Boat Ho Ch. 20


Alex didn’t enjoy line handling, but at least it got her off the ship. Some other ship was going out to sea, and she figured she’d be used in the next line-handling excursion. It was on the way back to the USS Tet Offensive when she noticed her. She saw the small boat making its way back to the pier. And its driver was none other than BM3(SW/AW) Janet Watson. But she wasn’t a third class petty officer anymore. She was now a second class. Alex didn’t make eye contact with her and tried not to notice her. But it was her; she didn’t want to see her again. She followed the rest of the group back to the ship.

From the kitchen to the frying pan Alex was forced to take part in a working party when she got back. There was a delivery of dry goods to the ship and the new Chief made certain Alex was chose. Alex knew her deal with Admiral North might have leaked and the whole incident with Lois was still fresh in a few people’s minds. The good news was that no one knew about the incident with Ensign Jones. And that he’d be kicked out of the Navy when a mass cheating scandal at the Naval Academy and his original ASVAB scores were discovered.

The working party was taking too long. It seemed like an endless stream of snacks and other things. She noticed a few sailors took some of the boxes. The looked at her and smiled. She was happy when it was time for muster. She stuffed the box of graham crackers and the large bag of Doritos in her book bag and left the ship in her civilian clothes. She made it to the apartment with ease and decided to take a nap.

“Holy shit,” Huff said as he walked in the apartment.

His loud outburst woke Alex up.

“The fuck,” Alex said as she looked at her alarm clock. It was nearly two in the morning. She slept for most of the day. She got out of her bed and opened the door to see Huff and her brother on the couch together.

“What’s going on,” Alex asked as she walked up to them.

“Nothing much,” Skyler laughed.

“Are you drunk,” Alex asked.

“Yeah,” Huff smiled.

“I slept from the second I got home,” Alex laughed while joining them on the couch.

“Oh,” Huff said as she slumped over into his lap.

“Fucking tired,” she laughed.

“I bet,” he said as he ran a hand through her hair.

“Where are you coming from,” she asked.

“Letters,” Skyler replied.

“Digits,” Huff said correcting him.

“Whatever,” Skyler said in a mean tone, “we had a good time.”

“I bet,” Alex replied.

“Oh shit,” Huff said as he lightly gripped Alex’s hair.

“Ow,” she replied, “what?”

“You’ll never believe who I saw,” he said letting go of her hair.


“Remember that dyke,” he said.

“Which one,” Alex asked.

“Watson,” he started, “she was there.”

“No way,” she said as she sat up.

“Yeah,” he smiled, “talked to her for a minute, she didn’t believe that I was gay.”

“I bet,” she replied, “you know I think I saw her earlier, during the line-handling thing.”

“I didn’t know she was stationed here,” he laughed.

“Neither did I,” she replied, “was she with anyone?”

“Yeah,” he replied.

“Who,” she asked.

“Some other dyke looking chick,” he replied, “don’t think she was full blown or whatever, she looked kind of uncomfortable. I did get her number.”

“Watson or the other dyke?”


“Good,” Alex laughed as she got off the couch.

“Why’s that good,” Huff asked.

“You Maltepe Escort have no idea,” Alex replied.

Alex slunk back to her room and went back to sleep. She was all ready formulating a plan.

Alex took the car to the Navy Exchange in the morning. She didn’t put on any make-up; she didn’t wash her hair or wear a bra. She wanted to look different; she wanted to look like a dyke. She didn’t like shopping at the Exchange, but it was cheaper than out in town. She found a pair of Doc Martin boots and bought them. She went to the barbershop and had them chop off most of bob of hair. It wasn’t a crew cut or too short. It was decent and bit longer than she thought it would be but she liked it. She liked the new look. She smiled at her reflection as she got out of the chair. She drove home and looked herself over. She found a pair of jeans and put on a wife beater. She looked interesting in the get up. She noticed her nipples were very hard and the shirt barely contained her breasts. She ran some gel in her hair and spiked it up. But the tattoos looked good against the shirt.

“Almost perfect,” Alex said to her reflection.

She walked out of her room to find her brother in the living room. He looked up at her and had a strange look on his face.

“You look like a boy,” he said.

“Duh,” she laughed.

“You still look good,” he replied.

“Thanks,” she smiled as she sat on the couch with him.

“So,” he started, “why the drastic change?”

“That dyke you saw,” she smiled, “I have a bit of a score to settle with her.”

“Oh,” he laughed, “I didn’t know my little sister was a rug muncher. What happened?”

“I’m not a rug muncher. I’m bisexual,” she smiled, “we fooled around a bit, it wasn’t very good. She was nasty.”

“I bet,” he said as he put his arm around her, “she didn’t look so good.”

“She could eat a pussy though,” she laughed, “shit, is Huff awake or here?”

“He’s asleep,” he replied.

“Think he knows,” Alex asked.

“About us,” he asked.

“Yeah,” Alex laughed.

“No,” he smiled as she leaned in and kissed him.

“Good,” she replied as she pulled back.

“Would you want to have a threesome,” he asked.

“No,” she replied with a smile as she got off the couch.

“Sorry,” he said as she walked to her room.

“Maybe,” she said as she quietly slid into her room.

The weekend went by a lot faster than Alex wanted it to. She heard Huff and her brother fucking nonstop and wished she could trade places with Huff. She worked on her new dyke look and realized she should keep the look up. The week also moved faster than she thought it would. She found that the days moved rather quickly and even the duty day went by fast. By the time Friday rolled around she felt relieved and happy. She made it home with Huff and took a nap.

“Wake up,” Huff said as he knocked on Alex’s door.

“What,” she replied sitting up.

“Me and Skyler are going to the club,” he said quickly, “wanna go?

“What time is it?”

“About nine,” Huff replied.

“Can you get me in,” Alex asked.

“Yeah,” he smiled, “I’ll buy you a drink.”

“Thanks,” Alex said as she got off the bed.

Alex looked like a typical dyke with her short hair, white tank top, tight black jeans and doc Martin boots. She was afraid that she couldn’t get it but Huff was able to talk to the bouncer and got her in. Skyler didn’t look too into being Maltepe Escort Bayan at the club. He looked annoyed more than anything. As promised Huff got Alex her drink, a long island, which she drank quickly and she bought another one. She was working on her third one when she noticed George with Huff and Skyler was nowhere to be found. Alex didn’t talk to them. She looked around and noticed Watson. She looked at her standing by the bar. She looked like an extreme dyke and Alex wanted one last shot at her. She walked over and smiled at her.

“Hello Watson,” Alex said.

“Do I know you,” Watson said in a smartass tone.

“It’s me Lundz,” she shot back.


“Lundz,” she started, “from the Tet Offensive.”

“Who,” Watson said annoyed.

“Lundz,” she said in a load tone, “we fucked, or at least we tried to. You broke my dildo.”

“I remember you,” Watson said in a snide tone, “you didn’t know how to eat pussy.”

“A lot has changed,” Alex smiled.

“Oh,” Watson replied, “how much?”

“A lot,” Alex replied as she reached for Watson’s crotch.

Alex gripped Watson’s crotch through her loose jeans. Alex attempted to force a finger into her pussy.

“Let’s find out,” Watson said as she gripped Alex’s wrist.

“Yeah,” Alex replied.

They took a taxi back to Alex’s place. She decided it was best not to stick around in Hillcrest. Alex did have the cab driver stop at a liquor store. Watson bought her a bottle of Aftershock. Alex was happy about that and almost opened the bottle in the car; both Watson and the driver advised her against it. Alex was relieved when she got out of the cab. She immediately cracked open the bottle and took a quick gulp.

“Jesus,” Watson said as Alex closed the bottle.

Alex grabbed Watson’s hand and led her to her apartment. It was empty and Alex took her to her room. She pushed Watson on the bed and slowly pulled down her pants. Alex noticed she wasn’t wearing underwear. Alex looked down at Watson’s hairy vagina and smiled. She was no longer afraid of it anymore. She bent over and ran her tongue over it quickly and sunk a finger in it. She saw Watson smile with approval. Watson took her top off to reveal her large floral pattern tattoo

“Love the tattoos,” Alex smiled.

“Love yours too,” Watson replied.

Alex pushed Watson back on the bed and worked her way down Watson’s body. She reached the largely un-kept bush of hair above her vagina. Alex quickly pushed her legs apart to reveal her nasty vagina. The stench hit Alex in the face. She cringed quickly but quickly leaned forward and ran her tongue over he pussy. She didn’t like the taste and nearly gagged. But she kept it up and licked it again. She put a finger in it and licked it over and over as she slowly finger fucked her. Alex then worked her way back up Watson’s body and kissed her.

“You have changed,” Watson said as Alex pulled away.

“I know,” Alex smiled as she went back to work on her pussy.

Alex quickly turned her over and pulled her hips to her face. She leaned in and began to lick and finger her pussy. Alex noticed her hairy asshole staring at her. She moved in and licked it quickly.

“Oh,” Watson let out as Alex’s tongue grazed her asshole.

“Stay there,” Alex said as she got off the bed.

Alex walked to her dresser and pulled out her strapon, another didlo, and a bottle of lube. She quickly turned the lights off and Escort Maltepe put the dildo on. She got back on the bed and poured a little bit of the lube in Watson’s ass. She worked a finger in as Watson moaned in pleasure. Alex then licked away at it and poured more lube in her ass. She worked a finger in and then another one. Watson didn’t know what to take of it. She’d never really been fucked in the ass. Alex slowly slid the dildo into Watson’s vagina.

“Yeah,” Watson moaned as the dildo entered her.

“Feel good,” Alex asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

Alex slowly worked the dildo into Watson’s vagina for the first few thrusts. She soon quickened the pace and eventually forced it all the way in. She soon began to fuck Watson like she was a man. She could tell Watson was enjoying it. Alex slowly took the other dildo and introduced it to her ass. She slowly worked it in.

“What are you doing,” Watson asked.

“Shhhhhh,” Alex said quickly.

“Ow,” Watson said as she inched it into her ass.

Alex continued to fuck her pussy as she slid the dildo into her ass. Alex grabbed her hips and legs and forced the dildo deep into her pussy. She left the dildo in her ass as she continued to fuck her pussy. Watson felt it in her and wanted it out. But Alex kept it in there. But the feeling of the dildo slamming into her counteracted the pain in her ass with sheer pleasure and it made it difficult to think about it.

“Fuck,” Watson let out.

Alex bent forward and kissed her back and lightly gripped her hair and pulled on it. Alex slowly drug Watson closer to the edge of the bed as she stood up. Alex slowly pulled the dildo out of her ass and dropped it on the floor. Watson let out a sigh of relief. But it wasn’t to last.

“Yeah,” Alex said as she pulled the dildo out of her pussy.

Watson remained on the bed as Alex found the lube and poured it on the dildo. She wiped her wet hand on the bed and gripped Watson’s hips and slowly began to work the dildo into her ass.

“Stop,” Watson begged as Alex forced the dildo deeper into her ass.

Alex didn’t listen and forced the object all the way to the hilt inside of her. She felt her hips collide with Watson’s ass. Alex pulled the dildo out of her and slammed it back into her. Watson winced in pain as Alex pulled it out and jammed it back into her. She felt a tear roll down her face. She didn’t want to full on cry and let Alex know about the pain she was experiencing. Alex quickly pulled out and pushed her on the bed and turned her over. Alex stood over her and kissed her. She ran her hand over Watson’s face. Alex grabbed Watson’s right leg and pushed it up towards her head. She followed suit with the other leg. Alex pinned Watson to the bed and pushed the dildo into her ass. Alex let go of her legs and placed them on her shoulders and put her hands on the bed. Alex continued to fuck her harder and harder. Watson gritted her teeth with every thrust of the dildo into her ass.

“You like that,” Alex asked in a nasty tone.

“No,” she grunted.

“I don’t care,” Alex said in a similar tone.

The pillage of Watson’s ass continued to for some time. Alex loved it, but she couldn’t keep it up. She lost her grip a few times and decided it had to stop. She pulled out of her and stood up. She turned the lights on.

“Fuck,” Watson said as she reached for her ass.

Watson was in extreme pain. Alex had nearly destroyed her ass with the dildos. Alex stood over her on the side of the bed. She looked up at Alex as she took the dildo off. Alex slid into bed with her. She looked at the alarm clock it was two in the morning.

“How was it,” Alex asked as she kissed Watson.

Watson did not respond she just turned over as Alex began to spoon her.

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