A Wish For A Birthday

Eating Pussy

You walk into my office dressed in a short, cotton skirt, that shows off your long smooth thighs. You also wear a tight top that emphasises the beautiful shape of your breasts. You have a look on your face that makes me know straight away what you want. I feel myself harden as I look at you. You close the door but do not lock it.

You don’t say a word, instead you wait there, in front of my desk, looking into my eyes. I stand and move around the desk, an urgent need in me now, to touch you, to take you. I grab your wrists and pull you to me, kissing you deeply, my tongue exploring your soft, warm mouth. Our tongues meet and entwine, our lips mold themselves together and I feel you press yourself against the hardness in my pants.

I surprise you suddenly by pulling away from you. I guide you to the desk and place your hands flat against the cool, polished wood so that you lean over the desk with your legs straight and your beautiful bottom available to me.

Slowly I run my hands over your ass, moving the cotton against your skin. Then my hands move to the back of each knee and with deliberate slowness I glide them up your thighs, lifting the skirt, over your bottom, my hands exploring the smoothness and softness of your skin. I knew you wouldn’t be wearing underwear.

You moan softly as I caress your ass. I sink to my knees and lick very slowly up the back of each thigh. I gently part your legs a little more and lick up your legs again, this time my tongue gliding up your inner thigh, finishing at the incredibly soft and sensitive skin just below the lips of your vagina.

I can already smell you, the wonderful smell of your wet pussy. I can see the wetness, glistening on your swollen vaginal lips. I push you gently and you understand and let your elbows rest on the desk top, bending you over more, so that your pussy is available to me.

I kiss the tops of your thighs, your bottom and then your pussy lips, light soft kisses. I lick my lips and taste you as I hear you moan again. I return my attention to your sweet vagina and lick slowly over the soft folds of skin, starting at your clitoris and licking the length of your pussy.

My hands are on your ass again as my tongue finds the opening of your pussy and enters you. The heat and the taste and the wetness of you make me breathless. The rest of the world ceases to exist as my whole being Van Escort focusses on the centre of your pleasure, the soft, moist, pink centre of you. I lick again, faster this time, concentrating on your clitoris, teasing it, circling it with my tongue.

You are moaning louder now, even though there are people working just outside the door. My tongue is flicking against your clitoris faster, your pussy juices covering my lips and chin. I feel you push against me wanting my tongue buried deeper inside you, wanting the pressure on your clitoris to increase. You begin to tense and I sense that you are about to orgasm. My tongue circles your hard little clitoris urgently, my hands explore the soft smoothness of your ass. I increase the pressure and speed of my tongue on you, driving you beyond pleasure to ecstasy. The muscles in your thighs and bottom tense as the full power of your orgasm courses through your body. You groan, your eyes closed, hands gripping the desk. Your legs can no longer support you and you fall to your knees weakened from the power of your orgasm. I look into your eyes and savour the taste of you in my mouth.

As your orgasm ebbs away, you turn and look up with lazy eyes at me, a slow smile of satisfaction forming on your face. Your hands reach for me and you feel the hardness in my pants, rubbing it gently. Your fingers work quickly and skillfully to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. You push them down to my knees and slide a hand inside the waistband of my boxers to touch the heat of my erect cock.

With a new urgency, you pull my boxers down as well and drink in the sight of my cock, knowing that you are responsible for the hardness of it. You watch it for a moment, the way it pulses a little in time with my heartbeat. You see the thick dark veins along the hard shaft, the swollen, smooth head, the dark thatch of hair and the heavy roundness of my balls swaying between my legs.

Your eyes meet mine once again and your fingers curl around the shaft of my cock and slowly stroke me. You rise on your knees and bring your face close to my body. I feel your hot breath on my cock. My body tenses as I anticipate the feel of your tongue on the sensitive head. You don’t disappoint me, licking slowly around it, the warmth and softness of your tongue making me throw my head back with pleasure. You smile briefly at the knowledge that you Van Escort Bayan are the one in control now, you are the one giving the pleasure.

With a suddenness that makes me gasp, you take my cock into your mouth, deeply, sucking on it with that magical warmth and wetness and softness, slowly allowing it to slide back out until only the tip is against your lips.

Your hand reaches up to cup my balls, feel the weight of them, knowing you have the power with that sexy, seductive mouth of yours to make them explode, to release my hot semen and pump it powerfully from my cock.

My hand caresses your soft hair as I watch you take my cock deep once again, filling your mouth with hardness. It is such an erotic sight, you on your knees in my office, sucking my hard cock, looking up at me, knowing that your pussy juices are running down your thighs from the orgasm just a few moments ago. I try not to moan, but fail. Someone may hear us, may have already heard us, but I know I can’t control it anymore.

You take me from your mouth, smile agin, then with a quick movement, pull your top up over your breasts and over your head. You thow it casually to the floor and tease me by rubbing your beautiful breasts lightly. I can see the hard erectness of your nipples against the pale skin of each breast. I want to touch them, reach for them, but you slap my hands away playfully. Instead, you press my cock between them, into your cleavage and slowly grind yourself against me. Your motion is perfect, teasing the whole length of my cock, taking me closer, with each stroke, to the edge.

I continue to slide my cock between your tits, still looking into your eyes, feeling the need to come, rising in me. I open my mouth to try to tell you, to warn you. You shake your head.

“You tasted me. I want to taste you,” you say softly. You take me back into your mouth and suck hard and deep. One hand pumps my cock as your mouth works on the swollen head. Your other hand holds my balls so that you can feel them tighten and contract just before I lose control.

I moan loudly, all concern about the people outside forgotten. I know I am about to come and so do you. But you have one last gesture of intimacy, one last tease. The hand holding my shaft releases me and falls between your own legs to rub your clitoris urgently. Very slowly, you lick from my balls, Escort Van the whole hot, hard length of my cock, all the while looking into my eyes. It is the look in your eyes as you lick me that does it, part temptress, part innocence, control and submission, angelic yet wicked, powerful yet worshipping.

I come, a stream of thick white semen shooting from my cock, onto your lips. Then a second, even more powerful, this time falling to your chin and onto your breasts. A third stream of pearly white lands between your breasts.

You take me back into your mouth and taste successive spurts of come. The heat and texture of it, the knowledge of having a man’s semen in your mouth, the knowledge that you were responsible for making it happen, overpowers you. You press your fingers deep inside your pussy as you orgasm a second time. Your clitoris is too sensitive to touch now, but you need the feeling of hardness and thickness inside you and press three fingers as deeply as you can.

You suck my cock gently, feeling it slowly soften, but wanting every drop, wanting the taste on your lips. You know that the taste of yourself will still be on my lips. We are both spent, calm now, reality returning. We smile at each other, happily, knowing there will be many more times like this.

There is a knock at the door and in a flurry of brief but urgent activity we dress ourselves. You somehow struggle back into your top and straighten your skirt. I manage to buckle my pants and return behind my desk as the intruder opens the door cautiously. It is my secretary.

“You have an appointment at one o’clock. He’s just arrived,” she says. We both know, by the way she holds her head that she can sense what has just happened, perhaps even smell the aroma of sex. She says nothing however, just smiles politely at you, waiting for instructions from me.

“OK, show him in,” I say. “And if you could show my guest to the elevator?” I ask, gesturing to you.

“Of course,” she says and turns to go, expecting you to follow.

You smile at me, delighted that we have been caught, yet not been caught. There is no doubt my secretary knows, but she saw nothing. There is no real proof of what has occured, just the memory of it still sharp in our minds and tingling through our bodies.

“Happy Birthday,” you say simply. In a final gesture of intimacy, you raise a finger to your lips and gather a small droplet of come from the corner of your mouth. You look at me with those wonderful eyes again and casually suck the semen from your finger.

Then, with a wink and the soft swish of your short skirt, you turn and are gone.

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