Aunt Meg Ch. 06


It was 4:37 when we arrived at Aunt Meg’s condo. She parked her car in the garage and we went inside.

“Anthony, why don’t you go take a shower and freshen up?” Aunt Meg suggested as she opened the fridge and looked inside.

“Don’t you want to join me?” I asked as I walked up behind her and cupped both my hands over her breasts.

I could feel her nipples harden through the fabric of her tank top and button down shirt, as soon as I touched her. It felt good knowing all it took was my touch to get my aunt aroused.

“Mmmm, I would love to Anthony, but I need to figure out what to make us for dinner and I need to prep a syllabus for my students. Classes start next week.”

“Fine.” I said in a low toned voice, trying to make her feel guilty for turning me down.

“I’ll make it up to you Sweetie, I promise.” She said as she looked over her shoulder at my sad face.

I let go of her breasts and turned to go upstairs.

“Anthony?” I heard Aunt Meg call out to me.

“Yea.” I replied as I turned to face her.

Aunt Meg had taken off her button down shirt and she had lowered her tank top to expose her perfectly shaped breasts . She had also lifted her skirt up to her midsection and flashed me her beautiful pussy. I loved looking at the patch of strawberry blonde pubic hair that covered her pubic bone and stopped, just above her clit.

“I just wanted to give you a peak of what you will be eating for dessert tonight, after our dinner.”

My jaw dropped and my penis started to swell inside my shorts.

“Hmmm, strawberry shortcake and milk for dessert. My favorite!” I exclaimed, jokingly.

Aunt Meg burst out laughing.

“That is so funny Anthony. Let’s use that as our secret code if we ever want to talk about sex in public. No one else will have a clue about what we are saying!”

It was my turn to laugh. My aunt had the best personality and she had an amazing appetite for sex. Could my luck get any better? She was a sexually free woman who had no issue of sharing me with her girlfriend and she was more than willing to have sex in public places, in front of strangers, to boot. I couldn’t wait to see how far our sexual exploitations would take us.

“Now go upstairs and freshen up that banana of yours. I love having a banana topping in my strawberry shortcake.” She continued with a wink as she played along with the food references for our sexual body parts. “Oh, and I don’t want you jerking off in the shower. I don’t want you wasting any of that cream filling before dessert. I want extra cream in my coffee later.”

“Yes ma’am!” I exclaimed as I turned to run up the stairs. “Call me as soon as dinner is ready. I’m famished!”

I heard Aunt Meg laugh again as I ran up the stairs. I started to wonder what the coffee reference meant. Did she mean real coffee? The idea of ejaculating into her coffee before she drank it got me excited. I would have to wait and see.

I walked into the spare bedroom, where I had left my stuff the night before. I opened my suitcase and my back back and dumped the contents of both onto the bed. I separated my dirty laundry from my clean clothes and then proceeded to put my stuff in the various drawers of a large bureau, to the left side of the bed. I put aside a tee shirt and a pair of basketball shorts to wear, after my shower. I knew I wouldn’t need any boxers, since my shorts were sure to come off. I had a feeling I would be spending a lot of time going commando around the Aunt Meg’s condo.

After sorting through my clothes, I put a couple of pairs of shoes and sneakers in the closet, across from the foot of the bed, along with my backpack and suitcase. When I was done putting my stuff away, I took my dirty laundry to the bathroom, which was next door to my bedroom. I opened the linen closet and found the hamper I was looking for. I lifted the lid to the hamper and put my dirty laundry inside. Then I grabbed a towel from the shelf above and turned on the shower.

While I waited for the water in the shower to get hot, I went back to the bedroom and grabbed a small travel bag and the clothes I left out. I took the items into the bathroom and emptied out the contents of the small travel bag. I found a place for my toothbrush, deodorant, hair product and some other miscellaneous things and put everything away. When I was done tidying up, I opened the shower door and stepped into the tub.

I stood under the hot water with my eyes closed and visualized Aunt Meg’s naked body, after she flashed me, before I had gone up to shower. It took all the willpower I had inside me not to masturbate. I had orgasmed many times over the last couple of days and I wanted to make sure I had enough ‘cream’ for Aunt Meg’s coffee when dessert time presented itself. I looked forward to find out what Aunt Meg meant by that statement.

After my shower, I dried off and got dressed. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed that the outline of my penis head was clearly visible through the red fabric of my shorts. I hoped Aunt Meg would notice too. I turned Gaziantep Escort off the lights and stepped out of the bathroom.

As I walked toward the staircase, I heard my Aunt’s voice get loud. Then I heard a door open and close. I stopped when I got to the banister and listened. Aunt Meg’s voice was muffled, but I could hear her having a heated conversation. I walked down the stairs and followed the sound of her voice. It was coming from under the floor of a door that I hadn’t looked in yet. I guessed that the door lead to the basement. I put my ear up against the door and listened.

“I don’t have to explain myself to you Maryssa! Anthony is a great kid and he is having a good time up here.”

Aunt Meg was talking to my mom. I couldn’t hear what my mom was saying to her, so it was hard to figure out what they were arguing about, but it sounded like it had something to do with me.

“I am being quiet. I’m in the basement right now and he is upstairs taking a shower. He can’t hear me.”

I heard another long pause. I assumed it was my mom’s turn to speak.

“Ask him yourself when you talk to him. I have to start dinner. Call me when you come to your senses and tell mom and dad that I love them. Goodbye Maryssa.”

I backed away from the door and ran back upstairs as fast as I could, trying hard not to make a sound. I managed to reach the top step when I heard the basement door open and then close. I pretended to start walking downstairs when Aunt Meg emerged from around the corner. She looked up and saw me as I walked down the stairs slowly. Aunt Meg looked a bit startled when she saw me and her face looked red.

“Hi Anthony, how was your shower?” She asked as she composed herself and smiled.

“It was great Aunt Meg. I feel refreshed.”

“That’s good Sweetie. I just got off the phone with your mom. She wants you to call her. She’s dying to hear about the tour I gave you at the campus today.”

Aunt Meg handed me the house phone she held in her hand when I reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Are you hungry?” She asked. “I think I should start dinner and then I need to go soak in a hot bath.”

“I’m fine eating strawberry shortcake for dinner.” I said with an evil smirk.

Aunt Meg smiled but didn’t say anything. I knew she was definitely upset. What could have caused all this tension between her and my mom?

“Are you Ok?” I asked.

“Yes Sweetie. I’m fine. I’m just tired and I don’t feel like working on school stuff right now.”

“OK. I am getting hungry so if you want to start dinner, that’s fine with me.”

Aunt Meg nodded and turned to walk back into the kitchen. I turned, and walked in the opposite direction, toward the living room. I sat on the couch and dialed my mom’s cell number.

“What is it Meg?” The voice on the other line answered.

I could tell my mom was angry from the tone of her voice.

“It’s me mom. Aunt Meg said you had called. Is everything ok?”

“Oh, hi Sweetie. I thought you were Meg.”

I got a familiar odd feeling in the pit of my stomach when I heard my mom call me Sweetie. It was the same feeling I had in the motel room a couple of nights earlier. When my mom called me Sweetie, it was innocent and the tone in her voice was motherly. When Aunt Meg called me Sweetie, it was usually followed by something sexual and the tone her voice was usually sensual. Both their voices sounded exactly the same, so when my mom said it, I felt awkward. The thing that made things even more awkward was that deep down in my gut, I suspected that my mom knew something was going on between Aunt Meg and me.

“No, Aunt Meg said you had called. I figured I would call you while she finished making dinner. How are you, Michelle, grandma and grandpa doing?” I finally answered.

“We are all good, thank you for asking. Aunt Meg has been telling me how much you are enjoying your time with her.”

I paused before I answered. Did she already know something? I wondered.

“It’s been great mom. We toured the campus at Brown earlier. I met some of my professors and saw some of my classrooms. Everyone seems really cool.”

“That’s great Sweetie. What else have you been up to?” She asked. “I never hear from you so you must be really busy doing other stuff.”

My heart skipped a beat when she asked me that question, but I held my composure. There was no way she could have known what Aunt Meg and me had been doing, and I seriously doubted my aunt would have said anything to her sister.

“I just called you now.” I retorted with some sarcasm. “And yes, I have been busy.”

“Well, you don’t call unless I call you first.”

I could tell my mom was annoyed.

“Sorry mom. Like I said, I’ve just been busy. After we toured the campus, Aunt Meg drove me around the East Side. I saw Thayer St. and the Blackstone Blvd. Then we went down to the Blackstone river. We walked around for a while and we people watched. We saw some people kayaking and stuff. We even had a conversation with 2 guys in a canoe. THey Gaziantep Escort Bayan were very friendly. I can’t wait to go back there and do some exploring.”

“That’s sounds great. I know how much you love the outdoors. What do you want to explore? She asked. “It’s good that you and Aunt Meg made some new friends in such a short time.”

I felt like my mother was fishing.

“Aunt Meg said there are caves around the river bank. Next time I go back there, I want to get a kayak and explore more of the river.”

I didn’t tell my mom the reason the guys in the canoe were so friendly, but I brought it up in case Aunt Meg had mentioned something. We talked some more about her day and how things were back home. After several minutes of catching up, I yawned loudly on the phone. My mom got the hint.

“Well, I can see you had a very busy day and you sound tired. I will let you go. Get some rest and enjoy dinner. Don’t forget about us ok?”

“I can’t forget you guys. Tell everyone I love them. I love you too mom.”

“Love you Sweetie.”

I heard the line disconnect. I walked into the kitchen and put the phone in it’s charger. Aunt Meg was nowhere in site, so I assumed she was taking her bath. I walked over to the door that led to the basement and opened it. The basement was lit, so I walked downstairs to check it out.

The space was incredible. The floor had a dark, plush carpet and there was a big, sectional couch in the corner, facing a large projector screen. There was also a projector attached to the ceiling, along with two rows of recessed lights. It was like having a private movie theatre. There were several shelves on the opposite side of the couch, that spanned from the floor to the ceiling, filled with hundreds of dvds. I really liked the space and I looked forward to spending some time down there, watching movies with my aunt, and possibly Jasmine. My imagine got ahold of me and I started visualizing other activities taking place on that couch, other than watching movies.

The sound of footsteps in the kitchen, above me, made me snap out of the little sexual fantasy I was having in my head. I guessed Aunt Meg was done with her bath. I was about to go back upstairs, when I noticed a door behind the projection screen. I walked behind the screen and saw that the door had a double lock. I started wondering what Aunt Meg kept behind the door. I would have to ask her.

I walked back to the stairs and went up, to the kitchen. Aunt Meg seemed distracted as she set the table. She had a long bathrobe on and I could see the top of a tee shirt just below her neckline. I was bummed. I was hoping she would be wearing something sexy. I feared her argument with my mom may have drained my aunt of any sexual energy she had earlier.

“Let me help you with that Aunt Meg.”

“It’s ok Sweetie. I got it. Why don’t you turn off the oven.”

“Is everything OK?” I asked. “My mom sounded annoyed on the phone and you look upset.”

“Yes Anthony, it’s nothing you need to concern yourself about.”

I could tell Aunt Meg was hiding something, but she was keeping it close to the vest. I decided not to pry. She had no idea I overheard some of her conversation and I didn’t want her to know I was eavesdropping.

“Grab some drinks from the fridge Sweetie. The baked mac and cheese is ready.”

“That’s my favorite!” I exclaimed as my mood brightened.

“I know Anthony. That’s why I made it.”

Aunt Meg put on some oven mitts and opened the oven. She bent over and reached in to grab the casserole dish. I admired my aunt’s curves while she took our dinner out of the oven. I didn’t see any sign of panties under her robe and tee shirt, but she could have been wearing a thong. It was hard to tell with the layers she had on. Aunt Meg stood up, walked over to the table and placed the casserole dish down.

“That smells amazing.” I said as I walked up to her and kissed her on the cheek.

Her mood seemed to brighten when she saw how excited I was about the dinner she made.

“Let’s hope it tastes as good as it smells.” She said with a smile that brightened her face.

Her smile looked genuine, not forced. I decided to compliment her throughout dinner in hopes of making her feel better. I hated that something was going on between her and my mom. I walked to the head of the table and pulled out her chair.

“Your seat, my lady.” I said with a bad british accent.

“Why thank you, kind sir.” She replied with a sexy british accent of her own, as she sat down.

Is there anything my aunt can’t do well? I asked myself as I pushed her chair in after she sat. I took her over mitts and threw them on the island.

“Would you like a nice glass of wine?” I asked, spying a bottle of wine on the countertop, behind a bread basket. My british accent wasn’t getting any better.

“That would be delightful.”

I walked over to the counter and grabbed the bottle. I rummaged through some drawers, trying to find a cork screw. I looked up at Aunt Meg as I Escort Gaziantep went through her drawers and noticed a look of amusement on her face, but she didn’t say a word. The more I looked for a corkscrew, the more amused she looked. So much for being suave and debonair, I thought to myself. After a few minutes, she started laughing.

“Try the cupboard above the bread basket.” She said.

I opened the cupboard door and saw the corkscrew sitting on the bottom shelf.

“Who puts a corkscrew in the cupboard?” I asked

“Me.” She said without another word.

I walked over to the table and plunged the corkscrew into the cork. As I worked on opening the bottle, I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

“If you weren’t so sexy, I would give you a verbal thrashing for making me spend all that time looking for a corkscrew when you knew no normal person would look in the cupboard.” I said, this time in my best Don Juan impersonation.

“A verbal thrashing, huh? And what would this verbal thrashing consist of?”

“Lots of big words, crazy facial expressions and hand gestures.” I joked, trying to sound sexy and funny, at the same time.

“You’re accents are getting worse.” She said with a crooked smile on her face.

“Ouch. That hurts.” I said while putting my hands over my heart.

“What’s the matter? Are you having a heart attack?” She asked, teasing me.

“Yes. That means no more sex for you. Not sure if my poor heart can handle all this verbal abuse you are giving me.”

“That’s ok. I’ll just fuck Jasmine until your heart gets better.”

I clutched my hands tight to my chest and grimaced in pain, as I fell to the floor, faking a heart attack. I lay on my back, motionless.

“Oh no. Anthony, are you ok? Aunt Meg asked in a sarcastic tone, pretending to be concerned.

I lay motionless and didn’t say a word. I kept my eyes open and looked straight up at the ceiling, pretending like my ‘heart attack’ was fatal. Aunt Meg walked over to me and then stepped over me so that her feet were on either side of my ears. My eyes followed her inner thighs up to her crotch. My heart fluttered with joy when I saw she had no panties on. I stared at the clean shaven skin of her pussy where both her outer lips met in the middle, concealing the entrance to her tight vaginal opening. A large patch of pubic hair was visible just above the folds of her smooth outer labia. I felt like my chances of sex after dinner seemed to be better than I had originally anticipated, considering my aunt went commando after her shower.

“Maybe I should call 911. My poor nephew seems to have had a fatal heart attack.” Aunt Meg continued with her sad charade of concern for my well being.

I sat up and slid both my hands up Aunt Meg’s robe and tee shirt. She shrieked, with surprise. I grabbed both her tight butt cheeks and squeezed. She jumped back, lost her balance and fell flat on her ass.

“It’s a miracle! Seeing your heavenly pussy cured me!” I exclaimed, while I laughed hysterically.

“Heavenly pussy?” She asked as she laughed out loud with me. “You are so funny Anthony. Thank you for the laugh. Now help me up so we can eat.”

I jumped up, walked over to her, and held out my hand. She grabbed it and I pulled her up. We walked over to the table and sat down. I grabbed the bottle of wine I was fiddling with before my fake heart attack and popped the cork. I poured Aunt Meg a glass of wine and then attempted to pour myself a glass as well.

“What do you think you are doing young man?”

“Pouring myself a glass of wine.”

“Oh hell no. She said as she grabbed the bottle from my hands. “You are not of legal drinking age and you will not be drinking alcohol in this house.”

“So let me get this right, I can have sex with my aunt, but I can’t have a glass of wine?” I asked, trying to sound like I was annoyed.

“That’s right. And if you want to keep having sex with your aunt, with the occasional threesome of me and Jasmine, you will not let me catch you drinking, ever.”

“You drive a hard bargain.” I retorted as I got up, walked over to the fridge, and grabbed a bottle of water.

“That’s a good boy.” She said when I sat down, next to her.

Aunt Meg grabbed a large serving spoon and filled it with with some baked mac and cheese. My mouth started watering. It smelled great. I waited until she served herself and then we ate. It was amazing. I scarfed down my food and helped myself to seconds. Aunt Meg was only halfway down with her first serving.

“Slow down Anthony. Make sure you leave room for dessert.”

I stopped chewing and looked up at her. My heart started beating hard in my chest. Was I going to get lucky after all?

Aunt Meg gave me a dirty look. She pushed her chair back from the table, loosened the belt around her waist and opened up her robe, so that it dropped off her shoulders and fell halfway down her back. Her arms were still in the sleeves, so the robe did not completely come off. Then she reached down with both her hands and lifted her tee shirt up to her midsection, exposing her entire lower body and half of her rock hard abs. I eyed her from abs to knees, and admired her incredible physique. She was so sexy. It didn’t take long for my eyes to lock onto the patch of strawberry blonde, pubic hair just above her crossed legs.

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