Aylesbury Wives Club Ch. 03


Peter was just adjusting his shirt when the doorbell rang and he knew it would be Nina and hurried out to answer the door. Peter greeted her as she walked through the front door. Nina was a petite woman with long blonde hair about 5’6″ tall with long slim legs and a nice little round ass. Peter guessed that her tits might be a 34-d because they looked huge on her small frame.

Nina was supposed to bring her husband but he had to go out of town on business at the last minute. This was part of the reason why she was coming over to see him today and her husband was definitely involved in some sort of plan.

Peter only knew half the story but it had something to do with her husband being out of town most of the time. He knew that he would hear the whole story from Nina today because she was the type of woman that didn’t hold anything back. She was very blunt and got right to the point.

Nina was wearing a pair of white shorts that hugged her little ass tight and her skin tight top was cut short to reveal her pierced belly button. Only twenty-two years old and married for two years to an older successful business man that didn’t have much time for her.

Nina sat down on the sofa and crossed her long slim legs. She was wearing high heels with open toes which made her legs look sexy as hell. Peter sat directly across from her and watched as she flung her hair back over her shoulders.

Nina smiled at Peter and said. “Jenny told me all about you.” Peter swallowed hard wondering how much Jenny told her about him since Nina and Jenny were close friends.

Peter replied. “I hope she didn’t tell you anything bad I hope.” Nina laughed and said. “Hell no. She told me your friend Doug is a good fuck.” Peter squirmed around in his seat as he listened to what this woman just said to him. Nina grew up in New York City and her accent and the way she spoke was very harsh and blunt and sexy.

Peter sort of laughed and waited for Nina to continue. “Jenny also told me you fucked the shit out of her Mother. That poor woman needed some cock for a long time and I’m glad you gave it to her.”

Peter just starred at Nina as she looked straight in the eye’s waiting for his reaction as she said. “I hope I’m not being to blunt here. Your secret is out of the bag but we’re not going to tell any of those bitches. Most of them don’t get any cock at home so I hope you screw every one of them.”

Peter was looking at her trying to figure out where she was going with all this when she said. “The reason I’m here telling you all this shit is because I want to make a deal with you.”

Peter replied. “What sort of deal are you talking about?” Nina got up from the sofa and walked across and sat next to Peter on the love seat and put her hand on his thigh and said. “I might be interested in some of that black cock myself.”

Nina started to work on the buttons of his shirt and once she got them all loose she ran her hand along his muscular chest and laughed as she said. “Jenny was right. You are built as well as she told me you where. You must work out a lot?”

Peter moved his hand across and started to touch her tits when she said. “No. Keep your hands off me until I make up my mind here. Stand up and get out of the pants.”

Peter stood up and unbuckled his pants and let them fall straight down to the floor. Nina grabbed hold of his shorts and gave the one swift tug pulling them down along his knee’s as he stood next to her with his large cock pointing straight out.

Nina said. “I want you to just stand still while I check out your equipment and don’t you dare move.” Nina reached out and took hold of his cock in her dainty manicured hand and wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft and gently massaged it with her hand.

Nina said. “This thing is huge. I can’t believe you fucked Jenny’s Mother with this thing.” Nina moved her other hand up and cupped his balls in the palm of her hand and said. “These things are almost as big as lemons. A woman could drown in come from these things.”

Peter was getting turned on by her touch as he glanced down and saw her breasts spilling out of her tight top. She smelled so good that he wanted to pick her up right there and pull down her shorts and eat out her pussy but he held himself back remembering what she had said and he didn’t want to ruin his chances.

Nina kept her hand on his cock and moved the other away from his balls and ran her hand along his upper thigh and around his ass and gave him a squeeze as if she was checking out some fruit in the supermarket.

Nina let go of Pet’s cock and said. “Go ahead and set back down while I give you a little show.” Nina stood up in front of Peter and turned her back away from him and arched her back making her little ass stick out in front of his face. She turned her head around just in time to catch him ready to feel her ass and said. “No. You don’t get to touch my ass just yet”

Nina slowly wiggled her ass in little circular motions like an exotic dancer before unhooking fulya escort her shorts and began to slide them slowly down her legs. She didn’t have on any panties’ so once her shorts slid down her legs. Her perky little round ass was sticking straight out in Peter’s face.

Nina twisted around with her hands on her hips giving Peter his first glimpse of her bare pussy. Nina moved the palm of her hand across her pussy mound and brought her fingers up to her mouth making them wet than moved them back down and ran a finger in between her crack smiling at Peter and said. “I can see you like my pussy. Do you want it?”

Peter replied. “Baby. You just bring that little white ass over here and I’ll show you what I can do with it.” Nina just laughed as she lifted her top next and pulled it straight over her head letting her tits jiggle free. Her nipples were Already hard and sticking straight out as she ran her hand around her nice full globs giving them a playful squeeze as she looked in Peter’s eye’s.

Peter said. “Dam. Bitch. Bring your little ass over here so I can prove what your friend said about me.” Peter held out his arms motioning for Nina to come closer but she pulled away laughing in his face and said. “You’ll get your chance all in due time big stud. You think you can handle this little package?”

Peter motioned for her to come closer again and said. “Just bring your little white ass over here and I’ll show you how I can handle it.”

Nina laughed again and as she reached down on the floor picking up her clothes and said. “I like that kind of enthusiasm in a man.” Nina stepped into her shorts, one foot at a time as Peter looked in shock and said. “Wait. I though you were here to get fucked?”

Nina laughed and replied. “Honey. I’m here to arrange to get fucked. Do you understand?” Peter laughed and said. “OK. Now that we got everything arranged, let’s fuck.”

Nina snapped the buckle on her shorts and began to pull the top back over her head and said. “My husband has to be involved in all these so let me explain.” Nina finished pulling her top down over her head and looked at Peter who was sitting on the love seat in disbelief that she just got dressed after flaunting her body in his face.

Nina saw the look in his face and said. “Hey. I want this to be just exciting for you as it will be for my husband.” Peter replied. “What’s fucking you right here and now got to do with your husband?”

She replied. “Everything. You see my husband is gone a lot and the way he figures. He would. Rather, I find someone to fuck with him knowing about it than fucking around behind his back.”

Peter replied. “I really don’t understand but you were going to fuck around on your husband behind his back?”

Nina replied back and said. “Listen. My husband is twenty-five years older than I and besides he has a small four dick and has trouble getting it up and he told me not long ago that I could go out and find someone to fuck if I so desire to.”

Peter said. “So. Your telling me your shopping around for a guy to fuck just because your husband said it was all right for you to do so?”

Nina looked frustrated as she replied. “Listen to me. You want to fuck my pussy right?” Peter nodded his head in agreement and listened.

Nina continued saying. “My husband told me one night that he would love to set and watch as some big stud fuck the shit out of me while he played with himself.” Nina sat back down next to Peter and continued speaking. “Of coarse I said no in the beginning and as far as he knows. The answer is still no. Then. Jenny told me what was going on with you and how she got herself fucked so good over here that I gave the idea some thought and decided to give it a try.”

Peter was still confused and asked. “You want your husband to watch you get fucked by someone. Is that it?” She replied. “Boy. You’re catching on fast. Are you interested or are you and your buddy really gay?”

Peter said. “I was interested in fucking that sweet little white pussy of yours once you took your pants off. You want to call him on the phone or what?”

Nina laughed and said. “Well. I’m glad I have your full attention. It’s not going to work like that at all. Either you’re interested in doing it my way or I’ll go out shopping again. What’s it gonna be?”

Peter replied. “Just tell me what you want me to do so I can fuck that little ass of yours and we’ll do it. Have you ever had any black meat pushed up that little white ass of yours before?”

Nina replied. “Never had any dark meat in me. You’ll be my first one. I’m a virgin.” Nina laughed at her own words as Peter asked. “Have you ever fucked anyone behind your husband’s back?”

Nina replied. “Never. I’m not going to start now. You’re going to fuck me with him watching.” Nina sat back down and said. “Now here is what we are going to do. I don’t want my husband to know that you live right here on our street. I want you to get either a hotel room or we fuck at another bomonti escort house somewhere other than this street.”

Peter said. “I have a friend that lives on the other side of town that will let us use his place if that’s all right with you.”

Nina said. “Good. I don’t want my husband to know that you even live on this street. He know’s about some gay guys moving in but has no idea what you guys look like. I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know more details.”

Nina walked to the front door as Peter followed watching her little ass wiggle with each step that she made. Nina turned back and looked at Peter and said. “I want you to make sure you bring some condoms with you. I’m not on the pill and I’m sure you’re not fixed are you?”

Peter looked at Nina and hesitated before telling her the truth and said. “I’ll make sure I have some condoms with me.” Peter watched as she walked out the front door and thought to himself. “Dam. I never fucked with a condom before and I’m not going to start any bad habits now. When I fuck, I want to feel some bare pussy around my cock.”

Peter got a call the very next day and everything was set to meet at a club on the other side of town. Nina had said her husband would be back in town later this week and would tell him she was agreeing to let another man fuck her.

Nina spent almost an hour on the phone explaining to him what she wanted him to do and went over these little signals she wanted to use with him when they got together. He would be just a strange man at the bar asking her to dance.

One thing she made perfectly clear was the fact that her husband was going to be able to make the final decision on letting her get screwed by another man. Nina had set everything up for Peter to disappear to the men’s room or to get drinks when she wanted to speak to her husband alone.

Peter was certainly going to be at his best because he didn’t want to fuck anything up that night except Nina. Peter laughed to himself as he thought about the condoms.

Peter walked in the club his eye’s adjusting to the darkness as he made his way to the bar he passed people dancing on the dance floor. He ordered a drink and started to look around the club for Nina and her husband Bill.

The club itself was huge with many nooks with booths tucked away in the corners of the place. Basically the tables themselves were lit only by candle lite with just a few lights up at the bar and dance floor. Peter knew the place as a pickup bar and always had a mix of people.

Peter walked around the club checking out all the tables looking for Nina and her husband. He walked to the other side of the dance floor turning down a dance offer from a pretty blonde. Peter thought to himself. “I’ll have to keep my eye open for her later just in case things don’t work out with Nina tonight.”

Peter turned and made his way across the aisle looking in each booth until he spotted a middle age man seated by himself in the corner booth. He took a sip of his drink watching th man when someone grabbed hold of his arm from behind. Peter turned around and there stood Nina dressed in a tight fitting low-cut black dress. She was an absolute knock out as Peter stood looking her from her feet up to her beautiful blonde hair.

Nina said. “What’s up stud?” Peter replied. “You look absolutely gorgeous. As a matter of fact you look and smell good enough to eat. Nina laughed and said. “My husband is sitting right over there so in a few minutes I’m going to walk out here again on my way to the bathroom and I want you to ask me to dance.

Peter watched Nina as she walked back to her table and sat next to the man he had been watching before Nina walked up to him. Peter watched them as her husband put his arm around her and kissed her on the lips. They were talking very close as Peter decided to walk toward the bar and wait for Nina to walk back out his way.

She didn’t disappoint him for very long as she tapped him on the shoulder a few minutes later and sat his drink down on the bar and walked to the dance floor with her. It was a slow dance and Nina put her arms around Peter and said. “My husband went to the little boys room and when he returns to the table we’ll dance closer so he can see us.”

Peter put his arms around her back and they danced until Nina said. “My husband is back. Why don’t we dance closer so he can see you dancing with me?” Peter moved closer to the table and put his hands down lower toward the top of Nina’s ass and faced the table which was about thirty feet away.

Peter saw him looking toward his wife as he lowered one of his hands on the round checks of her ass and began to rub it. Nina was swaying to the music as Peter said. “Does your husband already know your looking for a guy to fuck?”

Nina replied. “No. We just discussed the possibility of looking for a nice guy for me. I just want you to dance with me right now.” Peter danced with her and when the song ended Nina said. “OK. Wait kurtuluş escort until you see me scratch my head and than I want you to come over and offer to buy us a drink.”

Peter began to reply when Nina turned and said. “Be patient.” Peter watched her walk back to there table as he kept an eye on her little ass again. She wore very high spike heels and her blonde hair made her stand out as the prettiest woman in the club that night.

After what seemed like hours, Nina finally raised her hand and scratched her hair as Peter made his way to the table. Peter walked up close to the table and said. “Excuse me. Could I offer to buy the two of you a drink?”

Nina replied. “Honey. This nice man asked me to dance while you were in the restroom and he’s a fine dancer if I might ad. Why don’t you set down with us and you can have that drink with us?”

Peter ordered drinks from the waitress walking nearby and sat down in the booth next to Nona and said. “Thank you for asking me to join you. My name is Peter and you’re a wonderful dancer yourself”

Nina said. “This is my husband Bill and my name is Nina and where did you learn to dance that way?”.Peter laughed as Bill extended his hand out to shake Peter’s hand and said. “Believe me. The pleasure was all mine dancing with such a beautiful woman.”

Bill said. “She is a lovely woman and I’m lucky to be married to her. Peter. Do you live around here?” Peter replied. “Yes. As a matter of fact I have a house right around the corner I share with a friend of mine.”

Nina looked over at her husband and said. “Honey. Would you mind if I took Peter out on the dance floor again?” Bill replied.”You go right ahead and dance with this nice man while I sit here and relax.”

Nina took Peter by the hand and took him out onto the dance floor and waited for Peter to put her arms around her as they moved with the song being played. Nina was pushing her tits into his body as they danced close. Nina said. “I want you to move closer to our table and put your hands down on my ass once we get closer.”

Peter didn’t object as they slowly made their way toward the table where Bill was sitting. Peter could see the man starring out at them dancing and felt hesitant to grab the man’s wife’s ass but figured if Nina was fine with it than he would go ahead and do it.

They were about twenty feet from the table when Peter slowly worked his hands down to her ass and ran his fingers over her nice round cheeks as she swayed her ass in rhythm to the music. Peter said. “Your husband is watching my hands on your ass right now. What should I do?”

Nina looked up into Peter’s face and said. “Squeeze my ass in your hands.” Peter did what she told him and slowly massaged her ass cheeks giving them a tight squeeze every so often.

Nina moaned and said. “Oh . . . shit . . . Your hands are so strong.” Peter looked down into her eye’s and she was looking up at hip with her lips parted so he bent down and kissed her on the lips. Peter glanced at the table and saw her husband watching them and decided to kiss her again since she didn’t object to the first kiss.

Nina slipped her tongue inside his mouth as they kissed more passionately the third time as Peter continued to massage her ass through the thin black material of her dress. The song ended and Nina said. “Lets go set back down and see what my husband says to us.”

Peter slid into the booth next to Nina and looked over at Bill who was smiling at them and watched Nina as she kissed her husband on the lips and said. “Peter and I were getting into the song they were playing.” Bill replied. “Yes. I was sweating all the time the two of you were up their dancing.”

Nina was setting very close to Peter in the booth and put her hand on his thigh as she replied to her husband. “Peter gave me a little kiss out there because I was such a good partner.” Bill could see his wife’s hand on Peter’s leg and it was turning him on watching her setting close to this big muscular black gentleman.

Bill thought that his wife must be attracted to him and wondered if maybe she was considering flirting more with this man. Bill was getting butterfly’s in his stomach as he watched his wife massage the man’s large leg with her dainty hand.

Nina looked in Peter’s eye’s and said. “Would you mind going up to the bar and getting us another round of drinks for us?” Peter got up from the booth and made his way over to the bar as Nina scooted herself into the booth next to her husband and said. “Do you still want me to go through with it?”

Bill looked at his wife in a confused way and said.”Honey. What on earth are you talking about?” Nina replied. “Do you want to see me get fucked by another guy or not?”

Bill swallowed hard as he listened to his wife and the question she had just asked him and said. “Do you mean you want to fuck this black guy you just danced without there on that floor?”

Nina was squirming in her seat and said. “Listen. Honey. We don’t have much time before he gets back. Do you still want to watch me fuck another man or not? This is your last chance.”

Bill felt very nervous and yet excited when he thought about this big black stud screwing his wife while he watched. Nina put her hand on her husband’s shoulder and said. “Do you want me to stop right now?

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