After His Absence


He knocks on the door, lightly, knowing she is expecting him. The door opens just wide enough for him to step inside and the anticipation of seeing her again has already made him hard before he sees her. The door closes and he sees her, covered only in thin lace, with a naughty smile on her face. He pushes her against the wall and kisses her hard, his hands running up and down her bare arms. She kisses him back, her tongue fighting for dominance with his own. Her arms reach around him and pull him closer to her, feeling his hardness against her.

“I’ve missed you,” she whispers against his neck, her kisses trailing behind her words.

He responds with a low animalistic growl and his hands slip the straps of her nightie off of her shoulders. Before she knows it, his lips are around her nipple and the sensation overtakes her. His hands raise the hem of her nightie and he hooks his fingers into the sides of her thongs, pulling them down as his tongue continues its assault on her nipple.

Her body is quivering now, Kocaeli Escort needing nothing as much as she needs to feel him inside of her. She grabs his head and pulls him up, kissing him again as her hand finds his hard cock through his jeans. She fumbles with his belt, the button, the zipper, finally freeing him as his pants fall to the floor.

First her silky hand encompasses his hard cock and she rubs up and down as she sinks to the floor in front of him. She looks up at him with a smile before her tongue snakes out and licks the underside of his cock from base to tip. His knees buckle slightly as she wraps her lips around the tip. She begins to suck, gently at first, harder as she pulls him deeper into her mouth, her tongue exploring each crevice and making sure not to miss a single inch. She loves the way he tastes and she grows wetter and wetter as his cock grows harder and harder.

She pulls her lips from his cock and he helps her to stand. She takes his hands and begins to lead him to the Kocaeli Escort Bayan bedroom but he pulls her back to him and pushes her over the edge of the couch, unable to wait even one moment longer. She barely recognizes what’s about to happen before his left hand is on her hip and he’s guiding his cock inside of her.

The instant he pushes inside of her, her body tightens and a wave of ecstasy overtakes her. She moans her approval.

Both of his hands reach out for her hips and he pulls her as close to him as he can before he starts to thrust in and out of her, not slow, not fast, just perfect, exactly how he knows she likes it. It doesn’t take long before her moans grow louder and she’s begging him to give her more as her juices flow over him.

He loves to hear her cum and beg him for more, loves how wet she gets and how her body reacts to his actions. He starts to thrust deeper and harder and as her body moves further up on the couch, he grabs her by the shoulder and pulls her back Escort Kocaeli into him. He needs to be deeper inside of her now. She feels so wet, so tight, so amazingly made for his cock, he can’t control himself.

She screams out her approval as another orgasm racks her body and she goes limp for a moment but he’s not done with her, not yet. He grabs a handful of hair and forces an arch into her back and continues to push deeper and harder. She can feel his cock grow impossibly harder inside of her and she wants to feel him cum deep inside of her.

“Oh God yes, fuck me harder,” she spurs him on.

His growl starts deep in his throat, almost a roar this time and his thrusts get faster and she knows he’s almost there. The anticipation of feeling his cock explode inside of her is enough to push her to the edge and she’s moaning again, louder than before, her pussy throbbing and milking his cock as he thrusts in and out.

He wraps his arms around her body, takes her breasts in his hands and thrusts as deep as he’s ever been. His body tightens and then begins to shake as she pushes back into him. Her pussy clamps down around his cock and they cum together in an orgasm that leaves them both spent.

She sinks into the couch and he lays gently on top of her, kissing her shoulder.

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