Aunt Jean


I woke up about 7:00. It was Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Since it was the biggest shopping day of the year, I knew I would have the house to myself all day. My wife, her mother, grandmother, and aunt would all be off shopping for hours. I had heard them leaving while it was still dark, but I had slept in for a couple more hours.

I arose and stretched. I was naked, since this is how I normally sleep. However, since I was not at home, I pulled on a pair of boxers to cover my morning erection before leaving the bedroom. I went to the bathroom and started the shower. Then I went to the kitchen to make coffee.

I was standing in the kitchen waiting on the coffee pot to work its magic when Aunt Jean walked into the kitchen, nearly startling me out of my shorts.

“Hi, ” she said. “I decided not to go shopping with the girls.”

“Jesus,” I said, sounding as startled as I actually was, “You scared me. Good thing I put these boxers on. I might have walking around nude!” I turned toward the coffee pot, keeping my back to her.

“Oh, that’s alright,” Aunt Jean said, “Seen one, you’ve seen ’em all.”

“Okay, ” I said, still a bit shaken, glad that she was standing behind me and could not see my cock which was still sporting morning wood.

But Aunt Jean came up behind me and gave me a big bear hug, squeezing me hard and rocking back and forth. As she continued hugging me from behind, I noticed her hands were hanging very low around my waist,. Her long, thin fingers, sporting perfectly manicured nails no less, were dangling directly in front of the fly of my boxer shorts – less than an inch from my penis.

“Is the coffee ready yet?” squeezing me even tighter. As she did so, one of her hands brushed against my erect cock.

“Oh shit,” I thought. “Now I’m in trouble”

However, she did not react badly at all. She simply kept hugging me from behind. I felt her other hand brush my crotch as well and then move away. Looking down I noticed both of her gorgeous hands hanging directly in front of my now throbbing dick. Sensing this was an opportunity I had longed for I gently thrust my pelvis forward enough to put my cock in contact with both of her sexy hands – hands I had dreamed many times would look great wrapped around my young cock.

Aunt Jean obliged me with a quick squeeze – both hands gripping my cock and balls, but then she let loose the bear hug and moved toward the coffee pot. As we parted, I felt her erect nipples brush against my back.

“Can I fix you a cup, ” she asked.

After the little bit of hugging and cock squeezing at the coffee pot, I was quite excited. My head was swimming with thoughts of my sexy Aunt Jean. I kept seeing her sexy hands hovering over my boxer shorts and squeezing my cock. However, after grabbing her cup of coffee, she disappeared into her room, leaving me alone in the kitchen with a throbbing hard on.

After drinking my coffee, I decided to get to work on the yard as I had promised my mother-in-law Eskişehir Escort I would do. I showered and changed into my usual yard work garb – one pair of surf shorts and one pair of work boots – and proceeded to tackle the yard. It was warm out, but not hot – around 80. With such nice weather, I got a lot done.

I came in shortly before noon for a little break and possibly some lunch. Feeling a little sunburned and tired, I grabbed a couple beers and some chips and headed for the couch. I almost sat on Aunt Jean before I realized at the last minute she was stretched out on the couch under a blanket. I stopped myself at the last minute and sat on the love seat adjacent to the couch. There was a bottle of lotion on the coffee table between us. I put some lotion on my shoulders to ease the sun I had gotten due to the clear weather. It looked like Aunt Jean was still sleeping soundly, so I turned on the TV, cracked a beer, and opened the bag of chips.

When I turned on the TV it came on louder than I expected. My mother-in-law is getting hard of hearing and must have cranked it last time she used it. The noise startled Aunt Jean and she sat up suddenly.

“Sorry,” I said. “Your sister must have turned it up. She can’t hear so good anymore.”

This brought a smile form Aunt Jean.

“No problem,” she said. “I was just dozing. My back is hurting.”

I should mention that my Aunt Jean takes pain medications for her back pain. Everyone in the family is pretty convinced that she is addicted to Oxycontin since she goes through them like water.

The blanket she was under had slipped off to the floor when Aunt Jean sat up suddenly. She was wearing a small white tank top with lace trim and some dark green shorts. I noticed immediately that she wore no bra. My mother-in-law keeps her house at 68 degrees and Aunt Jean’s nipples were showing the effects of the icy A/C temperature. I suspected she might not be wearing panties either, but that may have only been my young mind wandering and wishing.

“Are you done with the yard?” she asked, looking me in the eye apparently aware that I was gazing at her chest.

“It’s never done,” I replied smiling. “You know how your sister is. She finds more for me to do each time we visit you guys.”

This elicited another bright smile. “You’re right,” she said. “And you’re a good man for doing it. And you’re a good husband to my niece too,” she said smiling again and gently flipping her blonde hair off of her softly rounded pale shoulder.

“Great,” I’m thinking, “Now she’s making me feel guilty for having that hard on in the kitchen earlier this morning.” So I settle in with my beer and chips to watch some TV.

“Can I have some of that beer?” Aunt Jean asked suddenly. “I’m thirsty.”

“Sure,” I said handing her the other can. “Help yourself. There’s a lot more in the fridge.”

Within an hour, Aunt Jean and I consumed a 12 pack of beer and are feeling pretty fine. Everything I say Eskişehir Escort Bayan she finds funny and everything she does I find sexy. When she laughs, she tosses her head back and chugs more beer. I watched her throat as she guzzled the beer and I think that I have never seen anything quite so sexy. Each time she leans forward to talk to me her top falls open exposing her pointy breasts. As I lean toward her and laugh she grabs the back of my head and rubs it affectionately, pulling me toward her chest and affording me an even better view of her sexy breasts. We continue like this until she looks me straight in the eye and asks for a back rub.

“My back is really killing me. Would you mid giving it a rub?”

“Not at all,” I said – or more accurately slur. “Lemme at it.”

My Aunt spread herself out on the couch. I stood beside her, despite the bulge in my shorts, and I proceeded to rub her back. I rubbed tentatively at first, starting with her shoulders and proceeding down to the middle of her back. Her tank top was light and thin and not really in the way.

“I’m not really sure where it hurts,” I say.

“Lower,” she whispered. “Low. Slide my top up if you need to. And would you use some lotion?”

I obliged. I slid her top up about half way and I applied some lotion, warming it in my hands first. Then I let my hands slide down her silky skin and began to rub her lower back, just above the green shorts. I applied pressure, leaning forward and using my 200 lb frame to press down on her 120lb body.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned.” That’s what I need. Mmmmmm.”

Encouraged by her moans, I applied more pressure to her lower back, leaning over and using my size to advantage. I continued to press, rubbing her sore back and letting my mind wander. I began to imagine her hands closing around my cock in a way that she had merely hinted at with the little squeeze she gave me at the coffee pot. Eventually her moans lapsed into a deep throbbing sound – soft and rhythmic. I realized after a few more minutes that she was now sound asleep.

“Aw, shit!” I say probably too loud. Catching myself, I continue silently in my head… “She’s sound asleep. Guess pain pills don’t go with beer.”

I became aware, however, that I had a throbbing hard on. Rubbing Aunt Jean’s back and allowing my mind to wander had resulted in a rock hard erection. Maybe it was a good thing she was passed out. I stood up and stretched. I had been bending over her and rubbing her back for some time and the stretch felt good. I was on the verge of being embarrassed by my jutting hard-on when a thought hit me.

“She is passed out cold! She can’t see this.”

I realized suddenly that Aunt Jean didn’t know that I had a throbbing hard on. She didn’t know that I had been thinking about her body in the way that I had. She didn’t know and she was probably too out of it – between the pills and the beer – to even care if she did know!

This thought swept over Escort Eskişehir me like rain…. Feeling safe and empowered, I poked her lightly with my toe.

“Aunt Jean. Wake up.” I said.

Nothing… I tried again…. nothing.

Feeling increasingly better about the situation, I leaned forward and tentatively gave her ass a squeeze. She did not move at all. I tried again – a bigger squeeze this time. No reaction from her at all.

Overwhelmed suddenly by a feeling of power, I reached out with both of my hands and grabbed a giant handful of luscious ass cheek with each hand. I squeezed as hard as I could, wiggling each of Aunt Jean’s ass sweet cheeks back and forth forcefully until they made a slapping sound.

I stepped back from her thinking that this would surely awaken her and she would scold me. Nothing! Nothing! She was out cold.

I noticed then that one of her boobs was sliding out of her little tank top as she lay face down on the couch. The side of her milky white breast bulged out from the lacy tank top and the tit threatened to pop out altogether. I stood transfixed for a moment. These were boobs I had dreamed of touching and now one was partially exposed before me.

I knelt down beside the couch and kissed my Aunt Jean’s breast gently. It was cool to the touch – probably due to the cranking air conditioning. I kissed it again. It began to warm slightly. I licked it repeatedly. Then I squeezed it with my hand. Still my aunt lie passed out cold.

Easing my hand under my aunt, I slid her tit out of her tank top so that it hung over the edge of the couch. Her nipple was still erect form the cold and I twisted it between my fingers. Still she snored! Stretching out on the floor next to the couch I reached out with my tongue and licked her nipple – the very same pointy nipple I had seen erect under her little tank top earlier. This was the same pointy nipple I had felt brush against my back this morning at the coffee pot. The same pointy nipple I had fantasized about so many times – often while masturbating. I sucked the nipple into my mouth. I sucked it hard for a long, long time. Still she snored.

Encouraged, I bit the nipple between my teeth. I twisted it harder with my fingers. I bit it again. I bit my aunt’s nipple so hard I thought it would bleed… and still she slept.

Finally, encouraged, impassioned and engorged, I stood again next to my sleeping aunt. I grabbed her little green shorts and slid them down, exposing her sexy pale ass. I was right – she had on no panties. I gently caressed her plump white ass. Then I slipped a finger tentatively between her ass cheeks. Probing forward deeper toward her cunt and adding another finger, I probed forward finding heat and moisture. She was very wet and she let out a very slight moan.

Overwhelmed with desire, I squeezed Aunt Jean’s round ass cheeks hard one more time and then slid off my own shorts. I picked up the bottle of lotion. This time neither my sunburned shoulders nor her aching lower back were my target. I put a large dollop of lotion on my throbbing cock head and stroked it a few times, spreading the lotion over its full length. Then I climbed on top of my drunk and passed out aunt, mounting her from behind, and slid my throbbing cock deep into her sopping wet pussy.

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