Black Lesbians Got Big Dicks Too


My name is Fatima Janice Simone. A big and tall, alright, forthrightly fat and proud black femme fatale from the hood. My body is thick, my breasts are large, my hips are wide and my butt is huge. It’s called a ghetto booty for a reason, you know. What are my awesome dimensions? 36-42-67. Read them and weep. I stand six feet four inches tall and weigh three hundred and eighty pounds. And I have a sixty-seven-inch plump black booty. The kind of huge and awesomely fat ass that both men and women can’t help but stare at. Last but not least, I carry a twelve-inch black dildo that’s been known to make all kinds of women squeal in orgasmic delight. I call it my Super Cock.

What do I do all day? Well, when I’m not chasing bitches to get some pussy from them, I’m a drug dealer. One of the best drug dealers in the city of Boston, folks. One of the very best. I sell high-quality dope to whoever happens to have the cash. And I also grease the pockets of the local policemen so they stay off my back. I have a love-hate relationship with the local policewomen. I ran into a big, red-haired policewoman named Brenda O’Shea at a lesbian bar once. She’s one of those bitchy Irish-American policewomen from the Boston Police Department. Always harassing drug dealers and dope pushers. She’s a real bitch. However, that night, I made her my bitch.

I saw Brenda O’Shea sitting at the bar, drinking a bottle of Petrone. I ordered myself a Forty, and chugged it down while spitting game at her. Yeah, even when you’re a lesbian, you got to know how to spit game at females. They’re not going to give it up to you just because you’ve got tits and a pussy like they do. Lots of bi-curious females like a woman who’s a little bit on the masculine side. That’s why butch black women like myself get tons of pussy in the hood. I seduced Brenda, and we went to the ladies room together for some fun.

I sat Brenda on the toilet seat and spread her plump white thighs wide open. I breathed in the smell of the big white woman’s hairy pussy. Thankfully, she was clean. Kurtköy Escort Lots of females aren’t very clean down there. I slid one finger into her pussy, and she gasped. I laughed, and continued to finger her snatch while sucking on those big tits of hers. I worked my magic and in no time, I had the plump white woman screaming my name. I made her cum again and again. Later, I had my way with her. I put her on all fours and donned my strap-on dildo. I fucked her from behind, slamming the dildo deep into her. Brenda screamed in pleasure as I fucked her brains out. I fucked her until she begged for mercy. Then, I pressed a button on my mechanized dildo, releasing hot artificial cum deep inside her. The bitch was stunned. I laughed. It was fun. Afterwards, I left her there and went looking for some new pussy.

Yeah, I meet tons of interesting people in my job. It’s not always fun and games, though. I’ve been known to get into brawls with other dealers, both male and female, who invade my territory. I got to make a living, know what I mean? I can’t have them stealing my business. It’s just not proper. I’m into contact sports and I used to take lessons in Boxing and Karate, so I know how to fight. Just in case things get a little rough, I’ve got my switchblade and a colt forty five. They’re my very own personal bodyguards, know what I mean?

When I’m not working, I’m practicing the ancient sport of muff diving. Usually between the legs of some plump beauty who’s exploring her bisexuality or awakening to her inner lesbianism. I totally love sex. And I am good at it. Not all lesbians are good at eating pussy, you know. Some men eat pussy better than some women, believe it or not. I’s not a gender specific talent. It’s a work of art and you’ve got to practice. I work at it all the damn time. That’s just the way I get down, know what I mean? Down here in the hood, there’s not much to do. Except smoking dope, fuck around and fight. Often all at once. This is how we roll around here, folks. That’s life in the hood Kurtköy Escort Bayan for you. Stick around and enjoy the fun.

I’m a fat woman who is attracted to other fat women. A ghetto dyke. That’s me. Today, I’m going on a hunt. I need to find some new pussy. And surely enough, I did. I picked up this fat black chick named Salome Andrade at the marketplace. She was doing some grocery shopping. Well, I needed to get some so I brought her home. Salome is one of those bitches from the hood who swear they ain’t gay but at night, she’s licking more pussy than a lesbian porn star. I knew the type. I love taming these wild bitches. That’s why I picked her up in the first place.

I sat on my bed and told Salome to show me what she got. Salome was a big bitch, standing five feet ten inches tall, with big breasts, a thick body, thick legs, wide hips and a huge ass. She had jet-black skin. This big dame must weigh around two hundred and fifty pounds. She was thick and juicy, with a fat ass too. Just the way I liked them. I don’t do skinny women. I like them big and plump. Just like me. That’s just the way I get down, people. Get used to it.

Yeah, I was there, watching as Salome Andrade got naked. The big black woman had a nice body. From the look of her, I could tell that she was at least bisexual. She had some stretch marks from giving birth, so she slept with men at least occasionally. Unlike a lot of lesbians, I got no problem with bisexual females. I just want a hot bitch to fuck. Who she fucks the rest of the time is none of my business. Live and let live. Easy come and easy go. That’s just the way I see things, you feel me?

Salome was stripping slowly. Normally, I would let her take her time and enjoy the show but today I was horny. I hadn’t gotten any pussy in twelve hours and to me, that’s a frigging eternity. I don’t know about you but I love sex. I looked at Salome. The slow stripping thing may seem artful to some but to me, it’s a total frigging bore. I told her to step it up. Salome Escort Kadıköy did as she was told. I smiled, and lit up my cigar. I leaned back and enjoyed the show. She had a nice, plump and sexy body. I liked what I saw. I told her to get sexy fat ass on the bed next to me. She pouted, but did as she was told. I kissed her, then laid her on the bed. I fondled her tits, and slid my fingers into her.

Salome moaned in pleasure, and urged me on. Oh, man. This chick was something else. Her boobs were so succulent and that pussy of hers felt so warm and soft on my fingers. I kissed a path down from her chest to her belly and finally to her pelvis. I breathed in the smell of her pussy. Nice. I began to lick and probe that hot pussy of hers. Salome gripped the back of my head and urged me on. I smiled. Yeah, I got skills. I slid three fingers into her pussy, and finger-fucked her. She squealed in delight. Oh, man. This stuff turned me on so much that I did something I didn’t normally do. I dropped my pants, and began rubbing my pussy against Salome’s. oh, man. This stuff felt so good. Salome energetically rubbed her pussy against mine. We worked each other over until we both came, almost at the same time. I screamed in sheer pleasure. This stuff was great!

When I got mine, as they say around here, I was smiling from ear to ear, as was Salome. I fetched my strap-on and we continued to do our thing. I put her on all fours, and pinched her ass while sliding my dildo into her pussy. Salome was one energetic fuck. This woman gave as good as she got. She backed up that fat ass of hers, driving my dildo deeper inside her. Emboldened, I smacked her ass while fucking her. Oh, yeah. That’s what I like. Salome screamed and begged me for more. I fucked her like black lesbian sex was going out of style. Until she came. Afterwards, we started all over again.

An hour or so later, Salome and I parted ways. Man, I haven’t had sex like that in a long time. This was frigging great, you know. I took Salome’s number. She was so much fun that I knew I’d be back for more. She smiled, kissed me then put her clothes back on and took off. I watched her sexy fat ass walk away from my apartment. Hot damn, what I wouldn’t give to tap that ass every day! Oh, well. Enough daydreaming. I had to get back to work. The dope doesn’t sell itself, you know.

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