I couldn’t take my eyes off Kyle. I watched him mingling with colleagues and business connections. He was completely in his element. He was sauve, attentive and charismatic while flashing a confident smile and delivering well timed humor. My attraction to him was renewed.

How did you get so lucky? I thought to myself.

I couldn’t help but think about how wonderful he was between my legs only four hours earlier. He came through my door straight from the airport. He looked exhausted but there was a fire burning behind his blue eyes. He crossed the room toward me and before I could say a word, he gathered me in his arms and kissed my welcome from my mouth. The kiss had been heavy, hot and open mouthed.

Kyle kissed and teased me against, and on top of, most of the furniture in my house before we made it to my bedroom. Recalling the scene made my skin flush. To cool myself, I pressed the cold surface of the crystal goblet against the open neckline of my cocktail dress.

“Would you like some more, Miss?”

“I’m sorry. What?”

“More wine, Miss?”

The steward offered a red wine.

“No. No thank you.”

I placed my empty glass on the tray of a passing waiter, shook out my mass of dark curls, and made my way across the room. I forced my gait to be slow. I balanced on the balls of my feet to create an exaggerated sway in my hips. With every step, the heavily embroidered and beaded skirt played along my freshly shaven legs. My inner lips slid wetly against each other as I walked. I smiled, knowing exactly how to get out of this party.

I startled Kyle when I walked up behind him to link my arm with his. He flashed me a smile then introduced me around to the circle of colleagues. He was very professional and collected. Between witty replies and cordial comments, his eyes always fell back to me. They were quick appraising glances, hot on my cleavage, neck and bare arms. I teased more out by casually tracing my fingertips along my neckline or shifting my weight in such a way that my hip bumped his upper thigh. I pulled his arm against me so that it brushed underneath the fullness of my breast.

Kyle’s eyes smiled into mine.

“Excuse us.” I nodded to the gentlemen then pull Kyle out of ear shot.

On tip toe I whispered into his ear, “I want your mouth on my pussy right now.”

I was humored by the way he pursed his lips like he was contemplating the idea.

“Get your coat. I’ll have the car brought around.”

It was exactly what I needed to hear. I smiled with the knowledge that I was with the best man in the room tonight. I made it a few steps to the exit then turned to look back at Kyle. He was watching me. I blushed.

The February evenings made a forceful attempt at reminding us that it was still winter despite the unseasonably warm days. I shivered when the cold air wrapped my legs in its icy grip.

“None of that,” Kyle spoke hotly into my ear. “I’ll have you warmed up in no time.” He gave me a tight squeeze then took a loud sniff of my hair.

My hands searched for warmth inside his jacket as he hugged me tightly into his body.

“How did you get so naughty, Julie?”

“What do you mean?” I spoke into his shoulder while my hands caressed over his back to his ass.

Kyle growled playfully then kissed the top of my head. “Here we are,” Kyle said as the valet popped out of the black sedan to receive his tip. “I have to hurry and get you home.”

I was giddy and practically skipped to the car.

“Mr. Saunders. Can I speak with you a moment?” A man’s voice sounded behind us. We were caught short of reaching the car door.

The man walked briskly down the steps waving a pamphlet.

“Mr. Carlson. I-” Kyle acknowledged him.

“We never got the chance to speak about your reluctance to do my project.” Carlson caught up with us quickly and wedged himself between Kyle and me.

“I apologize, Mr. Carlson. My date isn’t feeling well. I was just about to take her home.”

Over Mr. Carlson’s shoulder, Kyle shot me a “play along” look. When Mr. Carlson turned toward me, I feigned my best ill expression.

“Ah. I see. Seemed only moments ago the two of you were all smiles.” He looked once more at me then at Kyle. “No matter. Expect a call from me before the end of the week.”

“I appreciate it.”

Kyle gave Mr. Carlson a quick firm hand shake then turned to assist me into the car. Kyle’s fingertips trailed my arm from wrist to elbow while I slid inside. He leaned in close and said, “Now, let’s get out of here before someone else stops me from having my way with you.” His lips touched softly on my neck.

I sat back into the leather seat and smiled. The warm interior and rich, new leather aroma relaxed me and awakened a much warmer sensation inside me. Normally it was a ten minute trip home if Kyle took the same route, but it was a Friday evening, traffic would certainly be slow. A ten minute trip home was now a thirty minute trip if we were lucky. I couldn’t wait that long.

As he got in, sex hikayeleri I got out.

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry.” I climbed into the back seat. “You just get us home.”

Kyle looked confused, but started the car without further questions.

We sat in silence for a while. I took slow deep breaths. I could pick out Kyle’s cologne, the leather and the crisp winter air as the car sped toward the highway. I closed my eyes. The street lights flashed behind my lids as we passed them, a quick strobe that made my heartbeat faster. I uncrossed my legs. The leather squeaked underneath me.

“What are you doing back there?”

I left my eyes closed and released my head back then said, “Wanna see?”

Before he could answer, I stretched my body, balanced on my heels and pulled up the hem of my dress until it was well above my waistline. The seats were cold against my bottom. Gooseflesh tickled the tops of my arms.

Kyle careened his neck to see into the back seat. “Oh.”

“You just keep us on the road Kyle.”

“How about I just pull over and…God…get back there with you.”

I opened my eyes and caught Kyle almost completely turned around.


“I’m being careful. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.”

I let out a relieved sigh when he turned his eyes back to the highway. He adjusted the rear view mirror so that the lower part of my body was framed.

“Why do you have to be such a tease?”

“I’m not a tease. I promise to let you have this when we get home.”

I pulled down the black lace thong, feeling it twist as it came down around my thighs to my knees. I touched my index finger and middle finger to the tip of my tongue then placed them on the base of my clit.

“There’s a rest stop in a quarter mile.”

“Drive,” I chuckled. My smile faded quickly when the need to rub my clit grew. The tiny exhibitionist inside me danced around joyfully as I pulled open my shaven lips. I wondered if Kyle could smell my arousal from the front seat. I pressed my fingers in harder. There was a quick pulse under my fingertips. I moaned.

“Feel good?”


I needed to spread my legs open farther but my panties were a restricting tangle of elastic and lace. I pushed them off all the way. It occurred to me to leave them in the floorboard but I thought giving them to my chauffeur would be a much better idea. I tossed them up front and, with surprising accuracy, the leg opening made a ringer around the rear view mirror.

“Oh! You evil woman.”

I laughed.

“We’re in stop-and-go traffic for another five exits. I’ll just climb back there and get you.”

“Don’t you dare! Keep driving. I’m having fun.”

“I see that.” Kyle laughed. His right hand left the steering wheel.

“Whatcha doin’ there Mr. Saunders?”

“Enjoying the view.”

It thrilled me beyond belief to have him watch me, even more so to create a reaction in his crotch. I felt flushed and aroused. For several moments I touched and teased my soft folds. My fingers dove into the pool of honey collecting near my hole. I spread it over my clit and my pussy lips. They were swollen. I writhed under my fingers and closed my eyes, wanting Kyle’s attentive mouth on me. I’d created my own torture chamber inside a foreign luxury sedan. My touches were sweet agony. I wanted him to lick and taste me where my fingers were going. I could have what I wanted with merely a whispered request, but I knew I, no we, would be better for it if I waited.

“Come on. Come on.” Kyle said to the red brake lights.

“I want to come.”

“Don’t! I’m not going to miss that.” He turned to look at me. “Tell me you’ll wait.” His eyes caressed me and came to rest at my pussy.

I showed him the pink moist inside of my pussy and drew circles around it, smoothing the juices, dipping my finger inside. I played. I teased. I watched his eyes. I watched his mouth. I wanted to yank him into the back seat with me and sit on his face until my pleasure spilled out over him.

“Want a taste?”

I leaned into the front seat and I lined his lips with my wet finger. He licked away the glistening residue.


Kyle answered by catching my finger between his lips. He sucked loudly, yet gently. I shivered. I wanted his mouth on my clit, on my nipples, on my mouth. When he was done he kissed the tip of each finger.

“I want you,” I said in a whisper.

An angry horn sounded behind us. Reluctantly, he released my hand. Our car lurched forward. Kyle sped around a slowing vehicle and expertly maneuvered into the lane to make our exit. I held on to the seatback to keep from sliding.

Kyle rounded corners sharply and gassed the engine at every threat of a red light. When he went through the last light just before my street, red, white and blue lights lit up our back window.

“You’re kidding me,” Kyle said, flipping the rear view mirror from my hot thighs to a patrol car. The officer blasted his siren twice to let us know porno hikayeleri that he meant business. Kyle steered the car off the street. I could see the titled gates of my subdivision. My heart sank. I wondered if the officer would let him go if I said I was in dire need of a muff full of Kyle’s face. If I show him my ready, pouty lips would I be able to get us out of any trouble? I sat quietly in the back seat, waiting while the officer called in our plates.

When the officer approached he was stone faced and spoke coldly into the vehicle. The air outside must have dropped ten degrees since I’d been in it. It instantly tweaked my nipples into hard, sensitive peaks. They poked harshly against the chiffon bodice. I wanted to rub them briskly with my palms to warm them into submission, but I didn’t want to call undo attention to myself.

“License and registration.”

Kyle had them ready for inspection. The officer looked over the documents, his radio squawked something unintelligible.

“Are you aware of the reason I pulled you over.”

Kyle answered with a level, “No, officer.”

The officer explained that Kyle had failed to yield at the last intersection. He peered into the vehicle. He squinted as he looked into the back seat. I stealthily moved to cover the tops of my thighs with the bunched and horribly wrinkled skirt of my dress. I crossed my legs in time before he clicked on his flashlight and shone it into my eyes.



He panned the light around the rest of the vehicle, possibly searching for open containers or anything suspicions. I exhaled when he moved it away from the floorboards. I couldn’t be certain, but I thought he held the light on my legs and bare feet a little too long.

He spoke again. “Street signs are in place for a purpose, Mr. Saunders.”

“Yes sir.”

The officer continued to look into the vehicle with the aid of the flashlight. Its bright blueish-white light moved over the passenger seat, the dash and then spotlighted my lacy thong hanging over the rear view mirror.

He cleared his throat.

“This is a warning stop. Please, for the sake of other drivers drive safely and obey all traffic signs.”

“I’ll do that sir.” Kyle’s voice resonated with the relief I shared with him.

“You two have a pleasant evening.”

“You too, sir. Thank you, sir.”

He started to walk away then stopped, poked his head into the car and said, “Oh, and buckle up there in the back seat.”

“Yes, sir.” I said unable to keep a tiny laugh out of my reply.

Kyle didn’t wait for the officer to get back into his police cruiser before he had the car started and pointed toward my house.

We were only three blocks away but Kyle drove down the residential street like he was making the last lap at Talledega.

“Where’s the fire?” I joked as the car slammed to a stop in the driveway.

“Between your legs. At least that’s what you were saying thirty minutes ago.” Kyle threw off his seatbelt and edged his way into the backseat to reach for me. I slipped from his grasp and climbed out of the car.

I walked quickly toward the front door to keep the cold concrete from freezing my toes. I heard the car doors close. I slipped inside. I had just gotten my coat off and ready for a hanger when Kyle threw his arms around my waist.

“You know, you really shouldn’t tease a man who wants you so badly.” With every word, he positioned my body against his. I shoved off his hands before he was able to press his crotch into my bottom.

“Really? And tell me why that is.”

I didn’t turn to look at him. I walked straight to the closet door and hung the coat. After closing the closet door, satisfied that I had worked Kyle up to a frenzy, I turned to face him. He was standing directly in front of me. The house was dark, but the street light on the corner provided enough light for me to see the expression on Kyle’s face. It was cold and a tad sinister. Had he been a man I’d just met, I might have been frightened.

When he spoke, his voice was a husky whisper. “Because when he finally has the chance to get what he wants…” He looked down into the bodice of my dress. “He may not be very nice about it.”

It might have been the way the light hit his eyes as he moved in to kiss me but I swear his penetrating blue eyes were glowing.

I dodged his kiss. “Oh come off it.” I laughed. I attempted to walk past him, but he grabbed my arm.

“A-a-ah. You really think I’m going to let you get away from me again?” He pulled me to stand before him. “After you’ve so perfectly choreographed this flirtation from the start, you think I’m going to let you lead the whole time?” His eyes were moving all over me, settling everywhere except my eyes. He stepped towards me and I stepped back. My heartbeat sped up. It wasn’t from fear. It was uncertainty. I had no idea how to react to this new side of Kyle. Laughing wasn’t working. He walked toward me more until he had me backed up against the closet door.

“I seks hikayeleri did tell you that you look lovely tonight.”

I nodded.

“Yes I did. You were the sexiest woman in the room. And this dress. That open back.” He slipped his hand up my hip to my back then groaned. “Do you know what it’s been doing to me? Of course you do. You little slut.”

I opened my mouth to protest. He put his index finger on my mouth.

“Oh no. Don’t deny it now. Shaking your ass for the whole room. Getting all those tongues wagging.” he annunciated every word.

I smiled and said, “Yours is the only one I wanted wagging.”

“Mmmm. I wonder how many of my colleagues would like to go a few rounds with you?” He spoke as if he hadn’t heard me. He pushed his left hand down over my ass and gripped it tight enough to make me feel the strength in each finger. He continued to speak with his face close to mine. His nose pressed into my cheek.

“Offer you up to them on a platter. Huh?” He jerked me into him. I felt how aroused he. The hardness pressed against me made me twitch inside.

I didn’t know what he wanted. Did he want me to say yes? Did he want me to say no? Was he searching for affirmation that his cock was all I needed? And now that I’ve felt it for the first time this evening it was all I wanted.

“I think you’d like that wouldn’t you? Being a little slut.”

I hadn’t known that my game tonight would cause this stir within Kyle. I’d never known him to be this direct, this…darkly aroused. I tried to envision what he’d said, picture in my mind having him watch me with his colleagues, passed around for his enjoyment. The thought did nothing for me, but Kyle’s demeanor, the look in his eyes, the tension and excitement in his body, all did the right things to me.

I tried pulling back from him to slide my hand between us to take hold of his cock.

He stopped me. Kyle’s fingers went around my wrist like five steel coils. He held me firmly, tight enough that I knew he had to feel the speed of my pulse.

I made my voice a low purr and said, “You are all I want. Am I still a slut?”

“Oh yes. Showing me that beautiful cunt of yours.” He lowered his face into my neck. “Making me smell your arousal. Putting that sweet juice from your pussy on my mouth? You have to know that’s what sluts do.”

“Do sluts turn their men on? Make their cock hard?”

Kyle remained holding my wrist with his right hand and dipped his shoulder enough to explore under my skirt with his left. His hand was large and warm. I shuddered inside at the feeling of him tracing up the back of my thigh. When his fingers found my lips, we both sucked in a breath.

“They do,” he growled. “And they get wet. Just like you are now. Makes me want to fuck you.”

Kyle’s hand, from index finger to thumb, parted my lips. His fingers moved along my folds without resistance. My pussy was wet and responding the way it always did to Kyle’s touch. The tiny throbs of my clit commanded me to find a way to get him inside me.

“Then fuck me. Fuck your slut.” I wanted it to sound like a command but the words left my mouth like a plea. Kyle made me weak. The anticipation made me want to give myself over to him.

Kyle released me to use both hands to open his trousers and free his cock. I opened the zipper on the side of my dress. With a shrug the dress fell off my shoulders into a pool at my feet. Kyle glanced at my nudity then pulled me up into him from the back of my thighs, effortlessly lifting me off my feet. He cradled me over his forearms. The closet door was a hard support against my back. I was wide eyed and aware of how wonderful the first stroke would feel. Kyle sensed my need.

“Say it.”

“Fuck me.”

“Mmm.” He licked up my throat to my ear. “Say it like you mean it.” He lowered me just enough for the tip of his cock to press against my clit. I almost jumped out of my skin.

“Fuck me with your cock, Kyle.”

“This cock?” Kyle moved me so that my pussy rubbed against him. The hard ridge of him opened me. I was trembling and horny. I clutched his upper arms, feeling the flexed hardness of them. It was too much. I needed him and would do anything to have him fill me.

“Yes. That cock.” I said weakly. The tremor in my voice matched the small tingles overwhelming my pussy. They traveled slowly up to my tummy, up my spine, then up my hairline.

“Look at me.”

I hadn’t realized that I’d close my eyes. When I opened them I saw Kyle gazing into my face, searching for something. Our eyes met and he gave me what I wanted. Little by little, he eased his cock into me. I took the tapered length of him with a satisfied sigh. My eyes never left his as he moved in and out of me until our contact filled the room with slick sucking noises.

“My God,” I whispered as he used my weight to impale me with his shaft.

His fingers splayed across my ass. They stretched my cheeks and, along with the stiff fullness of the base of his cock, my holes opened. He was inside my pussy as far as he could go, and I wanted more. I wasn’t in a position to move against him for more contact. I was forced to ask for it. I didn’t trust my voice to carry my words to him so I put my lips close to his ear and whispered.

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