Bi the Way Ch. 02

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Tom’s tongue slid over the smooth flesh between his lips slowly, erotically playing upon the sensitive nerves that he knew he would have no trouble making dance. Dance they did, and Steve couldn’t help but grab the back of Tom’s armchair; his eyes closed, he put his other hand on Tom’s head and played with his hair a little. He let out a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding as his balls slipped from Tom’s suckling. Tom ran his tongue slowly up and down the shaft of Steve’s rock-hard cock, making Steven lean into him a little. Tom’s hands ran up Steve’s thighs and slipped around to cup Steve’s buttocks; he dug his fingers into them as he finally slid his mouth all the way down his favorite toy. Steve groaned as Tom’s mouth came back up, and then Tom was sliding down Steve again. His tongue worked the shaft just as much as his lips did, that perfect suction tormenting Steve. He spent a few moments just working on the head, driving his lover wild, and squeezed Steve’s balls a few time. Continuing to massage that dark, hairless flesh as he again dropped his head, Tom sucked long and hard on ten inches of pale meat. When he pulled his mouth away, he tasted precum and smiled as he kissed his way down Steve’s shaft.

“Yeah, baby,” Steve whispered as Tom’s tongue again made its way up Steve’s shaft. “Just like that.”

Steve had clearly forgotten that Tom didn’t like being called “baby”. Tom squeezed Steve’s balls hard, making Steve grunt and grit his teeth. Steve, in retaliation, tightened his fist in Tom’s hair. That was the end of it, however, as Tom continued massaging Steve’s balls with one hand and his ass with the other. His mouth again descended upon the head, suckling it gently, before descending in full. He pushed Steve’s cock all the way into his mouth, the head nearly making him gag, but he kissed the base of Steve’s shaft with his lips wrapped around it as he squeezed his balls again. Then he slowly pulled his lips and tongue up Steve’s shaved and worked his head once more. The next time he went down on Steve, he deep-throated the man’s hard cock a second time. Again, he pulled up slowly. Again, he bahis şirketleri worked the head and the man’s balls while digging the fingers of his other hand into Steve’s ass. Finally, he deep throated it one last time.

Steve was about ready to blow now. His breathing had grown faster and shallower. He was rocking gently against Tom’s mouth and gripping Tom’s hair a little more tightly.

“Yes,” Steve whispered through gritted teeth. “Yeah…yeah…nnn…god…uh, god….mmm.”

When Tom deep-throated Steve a fourth time and squeezed his balls, Steve could no longer hold back. He blew his load right then and there, and Tom actually choked as the spray filled his throat. When he pulled away, Steve was almost panting. Tom kept swallowing more and more, and he gasped as well when he finally pulled away. Rather than licking his cock clean, however, Tom simply rubbed his chin and cheeks against that beautiful man-sword. He sucked up and down the shaft, licked the shaft, kissed and worked the head with his lips and tongue to keep the orgasm going. It was driving Steve wild, making him cum longer. When Steve could cum no more, he got to his feet and leaned over. He kissed Tom’s cum-covered lips and stuck his tongue between them. Their tongues danced and played for a few moments before Steve finally broke the passionate kiss. Leading Tom over to the couch, he practically threw the man down. He wasn’t done with Tom just yet – not by a long shot.

Straddling Tom, Steve kissed him for some time. Their bodies pressed together, their cocks dancing as they rested; both men finally caught their second wind. Then Steve turned Tom around to put him on his knees, and Tom put his hands on the back of the couch. Straddling him again, Steve slowly drove his cock between Tom’s cheeks. When he was in, Steve started slowly driving his cock deep into Tom’s ass and then pulling only far enough out to touch the bottom of his head. His hands ran up Tom’s body as he fucked him. His fingers danced upon Tom’s six-pack and his pecs. Then his fingers were twisting Tom’s nipples, making Tom grunt and groan. Tom could not have been happier. bahis firmaları The pain of his pinched and twisted nipples was nothing to the pleasure of having Steve’s cock inside him, and Steve was kissing Tom’s neck as well. During a particularly hard pinch, Steve sank his teeth into Tom’s neck. Tom cried out a little but he did not complain as Steve left his mark upon him: a bruise that would probably last for several days. It was perhaps the most dangerous thing he could do, for it would lead to Tom trying to explain things to his partner the next day – or trying to not explain things, rather. Tom did almost say something but he thought better of it. He would address the issue when they were done.

Another slow thrust drove the hickey completely out of Tom’s mind, and Steve continued kissing Tom’s neck. It was almost as though he were apologizing while simultaneously telling Tom that he belonged to Steve. Tom felt Steve’s teeth on his neck again just a few moments later, and Steve was moving faster now. He tried to tell Steve to stop but Steve didn’t listen; in his defense, Tom hadn’t put much conviction behind it. Perhaps that was because Steve’s thrusts into Tom’s ass were quickening and becoming more forceful. Tom’s grunts turned into moans as his own cock started to tingle. Still tweaking Tom’s nipples and grazing Tom’s chest with the fingers of one hand, Steve let his other hand drop to Tom’s balls. He squeezed that beautiful sack again and again as he fucked him, and he started using his teeth on Tom’s shoulder. Tom’s cock was getting hotter and hotter as he felt those teeth upon his shoulder, his nipples crying out, and that long shaft sliding up and down inside him. Soon, he wasn’t even moaning. He was just breath really heavily. He finally grunted as Steve brought him to the brink and violently threw him over. Steve’s hand reached down as soon as he realized what was about to happen, and he started stroking Tom’s cock. When Tom finally exploded, Steve’s hand was quickly covered in semen. He didn’t stop stroking Tom’s cock, however, nor did he stop squeezing his balls or fucking him hard. His teeth dug in kaçak bahis siteleri even deeper, giving Tom a third bruise.

Tom’s orgasm lasted even longer than Steve’s, and he was laughing when he was done. Steve licked his hand clean and sat down on the couch. With Tom watching, Steve spread the excess cum on his cock and started stroking himself furiously. He was soon cumming all over his own chest, and Steve got down to eat it. Steve laid himself out upon the couch and Tom positioned himself over it. His still-hard cock was quickly taken into Steve’s waiting mouth as he descended upon Steve’s cock. They licked and sucked each other’s cocks, making one another squirm and jump as their sensitivities cried out. Soon, however, they were settling into a steady rhythm. Tom supported himself with his hands but Steve’s hands were clawing at Tom’s ass. He was soon sticking two fingers into Tom’s hole, and Tom returned the favor as he resorted to just supporting himself with one arm. The sucked and fucked one another until they were both moaning in pleasure, and that only made them suck one another’s cocks harder and faster. Soon, they were sucking and fucking with reckless abandon. When they exploded, it was together. Both of them filled their throats with cum and swallowed as much of it as they could. They pushed their perfectly coordinated orgasms to the limit.

When they could cum no more and there was little left to clean up, Tom laid himself down upon Steve. Steve put his arm around Tom. After they had begun to catch their breath, Tom finally spoke.

“Dammit, Steve,” he said breathlessly, “I told you not to leave any marks.”

Steve said nothing. When he could finally think straight, he began to wonder how long he could keep up this charade. In a way, it was hilarious. The bitch he’d screwed a few months previous had completely left his mind. He was thinking about his most recent lay and the fact that he was fucking the cop investigating their cases. He started laughing aloud as he picked up Tom’s cigar from earlier. He lit it and tossed the lighter back upon the table. Tom thought he was laughing because of the sheer pleasure of their fun together. Really, Steve was laughing because the whole situation was completely fucked-up and wonderfully exciting at the same time.

Yeah…things were definitely balanced on the head of a pin.

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