Animal Within


“I’m sorry my breasts are so small,” Tess panted. It was only the second date, why had she let him get his hands there at all? Hell, why had she let him get a hand down her pants?

Tess groaned and squirmed.

Albert smiled. “Don’t apologize for that, don’t ever apologize for that. The sexiest part of a woman is her mind. You’re intelligent. You’re funny. You have strong character and well-formed opinions. You have a quick mind and a good sense of yourself.” He rubbed her clit faster. “And I’m going to watch all of that drain away. I’m going to watch as your eyes roll back in your head. I’m going to watch as you lose yourself. I’m going to watch as you twitch and beg and drool. I’m going to smile down at you as your eyes stare up at me with that empty look and your hungry little cunt clenches my cock. I’m going to watch all of that intelligence drain away as you become a sweaty, helpless, carnal thing impaled on me.”

Tess tried to scream. She tried to beg. But she just groaned and thrust her hips desperately against his hand.

“I’m going to watch the animal you become when I fuck you.” With that he threw Tess down on the bed, face down. He shoved her pants and panties down around her knees revealing her twitching cunt, leaking her musky arousal into her thick, dark, damp bush. Albert smiled and gripped her hips, forcing her ass into the air.

Tess lay there, helpless, trembling, squirming. Her hungry cunt was drooling down her thighs, ripe to be fucked. Dressed completely except the pants which were shoved around her knees, hindering her movement. Her ass in the air ready, waiting.

She hadn’t planned on letting him fuck her tonight, but she needed it so badly. Desperately. She could hardly think, hardly breath. Before she had time to get her brain working again, Albert had a condom on. With one swift motion he was inside of her, and Tess became nothing.

Her mind went blank as her body responded obediently to his. Her hips bucked, her body trembled, her swollen, unshaven cunt clenched hard on the cock it so desperately needed. Tess screamed into the pillow as Albert grabbed her hips and fucked. He pumped hard and fast. Unmerciful, unrelenting. Tess’s face was slammed into the pillow again and again, knocking her glasses from her face. The sounds of sweaty flesh pounding together filled the room and the smell of excited pussy hung thick in the air.

Albert gripped her so hard bruises began to form as his hard cock filled her and fucked her over and over. With a groan he thrust one more time and came deep inside of Tess’s helpless body. She squirmed beneath him, pinned down by his weight as her hungry little cunt sucked him into her wet folds.

When he was done with her, Albert pulled out and left her there on the bed. Naked ass in the air. Used pussy pulsing helplessly as a pool of her juices spread beneath it. Eyes wide and glassy. Mouth open slightly, drooling. Mind blank. Tess was nothing, and she was everything.

That night Tess Ataşehir Escort slept in Albert’s bed, safe in his embrace. They were naked. She could feel his every movement, his warmth, his breath on her neck.

“You’re mine.” He whispered gently in her ear.

She smiled, “All yours.”

“Tell me something you’ve never told anyone.”

“Like what?” She asked, her voice heavy with sleep.


“Tessarina.” Tess mumbled to the dark.


“My name. It’s Tessarina. I suppose my parents know, and the DMV knows, but I’ve never told anyone so I think it would count. And if you tell anyone, I’ll shoot you.”

Albert laughed. “Ok, I’ll never tell.”

‘What about you?”

“Something I’ve never told anyone?” Albert thought for a moment. “When I was a child I used to think that when I closed my eyes, the whole world went dark.”

Tess snuggled closer, “What an odd thought.”

Albert hugged her tight, “I wonder, if I close my eyes now, will the whole world go dark?”

Morning slipped into the apartment through the windows. Tess blinked lazily in the dim light, wondering briefly where she was. When she remembered she smiled to herself and sat up. The side of the bed next to her was empty, but faint sounds and smells of cooking drifted in from the kitchen.

Tess followed her nose and found Albert cooking them breakfast. Bacon, eggs, hash browns. The works. Tess grinned, she hadn’t had more for breakfast than cold pop tarts in weeks.

“Sleep well?” Albert asked as he handed her a plate.

Tess nodded. She never dared to attempt speech before caffeine.

“Excellent. What time do you need to be at work?”

“Eleven, but I should probably get to my place by ten for some different showers and a clothes.” Tess thought for a moment. That sentence hadn’t sounded quite like she had planned, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Albert smiled and handed her a cup of coffee. “You can take a shower here.”

“But I don’t have any fresh clothes.”

“Well, those we can stop by your place for later. I promise to make it worth your while.”

Tess flashed him a shy smile and started on her coffee.

Within the hour they were in the shower together. They fit snuggly, but they made it work. Albert’s shower doubled as a tub, giving them a little more room. He stood behind Tess, towering over her and clutching her to his naked body. Warm water ran down their skin as Albert’s hands explored. She couldn’t hide anything from him.

He rubbed some body wash on her and began working it into her skin. His hands roaming up and down, across her flat stomach, her full hips, her thighs. The whole time he stood behind her, making her feel warm and safe in the shelter of his strong arms. He poured shampoo in his hand and began to wash her long hair. His fingers gently worked the lather into her silky mane. Tess lost herself in the experience as he slowly massaged her scalp and rinsed Bostancı Escort her hair.

When they stepped out, Albert ran the bath and filled the tub part way with water. When Tess arched an eyebrow at him, he smiled. “It’s time to make you look a little more like a human being.”

Tess felt her cheeks flush, but she didn’t fight it. She was still intoxicated with freshly shampooed hair and homemade breakfast. She let Albert guide her down to the side of the tub and spread her legs. He knelt down and spread her folds apart, inspecting her. She couldn’t hide anything from him. She squirmed uncomfortably as his fingers probed her fury pussy.

Albert sensed her discomfort so he lowered his head and slowly sucked her fleshy clit into his mouth as he gently slid a finger into her. Tess groaned and her body relaxed. She felt like her clit belonged there, lost in his warm, wet, comforting mouth. She could feel the tension streaming out of her and pooling on the floor. Albert grinned and sat back, his finger slowly exiting her. Tess groaned.

“Don’t worry,” Albert cooed, running a hand down her wet hair, “You’ll have more of that later. Right now, you’re going to shave your pussy for me.”

Tess was a little taken aback. She hadn’t bothered attempting such a dangerous stunt since high school when it had ended in water proof band aids and a very awkward method of sitting. But at the moment Albert probably could have talked her into sky diving without a parachute and landing in a Jonas Brothers concert. She did her best to relax as he gently patted her thickly forested mound down with water and then handed her a can of shaving cream and a BIC razor.

“Go on.” Albert urged with a smile. Tess began rubbing the cool cream between her long legs, making sure not to miss anything. She dipped the razor into the tub of water and glanced up at Albert one last time. He was standing tall in front of her, staring down between her splayed legs as he slowly stroked his stiff cock. “No need to be shy now.” He looked down at her with a grin.

Tess took a deep breath and began scraping the hair off of her swollen cunt. With every stroke she felt more and more exposed. Her pussy throbbed and felt raw, but she kept going. The whole time Albert watched her, gently stroking himself. Tess had never felt more naked in her life. She couldn’t hide anything from him.

Soon she was completely bald. She stared down at herself. It was a curious sight, she had never really seen herself this way before. Her lush, full lips slightly parted. The smooth skin of her labia as it melted into the soft pink of her moist insides. Gingerly she ran a hand across her new pussy and shuddered with the alien feeling.

“Good girl.” She looked up to see Albert still grinning, still stroking his beautiful cock. “Now stand up.”

She did as she was told. Albert lifted her arms above her head, pinning both her wrists to the wall in one strong hand. His weight pressed against Kadıköy Escort her, pinning her there. One knee jammed in between her thighs, keeping her legs spread.

Tess could feel every heavy breath he made as he held her there. Helpless. Fragile. At his mercy. She gasped as his free hand found her clit. This time it wasn’t gentle. He pressed hard, working his fingers back and forth, making her squirm. Then he stopped, leaving Tess quivering.

Albert slowly pulled his hand back, then quickly brought it up giving her raw, freshly-shaved cunt a quick smack. Tess gasped with the pain and shock of it as her eyes went wide. Then he did it again. And again. And again. His strong, calloused hand fell on her, spanking her tender pussy over and over. Tess’s eyes welled up with tears and she slumped against him, unable to hold herself up. She jerked her body this way and that, desperately trying to avoid the pain, but she couldn’t.

Despite herself, she could feel her pussy getting soaked. The fleshy smacking sound that echoed off the tiled walls slowly started changing to a wet squishing as Tess helplessly leaked onto his hand. She slumped onto Albert, his strong body supporting her as she buried her head into his shoulder, trying to muffle a scream. Incoherent, tears streaming her face, she bit down into his skin. Albert never showed any sign that he noticed, he never flinched, his assault never slowed. Finally Tess felt the familiar tendrils of orgasm beginning to sink into her brain. She let it take her. She let it wash over her as her empty cunt grasped at the air and her body shook. She let out a deep, guttural growl and then collapsed onto Albert, completely limp.

Albert finally let the quivering mass of flesh that had once been Tess slide to the floor. She sunk to her knees and he grabbed a handful of her long hair, forcing her head back. Her mouth hung open and Albert used his free hand to guide his swollen member into her mouth. He held the sides of her head as he began his brutal assault on her mouth.

His long shaft hit the back of her throat and Tess began to gag. Albert pulled back a little and eased up. He slid in and out with ease, only careful enough not to choke her to death. Soon he was sawing in and out of her, a mixture of saliva and precum running down her chin. Tears rolled down Tess’s face as she tried to breath. She was beginning to see stars and tried desperately clawing at Albert’s thighs. He never let up. He held her there, her head pinned between his hands as he fucked her face. Tess stopped fighting and went limp, her knees collapsing, her swollen, raw cunt pressed painfully against the cool tile of the floor as Albert’s hips rocked her back and forth. His hands the only thing holding her up. His cock impaling her throat.

With one last stroke and a deep groan, Albert let himself go in her mouth. Tess felt his cock pulse as it forced a stream of hot, salty cum down her throat. She tried to swallow but only managed to choke and sputter, dripping saliva and cum down her pace and onto her perky breasts.

As she lay on the floor naked, panting, covered in tears, spit, and cum Albert cradled her head softly and gently stroked her hair. “Such a good girl,” he whispered in her ear, “such a good girl…”

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