An Erotic Recovery


This is a revision of a story that I submitted several years ago. The story was based on a compilation of letters sent to me by the lady who had lived it. It was a compelling and erotic story of love, hot sex and despair. Her recovery from despair had been affected in an unusual manner.


I met Lorraine online some years ago. At the time I was searching for women interested in exchanging erotic experiences and not necessarily looking for a meeting. Through E-mail, on line messaging and phone calls, she detailed this fascinating tale.

Lorraine was a widow who had led an unusual life. A physical beauty, she had been a ‘party’ girl for several years, catering to wealthy businessmen. She met a much older man who became infatuated with her. Alex was very wealthy and virile man. They fell in love and married.

Their early years of marriage were exciting, full of travel and parties and hot intense sex. He idolized her; he encouraged her to dress provocatively and enjoyed being seen with her publicly. He derived pleasure from the lustful looks that she received from other men.

Their idyllic life continued until Alex contracted a debilitating disease. His energy levels declined and despite the efforts of teams of doctors and clinics, his health did not improve. He could no longer maintain an erection despite his continuing lust for his wife. Despite all of this, their love and affection for each other continued unabated.

Their lives together took a new direction as Alex desperately tried to hang on to his former lifestyle but sex, the sauce of their lives, was missing. Alex continued to enjoy the attention that Lorraine attracted, but it was a poor replacement for his own incapacity to enjoy her physically.

She recognized that Alex was turned on with her flirtations. Following a night at their club, she would relate the erotic happenings of the evening. ‘I gave Bob a big hard on dancing, he wants to meet me next week.’ ‘Jim was rubbing his knee between my legs and whispered that he wanted to fuck me.’ ‘Chad and I were alone on the verandah, we kissed and I let him remove my panties.’ Comments like these would arouse Alex to at least a partial erection followed by ejaculation. He begged her to take on a lover.

She protested that she only desired him. Alex persisted until she agreed that she would entertain a man, but only if Alex were present. The lucky recipient would have to be acceptable to both of them.

They decided that they would search outside of their circle of close friends. Their first choice was a visiting business associate who Lorraine had met previously. Rob accepted an invitation to join them for dinner at a discreet restaurant. She came on to him openly and boldly. Their knees touched under the table, their bodies were glued together when they danced and Rob quickly accepted an invitation to join them for a ‘night cap’ at their home.

Alex drove while Lorraine slipped into the back seat with Rob.

Lorraine continued the tale. “I was terribly aroused. I had not realized how much I had missed physical sex. Rob was very much aware of what awaited him that night. I said and did everything except ask him to fuck me. I shivered with anticipation as his hands roamed my body. My legs spread involuntarily as he worked his hands up under my dress and along my inner thighs.

‘I want you Lorraine, always have,’ he whispered in my ear. We kissed wildly as his fingers pushed my panties to one side and teased my moist slit. I answered, ‘You can have me’.

Once at home, I quickly changed into a sheer negligee and returned to Alex and Rob who were sipping cognac in front of the fireplace. I kissed both of them, took Rob’s drink and set it aside before pulling him into a bedroom.

My heart was pounding, my nipples hard in expectation, and my loins weak at the thought of feeling Rob inside of me. He removed my gown and pushed me to a sitting position on the side of the bed. He stripped quickly. His long cock was semi-coiled inside a pair of white net shorts, but it uncoiled quickly as he pushed them down.

I reached to grasp his shaft. I rubbed it on my face and in my hair, feeling it stiffen in my hand. He trembled as my tongue circled the tip, pulling my head forward as I closed my lips around the knob. I held still as he moved it back and forth in my mouth, pushing a little deeper with each thrust.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and motioned me back on the bed following on his hands and knees. I caught a glimpse of Alex, leaning in the doorframe, his hand in his shorts.

Rob’s face changed as he moved ahead on his knees. His eyes looked evil, his teeth were clenched as he stirred the knob of his cock around my slit. He slipped a pillow under my ass and rammed his cock deep into me in one thrust. I drove my hips up at him, both because I wanted to and also to demonstrate I would not be dominated.

‘Going to fuck your ass off Lorraine,’ he spat between clenched teeth. In response I stretched my legs out to encircle Kayseri Escort his waist, drove my heels into the back of his thighs and we were lost in sexual release, oblivious to anything else in the world including my loving husband watching the performance.”

Alex went to bed. Lorraine joined him in a few minutes. They lay there wordlessly.

“Are you okay my love? You’re not saying anything,” she murmured.

“Did you enjoy that Lorraine,” he asked without looking at her.

“Very much, I needed that. I wanted it hard and fast, sex only, not affection. Rob gave me that, it was perfect. Are you sorry we did it?” She spoke in a firm non-pleading manner.

“I am happy for you my love, you had real pleasure and it makes me happy to see you like we used to be with each other.” She felt him relax before kissing her gently and rolling over to drift off to sleep.

Lorraine waited a while; tossing and turning, then crept out of bed and returned to Rob’s bedroom. He was awake, a thin sheet covering him. He smiled knowingly as she sat on the edge of the bed and found his cock through the sheet.

His eyes were heavy with desire as he said, “I knew you wanted more.”

That was the beginning of the final stage of their life together. The occasional assignations with other men continued. There was the ship’s captain on a cruise, a piano player at an elegant resort, a dark skinned pool-boy in Jamaica, a poet in France and a young boxer in New York, and at Alex’s request a beautiful Asian lady in Brazil.

It appeared that all was well, their life full and the sex thing under control. And then Alex died of a stroke.

Suddenly Lorraine’s contented life became a dark abyss. She missed her caring husband terribly and lay in bed each morning not wanting to arise. She withdrew from her friends. She tried sex with former partners, but she found little pleasure. A few minutes of mechanical pleasure soon dissipated and the darkness returned.

She joined a grief support group online and began an E-mail exchange with an elderly man who had recently lost his wife. He was from Chicago and very wealthy. He was obviously full of compassion for Lorraine’s plight.

Their e-mails evolved into long telephone conversations during which the subject of how she was dealing with her sex life became a topic. Mark asked her questions about her erotic preferences and how she set about realizing them. She sensed his arousal when she discussed her use of sex toys. Discussions about sex soon dominated their meetings.

They began video meetings online. She dressed in an increasingly provocative manner. Her dress ranged from low cut gowns with lace-trimmed bras to sheer robes over her naked body. She carefully stage managed the sessions, adjusting lighting, background as well as her appearance. She was enjoying seduction once more as she became more and more daring in dress and expression.

One day he asked, “Lorraine, I would love to see your breasts bare; would you do that for me?”

She responded without hesitation, “Yes, I would love to let you see me.” She opened the robe to expose her large breasts and hefted one in her hand. He gasped as she rolled a nipple between her red polished fingernails.

He asked “Would you stand and let me see you in your panties?”

Lorraine stood and backed from the camera and dropped the robe to the floor. She excitedly slipped her fingers under the narrow sides of the panties and pushed them down slowly, exposing her bikini cut bush and the tip of her slit. Lorraine was as turned on as he.

“Oh God Lorraine, you are an exquisite woman.”

A few days later he asked, “Lorraine, this might shock you; but would you use one of your toys to pleasure yourself for me?” She hesitated before telling him that she would consider it for their next meeting.

Lorraine continued her tale; “At first I had no intention of doing myself for him. But then I considered that his excitement would add some pleasure and sauce to my own life, and I prepared for our next webcam exchange. I placed my vibrator and a tube of jelly where he could see them, and pulled a sheer robe over my naked body. By the time our connection was established, I had decided that I would get off if I could.

Mark’s first comment was, ‘My God Lorraine, you have my heart pounding already. Let me see you.’ I stood up and opened the robe, posed like a stripper before sitting down and raising my legs to the desk, one spread each side of the webcam. I was perfectly positioned for his view of the target. I began to rub jelly all around my slit, and then circled my swollen clit so gently.

He groaned, ‘I have dreamed of this for weeks, you are so beautiful my dear.’

I grasped the jellied vibrator with my fist and slid it back and forth suggestively. ‘Are you sure you want to watch me Mark? Once I begin I won’t stop until I come.’ There was no answer needed, his open mouth and burning eyes told his story. I was amazed at how aroused I was.”

She Kayseri Escort Bayan had shaved her pussy for the occasion, so Mark had a clear unobstructed view as she worked the knob around in her lips, rubbing her clit before working it inside her.

“I murmured to Mark, ‘I love sliding this in me on slow vibration. Can you see it throbbing Mark? Can you see it make my pussy lips tremble?’

Mark sat there like a zombie and all that I could hear was his heavy breathing. ‘Are you excited Mark? Are you touching yourself? Would you like to be fucking me Mark?’ I wanted more response from him and was being a little mean. But all he did was raise his eyes momentarily from between my legs. I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

I increased the speed of the vibrator, began to slide it in and out more quickly and used one finger to rub my clit. Mark was leaning ahead, his face almost blocking the lens of his camera, ‘Can you come now? I want to see you get off Lorraine.’

I was close, biting my lips as the vibrating cock filled me with pleasure. My legs began to close involuntarily, my ass cheeks were cramping together as my pussy took control of my body. My legs closed totally as I held the vibrating cock deep in me; convulsions ripped through me. My God, the vibrator had never had this total effect on me. I was panting hard as I relaxed. I had forgotten about Mark and looked up realizing that he probably had not seen much of the final actions.

He was staring at me, ‘Did you like that Mark’, I whimpered, ‘did you see enough?’ I spread my legs again, circling the clit with the still vibrating dildo, ‘That felt so good, thank you for watching.’

He finally responded, ‘It was beautiful Lorraine, the most beautiful spectacle that I have ever seen. Magnificent.’

One day not long after that episode Mark E-mailed her. He wanted to make sure that she understood exactly what he was asking of her. He asked her if she would come to Chicago as his guest and stay with him for a few days. He assured her that it would be only touch and look, and that he was not capable of more. He wanted to see her in various stages of dress and undress; taking a bath; demonstrating her toys; allowing him to touch and fondle her.

She could enjoy the sights of the city, fine dining and anything else that she might desire. He took her on a video tour of his luxurious apartment and asked her to consider his offer over the next few days.

Lorraine did give it serious thought. It was similar to her previous life as a party girl, almost like being a hooker without the sex. Mark was not a threat and it sounded like a nice vacation in luxurious surroundings. She accepted his invitation.

Mark met her at the airport holding a large bouquet of flowers and a big smile. He was much taller and thinner than she had imagined he would be. They drove to his apartment in his limo, chatting easily away in the spacious back seat. He guided her to her room and left her to settle in and compose herself.

They had dinner in the apartment that evening served by his staff and afterwards he showed her around his elegant digs. His eyes often strayed to her large breasts and she was not surprised when he followed her into her bedroom.

He said, “Lorraine, your breasts fascinate me, I have only ever touched my wife’s breasts which were quite small. Would you mind if I touched yours.”

Lorraine unbuttoned her blouse slowly, exposing her breasts hanging beautifully in a soft bra. She became aroused as he examined and massaged them. She lifted one out of the cup for him to fondle and caught her breath as he expertly captured a nipple, rolling and squeezing and pulling on it, ever so gently.

He murmured, “Thank you so much Lorraine, I have been dreaming of this since we first met.”

He withdrew his hand and stepped back; eyes still focused on her breasts as she tucked the exposed one back in the cup. She was not certain what she had expected to happen, but was surprised that he did not press for more.

He said, “Let me have Louise draw you a bath. She will let me know when your are ready to receive me.”

“Louise, an older lady, entered my room as if by magic, and without looking at me prepared the bath before disappearing. I stripped and slipped into the warm scented water just as Mark appeared in the doorway, still wearing his three piece suit.

He asked, ‘I would love to watch you bathe; do you mind if I sit and watch you? Would it make you uneasy?’

I smiled and said, ‘Certainly not Mark, it turns me on to perform for you. I don’t feel at all threatened.’

He settled on a chair near the bath and after a few minutes he asked, ‘Please stand up and allow me to give you a sponge bath.’

I did not consider until later how strange it really was that I allowed an elderly man in a three-piece suit to bathe me. I replied, ‘Certainly Mark, I enjoy your touch’.”

She stood up in the tub, her great nipples erect and expectant; but her Escort Kayseri legs closed in a protective mode.

“He took the sponge and began to soap my body. His hands roamed all over me. First my back and shoulders, around to my breasts, down my belly and around to my ass. It was as if each part of me was dear to him. I parted my legs as he worked the soapy sponge downwards. He turned me to face him and soaped my pussy with the sponge before dropping it in order to free his hands. I spread more as he slipped the edge of his hand in between my legs, rubbing along the length of my slit.

I groaned, ‘My God Mark, I’m going to pass out.’ I placed one wet hand on his shoulder to brace myself.

His attention returned to my breasts, cupping each one in the burning palm of his hands, bouncing them before capturing the nipples to squeeze and tug at them. My knees weakened as he played.

He said, ‘Do you enjoy this? Do you do this to yourself when you are bathing? Do you get aroused with your own hands and fingers?’

I responded breathlessly, ‘Yes I do and yes I can excite myself, but not as much as your hands are doing. You are very expert at arousing a woman.’

He then took a hand held shower and began to rinse off the soap. He paid particular attention to my nipples with a heavy stream of water; he smiled and said; ‘You like this don’t you?’

I moaned, ‘Yes, very much.’ My nipples were puckered tight and very ready to be sucked. Would he suck them? I was certainly ready if he was.

He took the hand held shower and pushed it against my vagina. I almost got off at the suggestive move and the intensity of the shower stream. He pulled back a bit and said, ‘Why not dry yourself off now and put on a robe and join me in my room when you are ready’.”

She did as he asked and after drying off and applying fresh make-up she entered the open door to his spacious bedroom. She had somehow expected that he would be wearing a robe for her entry but he was still in his suit.

Mark stood in front of Lorraine and asked, “Did you enjoy your bath?”

Lorraine said, “Yes I found it very erotic to have you watch and sponge me off.”

Mark responded, “Good, I will give you another bath tomorrow night. May I touch and kiss your breasts and nipples?”

Lorraine smiled and opened her robe “That would please me very much; you are welcome to do what you wish with them.” He licked, nibbled and then sucked on them one at a time while fondling the other with his hands.

He repeated what he had said previously “Your breasts are so large; I have never seen such large ones except in photos; as I mentioned my wife had quite small breasts. Does it excite you to have them fondled and sucked?”

He knew the answer but Lorraine responded anyway “Yes, I love to have them caressed and sucked. It sends beautiful messages to the rest of my body. A man is welcome to all of me when he makes love to my tits.”

He asked again, “Are you alright with what I am doing? I love the fact that I seem to be arousing you. May I continue?”

Lorraine “Oh yes, I am enjoying your touch, please continue with anything you wish, I am here to please you but am enjoying all of this as well.”

Mark’s hand slid down her belly, rubbed her shaved mound with his fingertips, and then slipped one finger between her legs and along her slit. He said, “You must be enjoying this; your slit is all wet and your lips are swollen. Your shaved pussy thrills me; it is my first experience with a bare one. I would think that you are ready to play a bit. Are you?”

Mark directed her to his bed and propped her up against the pillows in a sitting position. Lorraine was very aroused at the gentle ministrations of this elderly man. He pushed her legs apart. He said, “What a beautiful sight, I can see everything because of your shaved pussy.”

“I sat back, my upper body against the headboard, closed my eyes and prepared for pleasure. He rubbed two fingers on my slit lips. I could barely keep from trying to capture them by closing my legs. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, leaning over me as his fingers rubbed and probed, oh so gently. I spread more wanting him to enter me more fully. He whispered, ‘Lorraine, I would love to taste you. May I?’

My reply was to spread my legs even more widely as I slipped one finger in along beside his to circle my swollen clit. I raised my hips, offering him my pussy. He moved over me and lowered his upper body until his face and shoulders were between my bent up knees. I really wanted to be licked.

He kissed his way up from inside my knees; I could feel his warm breath teasing my crotch. I am sure that I was whimpering in anticipation as he proceeded to lick and suck my pussy and clit area. He was obviously well experienced in pleasuring a woman. This elderly gent provided the most beautiful and intense oral sex that I have ever received. I am sure that I come twice if not three times as his hungry tongue and lips worked their magic on me. He was relentless and I finally had to pull him up so that I could breathe again.

I slipped down to my back, totally exhausted, my entire pussy pulsing and throbbing and very wet. I closed my legs tight as if trying to retain the delicious sensations still coursing through my body.”

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