Alice Ch. 04

Big Dicks

((This is the continuing story of how 18-year old Charlie lost his virginity step-by-step, and learned some things about love and sex along the way, from 22-year old Alice. A few parts of this are based on real life, but fictionalized and with changed names, of course. There are some twists and turns, and sometimes things run hot and cold, just like in real life. But the ending of this one is warm.)

Alice again got her sly look, raised her eyebrows in a sexy way, and then said, “Hey, I’ve got an idea, let’s play truth or dare!”

“What?” Charlie said, choking a little on his pizza and Heineken. They were celebrating Alice’s new job as assistant manager at a bookstore. Alice was maybe happier than he’d ever seen her before.

“Truth or Dare” she repeated, smiling while thoughtfully taking another sip of beer. “I have a feeling there are a few things you need to learn.” Alice looked down at him in a somewhat teacherish way, knowing that she was right, and daring him to say anything different. “And there are a few things I’m curious about when it comes to you.”

Charlie saw that this situation was rich with possibilities, but he had to admit it also scared him some. He’d already had some stolen peeks of her breasts and pussy, and they’d left him wanting more. But he’d also been deeply embarrassed when he had had to pee when she was taking a shower, and he’d gone, with her permission, into the bathroom they had to share, and she’d gotten out of the shower and seen his dick for a few seconds. Alice had said at the time not to worry, that it was just the human body, and it was all beautiful, but he was still getting over that. Probably in part because he was an only child until his new stepsister moved in, he was more shy than most teen boys.

Alice always seemed open about nudity, sex, and everything, which was the quality about her, beyond her beauty that is, that most attracted him. She was so natural and real in everything she did that he couldn’t really imagine her telling a lie to him about something important. And living with her was already a little like playing truth or dare. In terms of the game though, until now he’d only played it once before in his life with some high school friends, and they hadn’t gotten beyond a few truth questions before he bailed out and had gone home.

“Come on, Charlie, you’re over thinking this! Here I am, the happy, tipsy Alice that you know and love, ready to play a kinky game with you, and you’re still thinking about it?” He had, in fact, already let the word love about her slip once, but that had been an awkward moment, one that neither of them quite knew what to do with at the time. He felt himself blush knowing that she remembered him saying the word, because she hadn’t said anything about it when he’d said it a few days ago.

To hide that, and because obviously what she was saying was true, he said, “Yes! I’ll do it.”

“Finally. Jeeze, Charlie, at this rate you’ll never lose your virginity. I’ll go first.” Alice smiled sweetly and said theatrically: “Charlie: Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” he said. It seemed the safer choice.

“Boooring,” she said in a sing-song voice, as she took another gulp of her third Heineken. “I won’t let you get away with that every time, but for now…..What can I ask you? I already know you’re a virgin. Oh, I know,” she said, suddenly getting an idea, “What did you think of that morning with the bathrobe. That morning that you made me breakfast in bed.”

“What do you mean?” Charlie said, trying to look puzzled.

“Oh, come on, Charlie. You told me you’d never seen a woman’s pussy before except in a magazine, and so,” she paused and smiled, “I let you see mine. I know you thought it was an accident, and that you were being subtle in the way you looked, and that the dog playing with the toy was distracting me, but I could see you staring. In fact,” she said smiling a mischievous smile, “I opened my legs wider so that you could get a better look.”

Today Alice was wearing purple sweat pants, and a black T-shirt that had a picture of the album Treasure by the Cocteau Twins, an old band that she liked. In other words, nothing very revealing.

But Charlie, of course, remembered vividly that day, just a few days ago, when they were playing with their dog Penny, and he realized that she had nothing on underneath her short bathrobe. Alice liked things natural, and didn’t shave much, and he was entranced as she seemingly accidentally separated her legs, and then her robe opened a little, and he could glimpse the black-haired triangle of her vagina.

Tonight she was sitting on her butt, and had her legs spread apart casually in front of her, as she sipped her beer and ate pizza, but of course nothing could be seen. Suddenly, however, she put her beer down, got on her knees again with her legs together, and mimed like she was tossing the toy back and forth to Charlie and their little dog Penny.

Alice got a look of exaggerated innocence on her face as she slowly but surely separated her legs. bursa escort bayan She was fully clothed now, but giving a theatrical reenactment of when she was nude beneath her robe. At the end of her act, when her legs were somewhat separated, she looked down in mock surprise, with her hand to her mouth which she opened in pretend shock, as if finally seeing that that she was showing off.

They both couldn’t stop laughing at this–Alice out of pure fun, and Charlie halfway in fun and halfway embarrassed.

“Admit it, Charlie, don’t lie. What did you think? Did I scare you with that peek at my fur?”

“It was,” Charlie said, composing himself and blushing, “the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“You mean the most hairy thing you’d ever seen in your life!” But Alice was secretly pleased.

“You’re not telling me much, Charlie. Did that view have any effect on you?”

“Yes,” Charlie said, blushing more, “it did.”

“What effect,” Alice said in her pretend-innocent sexy voice again, “did I have on you. Did you get hard?”

“Yes,” Charlie said, smiling, glad that she’d said the word so he didn’t have to.

“Okay, we’re off to an decent start. Your turn.”

“Alice,” Charlie said, “Truth or Dare.”

“Dare,” Alice said immediately, taking another swig of her beer. “But hold on,” she said laughing, “first I have to pee!”

Alice got up and walked to the nearby bathroom out in the hall, not even bothering to close the bathroom door all the way, and he could hear her peeing, flushing, and then washing her hands.

To keep calm, Charlie gulped down some more of his second beer while she was gone. The beer was indeed having the effect of making him more relaxed and happy in this exciting, and yet nerve-wracking situation.

Alice sauntered back in with a somewhat sultry look and walk, clearly still riding the high of her new job, as well as being conscious that Charlie practically worshipped the ground she walked on.

She sat down, cross legged, and said, “what devious dare have you come up with for me?”

Charlie had thought about asking her to take off either her t-shirt or sweat pants, but after that, he knew, she’d expect the same of him, and he wasn’t quite ready for that.

So he said, lamely, “Go outside and yell, at the top of your lungs: ‘I’m an assistant manager! Here me roar!”

Alice got a comical look of disgust on her face, and said, “Oh, come on Charlie. Okay, okay, I’ll do it for you.”

And then she pretended she was him, mimicking his voice in a surprisingly successful way, but making it sound a bit more nerdy than it was: Alice, you’ve been, um, not wearing a bra, and jiggling your breasts in front of me ever since you got here, but I still haven’t really seen them. I dare you to show me your breasts!” At this she pushed out her chest, which looked pretty good with her black t-shirt on, and which did make him wonder what she looked like with it off. And then she got her pretend-innocent look again, and said in a mockery of her own voice, putting her hands on her boobs, “Oh, Charlie, you want to see these? Well, okay.”

Then she looked a little more serious, reached down and slowly started lifting her t-shirt over her head. Just as her face was covered, her medium-small breasts popped into view. She took the shirt off the rest of the way, twirled it over her head for a second, and then sent it flying toward a corner of the room.

Now that she was topless, her silliness and even her confidence seemed to have left her for a few seconds, and she looked a bit vulnerable, but bewitchingly beautiful.

These were what he thought of as perfect breasts, for they were gravity-defying. They swelled and curved just slightly upward to make little points where the brownish-pink areolas and small but erect nipples were. Her breasts were actually a little bigger than he thought they’d be, even though he’d already seen her in a swimsuit and caught glimpses when her bathrobe opened.

Alice suddenly seemed shy as Charlie stared, but his look of wonder, longing, and desire slowly banished her shyness, and she said with more confidence, knowing the answer, “Well, what do you think?” and then gently cupped her hands beneath her boobs and giggled them slightly. “Say something, Charlie.”

“Alice, you have the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen. You’re so beautiful.”

Alice smiled, and then looked down to assess them herself.

“Well, they’re really the only breasts you’ve ever seen. But yes,” she said, looking back up at him, “They’re probably my most attractive feature. But sometimes they seem a little small. I know most guys like women with big boobs,” she said, holding her hands out in front of her miming large breasts.

“Actually, they’re bigger than I though they’d be,” he said, still staring in wonder, the beer making him somehow nearly un-selfconsious about looking at her slightly pointy boobs.

“Really?” Alice said, looking down again and seeming pleased.

“And gorukle escort Alice,” he said, “you’re beautiful everywhere. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.”

“Well said, Charlie,” she said, and at first she did seem pleased, but then a second later a strange and slightly troubled expression crossed her face, “and I think you mean it.”

“I do,” he said earnestly, “You are the most beautiful woman I know.”

“Oh, Charlie,” she said, sighing, “on the one hand that’s a nice thing to say. But what’s a little weird is that you seem to totally mean it. I know I’m cute, especially when I’m flirty like right now, and I’ve got a guy’s attention, but there are so many women who are prettier than I am. My breasts are pretty, which I admit is one of the reasons, in addition to comfort, I go braless sometimes. But my nose is a little big, and very slightly crooked, I’ve got freckles, and,” she said, listing her perceived faults, “I’m kind of hairy, *and*—”

“Alice, stop,” Charlie said, reaching a his right hand out and gently putting it on her left arm. “You’re very beautiful. All of those things are just parts of what make up Alice, who is amazing to me. As you said to me, it’s just the human body, and it’s all beautiful.”

“Thanks, Charlie,” she said, looking thoughtful and taking another sip of her beer. And then she burbed a little and laughed, which made her breasts jiggle slightly.

“Okay: Your turn for a dare, Charlie.”

“Yes,” Charlie said, bracing himself.

“Don’t look so serious, it easier than what you gave me: just take off your shirt.”

“Sure,” he said with a sigh and a relieved smile, and stood up to unbutton his long sleeved blue button-down shirt with the paisley pattern on it that Alice had actually given him, along with some other cool clothes, for his last birthday.

“I don’t know how to make this interesting, like you did,” he said as he unbuttoned the front all the way, and then each sleeve at the wrist.

“Don’t worry about that. Just take it off.”

He took it off and then, imitating her, twirled it over his head and sent it flying to the same corner of the room.

“Actually,” said Alice with a grin, “you do have a kind of nice chest. Have you been working out?”

“Yes, some,” he said with a shy smile and sitting down.

“I have to say though, and there’s nothing bad about this, but you are about the least hairy man I’ve ever met. You have just a tiny bit on your nipples,” she said, scooting closer, and then lightly touching a finger around his left nipple, “and in the middle of your chest,” she said, and drew a gentle, slow line with her finger down the middle of his chest.

This set off an involuntary shiver do down his spine, and Alice seemed to like this effect.

“Wow, I’ve got a more powerful touch than I realized!” She said laughing.

“I guess so,” Charlie said, still staring at her magical breasts.

And then he wondered what he might ask next.

Suddenly though, he became worried, as he sat there without his shirt on looking at Alice’s boobs: What if their parents suddenly came home?

“Um, Alice,” Charlie said, looking at his open bedroom door, “Just in case Mom and Dad get home, may I close and lock the door?”

Alice suddenly looked a little worried too, and said with almost a frown, “Yeah, good idea. And maybe we should think about calling it a night after another round or so, just in case.”

“Yeah,” he said, and got up and quietly closed and locked the door. But he was hoping that this wouldn’t be the only time they could play this game.

“Alice: Truth or dare?”

“How about truth this time?”

“Actually, that would be good, because I wanted to ask you some questions about sex.”

“Sure, go ahead. In fact, you can ask a few questions about sex if you like, and then probably we should head to bed. And,” she added, “just in case you’re not sure what I mean, that’s our own beds in our own rooms.”

“Sure,” Charlie said, actually more relieved than disappointed about that, because for a while it seemed like things were going maybe too fast. And he was glad he could ask more than one question about sex, because he really didn’t know much.

“Alice: When did you lose your virginity?”

“Hmmm,” Alice said, and repositioned herself so that she could rest her chin on her right knee, which squished her right breast against her leg in an interesting way. “That’s a more complicated question than you might think, maybe especially for a woman. Maybe you mean, when was the first time I had sex?”

“I guess,” Charlie said, looking genuinely confused.

“I gave my first blow job,” Alice said, “a few weeks after I started college. Do you want to hear about it?”

“Sure,” Charlie said, although he hadn’t really thought about that kind of sex, “go ahead.”

“Well, there’s not really that much to tell. I fooled around in high school, but never got past heavy petting somehow. I was saving myself for bursa merkez escort bayan “love,” or something dorky like that, but then when I realized I was one of the few really inexperienced girls my freshman year at university, I decided to get some experience fast. It’s kind of an embarrassing story, actually. It might change your opinion of me. But maybe that’s good. You’ve got me too much up on a pedestal….”

“Anyway,” Alice continued after a brief pause as she thought back, “one night I was at this big party. It was at this big house that was rented by a group of students. It was a huge party, really, and there were maybe a hundred people there, maybe two hundred, and a band was playing in the back yard. The place was getting pretty trashed actually. And I was with some friends talking and getting drunk. And then we were dancing in the back yard to the band, and then this really cute guy started dancing with me. When the band took a break, he kissed me, and then we went to make out in one of the back rooms. I wasn’t ready for him to fuck me, but I’d gotten him hot and horny, and he was cute, and that plus the multiple beers I’d had were making me horny, but still not ready to go all the way. Anyway, we went into this back bedroom and locked the door and then, when he made a move to take off my pants, I stopped him and instead knelt down in front of him and started taking down his. Do you want to hear more of this?”

“Yes,” Charlie said, and although he was interested he was also a little bit horrified that Alice would do this with someone she’d just met. But he hid this by saying encouragingly, “keep going.”

“Well, I got his pants down, and there it was, my first dick. I’d felt some before, but I’d never sucked one. Anyway, it was bigger and harder and warmer and a little weirder-looking than I thought it would be, but my roommate had given me some good lessons on what to do, and so….”

“What happened?” Charlie said.

“So, you want *all* the details?” Alice said, suddenly in a more sexy voice. But she didn’t continue the story, and instead slowly and theatrically ran her tongue all the way around her lips.

“Well,” she said, “it was kind of awkward and sexy at the same time. As I said, we were kind of drunk, and after I got his pants off, we laid down on the carpeted floor, and, using the techniques my roommate taught me, I sucked him off. It didn’t take long, actually. Some teen guys sometimes cum really fast, and he was one of them, and I guess I was pretty good even my first time. At first, I was amazed at how much stuff squirted into my mouth, even though my roommate had warned me. I almost choked on it for a second or two, but then I concentrated and swallowed it all down.”

“Really?” Charlie asked, feeling both turned on, and in spite of himself a little disgusted. He tried to think differently, but he knew he really was unusually innocent and sheltered for an 18-year old.

“Yeah, really,” Alice said, and then smacked her lips as if she just swallowed something and grinned. “That’s almost always what I do. I think of it as part of it. I know some women spit, but I think that’s gross. And anyway, I think it tastes kind of good.”

“It does?” Charlie asked.

“Yeah, haven’t you ever tasted yours?”

“No.” Charlie said

“Don’t be such a sissy,” Alice said, “it just tastes kind of like snot. You know how snot is kind of salty and weird, but sometimes tastes kinda good. It’s sort of like that. Although different guys taste different.”

“They do?” Charlie felt stupid that he was so ignorant about these things.

“Yeah, of course. It just depends on who they are, what they’ve eaten, and stuff like that. Now I have grossed you out.”

“Maybe a little. I don’t know. I just don’t know about any of this stuff,” Charlie said, somewhat at a loss, and then added, “Did you even know his name?” He said that last part in a kind of sad and puzzled voice.

“Ooooooh,” she said, as if she’d just discovered something important. “I *have* changed how you think about me, and it’s *not* all good. Well, it’s time you realized that I’m not all good. Sometimes I’m a bad girl.” As she said this she pouted her lips and got this different expression on her face, which could only be called her bad girl face.

“But yes, I did know his name–only just!” She laughed at the memory. “His name was Kenneth. He wanted to hook up with me again after that, but when we went out and talked, I found out he had some weird right-wing ideas, and he just didn’t seem my type mentally, even though he was very cute, in an overly preppy way. I had to brush him off a few times before he finally left me alone. And every time he passed me on campus for the next few years, which luckily wasn’t often, he’d give me this strange look of longing mixed with betrayal or something. But, I think it was worth it for the experience. After him, I knew I could do that to a guy. Although I got better,” she added with a smile.

“Well,” Alice concluded, “I’m not sure how well that went over with you, but: next question?” Alice was now looking like she was less sure that these questions were such a good idea.

“Um.” Charlie wasn’t sure how to ask this without just coming out and saying it, and so he did: “How many guys have you….?” he said, and then stopped, not sure if that was even more personal.

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