An Oedipal Moment

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Big Cock

I had always loved my mom, probably more than most guys. She was a tiny little woman, barely five feet tall, just over a hundred pounds. She’d had me when she was 16, so when I was 18, she was only 34. She looked closer to 24 – at least that’s what most of my friends thought. Everyone that saw us together assumed she was my girlfriend.

She’d had a car accident ten years ago and hurt her back pretty bad. She couldn’t lift anything heavy and sometimes it would hurt her so badly that my dad would spend an hour or so at night rubbing it so she could fall asleep. Sometimes too, she still had nightmares and she would wake up screaming. I felt so sorry for her. Dad pampered her – he loved her as much as any man can love a woman – and I was glad. Naturally, as I got older, I began to treat her that way too.

It was easy to baby her, she was more like a little girl than anything else. When I was 13, I was already bigger and taller than she was. But, she is a very smart person and I know she loves me very much. Whenever I’ve had a problem, her advice has been the best I could hope for. She always made sure I had everything I needed and nearly everything I wanted. While I was helping take care of her, she was kinda spoiling me too.

When I was 18, dad got a promotion at work. It meant he had to start traveling a lot more than ever before. With him gone and me getting ready to go away to college, mom’s nightmares got worse and she had a lot more trouble sleeping.

She never asked me, but I gradually began to take over some of the things dad had done for her. I would sit beside her on her bed and rub her back long and slow. Granted, it wasn’t just like dad doing it because she kept her gown on with me. Mom would fall asleep while I rubbed her, but I would continue on long after she was out cold.

Being that close to her, I couldn’t help but start to notice things I’d never really thought about before. She smelled so sweet. Her skin was so soft, so warm. As I made the aches go away, she would give these sensual little sighs and stretch languidly under my hands.

When she’d fall asleep, I’d only have to wait a few minutes until she would eventually turn over. I would touch her bare arms, her neck, her cheeks, even her warm flat belly through the sheer gown. As I stroked her skin, often I would watch her nipple harden and press against the fabric. They were very small, but just the thought of those points made my cock get hard.

I wanted to touch them so badly. I wanted to pull the gown off and touch her bare skin all over. I wanted to see what was beneath those istanbul escort silky little panties she wore, but I was afraid. Those just aren’t things you normally want to do to your mom. As I watched her sleep tonight, my cock felt like it would burst right through the seam in my shorts.

So maybe I couldn’t touch her the way I wanted, but I could touch myself. Once she fell asleep, she usually stayed asleep, so I decided to have a little fun. I stood up beside the bed and let my shorts drop to the floor. I nearly lost the erection when the guilt hit me. I’d not stood naked in front of my mom since I was a really little kid who didn’t even know what a hard-on was.

Mom stirred then, stretching out flat on her back. Her gown had slid up to the top of her panties. She spread her legs slightly and I swear I could see a dark triangle beneath the silk. Or was it just my imagination?

The hard-on instantly returned. I wrapped my hand around my cock and started to jack it slowly… rubbing up and down, my eyes moving over every part of her.

The more aroused I got, the braver I got. I even leaned over and put my face just above her pussy. Damn! She smelled so good. The thought hit me suddenly that she probably tasted delicious and there was nothing I could do then to stop myself from cumming. I tried to catch it in my hand but I saw several drops splatter on her arm. My orgasm turned into the longest one of my life when I realized I was watching my jizz drip onto my mother’s skin. Gaaaah!!!! I could only imagine it splattering on her willing face.

I cleaned up quickly, my guilt battling with my intense pleasure, and I hurried to my own room. My thoughts were whirling at what I’d just done and I couldn’t believe that my cock had not even gone soft. It wanted more!

Half an hour later, I heard her up in the bathroom. I wondered what she would think if she knew what I’d done. Evidently she knew or suspected nothing because the house got quiet again a few minutes later.

Maybe fifteen minutes passed and I heard her cry out. It was fear, no anger, so I knew it was one of her nightmares. The lamp was on very dim beside her bed the way I’d left it. Mom had removed her gown before going back to bed – it was a hot, humid night – and she thrashed and cried in her sleep.

“Mom! Mom!” I tried to speak to her and draw her awake. I was concerned but also fascinated to see her small breasts finally uncovered. They were beautiful, perfectly-shaped, still firm.

She grasped my arms, calling my father’s name.

“I’m here,” I answered, offering what comfort esenyurt escort I could.

Her eyes were still closed but she seemed to be hearing me now. She began to quieten. “Hold me please,” she begged drowsily. I wasn’t sure if she knew it was me or still thought it was my dad.

I did what she asked. I stretched out beside her and put both my arms around her, pulling her up close to me. I could feel her nipples pressed into the bare skin of my chest and I could feel my nearly painful erection pressing into the mound between her legs. It didn’t help me at all when she wrapped her thigh up over mine. My cock felt her damp heat now.

She appeared to still be asleep, but she was moaning quietly, moving very slightly against me. Her moaning was not the sound of fear this time.

I know I should’ve gotten up then, but I couldn’t. I shouldn’t have let my lips press against hers but I did. I never should have run my tongue between her lips, but I did that too. Then I didn’t even think anymore.

I moved back from her just enough to get my hand between us, cupping her breast. I squeezed and she moaned into my mouth.

Breaking the kiss, I moved my mouth down her neck. I had to take a nipple in my mouth, thinking that I had sucked here before, why not again? With my nose against her skin and the hard little tip in my mouth, I realized she smelled and tasted faintly of caramel.

Moaning louder as my teeth gently tugged the dark pink skin, I felt her hand entwine in my hair.

Using my body, I rolled us both over, supporting myself over her. I paused long enough to slide my shorts off and then I went back to hungrily licking her wonderful skin.

Working my way down, I could hear her breath coming faster. I kept fearing that she would wake up suddenly and realize it was her son doing this to her, not her husband. But I had to taste her if I never did anything else. Hooking my fingers in both sides of her panties, I pulled them off quickly and got between her legs.

She was as turned on as I was, her scent was very strong, very sweet. I could see how wet the hair was there. Mom kept it trimmed in a neat little heart-shape.

Afraid I’d have to stop at any second, I was not wasting time on being subtle. I used my thumbs to gently open her swollen pussy lips. Vaguely thinking I was staring at the very source of my life, I pressed my tongue into the slippery folds.

Oh, damn!! It was true what they say about things being better with age. She tasted sweeter than any of the women I’d ever been with.

Maybe etiler escort my eagerness did it, the way I almost mauled her. Maybe it was just because I did it differently than my dad, but she began to awake.

“Oh! Oh, no!” she cried, trying to close her legs against me. “Scott…” a not un-pleasant groan, “Please, Scott…no.”

I sucked her clit harder and pushed my long middle finger deep into her pussy.

She wanted it to stop, that was clear, but she was quickly overwhelmed by what I was doing to her. She tried to fight it, but I licked her and finger-fucked her until she cried out and I felt her pussy rhythmically clamping down on my finger.

I wasn’t finished though. There was one final thing I had to do tonight, now that I’d come this far. I climbed back up until my body was pressing down on her. She wouldn’t meet my eyes.

“Mom, look at me.”

She shook her head, staring at the bedside lamp. She looked so small, vulnerable, lost.

“Look at me!” I ordered sternly. Tentatively, she turned her head.

“I love you, mom. Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this, maybe we’ll never do it again, but it’s happened. It’s still happening. You can’t tell me this doesn’t feel good.”

Mom didn’t speak, she just bit her lip and looked up into my eyes trustingly.

“I’m going to fuck you now, mom. Do you want to feel me do that?”

At first her head moved imperceptibly to the side, then it change to the barest nod.

“Tell me then,” I told her. “I always do exactly what you tell me.”

She shook her head. “I can’t say that.”

“You can!” I said, much more harshly than I meant to. “Tell me now!”

“Fuck me, Scott,” she whispered.

“What?” I needed to hear the words clearly.

“Fuck me, Scott!” she cried loudly. I could feel her hips grinding against me.

I reached down between us and pressed my cock into the wetness. I tried to thrust in hard but she was so tight I had to work in slowly. I’d come out of there 18 years ago and tonight I was going to cum in there.

Her nails scratched my skin as she met every one of my thrusts. In the back of my mind, I vowed never again to fuck a woman younger than myself… not after seeing what an experienced one could do. She was amazing, moving under me… grinding into me, squeezing my cock with the muscles inside her pussy.

She’d had her tubes tied long ago so there was no chance of her getting pregnant. When she screamed and I felt the contractions on my cock of her orgasm, I let go. It felt like I shot a gallon inside her.

I collapsed on her, my head under her chin, her hand stroking my hair softly. We’d been like this many times as I was growing up, this comforting embrace, but never while my cock softened inside her pussy.

I didn’t ask then, in fact, we didn’t speak at all, but I knew this would not be the last time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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