An Innocent Father-in-law

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I have a problem, I know lots of other women my age do, and it’s a sexual thing. I don’t get enough of it, my husband is a great lover, and when we have sex, make love, or fuck, call it what you will, I always want it again, and like a lot of men, he isn’t always up for it. I don’t hold it against him per se, but I wish he was more active, more in tune with my sex drive.

I knew this already of course, I didn’t find out after we were married, we have talked about it often, so we do share our issues with each other. I even mentioned a doctor, but then realised quickly that there is nothing wrong with him, he is just a bit behind my desire for sex on a grand scale.

We got married a year ago, our first anniversary was last week, and now all of a sudden I’m getting all the sex I need. Why, you ask, how, I hear you say? Well, it’s because I am now getting all the sex I want, as I am now getting fucked by another man. And he lives all by himself two houses from ours, and he has carte blanche to visit me, or I visit him when ever I want.

Let me tell you about me before I tell you about him, and also why I have no guilt feelings, and feel no shame either. I am Christine, Christine Alicia Harton. My husband is Graham Harton, and we live in a normal suburban road, in a normal, but fairly large three bed roomed semi detached house with a nice garden. I love tending to it, as well as being tended to by the two men in my life, and I could not be happier now.

Graham has a good job, if there is, or was a downside to his work, it is or was, he has to travel one or sometimes two to three nights a week to construction sites he works on. He is a self employed CAD operator, and one of the best it seems, he is in big demand to produce drawings faster than he can. And in fact, he has employed two new ones to help him, so his little business is on the up at the moment. So life is quite good, plenty of money, and now in my case, plenty of sex.

Now to me, I am 20 years old, Graham and I have been sexually active for quite sometime. My parents would have been horrified if they had known what we were getting up to, sometimes even in the room next to the one they would be watching television in. I adore sex; it’s the main reason for getting up in the morning as far as I’m concerned.

I have been pursued all my life by men and boys, I know how good I look, and can look even better than that when I make the effort. I love the attention of other men, and the sour looks from some other women. I like to flirt, Graham understands me, and trusts me enough to let me. But funnily enough, I have never cheated on Graham from the day we met, and I believe he knows that.

But now I am breaking his trust in me, but I don’t, and will not feel any remorse, unless of course he finds out, and we have no intention of him ever doing that. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, is one of my maxims.

I am 5ft 1″ tall, have beautiful long auburn hair, its parted down the centre, its heavy yet light, fine yet thick, glossy, and it tumbles in small waves down to the middle of my back. My eyes are wide and big, hazel in colour, and high arching eyebrows, a tiny little nose, my lips ar equal to each other, the bottom one is straight, my top one sweeps over it, and I have a very natural pout.

I have a sensual body, lots of erogenous zones, so have no trouble getting it off! I am trim; weigh in a bit less than 100lbs. My boobs aren’t big, but a decent handful, very sensitive, nicely upturned nipples. My waist is obviously slim, I am only 20 of course, nice rounded hips, a firm ass, and lovely tapered legs, that even in high heels, Graham say’s I can knock em dead, and do!

I have considered buying a vibrator many times, but honestly, I do prefer the real thing, not some battery driven object. I just couldn’t see me getting on with one of them. So when he came along, and we accidently ended up in the same bed, it was very timely. I was feeling extra randy, simply because Graham had had quite a lot of drink on the night in question. And try as I might, I couldn’t get him going, he got a hard on alright, but his head was on upside down because of the booze.

We had had a party in our house with friends and some neighbours on the night of our anniversary. It was great, my friend and I did the catering, and Graham took care of logistics, ie, drink and invites, and being mine host etc! It was a blast and at around two in the morning they all left but ‘him!’

I had said to him, “instead of going home, stay here, I know it’s only a couple of doors down, but hey ho!” He had been of immense help after we moved in, helping with the dec9oarating, gardening, you name it, he was involved. He is great to be around, especially for an older man, he is funny, charming and if you want to put a finer point on it, suave and debonair, but that’s only my opinion.

There was nothing at all on my mind, there was no ulterior motive, no plan, no subterfuge, nothing, zip, nada. He made istanbul escort his way upstairs, I cajoled Graham into a little hanky panky on the sofa, but as I say, it failed in the end.

“Come on,” I said, “let’s go to bed!” I was a little annoyed and not a little horny too, in fact I was a lot horny! I needed to fuck, and he, bless him, let me down that night. I got him upstairs, he was staggering, and I knew that as soon as his head hit the pillow, he would be more or less unconscious. I drink very little maybe two glasses of wine on a good night, that’s all.

We arrived at our bedroom door and it was shut, I wondered why, then I noticed the back bedroom door was wide open. I looked in, empty! I looked in our room, and there he was in our bed in the dark. I was angry at first, but thought it wasn’t worth the hassle of waking him, and making him move. So I hauled hubby into the other spare and tucked him in.

I went back down to clear away things that would be hard to do in the morning. An hour later, yawning my head off, I went to bed. But in my tiredness I went into my own bedroom, not thinking in the dark of what I was doing. I stripped off, just dropping my things on the floor. I saw the shape of my husband and got in with him. He was lovely and warm so I snuggled right in, immediately reached round him and grabbed his cock, I gently tugged on it for a while, and to my delight it began to get hard.

He grunted in his sleep, I think, and slowly turned onto his back. His prick was now at full attention, so I said to myself. “Go on Chrissie; make him have it while you can!” I went under and started to give him a blow job, but I know when to stop too. I wanted that cock where it would do me the most good, in my hot shaven pussy.

I should have known something was different, because he smelled different, but I took no notice. I climbed on him, and sank down on to his lovely rock hard cock. It even felt different, but I still took no notice, I wanted to fuck, and I wanted to be fucked. So my hands on his shoulders in the darkness, I rose and fell on him gorgeously.

“Ooooh Chrissie,” he mumbled, I leaned forward and kissed him quickly on the lips, then I set off banging him. He was awake now, that was for sure. It was fantastic, he stayed with me, I had half expected him to cum and go right back to sleep. But he didn’t, eventually, he rolled us over and now he was on top, and I was in my favourite position, under him, cock deep, and getting totally rodded, I loved it.

I had my arms and legs around him, ‘where have you been Graham?’ I thought. He was fucking me totally different, unusually hard, and for an unusually long time too, but I wasn’t complaining either, this was marvellous. I began to feel heated, hot, and so turned on, his prick had the measure of me this night, it was glorious to be getting shafted in this way, fantastic.

Orgasms tumbled from me, my pussy was alive, my nipples must have been burning holes in his chest by now.

“Are you alright darling? I gasped, breathlessly.

“Never better Chrissie,” he told me. He sounded so different. I reached out and switched on the dim side light, in a second or two my eyes adjusted, and to say I was shocked and stunned, must be the understatement of the century. I was looking up at Graham’s 45 year old divorced dad.

He continued to hammer me with devastating thrusts, thrusts that I had no way of combating, not that I wanted to though, he just hammered into me non stop. But my arousal was greater than the surprise, I yanked on my legs, digging my heels into his ass, which were equal to the loin slapping, hip joining thrusts, and then I was blowing off another climax.

I bit his shoulder to stop the scream that accompanies my best heart stopping, gut wrenching orgasm, at least when I have the best of the best. And this, for reasons of its own, was the best I had ever had, ever, bar none! David (Graham’s dad) started giving out little grunts, it must be his way of cumming, then he crushed me to him, his weight completely down on me. And one last heaving hip breaking bang and he came.

I felt it flooding me, he filled me, his cum was so lovely, hot and heavy. I could feel the thick creaminess of it squeezing its way up and into my womb. I felt my body sucking it up, drawing it in, making use of it. I wasn’t on the pill, (this was an afterthought) so it would do what damage it would, in the way of fertilising me.

We lay there, both gasping for breath; he had a stricken look on his face when he came to see what had taken place. I tried to placate him as best I could.

“It’s alright David,” I whispered, “it’s not your fault, its not even mine really, you are in my bed, and in my tiredness I mistook you for Graham, I’m really sorry.”

But then I realised I wasn’t sorry, I was ecstatic; I had just had the best cum of my life, why should I be sorry?

“You are my daughter in law Chrissie, my son’s wife, this shouldn’t have happened,” ataköy escort he told me.

“I know that silly,” I replied quietly, “but it has, and don’t you dare tell me you didn’t enjoy it?”

“I loved every second of it, I honestly did, but still?” He muttered.

I was in a sort of attack mode,” so,” I said, “if this happened again, you would say no to me, are you telling me that, because if you are, I won’t believe you.” I still had him in my arms and legs, in my grip; he wasn’t going any where unless I said so!

“Chrissie, it mustn’t happen again, should it?” he said.

“No, I suppose not,” I mumbled. I let my grip loose, and reluctantly he got off me, his now limp cock slipping out.

“I had better go to my own bed,” I told him, and got up.

“Chrissie, that was fabulous,” he said, “mistake or no mistake, I’ll never forget it, you are so beautiful, and so wonderfully sexy.” I smiled at that, it made me feel better, but he was right as well, it shouldn’t have happened.

In the morning neither Graham nor I got up until midday, he was a wreck, so I got started on the mess. I took both him and his dad a cup of tea up. We had to face each other, get things right sort of thing. When I walked in my bedroom he wasn’t there, he had got up early and gone. “Fucking coward!” I thought.

I was I suppose unreasonably annoyed he had just gone, I expected him all day to call round and he didn’t. Now I was getting mad, I felt like going round to his and giving him a peace of my mind, but I held it back, ‘he’ll have to face me sooner or later,’ I knew.

The following day it was Sunday, Graham and his dad always went for a pint or two on the lunch time, and I would cook us dinner. I wondered if he would come around or make an excuse. I started dinner for three, as usual. Then the phone went, it was my husband saying David was sending his apologies but couldn’t make it.

I put the phone down and blew a gasket, I was furious, we had made a mistake, an honest one, and now he was behaving like a baby! I would have it out with him tomorrow morning, as soon as Graham had gone to work!

During the evening, I got horny again, Graham was still feeling the effects from Friday, so while he did perform, he was no where near his best and I ended up not quite getting there! So we went to bed, with me still randy. I was already planning what I was going to say to his dad. We had always got on so well, this must not be allowed to spoil things, I said in my head.

After I saw Graham off, I found myself in my bedroom wondering what to wear before I went to my father in laws house. I put on a deep red button down dress, billowy at the knees, fitted waist, and ample room for my one handful tits. It was short sleeved, and a collared neck, it set my hair off brilliantly. I put on some eye shadow, a little lipstick, not a lot, did my hair which went exactly how I like it to go. I put on my matching deep red high heels. I must have been all of 5ft 5!”

I set off but went home again, the dress didn’t feel right while I was wearing a bra, so I took it off. Then I went round, not realising how horny I still was, I was in a bad mood because he had ignored me and no body, no one, ignores Christine Alexia Harton, absolutely no one, especially my father in law. I let myself in, I have my own key, as he has one to ours. He was sat at the kitchen table reading his morning paper, and mug of tea in his hand.

“Oh, er, hi Chrissie, good morning, er, can I get you some tea?” he asked tentatively.

“No thank you David, I want to know why you are ignoring me, is it because we accidently made love, when we know we shouldn’t have, hmmm.” My annoyance showing, but I didn’t know my anger would get me going either!

“Something like that Chrissie, yes,” He said

“Don’t be so childish David, it was an accident, it wasn’t intended, no matter how good it was.” And I, making that statement triggered my hormones to full power

“Can you tell me honestly David, you didn’t enjoy it?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“No Chrissie, it was fantastic, it’s the best thing to happen to me in years, and I will cherish it forever,” he mumbled, not looking at me. My randy body took control of me, it was remembering Friday night, the full satisfaction it had of being brought to full and glowing climaxes, it was playing over in my mind like a spool of film, urging me.

I never knew what I did next, I was just there. I took the mug out of his hand, put it down, and stepped over him. I was now facing him sat in his lap. I rested my forearms on his shoulders; my own arousal was becoming uncontrollable for me, and said.

“So tell me David,” I whispered, using my sexiest, seductive voice, lowering my head so I had to look up into his eyes, “you would resist the temptation, if you were to be tempted that is?”

My hair helped me in my attack, when I had lifted my arms up, it all came up with me, and shrouded his face, avcılar escort it was nestling against his cheeks. I know how soft and sexy my hair can be, my husband loves it brushing across him, so I knew the effect it should have on his dad.

I had my face almost up to his, my lips quivering near to his, my breath washing over his face, my hot body burning him up. I felt movement under my ass. “Go on David, say no to me, go on, I dare you to!” I moved my arms, and undid the top four buttons on my dress, and pulled it open. He had no option but to look down at me, the invite, the mystery, it was all there in the dimness of my cleavage, before his now hungry eyes.

I tucked a finger under his chin and lifted his face. I could see the desire there in his eyes. “Tell me no David, go on tell me no!” I teased.

“Chrissie,” he croaked, the lump under my ass was big, and I could feel the hardness.

“Do you want to kiss me David, do you? Would you like me to kiss you, hmmm, I will if you want me to?”

“Chrissie,” was all he said, so I kissed him deeply.

“You can’t say no to me can you David, Daddy?” I changed the terms, as I asked, after I broke our first real kiss.

“No Chrissie I can’t say no, and you know it, you sexy little devil” he breathed smiling tightly too, “but I think we should go some where else now, like upstairs?”

“Make sure all the doors are locked and I’ll be waiting for you, Daddy,” I added, with my best eye fluttering smile. I went straight up to his bedroom, I was nearly cumming already such was my arousal now.

I nearly ripped my dress right off, my thong went over my shoulder some where, and I was in bed waiting for him. He came in, but still had some uncertainty on his face. So I did the only thing a girl can do. I lifted the covers slowly, to let him see the treasures awaiting him; it was all that was needed. He tossed his clothes off, I saw his lovely prick waving at me, as if saying, ‘here I come Chrissie, and its all for you!’ and he was on me in a heartbeat.

David never wasted one second, his prick thudded home as his body made contact with mine, and he was off. I could hardly get my breath, he thrashed me, and he told me later that all he had been thinking about the whole weekend was me. I got the best fucking I had had for long time. He was all over me; there was just no stopping him. He leaned down and kissed me passionately, “Graham can never know about this Chrissie,” he muttered, as he banged his way in and out of me.

I managed after taking in deep breast to say, “Yes I know David, we must be careful,” then I had to go with the flow, his cock was ravaging me beautifully. I had cum after cum, he just kept going until he mumbled behind clenched teeth.

“I’m cumming Chrissie, I’m cumming!” And boy did he, I felt the strength of it hitting me right at the top of my molten pussy. The heat from it spread though me slowly as if it was a creeping paralysis going through my hot wanton body.

He sort of fell on me, I lay there so happily under him, in the knowledge that I had been made to cum the way I need to cum. Graham was and is a great lover, but his dad obviously had the maturity that goes with his age of how to fuck a woman. I flexed my pussy muscles for him, nipping his cock. He smiled at me, and said.

“Ooooh I do love that Chrissie, just love it, keep going honey.” I did, and the look on his face as I insistently but lightly crushed his cock, was something to behold. My father in law was now my secret lover, no one would ever know. We had accidently had illicit sex on the night of my party, but this wasn’t accidental, this was meant!

I had now, in essence, seduced my husband’s dad, simply because I had got annoyed with him. I had worked myself up into a sexual bitch in heat. I had even gone back home and removed my bra before the confrontation, what was that all about? Had I intentionally come here with the sole determination to be fucked again by him? I had certainly put it on a plate; I had undone my dress, solely to entice him. I had teased him, forced his surrender if you like. I had sat in his lap facing him, legs astride his. I had practically made him give in to me. ‘Oh what a brazen hussy you are Chrissie Harton,’ I thought deliciously. I had also behaved in the most provocative seductive way I ever could have.

I looked up and mothered him, I kissed his face, held him in my arms, I snuggled right up and into him. I just wanted to be close, near to him, feel his skin on mine, his heat transferring to me. While I was nipping his cock for him. I lifted my left leg so it was tucked into his waist and rolled us on to our sides; there we were face to face.

“Hi daddy,” I said, as I breathed into his mouth, “now what have you got to say for your self, hmmm?”

“I don’t think I have an answer, or anything to say young lady, you are a wanton hussy, I am so glad to say!” and he smiled smugly.

I thought hard about that, and then said. “I am for you daddy, I am your wanton hussy, no one else’s and I never will be.”

“What about Graham?” he said.

“I’m his wife, and as far as I’m concerned I always will be.” I said flatly.

“So you are just going to be my wanton little hussy then?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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