An Unexpected Reunion Ch. 04


Thank you for your patience, this is going to be the last chapter in Callie and Lexie’s story. At least for the moment anyway as I have other ideas flying around my head that I want to get on paper before I completely forget them.

As always please comment/get in touch with thoughts, concerns or feedback. I love reading what you all think and it really does make this worth-while!

February 2007 — Callie

Closing the door to my studio flat I lean against it and stay silent for a moment, my whole body is stiff from the cold outside. But worse than that, I can feel my heart breaking and I can feel my body overcome with loneliness and hurt. I’d stood at the train platform for two hours waiting for her. She wasn’t on the train. She wasn’t coming. It shouldn’t be a surprise seeing as I haven’t heard from her in two weeks but despite that a small part of me hoped that she hadn’t given up on us yet. Hadn’t given up on me. How fucking wrong I was.

Before I can give rational thought a chance I’m throwing the mother of all tantrums, plates and cups go flying across the room to smash against the wall opposite. The small table I have in the kitchen area is flipped over, I’m punching walls, doors, cupboards. I don’t know how long this goes on for, but eventually I stop and curl up in a ball on my bed and cry. I cry until I have no tears left to shed, even then I sob loudly. Wailing long into the night until I eventually fall asleep hurt, alone and sore.

This was the start of my slippery slope the next few days pass in an alcohol fueled blur, I vaguely remember going to the shop and picking up a bottle of scotch. When I woke this morning I realised I must’ve returned as there’s three empty scotch bottles on my kitchen surface joined by several empty beer cans. My head feels foggy, and I have a taste in my mouth that I can only imagine is what you get if you’ve been chewing sawdust for three days.

I lie on my back in bed, dressed just in my underwear staring at the blank ceiling above. My head pounds as the same thoughts repeat in my head, making me feel worse and more rejected with each passing second. She left me, she just gave up and cut me out of her life without so much as a word. All that talk about loving me no matter what happens, that she’ll fight to be with me and she wasn’t going to give up. For what? For her to give up anyway and without so much as a fucking word? Did I mean that little to her? You know what? Fuck this. Fuck her. I hate her. I literally feel my body ache at that thought as I reject the thought. No, I don’t hate her. Even now, even after everything, I don’t think I’ll ever hate her.

But I’m angry at her, angry that she didn’t think I deserved an explanation. I can feel my eyes burning with unshed tears “no.” I say out loud to myself. “No more tears Jenkins. Get up, get dressed and go to work.”

I go through the whole rigmarole of getting up, getting showered, getting dressed in my customary dress shirt and black jeans for work. Since starting university I work as a part time supervisor in a local bar during term times. I don’t really need the money, but it keeps me busy and right now I’m pleased for the distraction. Once I’m dressed I pull my hair back into a loose braid and tidy the flat quickly before leaving and heading down to the tube. Usually I’d listen to music but my iPod is full of songs that remind me of the love I’ve lost and I don’t want to be reminded of that right now.

The tube journey is short and brief and before I can think much more about the woman I’m pining for I’m making my way through the crowds of commuters to work until I’m standing in front of the heavy front doors. With an audible sigh I fish my keys out of my messenger bag and push open the doors and lock them behind me.

Setting up the bar is easy enough, I’ve done it so many times I fly through it quickly. Following the steps, not allowing myself to think of… her. I can’t even bear to think of her name. No, if this is how she wants it I’ll just forget all about it, move on, and there’s one way I know how. After all, they do say the best way to get over one woman is to get under another and I never had any issues with getting girls before. That’s exactly what I need to get past this whole Lexie debacle, some meaningless sex. In fact lots of it, and I know just where I can start.

By the time we’ve opened my team for the day have arrived, Gary and Mel. Both of them are students like me, except they’re in their first year where I’m in my second. Both of them work hard and both have expressed an interest in me. I’ve made it clear from the beginning that I wasn’t interested, that I had an amazing girl back at home and she was all I could ever want. I wince inwardly at that thought, forget it Callie, she isn’t coming back. I’m leaning against the back of the bar watching the news on one of the T.V’s on the wall opposite. My arms crossed across my chest, I need to get this frustration out before I drive myself mad. At that Kadıköy Escort thought I let my eyes leave the screen in front of me and they find Mel bent down at one of the shelves picking a glass to pour a beer for the customer she’s serving. I can’t deny the fact that the girls got a fabulous arse, in fact she’s got a lot of features that are incredible. Curves in all the ways a girl should have, long, lithe legs, thick blonde hair and clear blue eyes. She’s the opposite of Lexie in every way, yeah she’s exactly what I need to get past her and move on.

I wait until she’s finished with the guy she’s serving before making my move, I step so I’m close but not touching, but close enough that I can smell her perfume. It’s sweet, sickly almost but not unpleasant. “Hey, so I have some stuff I need to go over with you in the office at some point today. Is that ok?” I catch her eyes as they meet mine and I quirk an eyebrow, I watch as her breath catches in her throat and she breathes a little quicker. It’s not the first time she’s reacted to me like this but it’s the first time I’m going to do something about it.

“Er yeah sure. Is everything ok Callie?” I flash her one of my best smiles, one I know a lot of women love and it has the desired effect, her face flushes and the speed of her breathing increases. Holy shit, this is too easy. I feel bad for a moment, but that moments short lived when my eyes dart down to her cleavage and I grin.

“Oh everything’s great Mel. Come with me.” I touch the small of her back and guide her towards the end of the bar, pausing only long enough to tell Gary we’re going to be gone for a few minutes so he needs to watch the bar. I don’t wait for her to catch up as I walk quickly through the bar, I know if I slow down or stop now I’m going to change my mind about this and I can’t do that.

When we finally reach the office she pauses just inside the doorway, I glance up at her and notice the slightly nervous expression she has on her face. I can’t help but roll my eyes before grabbing her wrist and pulling her towards me, I pull her body flush against mine as I reach around her to close the door. “Callie, what are you doing?”

I don’t say anything, I have nothing to say so I do something I know is stupid and reckless and feels all kinds of wrong. I kiss her. There’s nothing romantic in this kiss, nothing special, no magical connection. It’s just a way to get her to stop talking, to stop thinking about anything but what we’re about to do.

Our lips move together for a while, I slide my tongue into her mouth and she reciprocates with a surprising fearlessness that’s a little hot. Eventually though I pull away and look at her “you want this don’t you? You’ve wanted this for a while.” She doesn’t respond, she just nods. I can’t fight the little grin that forms on my face when I see how breathless she is, shit. If she’s like that after a kiss what’s she going to be like after I’ve fucked her senseless? “Good, I want you to turn around and face the door.”

I watch as she hesitates for a moment but she does as she’s told and turns away from me slowly. “Good girl, hands against the door and move your legs apart.” She follows my instruction and I just stand and watch for a moment, this is too easy. A few words, a look and she’s putty in my hands.

I close the distance to her and rest one hand on her hip, my other moves up and cups her chin, tilting it so her neck is exposed to me. I plant soft kisses along the length, nipping and licking as I go. I watch her as she draws in a short sharp breath when my teeth close around her neck. “You need to be quiet Mel, or Gary’s going to hear and we wouldn’t want that… would we?” My mouth is resting against her ear as I speak, her back is flush against my front and I can feel the shiver run through her.

The hand that’s on her hip snakes around the length of her jeans until I reach her button which quickly becomes unfastened. My mouth is still working its way up and down the soft skin on her neck as I let my hand move beneath the layers of denim and lace “if you don’t want this now’s the time to say, because I’m going to fuck you till you come and then we’re going to go back to work. Understood?”

“Yes…” comes her breathless reply, that’s all the approval I need to continue my journey south. My fingers quickly move through the short, curly hair just above her sex. I can feel her breath come in quicker the further down my fingers travel. I’m quickly met by a gathering of moisture between her lips, a small moan escapes Mel’s throat and I smile at the back of her head.

“You’re going to need to be quiet” I repeat despite a part of me that didn’t care if she screamed the building down, but another part didn’t want to hear her. I make quick work of her clit, trapping it underneath my thumb as I massage it with tiny circles whilst two of my fingers dive into her tight opening.

Mel’s hips are writhing at a quick pace, I’m finding Kadıköy Escort Bayan it hard to keep up with what I’m doing with the way she’s thrashing around but I’ll take it as a compliment. Shit, she must be really hard up. I manage to find a rhythm between my thumb and fingers and eventually I have her a panting, trembling mess “are you close?” I whisper in her ear.

“Mmmhmm…” is all she replies, I can’t help the shit eating grin that creeps across my features. It seems I haven’t lost it despite my brief encounter with monogamy. That thought brings a creeping ache into my chest and I have to squeeze my eyes shut tight to try and quash it quickly. I don’t want to think about her and what I’ve lost, I just want to focus on getting as much pussy as I possibly can.

I’m so lost in my own thoughts that it takes a moment for me to realise Mel’s coming, I don’t feel her tightening or stiffening beneath me straight away. When I notice I pull my hand away from her quickly and take a step back and turn away. I don’t want to look at her and be reminded of the person I am, I wanted to change and be someone better for Lexie but she doesn’t want me. I was just kidding myself, I clear my throat and speak “you’d better sort yourself out and get back downstairs, we’ll be getting the lunch time rush soon.” My arms are folded around myself as I speak at her.

“Oh, ok. Sure thing.” I can hear her fix her clothing, my eyes are squeezed shut as I try and fight the urge to cry. I feel dirty and guilty and wrong. Just so wrong. “Do you want to get a drink or something after work Cal? We could go back to mine and you know…” as she trails off I feel her place a hand on my shoulder. In a flash my eyes fly open and I turn around to stare down at her with a steely gaze, a look which makes her visibly recoil from me.

I shove my hands in my pockets and clear my throat “let’s get some things straight here Mel this only happened today because I wanted it to happen. I wanted to fuck you so I did. This isn’t the start of some beautiful relationship, this was just me getting something out of my system. If I want it to happen again, I’ll let you know and despite how sad or hurt your feelings are you’ll say yes because I know you want this to happen again.” I pause as I watch the hurt flash on her face “go sort yourself out and go back downstairs, tell Gary to go on his break. I’ll be down in a few.”

I’m a bastard, I’m well aware of that and I hate myself for making such a sweet girl look the way she did just then but I stop myself from worrying about it too much. I watch as she leaves and slams the door behind her before I sink into the office chair and hold my head in my hands. Maybe that wasn’t the best thought out idea I’ve ever had but it helped forget Lexie for a second before I was filled with a fresh bout of hurt and anger.

I refuse to let myself sink into that hole and I know what I need to do, without much more thought I pull out my mobile phone and dial the number of the one person I know can help get me out of this funk “Hey, Bobs it’s me. We’re drinking tonight…”

September 2014 — Lexie

“Jesus fucking Christ, this fucking alarm!” I curse as I walk into the house, kicking the heavy front door closed behind me I punch in the deactivation code and wait patiently for it to stop sounding. Callie insisted on getting a new security system installed in the house along with new locks after we’d come back from visiting her sister and found that someone had broken into the house. I detest this alarm with a burning passion.

Walking through the home I share with my fiancé I’m struck with a sense of loneliness as I discard my coat, shoes and briefcase. Callie’s in New York working with the publishers there on a second American release for some novel or something, I wanted to go with her but as I’m no longer her assistant it didn’t seem appropriate.

I now work as a Junior Non-Fiction Editor at a rival publishing company, I love it. The money could be better and ideally I want to work with fiction, but it’s a step in the right direction and it gives me the opportunity to make some contacts and gain some invaluable experience. But now as I move around the kitchen aimlessly I miss Callie desperately, I don’t think we’ve spent a night apart since I moved in and this last week has been hell. The house is too big and empty without her and going to bed at night is when the longing hits me the hardest.

With a loud sigh I resign myself to making dinner for one and opening a bottle of red, I have pasta boiling and I’m sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen when my phone ringing pulls me away from the manuscript I’m reading. My heart literally skips a beat when I see Callie’s name flash on my phone and I hit the screen quickly to answer it.

“I was just thinking about you.” I murmur into the handset, goosebumps flash on my skin when I hear her throaty chuckle through the speaker.

“Good things Escort Kadıköy only I hope?” I can almost hear her smirk and I roll my eyes despite the grin that’s firmly plastered on my face.

“Always babe. How are things over there? When will you be home?”

I listen as Callie goes on a tangent about how the yanks couldn’t, and I quote, “organise a piss up in a brewery” before I eventually interject her rant “baby, as much as I love listening to you vent. I miss you, can you not fix this mess from here so you can come home? I’ll make it worth your while…” I sing song to her and relish in the clench I feel in my stomach at all the delicious ways I plan on welcoming her home.

“Elaborate…” is all she replies, I grin as I move from the kitchen and into the living room to sprawl on the sofa.

“Well, I may or may not have bought some very sexy lingerie that I know you’ll love on me.” I purr at her.

I listen as she takes a deep breath “you’re fucking killing me Lex, what colour?”

“Black, I know what black underwear does for you. Yeah they’re a nice pair of lacy briefs and the bra does amazing things to my boobs. But I’d be disappointed if it stayed on for too long because there are a lot of ways I plan on showing you just how much I hate it when you go away.”

“Are you going to keep me guessing or are you going to share?” I know what she’s fishing for and I won’t be pulled into it. Phone sex isn’t my cup of tea, never has been. But I can’t fight the grin that pulls onto my lips and I giggle quietly.

“I’m going to keep you guessing Cal, you know I don’t do phone sex.”

“You’re a fucking tease.” She growls which makes me laugh louder.

“Yup, but I’m your tease and you love me.” She sighs and I can just picture her running her hands through her hair.

“I do, rather a lot might I add. I need to go baby, I’ll be flying home Friday morning what are the chances of you calling in sick to pick me up?”

I sigh and pull out my diary “well I have a department meeting in the morning that I can’t miss but I could take a half day? Oh that reminds me…” I have no idea how this next sentence is going to go down with her but I can’t not tell her “mum’s coming to visit this weekend. Her train comes in at lunch time on Saturday, she’s asked if she can stay with us.”

Callie stays silent for a while and I can just imagine her rolling her eyes and cursing inwardly “she knows she can stay whenever she likes, but could she not put it off until next week? I’ve missed you so much I want to be incredibly selfish and have you all to myself for three days of extremely hot sex.” I laugh at her and shake my head.

“Can’t babe sorry, but how about on Friday you can do whatever you want to me all night then once Mum’s gone you can resume where you left off?”

“Deal.” She replies without any hesitation and I can only laugh at her “laugh whilst you can Ms. Osbourne, you won’t be laughing when I get back.” I can recognise that tone of voice and all of a sudden I don’t find it funny anymore, instead I can feel arousal course through my veins like wildfire as all the muscles south of my waist clench deliciously. The way this woman makes me feel, there’s no comparison for it, she makes me feel alive and desired and sexy. “I really do need to go now Lex.” She whispers but doesn’t make an effort to hang up.

“I love you Cal” I say simply, as though it’s the easiest truth in the world.

I can hear her smile before she speaks and I find myself grinning like a loon “I love you too Lexie. I’ll text you my flight details.” Another long silence, neither one of us hanging up I sigh loudly “hanging up now.” She says.

“Go on then…” I murmur.

“I mean it, I’m going Lex. I love you…” and with that she actually hangs up leaving me clutching my phone to my chest like a love sick teenager.

September 2014 — Callie

Walking through the arrivals lounge at Heathrow airport knowing Lexie would be waiting for me is like nothing I’ve felt before. This last week has been terrible, not just because I’ve been apart from my woman, but because I’ve been scared to leave her. After everything that’s been happening I’m scared somethings going to happen to her. She refuses to believe that Torie is behind all of this, the car, the post cards (which I eventually had to admit too), the house, the phone calls to my sister and I. She’s adamant Torie wouldn’t do this. The police have been no use, they couldn’t find any finger prints or evidence to prove this was a break in as the person who entered appeared to have a key and just let themselves in through the front fucking door. So I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands, I’ve hired a private investigator to look into who’s behind this once and for all and I’ve spent an obscene amount of money turning my home into a fucking fortress to keep Lexie safe.

I shake my head of these unpleasant thoughts “just a few more minutes…” I kept muttering to myself, repeating it like a mantra. Just one more set of doors and I’ll be back with her. My feet keep moving forward as if on autopilot as I carry my luggage, dodging other travelers as they weave through the crowds. As I walk through the automatic doors my eyes are instantly darting around the room looking for her.

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