ear-splitting “Stop right there!” from behind the counter. He spun around to see Michelle standing only four feet or so from him, her hands on her hips, frowning at him. He had no idea what to say as he stood there, trembling. What had he done to offend her?

He then noticed that she was staring directly at his crotch, and, glancing downward, Joe realized that his penis, now engorged to its fullest extent, had created a ridiculously visible bulge in his pants. He blushed, covering his face with the palm of his hand, trying to think up something to say. “I, I…”

Michelle stepped toward Joe, reached out, and took his hand in hers, the way a teacher does when scolding a misbehaving student, dragging him behind the counter and ordering him to sit in a folding chair. She then walked across the room, her short heels clicking on the tile floor, and much to Joe’s surprise, switched the “Open” sign in the doorway to “Closed”, locking the doors. She then spun gracefully on one heel, and started back towards Joe, once again standing there, burying him in her elongated shadow. There was an awkward moment of silence, and then, she spoke, this time in the same sweet and welcoming voice which she had used when they first met.

“Joe? Joe, are you OK buddy? I didn’t mean to scare you like that.”

Joe stared back in disbelief, unable to know what to make of the whole situation. Michelle got up and brought over a folding chair of her own, setting it down in front of him, sitting down to face him. Crossing her legs and waving her foot about, she sat there, now staring intently at Joe’s bulge. That’s when the request came.

“I’d like you to do something for me. I’d like you to unzip your trousers and let that anxious little cock of yours out for a breath of fresh air. I want to see it.”

That was it; this had to be a dream. Joe felt a wave of desire completely override any sense of judgement he may have had, and he did as he was told. His naked, uncovered penis sprung from his fly, pumping frantically, pink and swollen at its extremities.

There was nothing he had ever felt like he felt now, showing off his endowment to the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, admiring her own features as she admired his.

“Oooh,” she exclaimed. “Such a big, thick one. I think I’d like to pet it.”

Joe was no longer a human at this point. He was a wild animal in need to breed, and no matter how ridiculous and unbelievable this all seemed, he had no choice but to do whatever Michelle told him. He let out a grunt of pleasure.

“Yes! Yes! Come pet and stroke and suck it!”

Getting up calmly and starting toward Joe, Michelle reached out one hand, gently running it along his shaft. It was warm and soft; he could feel every muscle in her fingers, gently caressing him İstanbul Escort as she quietly hummed to herself. She stared deep into his eyes, smiling. “That’s a good boy,” she said. “Something tells me that nobody’s ever been very nice to this cock. Nobody’s ever touched it, have they? It feels different from your own hand, doesn’t it? Do you like that?”

“Oh, yes”, gasped Joe. “Yes; please do it more!”

“I’ll have to be very gentle with you,” Michelle replied. “This is your first time. Here, maybe you’ll like it if I sit on it. She then turned around, playfully wiggled her round bottom into his face, and then tauntingly hovered it just above his knees. Finally, it came down on top of him, with each denim-enclosed cheek sagging over the sides of his penis. She reclined, moaning with pleasure, pressing her hot and sweaty back into his chest which separated her from his racing heart.

“Ooooh!” she wailed, beginning to bounce up and down. Joe wrapped his arms around her plump, warm waist, squeezing and kneading her soft female flesh. He began to rub his hands up and down her belly and breasts, teasing her nipples, pulling off her sports bra, grabbing her hips and biting at her neck. Just then, he was thrust backwards by Michelle’s powerful arms, and felt her bounce upward unto his chest, clenching his face in between her thighs, staring down at him. They had both fallen to the floor. “I’m going to sit on your face”, she said, laughing maniacally. Within an instant, all was dark, moist, and warm. It smelled of denim and perfume. Joe could feel her full weight on his face, as each buttock sagged over his nose, creating a tight seal and pressing his head into the tile floor. He love it; he wanted to be her own personal seat for as long as possible.

That fantasy had ended all too soon when he could once again see the face of his lover, her wide eyes peeking through her matted, sweaty hair as she frantically pulled off all of Joe’s clothing, piece by piece. As she straddled his chest, he couldn’t help but lay there in complete submission as she humped him. Lowering her face towards his, she taunted him with erotic words. “Smell my hair. Smell my fresh skin. Feel my softness envelope you. Spank me. Squeeze my bottom, and let me know when you’re going to cum, because I want to see it and clean it all up with my tongue.”

Her warm, wet mouth was now sucking on Joe’s ear, her tongue circling its most sensitive regions as she sucked and kissed loudly. This was it. Joe could wait no longer. The time was now.

“Do me!” he screamed. “I want you to do me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me now! I like that! I want it! Please pin me down and fuck the shit out of me right now!”

He got his wish. In an instant, his cock was inside her, and as it sprayed its hot juices triumphantly, Joe wrapped his arms as tight as possible around Michelle’s arching back as she moaned with pleasure, frantically thrusting back and forth and breaking into full orgasm, almost passing out with her naked body laying across Joe’s torso. The pair lay there gasping, stunned at all that had just happened.

Just then, Michelle’s demeanor once again changed. “I need to get back to work now,” she said, giving Joe a quick peck on the cheek and slipping her panties back on. As Joe stood up to put his own clothing back on, he gave him a friendly hug. “I want you to know that you are going to find someone some day who really loves you for the man you are. I know you will. You are a true gentleman, and I could see that from the moment you walked in this store. True gentleman are a rare thing nowadays, so I like to reward them. That was my reward for you. Stay who you are, and don’t ever change. I’ll never forget how much fun we had together and how special you made me feel today.”

“Will I ever see you again?” asked Joe.

“Come back tomorrow,” replied Michelle.

Joe did return early the next morning, but his lover was nowhere to be found. He searched and searched for many days, but never saw a trace of her again. He didn’t know what the future would bring, or if he would even meet another woman who could love him as Michelle had, even so spontaneously. Still, every time he walked through a convenience store and smelled the aroma of the photography section, he couldn’t help but smile to himself as he felt a bulge begin the form in his trousers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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