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In the heat of the afternoon, I watched the players on their last lap round the soccer field. It was my first coaching job looking after a Under-19 Girls High School and I loved every moment of it.

I waited for the last player to come in before dismissing the team, “Great work. I’ll see you Friday.”

I dragged two big bags across the ground—one filled with equipment and the other with soccer balls—towards the clubhouse. As usual, some of the mothers had stepped out of their cars to watch the session. I acknowledged their presence with a smile and waved them off.

Ala Watts jogged over and grabbed one of the bags. Ala was one of the few friends that I made since moving state two months ago. I knew the height and weight of all my first team players and at 5’5, 108 pounds, Ala was a fair size for an attacking flank player. Being light, she was fast with deft feet; the exact qualities needed for a winger. She had a good future ahead of her despite only being 18.

We shot each other a big grin and walked in silence side by side with our bags in tow. She had such a pretty face—big eyes, drawn lips and a sharp nose. The short walk to the clubhouse was very pleasant. Glancing sideways, I admired her taut bum wrapped in yellowed shorts. We neared the clubhouse to be welcome by silence. The rest of the girls had already left.

“That’s strange. Where did everyone go?” I asked.

“It’s the first day of the surfing competition. I think half of the team went, Coach.”

“Doesn’t anyone take a shower anymore?”

Ala laughed and replied, “Not when the competition started an hour ago!”

“You girls should have said something. I would have ended the training earlier. Now I’m responsible for a bunch of sweaty and dirty girls stinking up the beach! What about you?”

“Hmm… I’m not big on a group of boys that would be there.”

“I see. Well I can’t imagine it being worse than being stuck with an old dude in school.

Ala laughed, “You’re not that old! HmmMmm… how old are you anyways?”

“I’m 28,” I replied.

“No way! You Asians never look your age,” Ala said, giving me the once-over, “I thought you were like 21. In any case, you’re still attractive. You’ve got really boyish features and a great smile.”

“Thanks mate,” I replied, “You’re a sweetie. Need a ride home as usual?”

Ala lived two streets down from me and I had driven her home a couple of times in the past few weeks.

“I don’t mind seeing your place,” she said, “If that’s okay. I don’t have anything to do. My parents are away for the weekend so I’ll be going home to an empty house.”

“Sure.” I replied.

Ala got into the front sit of my car and started fiddling with the air-conditioning. She was feeling the heat. Her white sleeveless jersey was soaked with perspiration. Her light blonde pony-tied hair was unkempt and a couple of strands fell over her blue eyes. The yellow shorts went higher up in the car seat. The strong sunlight seemed to dance on the fine blonde hairs on her slim and smooth legs. Ala lifted her arms to tie her hair, baring her creamy white armpits.

“Stop looking at my breasts!” She said playfully, her arms still stretched behind her head.

“I didn’t notice,” I replied honestly.

“Wha… t? Are you saying I have small breasts? I’ll have you know I’m a 34C.”

“I was actually checking out your legs,” I replied sheepishly, “But thanks for the information.”

“You pervert!” She laughed.

“So why did you move state?” She asked.


“You know anyone here?”

“Not much.” I replied.

I kept my eyes on the road while Ala leaned the seat back enjoying the air-conditioning at full blast. She stretched out and was soon sleeping as I pulled into my lot.

“Sleepyhead,” I shook her awake.

We leaned against opposite sides of the lift and shot each other childish cheeky looks. I opened the door to my yellow and white art deco apartment to let Ala in.

“Help yourself to the fridge, I’m going to change,” I said.

This being a studio, the bedroom and living area was separated by partition that only went up halfway. Though it was small, the bedroom could still fit a queen-sized bed and that was all that really mattered.

I yanked off my training top and was surprised to find Ala staring over the other side. A decade of professional soccer had given me a hard lean body and a permanent tan. Ala raised an eyebrow, moved closer and stretched an arm over the partition to run a finger down the middle of my hard six-pack.

“Nice,” she said.

“Somehow I don’t think your daddy would approve.” I said deadpanned.

“I was referring to the bed,” she laughed, ‘the silk sheets look really sensuous.”

As she moved backwards, I gave her a grin and stepped out of my track pants.

My expression asked, “What are you going to do now?”

Ala laughed, came forward again, paused dramatically and messed up my choppy brown hair. The sexual tension that had been building the past weeks—at least on my part—was suddenly on overdrive. Ala walked round the partition and found me in my snug sports boxers. She smiled nervously, taking note Sex hikayeleri of my 5’11, 75kg frame.

“You can keep your clothes off. I don’t mind at all.” She said.

“You know, to be fair, you should have only one item of clothing on.” I said sheepishly.

As we stood there face to face, Ala smiled shyly, looked me in the eye and seemed unsure for a moment. Then without a word, she slowly pulled down one side of her shorts, then the other, before sliding her shorts down her smooth and slim legs. My eyes roamed from her ankle to her thighs, drinking in her white legs. The shape of her pussy lips against the fabric made me let out a soft moan.

I gulped and said, “Two more items.”

My cock was rock hard. Ala looked at my tented boxers, her eyes filled with lust. She reached to the sides of her jersey and lifted it off. Her creamy round breasts were firmly held in place by a white sports bra. Her nipples were clearly visible against the fabric.

“I don’t normally do this but I think you’re really hot. Like what you see?” she asked.

“You’re gorgeous. One more item.” I said.

“Hey I’m already in my bra and panties. I think it’s fair.” She replied.

I was in dreamland. I walked up to her and kissed her lips soft. We were past playing and started to tongue. I pulled her tight against me and let my hands moved all over her back.

Ala broke the kiss to whisper shyly into my ear, “I’ve been fantasising about you for so long.”

She pushed me against the wall and licked my neck wet. Her hands were all over my hard chest and six-pack. Ala moved her head down to lick my tanned chest. She moaned and licked harder as I lightly thumbed and tweaked her already erect nipples through the cloth.

Ala licked a slow wet line down my six-pack as she dropped to her knees. She stopped at my crotch and looked up as my fingers ran through her blonde hair. Ala peeled my boxers down to one side, exposing my musky six-inch cock and buried her nose in my black pubic hair. She started to lick the sides of my shaft, tasting my musky cock sweat. She trailed her lips the length of my dark Chinese shaft, wetting it completely.

I grabbed Ala’s blonde hair when she took my thick cock head into her mouth. Ala slowly let more and more of my cock slide between her lips and began to suck. The sight of this pretty blonde kneeling in front of me with my dark cock in her mouth was driving me wild.

“Is this your first time with an Asian?” I asked.

She nodded and kept sucking.

“You like sucking my musky cock?” I asked.

Ala moaned and placed one hand on my thigh and cupped my balls with the other. My cock was completely wet with her saliva. Ala swirled her tongue round my cock head and licked the slit before pumping me again with her mouth.

“Oh Ala,” I moaned, “You’re sucking my cock so good.”

Ala had my meat completely in her mouth. She held her lips at the base of my six-inch cock, sucking and swirling her wet tongue around my cock. I grabbed her hair and moaned as she licked the pre-cum on oozing out of my cock slit. Her lips were tight around my shaft, sliding up and down as her hands roamed my smooth hairless chest.

I needed to taste her. I helped Ala to her feet and pushed her onto the bed. I was all over her like an animal. I laid on her, my dark skin covering every inch of her white body, my boxers partially down. Ala moaned as I pinned her arms above her head with one hand and sucked her underarms, tasting her girlish sweat. My partially clothed cock rubbed up and down against her panty-covered mould. She wrapped both her legs round my back.

‘Oh baby… ” she moaned over and over again.

I frenched her and started to lick all over her neck as we dry humped.

“OOoohHhh… ” Ala moaned out loud as I palmed and tweaked her pink nipples.

She rubbed her panty-clothed pussy hard against my partially exposed cock. I took off her bra and licked her creamy white breasts all over as my hands caressed her slim legs. I glided my fingertips over her inner thighs and soaked camel toe.

She looked at me embarrassed, ‘It’s so wet.”

I pulled her cloth to one side and touched her bare pink pussy for the first time. Ala played with my hair as I sucked her pink nipples and my fingers ran through her neatly trimmed blonde bush. She started to squirm under me. I moved up to her face and looked into her eyes, two fingers gently rubbing her hood.

“You’re such a sweet girl,” I said, “The boys in school treating you right?”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned breathlessly, “Think you can treat me better?”

I immediately slipped two fingers into her soapy pussy and curled it up against the upper wall of her pussy, rubbing her g-spot. I start to flick my fingers faster and harder.

“OoOO… OOOo… oOOo” Ala moaned, ‘Oh God!”

Her hands reached for my hard chest as I fingered her pussy while licking a nipple. Her girl juice dripped all over my fingers. Ala reached for my cock and pumped me. We frenched hard as we masturbated each other. Ala moaned into my mouth as my curled fingers hooked her pussy off the bed.

I flipped into a sixty-nine sideways and rolled Sikiş hikayeleri her panties down her legs as Ala pulled my boxers off. We were both completely naked and needing to cum bad. Ala spread her legs wide open for me, her pussy swollen. I buried my face between her legs and slurped at her pussy, tasting her sweetness.

“OOOHHHH COACH!” She moaned.

I stuck my tongue out and licked up and down her slit before sucking her hood into my mouth and flicking my tongue furiously up and over her hood.

“OOOoooOOOOo!… OOOOOOO!” She moaned.

Ala turned to my cock, grabbed it and pulled it into her mouth. I never dreamt this angel would be sucking my cock, much less moaning hard on it as I slurped her pussy. I focused on her clit, sucking it into my mouth and flicking my tongue relentless up and over her hood. She turned to sit on her pussy on my face, pressing down hard. It was difficult to breathe. She rubbed her pussy against my face as her head bobbed up and down my cock.

“MMMmmMmm… ,” she moaned on my cock, “MMm… mmMMm… MMMMMM!”

My tongue slapped against her clit harder and faster as I grabbed her bum. She squeezed my head tight between her thighs. Ala stopped sucking me and tilted her head up to moan. She was cumming hard.

“OOOOO… OOOOO… OOOO… OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhHHHHHHHH!” She screamed as her cunt juice flooded my face.

I licked her furiously, drinking up her juices as she continued to suck my hard cock, moaning and moaning. My mouth was completely wet with her pussy cum.

I let her catch her breath before putting her on her back and lying on her, my cock firmly on her pussy. Ala moaned and put her hands on my chest. We frenched softly as I began to slide the length of my shaft along her slippery slit.

“My cock is wet with your pussy juice,” I told her.

She rubbed her pussy hard against my cock in response. I continued to tease her by sliding my shaft along her pussy lips. My dark hard meat was burning hot on her white pink flesh.

“Do you want me to use a condom?” I asked.

“No it’s fine. Just don’t cum in me.” She replied.

I held my naked cock in one hand and pushed my cock head slowly into her.

“Oh my god.” Ala moaned.

I massaged her swollen pussy lips with my cock head, stretching every inch of the sides. I was going to fuck her bareback.

Ala was moaning uncontrollably, ‘UUUuuHhh… uuHHhhh… uuuhhhh.”

A huge wet spot had formed on the bed under her pussy.

“Come on,” she encouraged me with her eyes closed.

We frenched wildly, my body firmly on her, her legs spread and locked around my legs. Her hands were on my muscled bum, trying to pull me into her. My cock head gently slid in and out her pussy lips, our crotches wet and slippery.

I broke the kiss to look downwards and Ala followed my gaze. The contrast of my dark cock head in her white pussy was so erotic. Her eyes were wild with lust at the taboo. I wanted this teenager to know exactly what she was doing. I started to tweak her rock hard nipples.

“Do you know you’re about to be fucked by your soccer coach?” I asked.

“YES.” She replied.

We both watched as I pushed an inch of my rock hard cock into her soapy pink pussy. Ala softly let out an aching moan. I gave each nipple a long slow lick.

“Do you know I’m more than ten years older than you?”

‘UH-huh,” she replied.

I pushed another inch into her. Ala bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. I flicked my tongue light and fast over her nipples.

“Do you know I’m Asian?”

“Oh my God you’re sooo fucking hot.” She moaned, opening her eyes again.

He pussy was sucking my cock in. It was so tight and soapy.

I whispered into her ear, “Part of what you see is already in you baby.”

Ala moaned out loud in response.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I asked.

She looked straight into my eyes and replied immediately, “Fuck me.”

I grunted as I rammed the rest of my cock straight into her slippery wet cunt. Her pussy clamped down hard on my cock. I withdrew completely and rammed straight in again. Ala hugged me tight and screamed. I broke into a rhythm and rammed her hard as we frenched wildly.

“UH… uh… UH… UH… uh… UH… uh” Ala moaned to each thrust.

My balls slapped hard against her pussy lips.

I’m sweating all over you.” I said.

Our bodies were sliding against each other as if covered in grease. As my cock pumped her pussy, we kissed and licked each other’s face and neck. The room had a strong smell of sweaty sex. My balls were completely wet with her pussy juice as I shot more and more pre-cum into her. Ala sunk further and further into the mattress as I rammed myself into her steadily. She rested on her forearms to lick my nipples as I fucked her. It drove me even wilder and I fucked her harder, grunting with each thrust.

“Oh god I’m cumming again!” She moaned.

I felt her pussy sucking my cock hard as I rammed her steadily.

“OOOOHHHHH… OOOOO… .OOOOOOOOOOOO… ” Ala moaned as she washed my cock with her cum.

She licked my nipple harder as she came hard.

Ala laid Erotik hikaye her head back on the pillow and let out a dreamy sigh.

“God I love fucking you.” She said.

My cock was still wedged firmly in her pussy. Her body was pinned firmly underneath mine and I slowly slid my cock in and out of her soapy hole again. I gently cupped her breasts and kissed her lips. Ala kissed me back and I pushed into her with slow, deliberate strokes. We were no longer fucking, we were making love.

With my cock in her pussy, Ala turned me on my back to get on top. She began to gently rock her hips. She bent down to lock tongues with me as she lifted her pussy up and down my shaft. I looked up and saw the clock on the opposite wall. We had been fucking for an hour.

“When did you want to fuck me?” I asked.

“The first time I saw you at training six months ago.”

I began to fuck Ala back, thrusting my cock high into her.

‘Did you touch yourself thinking of me? Thinking of my cock in you? Sliding in and out of your CUNT? I asked.

Ala moaned, ‘YesSSs… god you’re making me SO fucking horny.”

“Did you cum LOUD, imagining me taking you, fucking you? Perhaps after training in school?” I pressed on.

“Yess,” Ala moaned, rocking me harder with each thrust, ‘I thought about you fucking me in the dressing room, on the bench, after everyone had gone.”

I stopped thrusting and laid still.

“You thought about us fucking… like NOW? Fuck yourself on my cock baby.” I said.

“OOOOOOOOOO” Ala moaned as she began to rock back and forth furiously.

Her pussy was sensitive from cumming twice already.


“You like fucking my cock baby?” I egged her on, “My cock is in you.”

“Milk my sperm out,” I said as I reached my hands up to cup her breasts.

Ala lost it, cumming for the third time. She squeezed my cock hard, no longer caring if I came in her.


Her head dropped to my shoulders, drawing in deep breaths. I softly kissed her ear and cheek, taking in the sweet scent of her hair. My hands traced lines down her back, touching her soft skin.

“You’re still hard.” She said in disbelief.

“I haven’t cummed.” I told her.

“You have no idea what a turn-on that is.” She said.

I smiled and flipped her over, “I can fuck you all night.”

I had fucked her fast and I had fucked her hard but not both at the same time. I decided it was time to do so. I jerked out of Ala’s teen pussy, leaving my cock head at the entrance of her swollen cunt lips. I paused before ramming into her fast and hard, over and over again. Ala wiggled underneath and twisted her face from side to side. Ala moaned as I thrust into her deep. It wasn’t long before I felt her pussy spasms round my cock again.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!” She screamed.

I licked her nipples to throw her over the edge.

Ala grabbed my hair and cried, “OOOOOHHHHH SHIIIIIT!”

I continued fucking her just as fast and hard as her orgasm died down. She was moaning again in a moment.

“I’m so sore but I don’t want you to stop.” She said.

I didn’t. She was going to have multiple orgasms. I was going to make sure of that. I picked up speed and began drilling my cock into her; pounding into her young sweaty body.

Ala screamed, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” again and again as a wave of orgasms crashed over her body, AWWWWWWWW… .OOOOOOOOOOOOOO.”

Ala buckled hard underneath me as I grabbed her ass and pounded into her relentless.


She was squirting and I could feel the pressure against my cock. She lifted her ass off the bed again and again. When she finally calmed down, I pulled out of her as she lay completely spent and crying. She was on an emotional high.

“That was unbelievable,” she said.

My cock was glistening with her juices. Thick white fluids were all over my cock. I kneeled besides her sobbing face, my cock dangling over her mouth and slid my length along her lips. Ala moaned and stuck her tongue out, licking her juices. I inserted my cock into her mouth and began to pump. Ala grabbed my balls with her hand as I fucked her face with my hands behind my back.

“I’m gonna cum in your mouth.” I told her.

Ala moaned in agreement.

“You want me to cum in your mouth?” I asked her.

Ala nodded, “Give it to me. I want your semen.”

I grabbed her head and frantically pumped my cock into her mouth. I could feel the hot semen racing through my cock veins. The longer one fucked, the longer the semen build-up. I stuck my cock deep intp her mouth and let it ripUUUGGHHHHHhhhhHHHHH” I grunted as I shot load and load of pungent and gluey Chinese semen down her white throat.

Ala moaned and licked and sucked my cock furiously. Her throat muscles were twitching hard. She looked up at me, smiled and gulped. She swallowed all my cum. I released her hair and slumped down beside her. Ala leaned in on me and rested her head on my chest. We were both physically and emotionally drained. I kissed her lips and gently stroked her arm. It was bliss.

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