Bootleg: A Memoir Chapter 4


The Exhibitionist

Having lived among both, I find that I prefer the working class to the nobles. They know what it is to be in need and are much quicker to help. When we docked in Bootleg, Delray took me home with him. I was another mouth to feed and another body to squeeze into cramped quarters, but I was welcomed with open arms.

It was Delray’s red faced, harassed mother who hit on a way for me to earn a living. She and some of the other parents in town had vague hopes of their children one day being successful in what they called “the outside world.” They knew this required education, but none possessing it, no one could pass it on. News that there was an educated noblewoman in exile among them was taken as a miracle. Doors opened, horizons broadened and suddenly I had a calling in life — I was a teacher.

I was given an abandoned warehouse for a classroom. My pay was mostly in food, fabric, candles, firewood and the like. A small cottage was donated to me by the father of one of my students. It was in a quiet place outside town, private, clean, and had its own garden. It wasn’t what I was used to, but it belonged to me.

I adopted the casual style of dress that was the norm in Bootleg. I wore loose, off the shoulder blouses with full, ankle length skirts and sandals — when I wore shoes at all. Sometimes I just ran barefoot through shaded jungles and sunny beaches. I finally had the freedom I wanted.

Delray and I were still lovers, but not in love. We were friends who shared our bodies with each other whenever the need arose. We spent many long, hot, tender evenings together.

I became friends with some of the girls in the brothels. I was particularly close to one named Nanette who worked at “The Hiked Skirt Inn.” About my age, she had a statuesque figure, long blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Naturally she was quite popular with the inn’s patrons, which included Delray. I liked talking with her because she’d grown up in Bootleg and knew everything about everyone — especially the men.

I met Sully one night when Delray and I were out on the town. He walked up and suggested that we find a room and have a threesome.

“Forget it,” said Delray. “I’m not into that kinky shit.”

Sully had winked at me and said, “If you ever get bored with him and want to try kinky, let me know.” And then he’d melted into the crowd.

Curious, I described him to Nanette the next day. “About my age…skinny…messy sandy hair…freckles…broken nose…big mouth.”

“Sully. Has someone busted his nose again? That loud mouth of his is going to get him killed. That and his gambling. He’s been barred from this place because he keeps trying to sneak out without paying. Other than that, he’s a good guy.”
“Delray called him kinky?” I prompted.

“Not as much as others I could mention. Honey, they all have their kinks. Sully, he’s a show off. He likes to do it in public where people can watch. He has a thing for group sex…lots of men with one woman. And he has a thing for seeing a woman’s face covered in cum.” She laughed and then said, “Take Delray for instance….not a chance…he thinks it’s disrespectful. Personally I don’t care as long as I get paid.”

“Delray won’t even do that in my mouth,” I reflected. “It’s been a while since I’ve really tasted a man, you know?”

Nanette shrugged. “I guess the novelty has worn off for me. After a while it’s all the same. But Sully is okay…safe, Sex hikayeleri you know? Doesn’t let things get out of hand if there are other men involved. And he is a pretty good fuck. He lasts forever. Bad tipper though.”

She glanced wistfully toward the cracked vase where she kept her tips. I knew that she and her fiancé were trying to save money to marry and keep house. Prostitutes, like pirates, were not what I had imagined them to be.

As soon as Delray went back to sea I missed those long, hot nights. Sully used to tease that I have the sexual appetite of a man. I used to tease back that men were only given dicks so women would find them useful. Then we’d roll around on the floor together in the throes of passion — those were the days. Today I’m strictly a one man woman, but I do look back on those days with great fondness.

I was sitting on my doorstep one night shelling peas and considering the prospect of going to bed alone when I saw a male figure enter my garden. I was alert, but not alarmed as I watched it approach.

“Tonight is your lucky night,” came Sully’s cheerful voice as he stepped into the light. “I’m here to take you out.”

“I know this nice little beach,” he said, sitting down beside me on the step. “Very friendly people there if you know what I mean.”
“How friendly?”

“Tell you what…about that…we’ll take it easy, okay? I won’t let anyone else touch you if you don’t want them to. We’ll just let them watch. I promise you’ll have a good time.”

On one hand I was amused by the complete randomness of the offer, and on the other hand I was intrigued. And some masculine attention would be nice too.

“You can tell Delray all about it later.” Sully suggested, tucking my arm under his as we set off. I simply couldn’t say no to such an interesting proposition. “That guy just doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

It was early autumn, but the night was warm in this tropical climate. We walked barefoot down a narrow dirt path through lush jungle. On either side were palms, elephant ears, and banana trees. The air was full of an exotic perfume of damp earth, orchids, and sea salt. In some ways Bootleg was like the Garden of Eden, just without the forbidden apple.

Sully talked nonstop, mostly tall tales and bragging. His cheerful prattle was full of sea monsters, mermaids, violent storms at sea. I didn’t believe half of what he said, but it was entertaining to listen to.

We ended up on a crescent shaped beach, a sliver of white sand between two limestone cliffs. There were several bonfires where people were engaged in various activities, eating, dancing, talking…. even a few openly having sex.

Sully was looking at me as if trying to decide if I was shocked. “See? Friendly place.”

“Apparently so,” was my dry response. I could only imagine what Delray would say.

We sampled some clams that had just been removed from the fire where they’d been steaming under a bed of seaweed. You’ve never lived until you’ve had seafood that was alive just hours before. Wandering further down the beach, we came to a place where there were fewer people. “Let’s go for a swim.” Sully suggested.
“I don’t know how.”

“If you’re going to live on an island you’d better learn. I won’t let anything happen to you. Come on.”

Broken nose aside, Sully had a smile that could charm a girl into doing anything he wanted. He charmed me right out Sikiş hikayeleri of my clothes and into the water. White sea foam swirled around my ankles and the sand shifted under my feet with every outgoing wave. The sea at night is an awesome thing. Sky and water merge in a seamless black Void and all around you is the unbridled power of the sea.

Sully held my hand as we waded out chest high. There we were beyond the breakers and the waves were as smooth as folds in black satin. I felt safe with Sully. He wasn’t big, but he was strong, and he anchored me against the buoyancy of the water.

“There is one rule in living with the sea,” said Sully with uncharacteristic seriousness. “Respect it, but never fear it. It’s like a mean dog — don’t show fear, but respect the teeth. This water has some nasty teeth.”

I always remember those words with a chill. Years later Sully would be killed in a storm at sea. I was told that he was washed overboard and slammed into a rock, the life pounded out of him. It took me a long time to get over his death; those days were the darkest of my life.

But that was years in the future. I like to remember Sully as he was that night–happy, alive, full of energy. And lust. As he taught me to float, supporting me with his hands, I looked up into those hazel eyes and felt myself surrender.

Back on my feet again, my toes burrowed into velvet sand. My hands sleeked up his arms, admiring their strength.
“What are you thinking?” he asked.

I could feel his erection poking into my stomach. Plunging one hand underwater with a sly smile, I stroked it. “I’m thinking this feels nice.”
“You feel pretty nice yourself.”

We kissed, our hands exploring each other’s bodies. “What do you want to do?” he asked.

“What do you want to do? You brought me out here…you must have something specific in mind.”

“I want people to watch us fuck…maybe while you suck off one or two. “

“Sounds like fun. Right now I want you too much to care about propriety…besides, there’s no such thing in this town.”

Between kisses we stumbled back to shore and collapsed in the warmth of the nearest bonfire. Four young men were sitting there eating clams. They cheered and whistled when Sully and I arrived, apparently pleased with the diversion we offered. I was too full of lust to care, and if anything, it was a turn on.

Sully guided me to my hands and knees in the soft sand. I arched my back and pushed up my hips, stretching into position like a cat in heat. “Oh fuck that’s good.” Sully said as he pushed into my dripping slit. My fingers dug into the sand from the pleasure of feeling him stretch me open.

Our audience offered Sully suggestions, which he scarcely needed. Nanette was right about his enthusiastic style. He pistoned in and out of me hard and fast, making my breasts sway with the movement. Now romance is all well and good, but sometimes a girl just wants a good, hard fuck. At such times, Sully was the man for the job. He seemed intent on fucking me raw, and it felt so good that I couldn’t keep from moaning.

Three of the men watching had their pants undone and were stroking themselves while they watched. The fourth noticed me looking at him and approached. Unfastening his pants, he held his member out, just close enough that I could reach with the tip of my tongue. I tasted a drop of precum.
“You want to suck my cock, sweetie?” he asked.

My Erotik hikaye face flushed slightly at the admission of it, but I assured him that I did. He teased me for a moment, rubbing against my cheek. The nearness of so much aroused masculinity was driving me insane. Finally I said, “Please,” which he seemed to like because he quit his infernal teasing and let me have my way.

I took it all the way inside my mouth, angling my head and neck in just the right way that I could swallow the whole thing. My nose ground against curly pubic hair and I was overwhelmed by the raw, intoxicating scent of maleness. I eagerly slid my mouth up and down his length, wanting to get as much pleasure out of him as I could.

The other three men were moving closer now. The sight of their erections as they stroked themselves aroused me beyond belief. It made me throb with desire and anticipation, and through it all, Sully was still pounding me like a man possessed. I felt wonderfully full and well fucked and he was nowhere near though with me.

I came with a sudden violence, my passage tightening up so much that Sully had to slow down a bit. The sight of my pleasure made the man I was suck off come, thick, creamy fluid surging down my throat. He moved aside and another man took his place. “That’s it. Suck it good baby,” he said, but I hardly needed urging. I was completely helpless to my own lust.

I bobbed my head quickly, sucking him as hard as I could. Suddenly, to my right someone gasped, “I’m gonna cum.”
“Do it on her face.” Sully breathlessly suggested.

A penis suddenly appeared at eye level, its owner frantically stroking it. I closed my eyes just as gooey semen splattered my face, coating my forehead, oozing down the bridge of my nose. It felt so dirty, so raw that I moaned in pleasure. The sound waves thrummed up and down the shaft in my mouth, tickling his sensitive nerve endings. He pulled out of my mouth and shot his load on my face too.

Finally the last man stepped up. With no preamble, he presented me with his erection. I swallowed it until my nose ground into his hips and my jaw was stretched to capacity. His hand on the back of my head helped set the pace that he preferred. “Damn you’re a good cocksucker,” he told me, his voice breathless.

“She has one tight little pussy too,” said Sully, who had slowed down a bit to pace himself.

The one in my mouth didn’t last long. Perhaps this was because he’d been jacking off all this time. It wasn’t too long before he said, “I’m gonna cover you in my cum…you like that?”

I moaned my approval and he made his deposit on my face as well. By now my entire face was sticky with it and it was oozing down my chin. Sully began pounding me with renewed vigor with an energy that verged on violence. It pushed me to a second climax and we came together as he emptied himself into me with one final thrust.

Afterwards we went for another brief swim and then headed home. Once there we had a snack at my kitchen table while Sully told me more of his yarns. I fell asleep with my head on his stomach, and we were best friends and lovers for the rest of his life.

I saw him down to The Jolly Jack when it was time for him to sail out. “When I come back, I’ll bring a friend to visit you. We’ll teach you some fun new games,” he promised “Hey — maybe I’ll bring you something shiny.”

He always said he’d bring a gift, but he never did. His creditors were always waiting when he came into port, and emptied his pockets as soon as he stepped foot on land. Poor Sully. I like to think that I made his short life more pleasant as I know he made mine more colorful.

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