Sweet Music Ch. 3


The next day passed in a fever of anticipation. During the afternoon I coached the girls on a quartet, but it was impossible to concentrate. There was extreme sexual tension in the air and both Kate and Jessica were making a lot of stupid mistakes. My own thoughts veered between aroused recollection of the previous night’s fucking and nervousness about how much Nina and Lucy knew about this and what their reaction would be if they found out. Come the evening, I was at boiling point. I had been walking around all day with a more or less permanent erection and eventually resolved that if nothing happened by 10pm I would just have to take myself in hand.

Shortly before 10 I could just make out soft footsteps in the corridor outside my flat. They approached and stopped outside my door. The previous night I had heard nothing before the fateful knock. My visitors had come barefoot. Now, as a quiet tap at the door sent a surge of excitement to my loins, I knew something would be different.

All four girls stood before me, all identically clad in unbuttoned white shirts and little ankle boots of the softest leather. My cock pulsed in appreciation as, without a word, they entered my apartment, Jessica leading Nina by the hand; Kate with her arm around Lucy’s slender waist. I noticed too that, for some reason, Kate was carrying a plastic bottle…

“Sir, Lucy and Nina were in on it too. ” began Kate, “Jess and I think they should be punished too. “

So, they were still using that flimsy pretext! Well, I was far enough into this game to play along. Besides, they do say a stiff prick has no conscience. And mine was getting stiffer by the minute!!

“Well, I guess it’s up to Lucy and Nina, isn’t it? Do you want to be punished, girls?” Both grinned and nodded enthusiastically.

I positioned myself on the leather sofa, just as I had the previous night, while Kate and Jessica led Nina, like a sacrificial lamb, towards the place of spanking. As she positioned herself over my lap I gazed appreciatively at her gorgeous dark-skinned body – her firm thighs disappearing under the hem of the shirt, her rounded breasts gently bouncing, the nipples already hard and roused against the soft white cotton. Her beautiful young face, with its enormous brown eyes and full luscious mouth, was framed by a long mane of glossy black hair currently tucked inside the shirt. It would be a great pleasure eventually to release those flowing locks and spread them out sensuously. As Nina laid herself across my lap I thrilled at the sight of those muscular thighs and the contrast her glistening coffee-coloured skin made with the pure white of her flimsy shirt.

Jessica slowly lifted Nina’s shirt to expose the most delectable arse I had ever seen. Both Jessica and Kate possessed fantastic buttocks, but Nina’s flawless globes were quite beyond belief! Firm and muscular, but with the softest, smoothest skin and a deep, inviting cleft, they were just made for stroking, spanking and teasing – and that was exactly what I intended to do.

Well-practiced by now in the art of chastisement, I immediately began with strong, sharp slaps, which issued a loud CRACK! and caused Nina to cry out in shock.

“Shit!!!” This was the first word I had heard Nina utter and it was spat out with real venom.

“Oooh Sir!” giggled Kate, “Did you hear what Nina just said?”

“Yes Sir,” added Jessica, with a grin, “I think she deserves extra punishment don’t you?”

“Fuck off, you bitches!” said Nina, clearly recovering her breath from the initial shock, but turning round with a big smile, convincing me that I hadn’t overstepped the mark. “I’m quite capable of taking this without any help from you lot. “

Slightly less fiercely, it must be admitted, I continued to spank Nina’s deliciously wobbling mounds, my erection now pressing urgently against her hard tummy. I alternated each series of slaps with gentle, soothing stroking across her twin mounds, my fingers occasionally brushing casually against her crack. Nina began to writhe and wriggle in response, her crotch pushing towards my own.

Suddenly Kate dashed off into my kitchen, carrying the plastic bottle she had brought. Moments later I heard the buzz of the microwave.

“Olive oil. ” explained Jessica, “Great for the complexion!”

“Extra virgin. ” chuckled Lucy.

“About the only thing around here that is. ” panted Nina.

The microwave pinged and Kate returned clutching the bottle. “Always nicer when it’s warm Sir!”

These girls were obviously no strangers to this sort of thing. I was supposed to be their teacher, but in this respect they were certainly teaching me.

Kate turned the bottle upside down over Nina’s buttocks and allowed some of the warm oil to dribble out. I knew exactly what to do and began smoothing the oil across her delicious arse. Kate joined in, soon followed by Jessica. Three pairs of hands were now rubbing oil all over Nina’s florya escort gorgeous bottom and down her thighs. Our hands freely insinuated themselves into the crack between her cheeks, spreading the oil into her cleft, across her shaved pussy-lips and around her anus. I snaked my fingers round to the front of her crotch to caress her shaved pubis and belly, touching my own penis in the process and lubricating it with some of the oil now covering my fingers and dripping from Nina’s body.

My caresses were obviously arousing Nina as she started to thrust and writhe, pushing her vagina ever more forcefully onto my fingers, until two of them naturally slid inside her hot matrix of pleasure. My manipulations soon began to ease Nina’s pubis towards the tip of my lubed-up shaft and as she slowly shifted position I became aware of another delightful sensation – of knowing fingers ever so gently scratching and tickling my scrotum. At first I was unsure whether the fingers belonged to Kate or Jessica, and this only added to my arousal, but eventually the wicked smile on Kate’s beautiful little face revealed her as the culprit.

God, this girl knew how to tease a man! Her fingernails moved over my straining sac with such gossamer delicacy, that sometimes I could hardly be sure she was touching me at all. Then a slight increase in pressure would cause my balls to tense and tighten as the fingers slowly began to stray towards my rod, tickling my pubes and making little circling motions around the base of the cock before continuing along the shaft, slipping towards the tip. At the end of their journey, Kate’s fingernails would gently circle and scratch the glans with studied gentleness, leaving me poised excruciatingly between discomfort and pleasure. It was all I could do to continue the manual stimulation of Nina’s vagina.

Meanwhile I noticed, with a little ripple of pleasure, that Nina was also involved in a deep, languorous kiss with the gorgeous Jessica, their tongues entwining sensually as Jessica slipped her oil-covered hands inside Nina’s open shirt and began to slowly manipulate her breasts. With my free hand, I joined Jessica in exploring Nina’s beautiful tits, though for now, due to my position, I had to content myself with stroking them through the thin cotton. Perhaps later I would be able to peel the white shirt open and reveal those mounds in all their glory.

A little squeal, like that of a small animal in pain, made me turn. The sound came from Lucy, lying at the other end of the sofa, shirt wide open and legs apart. With her left hand she stroked and caressed her quite ample breasts, while her other hand gently masturbated her own cunt. She was clearly in need of additional stimulation.

“Jessica,” Kate said, “I think Lucy needs your help. “

Jessica was the closest to Lucy and she reacted immediately.

“Turn round Lucy and open you legs. “

Lucy moved onto her hands and knees, her peachy ass pointing towards us. Jessica lay on her back, her head between Lucy’s legs, her own thighs now enclosing Nina’s head. As Jessica’s tongue got to work on Lucy’s clitoris, her own began to receive a vigorous licking from Nina. I shifted my hand from Nina’s vulva to Kate’s at exactly the same moment Kate took my shaft and introduced it into the hot, wet depths of Nina’s dripping cunt.

Together, I and my four little shirt-clad nymphets writhed and groaned in the throes of erotic delight. I masturbated Kate, who was gently guiding my cock in and out of Nina’s hole. Nina meanwhile was hungrily licking Jessica, who in turn was also practicing her oral skills on the lovely Lucy. With our soft groans of sexual ecstasy, truly the five of us were making sweet music together!

Lucy was the first to reach her climax. Perhaps because she wasn’t having to think about pleasuring anyone else she was able to concentrate on her own orgasm. At any rate, her thighs closed tightly around Jessica’s head as she let out a huge, satisfied groan.

“Ye-s-s-s-s-s-s!!! Oh-h-h fu-u-u-u-ck!!!! That’s so-o-o-o-o go-o-o-d!!!!!!!!!!!!”

This set Jessica off and she began to buck and writhe in the throes of her delicious spasm, just as she had the previous night. I speeded up my fingering of Kate’s hot cunt and in what seemed like just a few seconds Kate gently came with a shudder and a sigh.

Now temporarily sated, Jessica, Kate and Lucy slid apart from the erotic quintet we had formed and collapsed in panting exhaustion, Kate and Lucy either side of me on the sofa, Jessica at my feet on the floor. This left Nina still over my lap, with my cock firmly embedded in her wet snatch.

Without withdrawing, I pulled Nina round so she knelt facing me, slowly humping my prick, head back and eyes closed, her perfect white teeth biting her lower lip. Now was the moment to release that gorgeous black hair. I reached up to the back of her neck and, with both hands, freed the cihangir escort long silky locks from the confines of her shirt, spreading them with my fingers as they fell around her shoulders and down her back. Undoing the last two or three buttons, I opened her shirt fully and gasped at the sight of Nina’s perfectly formed chocolatey breasts, slick with the oil Jessica had spread over them, and their stiff, rubbery nipples. I took one breast in each hand and began to rub and caress, scratching those pert nips with the backs of my fingernails and causing Nina to shudder with arousal.

Lazily, Kate stirred herself from her post-orgasmic reverie, reached for the bottle of oil and began to dribble it over Nina’s chest. The oil slowly oozed between her tits and down towards her perfectly formed belly-button. Kate gently smoothed the oil around Nina’s tummy, making delicate circling motions with her fingertips, whilst I concentrated on teasing her hard nipples and resisting the increasing urge to cum as Nina rode my straining cock.

Jessica now joined in, slowly stripping the loose shirt from Nina, leaving the dark-skinned beauty completely naked except for her tiny ankle boots. Then, taking the bottle from Kate, Jessica pushed Nina’s long hair over one shoulder and began to dribble oil down her back, working it into Nina’s flawless skin as she went. Jessica slowly massaged her way towards Nina’s buttocks, punctuating her sensuous caresses with sharp slaps to those gorgeous mounds, sending shock waves of pure pleasure coursing through my pulsing rod in the process. Jessica’s soothing strokes also took in the underside of my slick cock and I groaned in helpless, delirious delight as she poured more oil into the palm of her hand, cupped my balls and began to jiggle, squeeze and gently massage the warm slimy liquid into my sac.

By now Lucy had stirred herself on the sofa, approaching me on her hands and knees, sliding her slippery wet tongue into my mouth and hungrily entwining it around my own. She was soon joined by Kate and together they took turns at French kissing me and each other. Gradually they shifted their oral attentions down my body, kissing and biting my neck, before moving to my chest and taking a nipple each which they rasped with their tongues, making me groan in unexpected delight. They eventually resumed their journey downwards, pausing to lick and kiss my belly, their tongues swirling around my navel.

By now I was in an agony of anticipation and it seemed like an eternity before the inevitable happened: Kate and Lucy’s fingers joined in, exploring my pubis and the root of my rampant shaft. Whilst one girl continued to tickle and lick my stomach, the other would gently tease the base of my cock, taking time also to lick Nina’s swollen clitoris causing her to cry out. With Jessica continuing to manipulate, and occasionally gently nibble, my oiled-up balls, this delicious torture was becoming unbearable. Pretty soon I was going to cum – and I knew that when I did it was going to be a truly spectacular orgasm.

I reached out with both hands and found that I could easily impale Kate and Lucy’s snatches with my fingers. I savoured the different feel of each cunt – Kate’s smooth and shaven, Lucy’s covered in downy, dark hair – as the girls continued their oral and manual ministrations to Nina and myself.

Of the four girls, only Nina hadn’t cum so far and it was becoming increasingly clear from her urgent thrusts and breathless panting that she was fast approaching her climax. Her three friends turned their attentions to her. Lucy and Kate licked and manipulated her clitoris, whilst Jessica insinuated a lubricated finger deep into Nina’s ass, giving my cunt-embedded cock an interesting sensation in the process. This all proved too much for Nina: suddenly she tensed, froze rigid for several seconds as though turned to stone, then a low groan issued from her lips, gradually rising in pitch and volume to an ear-splitting scream of sexual release which seemed to last forever.

Slowly, very slowly, Nina came down from her shattering climax and fell forwards onto my chest, still panting from her exertions, her long hair falling over my face. As Jessica pulled my cock out of Nina’s cunt and began wanking it vigorously, I knew my own release could not be far away. Kate and Lucy seemed to sense this and, moving off the couch to join Jessica kneeling on the floor, they joined her in massaging and fellating my long thick shaft, passing the knob from one hot wet mouth to another.

The combined sensations soon brought me to my own climax. Slowly, I felt the tell-tale signs of my cock starting to pulse and throb, the muscle tensing and releasing involuntarily. My balls spasmed, I felt my hot juice rushing up the shaft and I knew I was lost. With a roar I came, the spunk shooting out with a force I had never before experienced. The first wave shot in an arc over my head mecidiyeköy escort to hit the wall behind. The next few spurts, less fierce but just as copious, landed on Nina, who was still lying on top of me, covering her back and landing in her luxuriant black hair. Kate, Jessica and Lucy simultaneously grabbed my cock to try to catch the final spurts over their faces and mouths and as my shattering orgasm subsided, they slowly began to lick every trace of spunk from my throbbing meatus and from Nina’s glistening, white-streaked back.

“That just leaves Lucy doesn’t it?” said Kate with a wicked chuckle. “Come on Lucy, you’re the only one Sir hasn’t fucked. Get on the floor. “

Obligingly, Lucy spread herself on the floor, her shirt wide open, her firm well-rounded breasts heaving with excitement. Kate and Jessica both slipped out of their own shirts as Nina slid down my body to join her friends on the floor.

To my surprise, Nina and Jessica immediately pinned Lucy’s arms to the ground whilst Kate straddled her legs.

“You see Sir, Lucy’s really ticklish,” explained the mischievous Kate.

“And we like to torture her. ” added Jessica. “She enjoys it really. “

“But actually we don’t really care whether she enjoys it or not!” giggled Nina, “do we girls?”

They all laughed, including the lovely Lucy, whose laughter soon turned to yelps as Jessica, Kate and Nina began to run their tickling fingertips across Lucy’s tummy, up her sides and under her armpits. Lucy started to writhe in torment.

“No-o-o-o-o-o!!!!” she cried in between desperate giggles, “Oh you bastards!! Stop!! You… fucking… bastards!!!. You… know… how… oooooooooh… how… ticklish… I… am!!!!!N-O-O-O-O-O!!!!!!”

This just seemed to encourage them and the three tormentresses proceeded to deep and expert tickling of Lucy’s sides, from ribs to the top of her hips, and her lower abdomen, just above her luxuriant dark pubes. As Lucy thrashed from side to side I couldn’t resist gently stroking my cock, which was once again fully erect.

Suddenly Jessica shifted position and Lucy’s screams were partly muffled, as Jessica squatted over her face and brought a luscious cunt to Lucy’s mouth. Lucy had no choice but to lick and suck on the sweetmeat whilst Jessica, her long auburn locks tumbling over her face and breasts began to ride her friend’s face.

As Nina continued the tickling, Kate relinquished her position astride Lucy’s thighs, only to grasp Lucy’s calves and pull her legs up in the air, thus exposing Lucy’s ample buttocks to my lustful gaze.

I knew exactly what to do. Lucy was the only one who had not yet been spanked. I knelt down, grabbed the now abandoned bottle of oil, poured what was left over Lucy’s bottom, spread it around, then started to spank her with vigorous wet slaps. Poor Lucy didn’t know where to put herself: half smothered by Jessica’s cunt over her mouth, she couldn’t cry out, Nina was still tickling her without mercy and now I was smacking her bottom with great relish whilst Kate held her legs in an uncomfortable position. It was all too much – Lucy lost control and began to pee.

Now I’ve never been particularly attracted to lavatorial sex. I know it turns some people on and that’s cool, but it has never held any personal appeal for me. But at this moment, I got truly excited. As a little puddle developed on the floor (luckily a hard-wearing rug!), I too lost control – though in a different way. Grabbing Lucy’s legs from Kate, I held them open, brought my throbbing penis up against her glistening vagina and mounted her. Lucy bucked from side to side, but this just served to impale me deeper. Kate stood up to straddle Lucy’s body with her back to me and, keeping her long legs straight, bent forward so I had a full view of her asshole and shaven cunt. I leaned forward, taking care not to release the pressure on Lucy’s pussy and pushed my tongue into Kate’s ass, penetrating and probing as Kate moaned with pleasure. To my amazement, Kate came almost instantaneously. I had never known a girl have an orgasm so quickly.

Now I started to really pound Lucy, penetrating deeply with every thrust and speeding up my fucking motion until my cock was pistoning in and out of her pussy like an engine. Even in this restricted position, Lucy was attempting to meet my thrusts and was clearly working to her orgasm.

The first scream came from Jessica, who finally got her release via Lucy’s oral stimulation. She fell to one side and collapsed in a panting heap on the floor. Next Nina roared her own orgasm and, for the first time I realised she had stopped tickling Lucy and had concentrated instead on masturbating herself to another climax.

Now Lucy finally achieved her own climax. I felt her cunt throb and spasm around my pulsing penis as, with a howl, she reached her peak of ecstasy. This set me off. I felt my orgasm rushing through my cock which I whipped out of Lucy’s quim, just in time to release what seemed like gallons of boiling jism all over Lucy’s beautiful face and body. As I fell back inn exhaustion, Nina, Kate and Jessica descended like vultures on their friend’s exhausted body, as well as my ravaged penis, to lick every last drop of cock-cream from out flesh.

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