Amy’s Bali Massage


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She smiled politely at the apologising receptionist, who looked confused as she tried to type Amy’s surname into the computer. Amy spelled out her surname again, as they seemed to have a lot of trouble with western surnames in Bali. Eventually she found her in the system. “Room.. 33, yes?” Amy smiled in recognition of the immense effort this seemed to take but nodded.

“And what time would you like your massage, ma’am?”

Hardly feeling like a madam at only 25, Amy was a bit taken aback at the title. Regardless, she had to remind herself that this was not a country where English was the native language and she shouldn’t expect customs and sayings to be seamlessly learned by everyone she met. What was most important was just getting this massage booked.

She had been aching all day from the horseriding of yesterday. Her back was aching from the good posture she had forced herself to maintain atop the horse. Truth was, though she would never tell a soul, her strong posture was only like that because without keeping her core locked her DD breasts would have trouble staying strapped into her sports bra. No matter what she did they always seemed to find a way to escape her. On top of her back pain, her long and now-tanned legs had been roughed around by the exercise, not to mention by the sun and horse which had both been up against her legs when she decided to ride in shorts. She was regretting the decision now, but would make the most of it with this massage. A long body rub, jacuzzi, sauna, pool dip, body scrub and flower bath all rolled into one 3-hour spa package. Definitely what she needed.

With the awkward reservation done and dusted, she took a stroll down to the beach. People selling bracelets, henna, manicures, and even shade all flocked to her the moment they saw she was a foreigner. Eventually she found a quiet spot and earned herself some peace.

She took off her summer dress and lay in her bikini, admiring the sun and the sand and feeling remarkably peaceful. Back home in Melbourne she was an up-and-coming corporate executive, she laughed to herself at how her workmates wouldn’t recognise her if they were standing right beside her. Here she was at ease. Here she was free.

Just as she was thinking this, a gorgeous couple most likely from South or Central America strolled past. They were taking a romantic walk along the beach, but it wasn’t romance which caught her eye. Amy had long known she was bisexual. Not experimenting, not bi-curious, not ‘going through a phase’, but out and out bisexual. The couple walking past her were stunning, and she started thinking all the worst things to think in a public place.

She was imagining herself going down on the woman, Amy’s hands running along her thighs, with her boyfriend’s tongue teasing its way around Amy’s slit, pressing down on her clit, flicking it, and moving away. She was imagining herself cupping his balls, licking him, sucking him, hearing him moan and call her goddess while his girlfriend knelt behind her, pushing into Amy as though she were fucking her, her fingers curved to perfectly hit her G-spot.


Amy snapped out of the daydream, quickly brushed away the salesman and sighed as she watched the couple leave the beach. Ümraniye Escort She obviously needed to handle herself the moment she got back to the hotel.

Amy looked at her watch and was shocked to see how much time had passed. Masturbation would have to wait. She was running late for her massage. Grabbing her stuff and catching a taxi rather than walking, Amy got the hotel reception just in time to see her masseuse come out of the spa area to meet her.

Her name was Flora, apparently. Amy didn’t think this was a very Indonesian name but figured she must have changed it so that foreigners wouldn’t cause her trouble. Flora was short, maybe aged in her mid to late twenties but with such smooth, impeccable skin that you wouldn’t place her a day past 20 if you weren’t used to Asian faces. Flora didn’t have much in the way of breasts, but she more than made up for it with those eyes and that skin.

Amy had already been horny, and the appearance and introduction of Flora as her masseuse was… unhelpful.

“3 whole hours,” Amy thought to herself. “How will I get through this?”

Flora passed Amy some herbal tea which seemed like a combination of lemon and ginger. The smell was as enticing as Flora’s eyes, and Amy struggled not to excuse herself for a ‘bathroom break’ to manage her arousal.

Following the tea, Amy was led away to her massage hut, where Flora sat her down and placed her feet in warm water. She knelt down and slowly, firmly massaged Amy’s feet. Amy hadn’t been expecting the early massage and was pleasantly surprised. She moaned gently and rolled her head back with the pleasure. It was just the beginning of the massage but Amy already knew she had chosen the right place and been given the right masseuse.

Following the jacuzzi and the sauna (both of which forced Amy to sit with her dirty thoughts and stew over how much she’d like Flora to be giving her a different kind of massage) Amy was again brought into the hut and given the paper underwear to change into. To her surprise, Flora didn’t leave as she got changed. She felt slightly embarrassed but, at the same time, she was aroused by the idea of Flora getting a glimpse of her body. Amy was not skinny, but maintained a standard weight which was beautifully proportioned. With her large breasts and hips always gaining weight before any other part of her, she always sported an hourglass shape regardless of her physical size.

She had always been on the verge of voyeur, so showing her naked body to Flora was by no means taking away from the arousal she already had. Flora didn’t seem to pay her any mind, though, so Amy begrudgingly accepted that this must just be how they do massage, and Flora wasn’t showing her any special attention.

“Lay down like this here, please,” Flora said in her broken English. Amy understood, laying herself flat down on her belly, forming a triangle as she went, her ass sticking slightly into the air. Amy didn’t know if Flora liked women, but she did know that many women ignored their attraction to other women, didn’t give it full credit, and sometimes needed a nudge to acknowledge how far they really wanted to go. In this case, Amy thought she’d try nudging Flora, just in case there was some clue she could give, some way she could wordlessly communicate Ümraniye Escort Bayan her desire.

But again, Flora didn’t seem to acknowledge any part of Amy’s actions. A small wave of disappointment hit Amy. She knew it was a long shot but now she knew for sure that she would have to deal with two more hours of sexual frustration before getting back to her hotel room.

Flora applied the oil to her hands and began spreading it across Amy’s shoulders and back. Amy settled into the pattern, the wave of the pushing and kneading of Flora’s hands. She began to get very relaxed, her horniness but simmering beneath the calm. It seemed both an eternity and no time at all before Flora began work on her legs, having completed her back and arms. She worked thoroughly on Amy’s calves, making a typically massage-therapist comment about her tight muscles. Amy thought nothing of it but merely murmured a ‘yeah I know’ from the massage bed.

Flora’s hands began working their way up along and around Amy’s legs. There was a lot of surface to cover – Amy had always been blessed with long legs, the key question of her life from strangers being “So are you a dancer?”. She smiled now thinking about it, and as she did Flora’s hand reached up to her thighs. Nuzzled safely into the massage bed, Amy’s eyes flashed open. She remembered now that desire which had been stirring, and hoped that Flora wouldn’t see any shine of wetness from between her legs.

Flora gently lifted her legs apart further, ensuring she could get access to the muscles on both sides of the thighs. Amy’s eyes stayed open and she cursed silently to herself. It felt so good having those firm hands push and squeeze her legs. She could almost cum just like that, and if Flora had continued then she probably would have. Flora’s hands shifted around to her buttocks, shamelessly kneading them, getting down into the muscles easily.

This was just what Amy needed, her butt was still sore from the horseriding and she couldn’t help but let out a low groan. Flora couldn’t have known that the groan was also sexual, Amy assured herself. Just a standard massage groan which she’s heard a thousand times.

But as she was thinking that, she felt those smooth firm hands run down across her butt cheeks, the two thumbs keeping close to the inner curve of her ass until they brushed down and across her clit. Surprised, Amy flinched a little bit, but didn’t stir. Surely that couldn’t have been on purpose? Surely that was just a slip of the finger? She was concentrating very hard on Flora’s touch now as she worked her way back down Amy’s thighs. Just as Amy had convinced herself that it had all been in error, the thumbs began to work on the inside of each thigh, rubbing in circles, pushing on the flesh higher and higher.

Amy couldn’t help it, she inhaled sharply and loudly. The touch didn’t stop. Flora must have heard her, she thought, but she didn’t stop. She doesn’t want to stop. The penny dropped. Amy realised what was happening and was almost lost in her attraction to it. This shouldn’t be happening, she shouldn’t be touched in this way by Flora and she certainly shouldn’t be wanting it. But she couldn’t help herself. She decided to test the waters again and when Flora’s fingers brushed her pussy lips, Amy Escort Ümraniye groaned audibly.

Sure enough, Flora kept going. She massaged quickly the muscles to either side of Amy’s pussy, and then went very slowly down the inside of the thighs. She pressed her thumb against Amy’s clit, pressing down the soft skin above and circling. The hours-long buildup and the touch on her clit was too much, and Amy found herself cumming hard, her pussy throbbing and clenching as her body went stiff.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned loudly. “Unggggghhhhhh.”

She couldn’t stop. Her body pushed against the hand, and she didn’t even notice Flora’s fingers slipping under the paper underwear and into her pussy.

Even as her orgasm was fading, Flora showed no signs of letting up. Her thumb was still on her clit, and despite Amy’s protestations and attempts to free it from her touch, her clit kept receiving those circles, with the new added sensation of two (or was it three? She couldn’t tell) of Flora’s fingers hooked tight onto her G-spot. Still on her stomach, she instinctively began pushing against the fingers as though it was a rock-hard cock or one of her favourite dildos lodged inside her.

Amy had never been one to have multiple orgasms, but that didn’t stop her enjoying it, despite the overload of sensation caused by her insane post-orgasm sensitivity. Flora had moved into a dominant position over Amy, and Amy now felt Flora’s hot breath on her back. She wanted so badly to touch her back, make her feel the same pleasure she was feeling, but she couldn’t without turning and Flora wasn’t going to allow that. Despite her small stature, Flora had well and truly pinned Amy down, and had positioned her crotch behind her own hand so that she was effectively humping her fingers inside Amy.

Flora spoke into Amy’s back in her native tongue, and Amy could tell by the tone that she was talking dirty more to herself than to Amy. She figured Flora had something in her hand which was pressed against her clit, as Flora was definitely nearing orgasm. Finally Flora switched to English “Cum now. You cum now.”

Amy didn’t think she could cum on demand, so with her face still lodged firmly in the massage bed she decided to turn the tables. “No. YOU cum now.”

That was all Flora needed. Amy felt her fingers pump harder into her as she began to lose control of the steady rhythym. Flora suddenly found one last finger and pushed it half way into Amy’s ass. That was all she needed. Feeling Flora cumming on top of her, her body spasming as her fingers flickered even faster on Amy’s clit, G-spot, and asshole, Amy suddenly burst into a second orgasm. Both women lost control, their voices letting out loud low groans as they bucked against each other.

“Ahhhhhhhh!!” Flora moaned.

“Ohhhhhh!!” Amy replied.

Somehow this orgasm lasted even longer, and as it went Amy pushed her ass further and further onto Flora’s finger, feeling it deep inside her. With a final clench, she squeezed Flora’s finger tightly with both holes before groaning one last time and releasing, panting heavily.

Flora lay on top of her for a while, the sweat between them lubricating their entire bodies. Finally she gave a quick kiss to Amy’s neck and then slowly, slowly removed her fingers. She slid off, moving away.

Amy wanted to look to see where she was going, what was happening, but she soon heard the bath run. A voice, now so small and timid where it was just moments ago so strong and forceful said “You bath now, please.”

Smiling cheekily, her head still buried in the massage bed, Amy just said: “Yes, ma’am.”

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