At the Room

Big Tits

Slowly he paced back and forth in his room waiting for here arrival. They had met earlier and had a early supper and now she was due at his room. He stopped dead in his tracks and his heart skipped a beat when he heard a soft knock at the door.

Slowly he opened it to find her looking shyly on the other side. Quickly regaining his compusure he invited her into the room. As she walked by the smell of her light perfume filled drifted up to him and immediately lit the fire of passion within him. He noticed she had changed into a long denim dress that buttoned from top to bottom and it hung the curves of her body nicely. Offering her a seat he asked her if she would like anything to drink or anything else and she softly said that no, she was fine. She took a seat kinda in the middle of the couch and when she lifted her leg to cross it over the other he noticed that several of the bottom buttons were left undone and open, revealing her leg to his roving eye.

He sat down on the couch next to her. He was not real sure what to do, his stomach was flittering with butterflies as he sat close enough that thier arms were touching. He turned to her to find that she was looking directly at him, meeting her gaze he told her that she looked absolutely stunning and leaned into kiss her. It was a soft kiss, just kinda lingering on the lips, then it grew more urgent as his passion was fueled by her softness. He slowly ran his tongue across her lips, back and forth until her lips separated more and he could roll his tongue against hers. She met his kisses with great desire, her tongue entwining with his. As the passion grew between them his hands began to wonder over her body, up her arms, over her shoulder and up her neck so he could run his fingers thru her long wavy hair. They were now melted together, she had one leg slung over his so that she was closer to him as thier mouths waged war and his hands carressed her back.

He began to gently push her back so that she was laying against the back of the sofa and began to rain kisses down all over her pretty head, her cheeks,her lips, her neck and her ears. Her ears turned out to be sensitive for her for when he lightly sucked on the lobes she dug her fingers into his back and moaned softly. Kissing down her neck from her ears he laid a trail of kisses across the top of her dress til he came to the center where the buttons where.

As he unbuttoned each button he placed several kisses to the newly exposed skin. Down further he went, over the lace bra, down her belly and to the top of her pantyhose. Finishing with the last to buttons he easily spread her legs some for him to be between them and when he gazed up he could see her bareness underneath the Gaziantep Grup Escort hose, glistening with wetness. With her dress laid open he moved on down and first picked up the left foot and took her heel off of it and softly rubbed and massaged all across the bottom of her foot. He could tell she liked this for she began to squirm and now he could smell her excitment too. After a few minutes of the royal treatment to this foot he moved to the other and repeated, rubbing and working the sole of her foot thru her pantyhose. Her breath had quickened and she could not stay still.

He moved his head down and lightly kissed all of her toes then picking the other foot up he kissed all the toes on it then began to kiss up her leg. Higher he went, kissing the inside of her calves, knees, thighs until he was at the valley between her gorgeous legs. Now her hose were wet from the release of her excitment.

He moved and hooked a finger on each side of her waist and pulled down on her hose so he could take them off. When he did she raised her hips to help him get the hose off of her, innocenty placing her wet sex in his face. He couldnt wait to taste her. He stopped where he was with the hose and moved down and planted a wet kiss all over her puss covering it from top to bottom with his wide tongue. He felt her fingers dancing in his hair as his tongue explored her smooth slit and lips and her clit which peaked out from under its hood everytime his tongue circled around it. Her hips had a slight rise to them as his tongue worked inside of her slick lips tasting more of her sweet juices. In and out he worked his tongue twisting and turning it as her moans grew louder and she pulled harder at his hair.

He covered her with his entire mouth, working his tongue up and down and all around her swirling his tongue around her swollen clit which he had traped between his lips. Back and forth across the top he went and she moved faster against him, he knew she was getting close so he worked harder and faster. Her legs began to quiver as her climax began to ebb thru her body, her whole body trembling and she moaned loudly as her sweet nectar spilled out onto his tongue. He could feel her muscles inside of her contracting as he kept his mouth glued to her thru it all. When he felt it subside he finished taking off her pantyhose.

He stood up now and began to disrobe quickly in front of her for he was on fire and wanted to feel her naked skin pressed against him. Finally naked himself she reached back and unclasped her bra and shrugged it off and freed her heavy breast letting them fall out, nipples already hard as little pebbles. When he moved in towards her she sat up and took his hard cock in her hand and softly carresed it and his balls. This stopped him in his tracks. He gazed upon her as she bent her head and moved closer to his throbbing member. A shiver ran thru his body as he felt the tip of her togue lightly swirl all the way around his head and then slowly make a trail down one side of his cock,all around his balls, then back up the other side to the head. He opened his eyes in time to see the head of his cock disappear between the velvety lips of her mouth. Slowly she went down until she had almost all of him inside her warm wet mouth, moving back off she swirled her tongue all over it and around as she came back til just the tip was still in her mouth. She was driving him mad with desire now. Her head started bobbing with a steady rhythme, he could feel her tongue everywhere on him, and she carresed his balls too with one of her free hands, the other was holding and massaging his cock when it wasn’t in her mouth. He moaned loud as he ran his fingers thru her soft hair. He had not touched himself for more than a week in anticipation of this night and with the way her velvety smooth mouth felt and her soft caress he knew he would not last long at all and warned her. She stopped her divine minstration long enough to tell him to not to worry, let it cum and dont hold back. Now she moved her head up and down faster. He could fell his balls began to roll indicating he was very close. She done something next that surprised him, after making sure he was slick she put him between her breast and began to move them up and down on each side of him, sending shockwaves all thru out his body everytime her tongue licked his tip when it came out the top of her cleavage. No longer able to hold back he told her he was cumming just intime as the first jet sprayed up and landed on her right cheek, before anymore could fire out she covered him with her mouth and sucked all of his cum out into her moaning mouth.

Spent, he collapses on the couch next to her. After a few minutes of snuggling he gets up and puts on a robe and hands her one to put on so they can eat the dessert he picked up earlier. He asked her to do him a small favor and put her pantyhose back on for him which she does in great fashion for him by putting on a show of it. Bending over letting her breast sway as she works them onto her feet then slowly pulling them up over her round bottom. Done she slips on the robe ans sits opposite of him at the little table. He had lit two candles just before she arrived and they were still burning so the room had a romantic glow all around them.

Just as he was about to eat his last bite of cake and ice cream he felt her hose clad foot beginning to creep up his leg. This sent a tremor of excitement thru his body, she had figured out why he wanted her to put the hose back on. It wasn’t long before her foot found his now growing member. She let a soft sigh escape her lips as she ran her feet all over his hard cock and tight balls. He could not stand much of this sweet torture so he got up and moved beside her to pull her up out of the chair she sat in.

Quickly he cleared off the table behind her and opened her robe up and massaged her breast and kissed and licked and sucked on her nipples. Slowly he kissed back down her stomach and back up to her neck and moved down to pull her pantyhose down. He was standing between her legs now, his cock rubbing against her still damp lips. He felt her small hand reach around him as she guided him into her sheath of pleasure. Very slowly he made his way inside of her slick lips, inch by inch. When he was all the way in she pulled him with her legs to have him as close to her as possible and as deep in as he could go. As slow as he entered her he backed out until just the head of his engorged cock remained inside of her.

Finally he began to move at a slow pace, holding onto her bottom to make sure she stayed put and giving it gentle squeezes too. Pumping in and out of her he felt so good for she was wet and fit snug around his member. He held her tight to him and they kissed deeply to fuel their passion filled lust for a climax to not be forgotten. His pace quickening she laid back on the table so he could take control and go deep inside of her to fill her fully. He held one leg up on his shoulder and started stroking in and out faster. With each thrust inside of her he could feel her muscles squezzing at him, pulling him deeper and deeper.

As he moved faster she reached up and began to play with her own breast, pulling and twisting her already stiff nipples and moaning softly, almost purring. Faster now he went, he could feel his on cum building inside of him. She was encouraging him on to, saying how good it felt, that she was going to cum. With that he really began to stroke deep inside of her, sending her over her edge. He held himself buried to the hilt deep in her as he felt her insides quiver and contract all around him, milking him without even moving. Knowing he did not have long, he plunged a few more strokes then pulled out and he moved to where he was beside her head at the shoulders. She encouraged him to cum on her and cover her tits with his juice. He did so happily as with a few strokes he was spurting his cum all over her breast while she was rubbing it in and playing with her stiff nipples at the same time.

After a few moments of silence he asked her if she was ready for a shower?? Sure she told him and eased off the table and led the way to the bathroom, him following her swinging bottom all the way.

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