An Interrupted Shower


She pulled her braids loose and stared at herself in the mirror.

She could hear him watching television in the other room and smiled, his presence was comforting.

She watched her breasts move as she stretched her arms high. She liked her breasts, they weren’t too small or too large for her liking, and he seemed to like them.

She sighed as she looked down at her stomach, she was confident about her body most days, but today she felt bloated and…well… yuck.

She hopped in the shower and turned on the water, sighing in pleasure as the warm water washed over her.

She flipped her hair down her back and smiled, closing her eyes.

She had been at work all day and the shower felt cleansing on her stress.

He paused the television as he heard the shower run.

He knew she was tired and stressed and was glad that she would be feeling better as she always did when she took a shower.

He thought of her in there… naked, beautiful and with water dripping down her sexy body.

“Mm” he sighed. His desire for her grew again.

She was so sexy, her breasts, her nipples, her waist and large thighs.

He felt himself grow harder and made his way to the bathroom.

She hummed to herself a rolling stones song she couldn’t remember the lyrics to and continued washing her body.

He opened the door as quietly as he could, hoping the shower would be enough to block out any sound and made his way to the shower curtain.

He hesitated a moment before deciding to keep his clothes on and enter quickly.

“Oh!” She gasped whilst smiling Zonguldak Escort and touched her chest. He grinned against her shoulder.

She hadn’t turned around to face him and he wrapped his arms around her tightly.

“You’re wearing your clothes”

“And you’re not” he replied, sucking on her neck.

She felt him harden against her lower half and gasped.

“You’re so hot baby…so hot like this” he held her tightly against him and grabbed onto her breasts.

“Oh…I…” she moaned in surprise at his actions and relished the feeling of the wet shirt covering his hard chest.

“Ah” she moaned as he began stroking her hardened nipples with his rough hands.

“Mm” he moaned and nuzzled her neck.

“Do you like this? Do you like me touching you like this?” He thrust against her and she moaned loudly, clenching her thighs together.

Her knees felt weak but he held her up.

“Mm yes, please…please touch me” she begged.

“With pleasure” he nibbled on her ear and placed his right hand over her wet pussy.

“Oh!” She moaned again and did her best to stay standing.

He slid two of his fingers between her lips and groaned as he moved his fingers inside her. He loved how she felt.

“Oh! Yes… mm”

It was quite a struggle to stand at this point. The arousal was too much.

“Oh I love touching you like this… I love how much you want me.”

She turned to face him suddenly, panting.

She looked him in the eyes, grabbed his shoulders and kissed him hard.

He groaned and pushed her against Zonguldak Escort Bayan the shower wall, pressing his hardness against her thigh.

He pushed his tongue into her mouth and she moaned.

They continued to kiss passionately until she removed her mouth from his.

“Please… please make love to me”

He smiled at her and was, as always more than willing to oblige.

They got out of the shower and stumbled to the bed, she ripped his clothes off on the way.

He quickly put a condom on and got some lubricant.

He watched her as he inserted his fingers inside of her. She squirmed with pleasure and made the most beautiful sounds he had ever heard.


He moved down to her wetness and began to taste her.

“Mm” She pulled his head and forced his face closer.

“Yes!” Mm so good! Oh!”

He licked at her with such enthusiasm; his jaw was beginning to ache, her loud noises inspiring him to continue regardless.

“Oh please!! Please fuck me!”

He growled at her words and quickly moved up her body, preparing himself to enter her.

She stopped him and moved suddenly.

He gave her questioning look until he realised she wanted him to take her from behind.

He was more than happy to do that.

He kneeled behind her and admired her back; still wet with a few water droplets and skin so smooth it was unbelievable.

He moved his hand over her perfect ass and spanked her lightly.

She blushed and moaned.

He smiled and spanked her again, rubbing the skin…before Escort Zonguldak spanking her again and again…and again.


He reached in front of her and began to touch her.

“Ah! Oh god, please!”

He enjoyed teasing her. Her arousal seemed to never stop sometimes and she was so impatient.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

She blushed again and squirmed under his touch.

“Hmmm?” He leaned over and licked her back. She arched it and moaned.

“Yes! Mm yes, please…please fuck me… I want you to.”

He kissed her back softly before positioning himself before her once again.

He slowly entered her, loving the feeling of her…so wet and tight, she felt amazing.

“Mm, oh you feel so good” he groaned as he began to thrust.

“Oh!” She loved the feeling of him inside her, he felt so hard, so aroused and this position were so dirty to her, so primal, and she wanted him to let go. She wanted him to enjoy her body like this.

He began to thrust faster, panting hard.

“Oh…mm, yes” he moaned.

She felt so good with every movement he made.

He slowed down his thrusts before rolling his hips against her experimentally.

“Oh yes” she moaned, he felt good being so close.

“Harder” she moaned.

“Mm” he began to thrust harder. It felt so good.

“Yes! Oh, you feel so good baby”

She bent down onto the bed and rested her face on the pillow gripping it tightly.

“Mm…oh… ah!” She climaxed so suddenly; he thrust harder and harder trying to give her as much pleasure as possible.

“Ah oh!” He groaned out and continued thrusting into her as he came.

“Oh…” she exclaimed after a minute of silence.

He chuckled as he leaned over her and panted, nibbling her earlobe.

As they came down from their high he leaned close to her ear and whispered.

“I love you”

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