Bee and David Ch. 03 Pt. 01


*It’s time for Chapter 3! I really hope you guys enjoy it. I received several comments urging me to give Bee more substance. This chapter is dedicated to her and gives you a feel of who she is and what type of life she’s lived. Enjoy!*





Bianca’s face lit up, “CoCo, hey doll.”

It was an early Saturday morning and she felt like a burst of enegy oozed through every pore ever since her lunch date with David.

She hadn’t spoken to her best friend in almost a week.

“I’m coming back to the city tonight, let’s hit up the clubs! Call the crew.”

“Yes ma’am. We’ve missed you!”

“I’ve missed you too. Let’s hit Boys town.”

She laughed.

“Give me an hour.”

“Done. See you then, sugarfoot!”

“Bye, babe.”

Jumping from her bed, a joyous yelp escaped her throat.

She hadn’t had a night on the town in months.

Pulling her phone out, she called her partner in crime.

“Lanley, call Maddie and tell her CoCo’s back in town and we’re hitting up Boys town. We’re pregaming at my place tonight.”

He started speaking rapid Spanish and pretended to be angry at her for neglecting him but then softened.

“I know, I’m sorry. I’m working so much now and I haven’t seen you guys in weeks.”

“Well, you better make up for it. Is she trying to get schwasted?” he asked, his Mexican-American accent flourishing.

“Yes. Anyone who’s coming should have the same agenda.”

“Awesome. Give you a call back in a bit.”

She called her other friends and delivered the exciting news with the promise to see them all later tonight.

Skipping from her bedroom to the kitchen, she noticed a váse filled with the most beautiful roses.

Suddenly, her roommate’s door flung open.

“Hey sweetie,” the girl greeted, stretching.

“Hey, Cynthia. Are these yours?”

“No, some guy delivered them early this morning. You were still sleep.”

Her mouth dropped open, “What did he look like?”

“It was just a random delivery person. I think there’s a note in there. Who’s it from?”

Bianca’s hands flew and snatched out an elegant creamy envelope.

The word, “Bee”, was italicized.

Her heart fluttered.

She opened it and the biggest smile Cynthia had ever seen stretched across her face.

She ran over, nearly slipping.

“Who are they from?” she eagerly asked.

Bianca held the note for a second.

“Just a guy,” she teased.

“Uh no! You’ve gotta give me the details. Come on!”

“I don’t wanna jinx it Cyn,” she whined.

“The hell with that, my little bumblebee has a suitor and I wanna stab, I mean meet him.”

They laughed, then she thought about it for a second.

“Okay, on 2 conditions. You make me breakfast and grab your Ipad, I need to check something out.”

Cynthia raced to her bedroom as Bianca gathered the ingredients for breakfast.

“Oh my goodness, they smell so amazing!” she exclaimed.

Bianca turned and saw her head hover above the roses.

“Pancakes and an omelet, please?” She requested.

Cynthia rolled her eyes and walked over to prepare breakfast.

“Start spilling,” she urged, cracking eggs.

Bianca inhaled.

“I met this guy a month ago at Oodles. He’s charming. We went out for the first time last week and yesterday we had another date.”

“Your first date was last week and you didn’t tell me?” Cynthia gasped.

“Cyn, I didn’t wanna jinx it. I didn’t even tell CoCo so don’t feel bad,” she tried to convince her.

“What? I knew before CoCo. Oh someone’s in trouble.”

“Shut up. Anyway, I don’t know how to feel. He’s 32 and separated

I don’t know, the whole still being married thing is messing with me,” she admitted, fiddling with the Ipad.

Cynthia remained quiet for a few minutes while she finished up the pancakes.

“Do you like him?” she asked, breaking their silence.

Bianca looked up.

“I think so. Wait, yes. I do like him, Cyn.”

Cynthia walked over, juggling both plates.

“Then, stop worrying so much. You’re a smart gal. And best of all you’ve got morals, if something feels wrong, you’ll know it.”

She grabbed a carton of orange juice and sat next to her, a glorious smile plastered on.

“What are you smiling at?” Bianca teased.

Cynthia pulled a plate of pancakes towards her, “Nothing, just wondering how long its gonna take for him to finally break your cherry.”


She gave her a playful push then threw her head back in laughter.

They dug into their breakfast.

Cynthia told Bianca about her parents impending visit.

“You can sleep in my room next weekend. I was gonna go stay at my grandparents crib for a bit,” she offered.

“Thanks, Bee. I don’t know why they insist on visiting every month. They must be bored.”

“Or they miss you,” Bianca said.

Stuffing a fork full of omelet in her mouth, Cynthia shrugged her shoulders.

Bianca’s attention went back to her search.

She googled David’s name and her mouth dropped.

“What?” Cynthia quickly acıbadem escort swallowed her breakfast and grabbed the Ipad.

Her mouth dropped as well.

“Whoa!” escaped both their lips.

“Dude, you went out with thee David Crete?!” Cynthia yelled.

“I didn’t know who he was. I still kinda don’t,” Bianca laughed.

“He’s like a gazillionaire! His family owns half the country and almost all of the UK.”

Bianca swiped the device from her, “So, who cares?”

“Let’s see what his net worth is, just for fun.”

Bianca pulled it up and her mouth dropped.

Cynthia cocked her head to one side and gave her an expectant look.

“Okay, okay, he’s a gazillionaire. But that means nothing.”

“Well of course it means nothing to you. You’re the most honorable, modest person ever. But to gold diggers, he’s a walking black card.”

“What are you saying?”

“Make him yours, and fast before one of these Barbie homemakers tries to get knocked up by him.”

Bianca looked over at her roommate.

Sky blue eyes turned up as she thought long about something. She ran a hand through her waist length sandy blonde hair, and crossed long tan legs that seemed to go on forever.

“You’re a Barbie,” Bianca laughed.

“Exactly,” she said with a full mouth covered by her hand. “I’m giving you the one up on these whores.”

She laughed again.

“Let’s see what else “Google” has to say about you, Mr. Crete,” Cynthia remarked.

She got up and sat on Bianca’s lap.

“He just won an award for most charitable in Essex where he’s from,” she read.

“Essex? I thought he said he was from Newport,” Bianca thought out loud.

“Lying about place of birth? I’ve got my eye on you, David,” said Cynthia.

“But he’s charitable,” Bianca protested. “And most charitable? That’s totally a plus in my book.”

“Ugh! You’re too easy to please. He speaks 3 languages, plays polo and is CEO of Crete, Inc.”

Their heads whipped around.

“Crete, Inc!”

“That’s a multibillion dollar corporation,” Cynthia reminded her.

“A lawyer and billionaire businessman, how do you sleep, Gabby?” Bianca pondered.

She closed the browser.

“I wanted to read more about your mega-rich boyfriend!” Cynthia whined.

Bianca sat her Ipad on the table and grabbed her shoulders.

“Cynthia, I’m gonna need for you to keep this between us, okay? I’m really unsure of somethings at this point.”

She looked into Bianca’s eyes. She liked him more than she let on. But there was something else hidden. Fear?

She grabbed her face and kissed her nose.

“I got ya girl,” she said pulling her into a hug.

“You’re the best. And since I love you so much, you’re coming to get schwasted with us in Boystown tonight.”

Cynthia jumped from her lap and hugged herself with glee.

“OMG! I’m sooooo excited, what time?”

“We’re gonna pre-game here around 9.”

She checked her watch. It was only 10 in the morning.

“Can I pick your outfit?” she asked.


She pulled Bianca into a hug. “This is gonna be the best. Invite Mr.Gorgeous?”

She shook her head, “I’m not sure if he’d be comfortable with our group of friends.”

Cynthia rolled her eyes.

“Come on, Bee. You love our queers. So Dre’s gay, Maddie’s trans and Kari’s a lesbian. If he really has a problem with it, then he is totally not the right one for you. Besides we’re all a little bi-curious.”

“You’re an awesome roomie, you know that right?”

“Yeah, yeah. I hope you remember that when my birthday comes up. Now, let’s plan a good show,” she giggled leading her towards their bedrooms.


Her phone rang around 3.


“Good afternoon, beautiful,” his deep voice greeted.

“Afternoon Gabby,” she said, smiling from ear to ear.

“How are you today?”

She flopped on the couch.

“Wonderful. Had a great breakfast.”

“Well, that’s great. And here I was hoping that I would have the chance to feed you today,” he joked.

“Too slow,” she teased.

“Apparently,” he laughed. “Doing anything interesting tonight?”

“My best friend is back in town, so we’re having a girl’s night out.”

“Really and you didn’t think to invite me?”

“It’s a “girls night out” Gabby. Unless there’s something you’ve been hiding from me,” she laughed.

He could feel her smile through the phone. She was truly contagious.

“Not at all, babe. All man over here. But you could always check for yourself.”

His voiced dropped to a seductive whisper.

She could feel the blood rushing to her ears.

“You’re such a horndog.”

“You know me so well.”

“Not as well as I’d like, all in due time though.”

“Which clubs are you visiting?” he inquired.

“I’m not sure, I just know we’re going farther north, towards Belmont.”


“Yes,” she hissed, a tightness enclosed around her heart.

There was a minute of silence.

“Well, I hope you and the girls enjoy yourselves. I’ll check up on you later. And do behave, Bianca. atalar escort I’ll be watching.”

“Watching? Are you spying on me, Gabby?”

Another silence.

“I will neither confirm nor deny that accusation, Ms. Wilson.”

“Do we have stalker tendencies we have to work out?” she teased him.

“Not a stalker, just a bit overprotective, love.”

“Thanks but, I’m a lot stronger than I let on.”

“I know,” he chuckled. “I know more about you than you think.”

“By way of stalking?”

“Let’s just say, I meant it when I said I was interested in you.”

“Touché. Well, as endearing as this conversation has been, I must finish cleaning then get ready for a night of sinning and debauchery.”

“Don’t sin too much, remember I’ll be watching,” his voiced plummeted to an icy warning.

Before she got a chance to say anything, Cynthia ran into the room.

“I think this will give your ass its on stratosphere!” she yelled, clutching a red dress.

Bianca covered the phone.

“I’m on the phone,” she laughed at her roommate and walked towards the kitchen.

“Sorry about that. I promise I’ll try not to.”

Silence emitted from David’s end.

She held her breath.

“Hello,” she squeaked out. “You still there, Gabby?”

“Did she just say its own “stratosphere”, Bianca?”

She let her breath go.

“Yeah,” she giggled nervously. “I’ve got crazy, friends.”

“It would seem so.”

“Talk to you later?”

“Of course. Enjoy the rest of your day, my dear.”

“I will and thank you for the beautiful flowers. You really didn’t have to.”

“It was really nothing, my sweet.”

“Bye, Gabby” she sighed.

“Until next time beautiful,” he told her before hanging up.


She stared at herself in the full length mirror.

A long hot shower always relaxed her.

Naked skin stared back.

Letting go, she exhaled.

Her boobs jiggled and a soft giggle echoed through her room.

“They’re not too big,” she said aloud, speaking to no one.

A faint memory of her sister teasing her about how they’d suffocate her while she slept flushed through her mind.

She lifted them higher and a full bust ensued.

Standing still, she smoothed a hand over a shapely but firm tummy. Smooth skin flowed down then over the hill her voluptuous hips created. Soft but muscular thighs encased within her temple. A finger brushed against the strip her neatly trimmed pubic hair held.

A hard knock on the bathroom door shook her from bad memories.

Her gaze never left the reflection.

“Hurry up, Bee. CoCo’s almost here and I still have to do your make-up!” Maddie yelled.

“I’ll be out in a second!”

She closed her eyes.

A familiar shiver crept over.

“Oh no,” she gasped.

Warm hands softly grasping her shoulders snapped them open.

Her eyes doubled in size.

“Mama?” a child-like voice escaped her in a cry.

Standing behind Bianca, with a smile that mirrored her own, her mom kissed her shoulder and stared with a loving gaze.

“So beautiful,” she whispered, staring into her eyes.

She stared back as tears pooled in her eyes. Not bearing the courage to cry, she shut her eyes tighter.

A gust of cold wind crept over her naked body.

When she opened them, she was alone again.

Wiping away excess tears, she stared at her reflection a few minutes longer before getting dressed.

They were back. Only this time she saw them while she was awake.

Slipping on a white lace thong and matching bra, Bianca repeated the mantra that kept her safe for so many years, grabbed her robe and got ready to lose herself in whatever came that night.


Stepping out her bedroom door she felt love fill the air.

She nodded to Kari, a stocky asian girl, with a jet black bob and piercing eyes. She stood near their living room window, sporting a pinstripe suit and black Doc Martins.

The level headed one of the group, she always spoke calmly and exhibited a laid back approach to life.

She returned the nod and strolled over to an eager Dre and Lanely.

They were knee-deep in a conversation about the latest Bulls game. Dre turned and gave her a wave.

His masculine frame diminshed beneath more feminine features as his thick dreadlocks whipped behind him.

Lanely gave his usual smile. The only straight guy out of the group, Bianca always loved the way he was so secure in his masculinity. Growing up, when boys in their neighborhood teased him for befriending a “fag”, he’d simply wave them off and shrug. He knew who his friends were.

A relaxed, at home look lay sprawled on his face. He looked royal, sitting in an all black Canali 12000 suit with Prada embellished shoes and an 88 Rue du Rhône watch. The archetype of handsome.

She’d never seen him so fancy.

“Looking good!” she commented, running a hand along his shoulders.

His smooth latin voice called to her.

“Gracias, mamì,” his voice boomed, following her.

Cynthia and Maddie congragated aydınlı escort near the kitchen.

“I’m ready,” she told Maddie, sitting on an arm of their couch.

The “glamazon” batted long jewel encrusted eyelashes.

“Are you ready to be transformed?” she overdramatically recited.

“Do you have to say that everytime you do my make-up?” Bianca laughed.

“Uh yes, darling,” she replied in a mock Russian voice.

Towering over Bianca at 6’3 in heels, Maddie formally known as Maddox, was more of a motherly figure than a friend. They met at a gay rights rally in college and became instantly close.

She struted over in a red leather jumpsuit and firey stilettos that contrasted her golden skin. Dirty blonde hair spiraled in thick curls as an excited look brandished her amber eyes.

“Sit, here. We need to get you dressed before CoCo gets here,” she fussed ushering her to the kitchen. She placed a rectangular box on the table.

Relaxing her shoulders, she closed her eyes and let an old friend perform magic.

Puffs of coffee colored powder echoed through the air as a chill Maddie worked with ease.

“It feels like I’m playing with a Barbie,” she said, smiling. “You barely need any foundation at all.”

Kari walked over with a small skull brand camera and snapped a picture.

Maddie swiped an unnatural shade of gold across Bianca’s brow.

Dre and Lanely continued their conversation, but snuck glances at them every few minutes.

“Has anyone ever told you, you’ve got perfect lips, sweety?” Maddie complimented, giving her a faux mole right above perfectly arched eyebrows.

Bianca let a light giggle slip.

“I’m serious,” Maddie continued. “Such flawless skin. You’re a drag queen’s worst enemy, honey.”

The group erupted in cackled laughter.

“And done,” she dropped her hand and leaned back to gaze at her work of art.

“Whoa!” Cynthia and Kari exclaimed.

Lanely and Dre walked over as Maddie handed Bianca a mirror.

She couldn’t help but smile, effectively cranking her beauty up another notch.

“Just fucking marry me, Bee,” Lanely spilled, oozing over her.

A suggestive smile enveloped his lips.

A few “oooohh’s” erupted.

“Next lifetime,” she teased, giving him a playful wink.

A loud buzz emitted through the apartment.

“CoCo,” they all guessed.

Maddie packed up her kit as Cynthia buzzed her in.

“I’ll get the drinks,” Lanely offered, straightening his tie.

“Be back in a bit,” Bianca called over her shoulders.

She ran to get dressed.

Spritzing on a little “Daisy” by Marc Jacob, she got for Christmas last year, she turned on her “Hipsterish” playlist while picking out accessories.

“Rill Rill” by the sleigh bells played in the background.

She skipped over to her bed and sat down on the edge.

As luck would have it, she got a manicure and pedicure the day before her date with David. Maybe it was nerves, but she wanted everything to be perfect for tonight.

Her entire body was waxed as a healthy glow emanated and gave off a look of perfection.

She turned to the door just as a figure walked in.

“Ohhhhh! Sexy! Sexy!”

She sprinted to CoCo and wrapped her in a hug.

“Baby cakes!”

CoCo laughed and her light hazel eyes danced.

“Look at you,” Bianca said. “Just as lovely as always.”

Lovely wasn’t an accurate enough statement to describe her.

Her best friend oozed sex appeal in her skin-tight, gray, snakeskin Serpentine dress.

Only an inch shorter than Bianca, she produced the same endowed assets only on a smaller frame.

Coco’s mahogany skin glittered as she beamed at her best friend.

Toned, athletic legs seeped out as the dress cut just below her thighs. The gray, open-toed, four inch Jimmy Choo’s gracefully accented her.

“Girl, if I had your hips, I’d rule the fucking world,” CoCo told her.

Bianca laughed before realizing she was still half nude.

She grabbed the dress Cynthia picked out and stepped into it.

Pulling it up, she loved the feel of the silk as it hugged her.

The Ralph Lauren, cherry red dress stopped just above her knees. The elegant sweet bow sash helped accentuate her voluptuous figure.

V neck line, thick straps and wrapped bodice felt tailored specifically for her body. Her natural hourglass figure heightened and teased the fabric.

She wrapped the sash around her waist and tightened it into a bow.

Looking up, she saw CoCo’s mouth drop.

“You’re beautiful, babe,” she said, walking towards her.

Bianca “awwed” her and giggled.

CoCo’s face dropped to a serious look,

“I mean it, Bee. You really are beautiful.”

Bianca shrugged and stared down at her bare feet. Perfectly clipped cuticles and a blood red color stared back.

She didn’t wanna have this conversation. Especially not now.

“Not tonight, Co. I just wanna put all the worrying and self doubt away, tonight,” she held out her hand.

CoCo stepped forward and took it.

Her smaller build reached around Bianca’s waist and let a long overdue hug answer.

“Tomorrow, we’re having brunch and I’m talking your ears off.”

Bianca smiled and nodded profusely.

“I got you something,” a grin spread across CoCo’s face.

She never even noticed the gift bag her best friend dropped near her door.

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