Aunt Helen’s Untamed Jungle


When Brent Casey got sent to his Aunt Helen’s house for a week back in the summer of 1998, he knew that while the reason his Mom gave him was for him to help her sister-in-law out, Brent knew that it was mostly to give his mother a break from being both Mom and Dad. The fact that his Mom had just started seeing a guy for the first time since Dad had divorced her probably factored in as well.

Brent really didn’t mind getting banished to his Aunt Helen’s, even though her place was in the middle of nowhere just outside of the little town of Malone, New York because Brent had just broken up with his girlfriend of several months. Since he would be off to college come September there was no point in just moping around the house until then so he went willingly.

It didn’t hurt that Brent got along very well with his father’s sister, and one of the things they had in common was that they both held Brent’s father in contempt. Brent still hadn’t forgiven his old man for walking out on him and his Mom a few years back, while his Aunt Helen had never hidden her contempt for her brother although the reason was unclear.

Helen Becker was in her early fifties and was not only a good cook but was very outgoing and had a sense of humor that was a little racy, but there was something else that attracted Brent to his Aunt.

Aunt Helen had dark brown hair and was a rather petite woman, but there was something about her that Brent had fantasized about ever since he started noticing girls, that being that Aunt Helen had huge breasts.

Brent thought that because the rest of Aunt Helen was very slender without an ounce of fat on her lean 5’5″ frame, that made her chest look even bigger that it actually was, but there was no denying that no matter how you look at it, Aunt Helen was what Brent’s Mom always said she was, a busty woman.

Brent wished that his Aunt would wear clothing that showed off those incredible boobs but she rarely did. One exception was that several years ago after the old man left them the two of them went to some lake with Aunt Helen for a picnic and he saw his Aunt in a bathing suit, a very modest one piece.

To say the sight made an impression on Brent would be a great understatement because the photos he took of the picnic were the inspiration for countless orgasms since then. His favorite was one where Aunt Helen was sitting in a lawn chair with her eyes closed, and the photo showed off her breasts perfectly, the picture so sharp you could see the damp 5 o’clock shadow that coated Aunt Helen’s underarms as she napped in the chaise.

So after Brent got dropped off by his mother and his Aunt greeted him warmly, the soon-to-be college freshman looked forward to a week filled with erections, only now without a girlfriend to help them go away.

As Brent recalls it, the week was not what he had expected.


Right from the start I sensed that something was different between me and Aunt Helen. I think it was because this was really the first time I had been with her without Mom there, and maybe Helen sensed that too.

The first day was a short one with Mom sticking around to chat until driving back home, but after Mom left we ate dinner we watched TV until bedtime. Aunt Helen probably paid more attention to the shows than I did because I was too busy looking at her.

Aunt Helen had put on a nightgown after we ate, and while it was very modest in style, loose fitting and rather shapeless, what made it great was that it was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Whenever Aunt Helen would get up I fought not to stare as those amazing tits swayed around freely, and what I would have given for that nightgown to be more snug.

After I went to the guest room to go to bed it wasn’t 10 minutes before I broke a vow I had made not to jerk off while I was visiting here, but sleep would have been impossible the way I felt. Even when I was sleeping I thought about Aunt Helen, even imagining that she came into the room at some time in the middle of the night.

When I woke up the next morning I could hear the shower on down the hall, and a peek outside showed that like yesterday today would be a hot and sunny day. We had decided last night that we would clean out her garage, hauling all of the departed Uncle Phil’s crap to the curb so she could rid herself of any remnants of her marriage.

I had never known my aunt and uncle were not happy together, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why somebody would leave Aunt Helen because she was cute and had a great personality, not to mention her other qualities.

I waited a bit after the shower went off before I went down to the bathroom, but decided to duck down to Aunt Helen’s bedroom to make sure she was done before I stunk it up. Reaching the doorway I froze in place when I saw Aunt Helen wasn’t fully dressed yet.

She had a towel wrapped around her scalp and was wearing a light blue tank-top with nothing underneath. Down below she had panties on, and while I was captivated with the sight of those incredible tits, when ensest porno I saw the hairs peeking out of the leg openings of Aunt Helen’s panties my eyes went down there, not noticing that Aunt Helen was now aware of my presence.

“Didn’t mean to leave the door open,” she said calmly while making no move to cover herself as she looked for a pair of shorts in her dresser. “That’s what happens when you live alone, leaving doors open you should close. That and you end up talking to yourself a lot.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled as I stepped back and looked away as best I could.

“Hey, we’re family right?” she asked as she pulled up the shorts, and tucked in the tank-top which held her pendulous breasts in place. “And you aren’t a kid anymore.”

“This doesn’t bother you does it Brent?” Aunt Helen asked as I got caught staring at her breasts again and particularly at the fat nipples that seemed to be trying to pop through the cotton. “Wearing this I mean? It’s going to be warm out there today.”

“No, you’re right about the temperature. It’s going to be hotter today than yesterday,” I replied, and that was going to be an understatement in more ways than one.

Working close to Aunt Helen all day was painful because my erection was being bent in all different ways as I tried to make it not poke out in my shorts. Even Aunt Helen sweaty was sexy to me, with sweat drenching a lot of her tank-top, a dark spot on the base of her spine and large rings in the armholes doing nothing to dampen my just because despite it all she still smelled sweet, something I couldn’t probably say for myself.

“Whew!” Aunt Helen exclaimed with her hands on her hips when we finally finished with the garage. “The cellar isn’t going to be as bad though.”

I barely listened to my aunt because my eyes were busy watching her breasts rise up and outward as she lifted her hands to her scalp and raked her fingers through her short shag haircut, nipples pointing right at me.

“At least it might be cooler down there. I thought it would be nicer to work outside on such a sunny day, but this is like a sauna out here,” Aunt Helen sighed as she kept her hands on the top of her head, and it was then that my eyes strayed to the gentle recesses of her underarms.

This wasn’t the first time I had peeked under my aunt’s arms, and to be honest I looked at most women the same way, having had a fondness for women’s armpits for as long as I could remember, and because Aunt Helen’s arms were slender and toned I found hers quite appealing.

Usually though, Aunt Helen’s underarms were either smooth as butter or with just a faint 5 o’clock shadow, but today it was clear that Aunt Helen hadn’t shaved in a few days, not that it bothered me.

I thought the stubble looked sexy on her, and to be honest it wouldn’t have bothered me if she had never shaved at all. The way that the few days growth covered the entire hollow indicated that left unshorn Aunt Helen would have armpit hair like a few women I’ve seen on the Internet, and I guess I was fantasizing about that very thing when I noticed my aunt was aware of what I was looking at.

“Oh honey, I’m sorry,” Aunt Helen said when after she glanced under her arm she lowered them fast. “Another case of me being alone for a while and slipping a bit.”

“No – uh – it’s okay,” i stammered.

“I’ll never find another man these days if I walk around with hair under my arms,” Helen suggested. “After all this isn’t the Summer of Love. I’ll try to remember to shave when I shower later.”

“It’s not really – um – you don’t need too – I’m just here for a little while and – it’s not really,” was my superbly delivered argument against her doing that, although knowing I had to tread lightly helped my nervousness.

I was attempting to tell Aunt Helen she didn’t need to shave, and anyway was was coating her armpits wasn’t really hair yet but more like what a man would have on his face if he didn’t shave for a week, or in my case a couple of months. Maybe she got what I was trying to say because she lifted her arm again and shrugged.

“I look more like a porcupine than a hippie,” Aunt Helen mused, actually rubbing her hand under her arm while I stood there afraid not to shift my weight to the other foot for fear the movement of my erection against my underwear would make me cum right there.

“I’m embarrassing you, aren’t I?” she asked, and although I shook my head no I guess my face gave it away because I was blushing brightly.

“That’s right. Now I remember!” Aunt Helen said. “I remember your Mom telling me – and I shouldn’t pass this on because if she knew I told you…”

“No, go ahead,” I answered. “I won’t say anything.”

“Well, your Mom told me about your girlfriend,” Aunt Helen recalled. “What’s her name? Betty? Brenda?”

“Bella,” I corrected as I feared what was coming up, “and she’s not my girlfriend anymore.”

“Oh. Sorry. Maybe that makes it okay to rat on your mother. Anyway, your mother told me how happy you were that you had a girlfriend, but although escort porno she seemed polite and pleasant enough, she noticed she had hair under her arms,” Aunt Helen related, clearly less humiliated than I was. “So one day when you were out of earshot your mother told your Bella that it wasn’t ladylike to not shave under your arms.”

“Oh good god!” I blurted out, now aware of why that relationship had soured.

“I guess Bella then told your mother that it didn’t matter to her but it was Brent’s idea for her not to shave,” my aunt revealed.

“It was none of her business. That’s so wrong,” I muttered.

Wrong it was on every count, with the first being it wasn’t any of my mother’s concern. Besides that, Bella had so little hair under her arms – just little wisps of light brown in the centers of her armpits that you had to really look to see them. That comment might help explain why even though I always thought she liked me more than I liked her, she was the one that broke it off.

“Mothers can be a little much at times,” Aunt Helen said. “She probably meant well.”

“Interrogating my girlfriend for something like that?” I fumed.

“I know, and since I’m babbling like this I might as well warn you to be careful at home about what you leave open on the computer,” Aunt Helen went on. “I guess she saw something you were looking at – related to – you know.”

“Oh,” I mumbled, and while I didn’t know specifically what site I had not cleared off my history I had an idea what the subject was.

“She wasn’t mad. As a matter-of-fact your mother was amused a little. She said you were like a chip off the old block,” Aunt Helen told me. “My brother had a few quirks himself I guess.”

I had no knowledge about that because my father passed away several years ago, so I didn’t know what his peculiarities were, but the idea that my old man might have liked women with a lot of pubic hair and unshaven armpits was kind of funny even though I wasn’t laughing just then.

“Hey, anything you want to look at here on the computer, help yourself,” Aunt Helen concluded as we headed inside to clean up and eat. “Yours is a harmless enough fetish. Sure beats bestiality or pedophilia.”

“I don’t have a fetish,” I said not as much under my breath as I had hoped because Aunt Helen smiled as we went in, and I don’t think I do because I love all women, them being natural only adding to their allure to me.


After a badly needed shower during which an equally needed release of my bent up desires was accomplished, we had dinner. Aunt Helen had called it an informal dinner because she kept her bathrobe on after she showered although I put on shorts and a tank-top.

That bathrobe was a bit of a relief because after looking at my rather skimpily attired aunt all day I needed to calm down, and that big blue bathrobe did the trick. After dinner was done however, I settled into the living room couch for a relaxing evening of TV reruns, and soon after Aunt Helen rejoined me, without the bathrobe.

“Stuffy in here,” Aunt Helen announced as she breezed past me to the other end of the couch, and although I didn’t notice it until she returned, it certainly did get warm in there for me.

Aunt Helen had ditched the bathrobe and the white nightgown she had was a sexier one than she had worn the night before. Like the night before Aunt Helen was bra-less underneath and with the racy satin I could see the dark crimson nipples clearly, but tonight she wasn’t wearing panties, making her sizable triangle of pubic hair visible through the sheer fabric.

This was all for my benefit because even I wasn’t naive enough to not be able to figure out that my aunt was letting me see a whole of her, and the fact that there was a little satin in the way didn’t matter. Aunt Helen wanted me to look, and it was then I decided to stop pretending I wasn’t looking.

The TV was on but neither one of us was watching, and to make it easier for me to look Aunt Helen lifted her left foot up onto the sofa cushion, swiveling a little to face in my direction while asking me a question about something in the basement she thought my mother would like.

“I could ask her,” I replied as I turned to face her, looked right up Aunt Helen’s nightie and smiled.

“That was kind of obvious on my part, wasn’t it Brent?” Aunt Helen admitted, but made no effort to hide herself.

“Yeah, but I’m not complaining.”

“Been a while since I’ve tried to get a guy to notice me,” Aunt Helen told me. “I dated a guy for a couple of months but I don’t think he shared your interest because he suggested that I get with it because this is the 21st century, and if I wasn’t willing to shave my cunt I should at least trim it so he could find the opening.”

“What did you tell him?” I asked while enjoying this very adult and highly unusual conversation.

“I told him I already did trim it after he complained the week before,” Aunt Helen chuckled. “Needless to say, he never called me again. What do you think of that?”

“I think gizli çekim porno he’s an asshole,” I responded, and then kicking it up a notch added, “That is one hell of a bush you have down there though Aunt Helen.”

“Too hairy?”

“No such thing,” I explained. “Does the hair grow right on back to your anus?’

“You tell me,” my aunt said as she hiked her nightie up a little and swung her foot up to the back of the couch to show me.

“Just about,” I noted.

“I shave around my anus for sanitary reasons,” Aunt Helen related. “That bother you?”

“You’re forgiven.”

“Two things I can’t believe. One is that I’m talking to you like this, and the other – even crazier – is that you’re talking just as nasty back at me. Sweet, polite and innocent Brent. What would my sister-in-law say?”

“I don’t know how Mom would find out.”

“Are you the discreet type?”

“I try to be. A hell of a lot more discrete than my mother is apparently,” I exclaimed. “Since she seems to have told you a whole lot about me.”

“That was between us though right? Just like this is?” Aunt Helen asked, and after I nodded she then mentioned, “She told me something else too.”

“Something equally as embarrassing as my porn browsing habits becoming public knowledge?” I asked.

“No, at least I didn’t think so,” Aunt Helen said that then without blinking told me, “She said you have a big cock.”

“She did?” I replied, unable to hide my shock at that.

“Yeah, she said that she woke up late one night and you and Bella were making out on the couch and she was giving you head.”

“Good grief.”

“She said that she didn’t know how you ended up with something the size of that seeing as how my brother is not exactly well endowed. Probably too much information there, right Brent?” Aunt Helen asked. “Well, was your Mom right? Are you well hung?”

“Don’t know about that. Maybe a little above average,” I explained.

“Your bulge looked pretty big when we were out there in the garage,” Aunt Helen told me. “Made me feel good about myself for a change to think I could excite a guy.”

“I don’t think you would want to know what I was thinking about when I was looking at you though.”

“Depends on if it was good or bad.”

“I was thinking that I wanted to rip that tank-top off you so I could finally get a look at those tits I’ve been fantasizing about since I started to notice girls,” I blurted out. “I was also wishing I had the guts to tell you how bad I wanted to fuck you.”

“Oh,” Aunt Helen said after a few seconds of stunned silence, and then continued. “As for the breasts, they ain’t what they used to be.”


“Too bad you didn’t tell me that you wanted me though. Aren’t you curious as to what my answer would have been?”

“I think you’re giving me the answer,” I responded while nodding down between her legs. “Your pussy is wet. So wet the hair around your labia is shining with juices.”

“Is it?” Aunt Helen replied, and after reaching down and touching herself nodded. “You’re right. So what do we do now? Keep talking and teasing?”

“It’s kinda fun,” I admitted.

“Agreed, but consider this. I haven’t had sex in over a year and I’m so horny my skin is crawling,” Aunt Helen told me as she lowered her leg and stood up. “I’m going to go to…”

“Right behind you,” I said as I jumped to my feet, and we comically raced each other down the hall to her bedroom, where she closed the door behind me.

“Too much light might cool your jets,” Aunt Helen said as she came up to me, and after our lips pressed together she noted, “And that’s the last auntie kiss I want from you tonight babe.”

The next few minutes were a whirlwind with Aunt Helen – who while never having been a wallflower was usually very calm and ladylike – acting like a woman possessed. Eyes wide open and hands insistent as they yanked my clothes off with an intensity that I had never experienced before, and seeing her pleased with what she had unwrapped after practically ripping my clothes off made me a little crazy as well.

She had nothing but that nightgown to get off, and after getting that off her I got a brief look at a body my aunt shouldn’t have been shy about being looked at in the light. Aunt Helen had a little pouch of a belly but what was above and below that was what really interested me.

Her tits were great with only a bit of sag in a pair that filled my hands and beyond, and they dominated her skinny body, but it was what was below those boobs that excited me more.

It was a bush that spread high up near her navel and so wide in spilled over to the insides of her thighs, and that pubic hair was dense and soft as a cloud to the touch.

It was an untamed jungle that I would get to explore in more detail later, but these first moments were too frenzied that there was only one this one our minds – and maybe more on Aunt Helen’s then mine because she was acting more the teenager that I was.

The second we flew onto the bed Aunt Helen’s hands were clawing at me, trying to grab my cock so she could stick it inside her, and with me also doing to do that at the same time it was clumsy but we succeeded. When my cock pushed into her she let out a scream as I impaled her very tight pussy, and then her hands were on my back and ass while thrusting her hips into me.

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