Being Neighborly

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The two men in the garage of the split level home in Colonie, a suburb of the capital of New York State, could not have been more different in most ways, and it wasn’t the wide disparity in ages that set them apart.

The young man, Mark Willett, was a twenty year old college sophomore who played on the school’s lacrosse team, and was a muscular lad who packed close to 200 pounds on his six foot frame. His hair was thick, jet black and long enough to wear in a ponytail.

The older man, Alan Murray was closer to seventy than 60, and while he too had been an athlete in his youth those days were long gone. Alan Murray’s hair was now a thinning silver grey, and while his physique had once been impressive as well, with the passing of years it had been reduced to a pale frailness and while he was still trim he now looked the part of the typical little old man perfectly.

Mr. Murray, as Mark always called him, had begun to ask the young man to come over to do various odd jobs on the pretense that the student could use money for college, but if the truth would be known he longed for the company more than anything.

Mark, on the other hand, said he was glad to do the tasks without compensation, having grown quite fond of the aging widower over the years but the retired man insisted he take the money because he had plenty. More money than tasks to do, and recently the old man had taken to inventing things that needed to be done just to have the lad over.

And when you come over looking like this, the old-timer mused as he held the step ladder and his young helper’s hip while Mark reached high to arrange things in the space above the garage false ceiling, I feel more and more like the perverted old coot praying on young people. 20 after all was still very young to him.

Wearing a tank top and rather skimpy shorts because of the warm weather, the bronzed and muscular lad’s attire left little to the imagination and that was saying something considering that one of the things that still worked well for Alan Murray was his imagination.

The shorts, for example, left little to guess at because not only did they reveal much of Mark’s muscular thighs, they were snug enough to show a very healthy bulge in front. The old man had noticed the bulge before but it seemed more prominent today than ever, threatening to snake out of the shorts as it wound down the inside of his thigh.

Mark’s a big boy, Alan thought as he fantasized about reaching into the leg of the shorts and pulling what he suspected to be a whopper, not only seeming to be quite long but rather thick as well. Alan had savored a couple of lads since his wife’s passing had left him single again, but while they were nice boys neither was particularly well hung which was always Alan’s preference.

Not only was the Mark muscular and seemingly well-hung, he was also a hairy fellow. Not only were his sinewy legs furry, where the down on his robust thighs became much thicker on his calves, but it looked like young Mark was getting a healthy growth of hair on his chest from what the tank-top revealed.

Bushy armpits too, Alan Murray noticed as his hand squeezed Mark’s hip lightly while he leaned closer to inhale the lad’s manly aroma. As the old man watched a tiny drop of sweat trickled down from the black jungle he was tempted to lean even closer and catch the drop with his tongue to see if it tasted as sweet as the boy looked.

The elderly man hated himself at times like this, thinking these thoughts about a kid who he had watched grow up. The image of little Mark pedaling his bike or delivering papers being replaced by him staring at the bulge in the lad’s shorts was not very wholesome but he couldn’t help himself.

After all, Alan reasoned as the bulge got even closer to the hem of the shorts, he’s not a kid and if that “friend” of Mark’s that used to stop over was any indication, Mark was not adverse to attention from the same sex. The elderly man had, during his frequent looking across the street, caught a few subtle pats and other gestures between the two which led him to believe that maybe young Mark was at the very least open-minded.

The man visiting Mark hadn’t been a withering senior citizen but was a gentleman at least twice Mark’s own age, and while Mark was exceptionally friendly and kind to Alan, there was nothing to indicate he would take kindly to the advances of an old man like him even if Mark had said more than once that Mr. Murray reminded him of his grandfather.

So Alan Murray stood there, his heart pounding while looking up at the neighbor and fighting a losing battle in attempting to avoid looking at the ever growing bulge in those shorts, knowing that the minute the lad left he would take care of his lust in the way he had become used to doing.


On the ladder, Mark Willett was having trouble multitasking, and it wasn’t because the job was difficult but because of the distractions that went along with the task.

Not only was the hand on his hip having an effect, but kaçak iddaa the way that the grandfatherly old fellow was looking at his crotch was making the bulge get more and more noticeable with each passing minute.

Mark had sensed the old fellow’s interest in him in the past, but he thought that it might have been mostly his imagination because he had known the man for years and he had never so much as made an off-putting comment, let alone staring at the crotch, but there was no mistaking where his eyes went.

That was why Mark wore the shorts over there, because he had outgrown them and were not something he would even where anywhere in public, except perhaps for Provincetown. Mark thought that combined with the skimpy shorts, his not wearing underwear would confirm his suspicions. Either that or he would get a rebuke from the senior for dressing so inappropriately.

No criticisms were made however and judging by the way Mr. Murray was looking at him none were forthcoming either. Was there something stirring in those baggy trousers of his even at his advanced age, Mark wondered as he paused to wipe the sweat from his brow while contemplating his next move.

For years Mark had primarily been attracted to older gentleman, but none had been quite as old as Mr. Murray although his grandfather had been close. Was it the fact that Mr. Murray resembled his late grandfather that attracted him to the senior? Even now that he was long gone Mark still worshiped the memory of his Grandpa who had taught him so much and now he was beginning to realize that he would have to make the first move.

“You okay up there Markie?” Mr. Murray said, inadvertently calling the lad by the same moniker his late grandfather had.

“Yeah Mr. Murray,” Mark replied as he looked down and contorted his shoulders a second before reaching back up. “This kinda gets to your shoulders after a while though.”

“Plus it’s so stifling in here,” Alan added as he watched the sweat rolled down into the armholes of Mark’s tank-top, but then his eyes went down and he saw it.

The boy’s movement had somehow inched the shorts up a bit. Either that or his penis was getting longer because the very tip of his organ was peeking out. Not very much but enough for the old man to see the beige tip and to determine that Mark was either circumcised or the foreskin had peeled back a bit. Either way, there was no denying that the lad was well endowed.

“Uh – you can take a break if you would like,” Alan mumbled as he started to sweat more than his worker, his gaze focused on the opening on the tip of the glans of the lad’s monster.

“No – as a matter of fact I’m almost done – just have to get this last slat moved over.”

More straining and contorting followed, and Alan was afraid that either he was going to pass out or become unable to control himself and find himself reaching over and grabbing that fat plum.

“You know, that offer still stands,” Alan reminded him, referring to the suggestion he had made the last time the boy was there, something of a tip for his hard work. “I’d be happy to give you a rubdown.”

“You know, I think I’ll take you up on that,” Mark replied as he looked down at saw the shock on the old fellow’s face because while the offer had been made Mark had declined because he was nervous about all the ramifications involved.

“Really?” Mr. Murray responded.

“Sure, you were a trainer for State for how many years?” Mark asked.

“37,” Alan answered, wistfully recalling his volunteer work for the school, a job that was clearly a labor of love because he got to work on so many fit young men, although he had always kept it professional despite the temptations.

“I’m sure you still have the touch Mr. Murray,” Mark said as he climbed down the ladder. “Would you mind if I took a shower first? Just to rinse the sweat off of me?”

“Why – uh – sure,” Alan said as they went into the house itself. “Uh – you know the way. I’ll gather the things I need. Been a while.”

Alan watched the lad pad into the bathroom, not quite closing the door as the senior went to the bedroom to dig out the lotion he would need. He wondered whether he should change clothes, because he would look silly rubbing down a near naked man like this, and if he had more nerve and confidence in what his naked body would look like to a young buck like Mark he would do it naked.

“Mr. Murray? Is there a towel I can use?”

Mark’s voice woke him out of his daydreaming, and before the old man jerked his head away awkwardly to avoid the appearance he was staring, he got an eyeful of his young neighbor naked and unashamed.

Alan went to the hall closet and pulled out the nicest towel he could find and handed it to Mark while looking over his shoulder, and after Mark had taken it and gone back into the bathroom the senior citizen closed the closet door an rested his head against the wood.

“You’re beautiful,” Alan Murray whispered to himself as he tried to get his heart to beat normally again, and kaçak bahis he knew that the brief glance at Mark’s magnificent body was etched into his mind forever.

“Circumcised too,” he added as he retreated into the bedroom and changed into a pair of light grey sweats and t-shirt.

Alan idly grabbed his flaccid penis and stretched it out a couple of times before pulling the sweats on, with that brief look at Mark’s considerable endowment making it clear to the elder than there was no way he could be naked in the same room as that Adonis because he would look absurd in every way.

The shower went on and then off soon after, and Alan tried to be nonchalant as he busied with things on the dresser when Mark came into the bedroom, the towel sort of in front of him.

“Climb on the bed Markie,” Mr. Murray said. “I’m afraid that I don’t have a massage table anymore.”

“That’s okay,” Mark replied. “I never got on one but they look easy to fall off of and I’m kind of a klutz.”

“So you’ve never had a massage before?” Alan asked as he turned around just as Mark was getting onto the stomach over the towels Alan had set down.

“No sir.”

“Well, hopefully this will be something you enjoy,” Alan Murray said, biting his tongue as he looked as the gorgeous boy laying there face with his arms and legs akimbo, fighting the urge to add that he knew that at the very least he would enjoy it.


“I see you changed your clothes,” Mark commented as Alan shook the bottle of lotion before struggling to get the stuck cap free. “I was kind of hoping that you would be naked too. Make me feel less self-conscious.”

“I can’t think of a fellow with less need to be self-conscious than you Markie. As for me?” Alan said with a chuckle. “No, you wouldn’t want to see me naked.”

“Don’t be so sure,” Mark said while looking back over his shoulder briefly to see the old man’s reaction to that before putting his face back onto the pillow. “I hope I look half as good as you when I’m your age. My grandpa was like that – still in good shape especially compared to his contemporaries.”

“This might be cool on you,” Alan warned as his lotion coated hands took Mark’s foot and rubbed it while looking up at the young man’s backside.

“Feels great already,” Mark sighed.

“I’m glad,” the elder said as he worked in the lotion, his eyes going up and the backs of Mark’s thighs where the still damp hair sparkled, and then up further where the tan ended and his gorgeous pale butt began.

Mark’s ass cheeks were as pale as the old man’s whole body, and with the lad’s legs spread out a little it looked as if hair grew up from beneath his balls and up to his anus.

What would you do, the senior mused to himself, if I crawled up behind you and spread those wonderful thighs a little further before burying my face in that crevice to let my tongue find out whether that darkness was shadow or fur.

Hair was fine by him because as his weathered fingers danced up the backs of Mark’s calves the crinkly hairs felt nice against his skin. He forced himself to concentrate on the massage, and as he worked up Mark’s body he sort of straddled Mark’s thigh as he did.

He had avoided the sweet ass for the most part and soon he was up to the base of Mark’s spine, kneading the flesh with some pressure. The old man looked at the front of his sweats and was glad Mark couldn’t see because his cock was pretty hard and poking straight out into the sweats.

Mark’s upper back and the shoulders were all that was left and Alan was glad that he had saved some lotion because Mark really started enjoying his kneading of the sore muscles back there. Greased with lotion, Mark’s ripped back and biceps were so pronounced that the elder was getting light-headed.

“Oh, this is so great!” Mark groaned. “I could lay here like this all day. “Are you getting tired?”

“No,” Alan said, but just then Mark turned a bit and when he looked back and saw his neighbor’s reddened face he looked concerned.

“Are you sure?” Mark asked, and even though the senior assured the lad he was fine the boy asked, “Really? You look all sweaty.”

“Stuffy in here,” Alan lied, not wanting to ever stop rubbing Mark’s shoulders.

“Sorry,” Alan said after he felt Mark’s body shake when his hands dipped underneath and let his fingers knead the lad’s armpits.

“No, it’s great – feels really nice,” Mark said. “It just startled me.”

“Okay,” Alan replied as he kept squeezing the outsides of the lad’s arms while taking care not to pull at the bushy hair while probing the skin below.

“Uh – Mr. Murray?” Mark asked, and after Alan replied the boy said, “I never had a massage before, and it’s really great but I was wondering. Do you do the front too?”

“Uh – that depends,” Alan said, because while he wasn’t planning on being allowed to go any farther he certainly wasn’t adverse to it. “A lot of people are modest about that, although you obviously have nothing to be shy about.”

“No, it isn’t illegal bahis that Mr. Murray,” the lad said, “It’s just that – this is embarrassing.”

With that Mark lowered his voice, as if there was somebody within earshot, and after he told the senior the problem Alan assured him that was nothing to be ashamed of.

“It happens. It’s happened to me when I’ve had massages,” Alan said. “I always thought it was because the man working on me was good at what he did. Being aroused – heck – I guess it’s a compliment.”

“Oh, this has been fantastic,” Mark said, and as the older man got off the bed and prepared to hide the tent in his sweats while getting himself together, the lad started to turn over but stopped.

“One thing though,” Mark said as he rested on his elbow. “Take your clothes off.”

“What?” Alan replied, stunned when he heard what the lad said. “I can’t…”

“I feel really weird here naked while you’re dressed,” Mark explained. “Self conscious. I know it would help me enjoy it a lot more.”

“Please?” Mark said, almost pleading as the older man hesitated.

Alan took a deep breath, and although he was as scared as he had been when he was a kid himself he pulled the soggy t-shirt over his head. The one problem the senior had been worried about – his erection – was no longer an issue because it had shriveled up at the thought of disrobing in front of Mark.

In fact Alan wanted to give his limp dick a tug or two to make it a little more impressive because it felt like it was trying to disappear in fright. As Alan lowered his sweats he saw that it looked as bad as he had feared, a wrinkled skinny tube hanging in front of his low hanging scrotum.

Mark made no comment but did give the senior a little smile before rolling onto this back and looked lovingly at the beige cocoon-like dick with a foreskin so long it completely hid the glans of the old man’s cock.

“Running low on lotion,” Alan said, his voice trailing off as Mark rolled onto his back and linked his hands behind his neck because he was now seeing the lad’s fully engorged cock.

When Mark rolled over his cock slapped down onto his stomach and made a audible sound when it did. The senior had seen pictures of well endowed men and in his time had experienced a couple of blessed men, but few had anything like Mark’s penis.

The undercarriage of the boy’s cock was almost frightening because of the thickness of the stump and the sinewy flesh that strained from the base. The thickness tapered off, thankfully Alan noted, but it was still thicker than the norm and it hypnotized the elder so much than he hadn’t even noticed the lad was talking to him.

“Sorry?” Alan mumbled, aware than the boy had noticed him staring and did not seem perturbed in the least.

“I said that it would be great if you used what you have left on my shoulders because that felt really good and they’re sore,” Mark explained.

“Okay,” Alan sighed, and as he tried to reach over he realized that was going to be tough.

“Why don’t you do it like you did my back before?” Mark suggested. “You know, climbing on the bed and sort of straddling me?”

“Gee,” Alan mumbled. “That might be rather…”

“Intimate?” Mark added in trying to finish the elder’s sentence, and after Alan shrugged and nodded the lad continued. “This is rather intimate as it is anyway, don’t you think? Besides, I can only speak for myself when I say I know I wouldn’t mind.”

Alan Murray was frozen in place, the meaning of what the lad was saying couldn’t have been more clear but although this was what the senior citizen wanted all along whatever reason he couldn’t move.

“I can help you up if you want,” Mark said.

“No,” Alan said, taking a deep breath before finally moving onto the bed and as he lifted one leg over Mark’s hip he tried to avoid making physical contact but that was obviously impossible.

“There,” Mark sighed as he looked up at his neighbor. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this moment.”

“You?” Alan croaked as he leaned forward to rub the lad’s chest.

“Feel it?” Mark sighed. “Your balls – the way they’re rubbing on the underside of my cock as you move?”

“Yes,” Alan gasped as he watched drops of his sweat drop from his forehead onto the naked student.

“It’s like they’re stroking my cock – pinning it against my stomach – and the lotion is making it even nicer.”

“Yes,” Alan replied, his own cock stiffening once again as he ground his meaty nuts harder onto Mark’s arching tool, and when he glanced down at their stuff dueling he added, “You’re dripping.”

“Really excited,” Mark said as the old man’s fingers kneaded his furry chest.

“Can’t believe how big you are,” Alan said as he shifted his hips so that his rigid dick scraped against Mark’s huge manhood, and although the senior citizen certainly had nothing to be ashamed of his slender 7″ cock paled next to the young man’s monster.

“Can’t hold it much longer – gonna cum,” Mark choked, his face contorted, and as Alan looked down he was just in time to watch the ropes of cum spurt onto the lad’s stomach and chest, and after the boy stopped cumming the old man eased his entire body down onto him.

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