it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 10.


it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 10.

I’m not altogether sure I’m in the loop on things and I thought I was the one running the show, so to speak. I mean I got it going on for a sex starved teenager and just when I think things will smooth out something comes out of left field and smacks me upside the head.
I’m pretty sure all the sex is going to catch up with me in fact I’m afraid it has.
Mom is to fidgety and nervous, we know we have been found out. I’m scrambling in my head on how I’m going to plea and how I will make my case, our case.
Sure this is mutual but I’m the oldest and I’m the male. Do I just plead guilty and throw myself on her mercy, plead not guilty by reason of hormonal insanity or plead guilty with an excuse.
What’s my excuse ?, UH Mom my excuse is I love her !, and her immediate response would be in the typical sarcastic motherly tone, “all brothers love their sisters that doesn’t mean they have sex with them, would you have sex with everyone you love ?”.
There is no way I can win, there is no defense, we are screwed (no pun intended).
I braced for the absolute inevitable, my sister was digging her nails into my leg and this time, it hurt.

Mom sat in front of us struggling for words when she started again,……”I know you two”…..(letting out a big breath) “YOUR FATHER AND I HAVE SEPARATED !”, she said. “I know you two can handle this”, she said.
I wanted to let out a huge breath in relief but how would that look ?. My sister loosened her grip on my leg but held on. I looked over at Sis her eyes welled with tears and after a few seconds she let go like a waterfall and started sobbing.

After consoling Sis the three of us talked, we asked our questions and Mom, withholding certain details of course, tried to explain the reasoning behind the separation. She referenced the indifference’s, the needed time apart, the possibility of working things out, etc, etc.
It was a lot to take in and Sis took it really hard. It was agreed that she would stay with Moms friend for a couple days and that missing school is understandable given the circumstances.
Mom went to her room and Sis went to her’s to pack a couple things.

I went to see Sis in her room and we talked briefly as she packed and when she was done we looked into each others eyes.
“I thought she knew about us”, she said.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought”, I said.
“I’m gonna miss you” she said.
“Me to”, I said.
She threw her arms around me and we kissed, a long deep kiss, a kiss that had to last a couple of days. We finally broke our kiss and she turned her head and laid it on my chest with her arms wrapped around me. I had my arms around her with my head resting on her’s, smelling her hair and enjoying the feel of her body as my cock began to get hard.
Mom walked to her door, “come on, I’ll drop you off”, she said.
We pulled away from each other and they left.

I was alone in the house and after holding Sis and smelling her hair I was horny, despite Mom’s revelation. I wasn’t sure what to do, then it hit me. Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone I thought. I pulled out my phone and typed, “meet up ?”, and pressed send.
Within 30 seconds, “on the way”, she replied.
I smiled thinking alright, maybe I can get a few answers……………. and then some. I walked out the door and headed to our spot in the woods.

She was already there when I showed up.
“You kept me waiting ALL DAY”, she said.
“Well I couldn’t break away earlier”, I said.
“Mmm, I bet”, she said
I stood there looking her up and down. I couldn’t help it I mean she looked so dam good.
At about 115lbs she was certainly slender and a little taller than most 14 year old girls I knew. She had on those tight jeans which followed the slight curve in her hips as well has her small yet pronounced butt. She had a midriff shirt on exposing her tanned, yet ever so slightly curved, stomach which I followed down as it gently descended into the top of her pants right down to her pussy.
I stood there growing harder, I had an urgent need but I had a few questions first.

“How long has this been going on between you and my Dad”, I asked.
“What you saw was it”, she said.
“You mean to tell me that was the first time, the only time”, I asked
“That’s what I’m saying”, she said.
“I can’t believe that, they split because of you”, I said.
“Believe what you want, it wasn’t anything I did”, she said.
I stood there looking at her thinking she’s right, there is something else, something bursa eskort more but WHAT ?.

She walked up slipping her fingers in my waistband and pulled me towards her. “Did we come here to talk or what”, she said.
I looked at her and said, “BOTH”, as I took off my shirt.
She pulled her shirt off and took mine, turned and bent down to make a place for us. As she was bent over I rubbed my hand over the curve of her tight little ass. Still bent over she turned her head up and said, “you gonna just stand there or do you want some of it”.
I started taking off my pants as she stood and took her’s off. Taking off our pants she turned and bent over to lay them out and I grabbed her hips and pressed my hard on against her ass.
She stood up and turned to me, “I have something for that”, she said pinching a small tube in her fingers.
I pulled my underwear off and she got on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. I ran my hand over the top of her head and down the back applying slight pressure each time she took me back in.
After a couple minutes she knew I was at peak hardness so she stopped, stood up and pulled her panties off. She squeezed some lube directly onto me and worked it all around. Then she applied some to her finger and reached around working some onto her hole.
“I don’t get it back there as much as I would like, just go slow at first, OK !”, she said.

She got onto her knee’s and bent over supporting herself on her forearms with her head touching the ground. I dropped onto my knee’s behind her and lined up. Oh God I wanted her ass so bad. I started breathing hard just from the anticipation, my cock was aching to get inside her puckered little hole.
I was oozing pre-cum as I guided myself closer. Placing my meat at her entrance I pushed in, my squishy head pierced her hole which parted and squeezed my cock as it followed it’s contour. My cock felt as it was already fully loaded and ready to shoot as I pushed in.

The thickness of the lube combined with the tightness of her little hole made slight creamy smacking sounds as I continued to penetrate her. I made it in just to the thickest part of my cock when she started breathing heavily.
She had been holding her breath as I made my initial assault. I stopped, allowing her to catch her breath.
As her breathing eased she turned her head slightly and nodded with approval for me to proceed. I started pushing in again and she raised her head as the thickest part of my cock eased through then she breathed out dropping her head as I continued to push in, stopping as I reached maximum depth.
I gripped her slight but firm hips as I eased out to half way then went back in, slowly working in and out of her at first then picking up speed and lengthening my stroke.

I was sawing in and out of her with almost my full length, stopping just before I was all the way out.
I was breathing steadily as she breathed out little, ‘uh, uh, uh, sounds. Already feeling like I could have exploded into her upon my initial entry I was really feeling the pressure now which caused me to speed up and bring on that sweet relief.
I was pounding against her little ass as I bottomed out on each stroke then I began making, “oh, oh, oh, oh, sounds as I feverishly slammed into her.
I felt the cum suddenly racing up my shaft, OH, OH, OH, I HAVE TO CUUUUUUUMMMMM !, shouted out. I tried to squeeze closed but my muscles were not responding to my command nor could I stop pumping in and out of her as my cum started to flow, I was powerless to stop it.
I let out a loud, OHHHH, OHHHH, OHHHH, as my cock muscles suddenly and involuntarily kept opening and closing as I was shooting into her while continuing to pump in and out.
Finally willing my cock muscles to close I kept pumping in and out of her and built some pressure then I pushed deep into her ass and released my muscles letting out a last satisfying stream while I breathed out an, “OHHHHHHHHHHH !”. I held myself in until I knew I was done.

I pulled out and sat back catching my breath as she stayed bent over with her head on the ground, her body less tensed as cum dribble out of her hole. After a minute she sat up with her back still to me she took in a breath and said, “you like it don’t you” as she turned her head back to look at me.
“Dam right I do, as much as I like the other”, I said.
“You convinced me”, she said. With that we got up and started getting dressed.
As we finished getting dressed she said, “we’ll have to do THAT again”.
“And then some”, I said, looking bursa escort bayan right at her.
“Absolutely”, she said, nodding her head.
As she turned to walk away she said, “text me”.
I looked at her as she walked away and after a few seconds, “Count On It”, I replied.

With my sexual need filled (for the time being anyway) my mind was clear to focus on other things. I took my time walking back home and thought about everything that was happening, everything I was doing or thinking about doing.
After about an hour or so I made my way on home. Mom still hadn’t made it back yet so I fixed something to eat and watched TV. It was getting late in the evening so I went to take a shower.
Being alone I left the bathroom door slightly opened and had just stepped in the shower when I heard movement, “MOM”, I called out.
“Yeah, it’s me sweetie”, she said.
“Are you OK !”, I asked.
“I’m……fine”, she said.
“You sure”, I said.
There was a bit of silence then,
“Honey I want to talk to you about…..last night”, she said.

I was silent, I didn’t know what my response should be so I just stood there under the running water and waited for her.

“I’m sorry baby, I’m so sorry…..for…what I…. did”, she said sobbing.
“MOM, you didn’t do anything that………..”, I said as she cut me off.
“Honey, your a young….. man and I understand….. the urges can be…overwhelming. I should have…..stopped”, she said between sobs.
“I was so sad and lonely….. it felt so nice….you holding me,……looking at me. Honey I haven’t had anyone look at me like that…….. in a long time. It made me feel…… good and needed…….wanted !, she said still sobbing.

I was getting frustrated with her taking the “blame” and talking to me like a stupid kid that didn’t know what he was doing or one who couldn’t control himself. With me in the shower and not facing her I felt brave in speaking out .

“Mom, I knew what I was doing OK !. I think your a pretty, sexy woman. I wanted to hold you, to feel you, to………..I mean who the hell wouldn’t want you. I’M NOT SORRY AND I’D DO IT AGAIN !.

I stood there thinking, “OH SHIT”, seems I can’t control my dam mouth. It was dead quiet except for the water running, I continued to stand there thinking, “I’m Toast”. Thinking I really “did it now” I began to soap up and finish then I would deal with the aftermath when I was done and got out.
I was wetting my hair when the shower curtain opened. I turned as she entered. She stood before me as I ran my eyes up and down her wonderful tanned body. I noticed she had a dreamy look in her eyes as I took her all in.
She loved the fact that I was practically drooling over her glorious naked body.

She put her arms on my shoulders and walked up to me then stopped when my cock poked into her stomach. She quickly looked down then slowly back up as I was looking back at her with desire. She kept her eyes locked on mine as she descended to her knee’s. With neither of us breaking eye contact she took my rock hard shaft in her hand and held it as she slowly brought her mouth close and took me in.
I was taking deep breaths now as we continued to look at each other while she began taking me in and out. As she reached the halfway point of my throbbing cock and increased her suction I rolled my eyes up while leaning my head back and brought my hands to each side of her head.
She starting taking me deeper and deeper until she had me in her throat. She was talented and experienced, she was showing me her appreciation regarding my reverence of her body. She kept throating me and I was surprised that I didn’t feel the need to cum already. I was thoroughly enjoying the work she was expertly performing on me.
After several minutes she pulled off of me and stood as I looked at her, now I was the one with the dreamy look in my eyes. Her lips formed a slight but proud smile as we continued to look at each other.

With our eyes locked I reached behind me to turn off the water. I was worried if my eyes left her’s at just that moment then a spell would be broken and realizing what happened we would come to our senses and refrain from what was to happen next. I reached and opened the curtain then broke eye contact before we stepped out.
I grabbed a towel and began to dry her off, as she turned around I dried her back then began giving her kisses starting at the back of her neck then across her back then on top of each shoulder all the while running görükle escort my hands down each side of her body and around her waist.
I brought my hands up to her beautiful soft boobs and squeezed each one while I continued planting kisses on her shoulders as she leaned her head back.
I stopped and she turned around, she wasn’t looking at my face, rather she was looking at my chest, “honey, maybe we shouldn’t…………”, she began to say.
I cut her off when I put my fingers under her chin, forcing her head up to look at me. I wanted to look in her eyes to see if she REALLY didn’t want to.
Confident, I grabbed her wrist and turned around pulling her with me and led her to my room. I sat on the bed with her wrist in my hand while she stood there. I tugged a little and she turned and sat next to me while looking straight out as if willing her need to stop.
I was intent on continuing so I leaned over and began kissing her shoulder while my arms went around her. I gently forced her to lay back.

I turned up the heat when I positioned myself and started to suck and bite her nipples while I reached down ran a hand over her mound. As her breathing picked up she began to let out squeaky little moans that sounded like, “oh, oh, oh, oh”, (which may have been no, no, no, no) but I continued to work my way down while kissing her stomach.
Her legs still laid straight out so I began to move them apart as I leaned down to lick at her slit. She wasn’t helping yet not resisting as I opened them up enough to allow myself the access I wanted.
I gently lapped at her pussy while her breathing became labored. Her hands where on the top of my head and she was lightly pushing. Knowing I had her sufficiently wet I was ready to be inside her.

As I positioned myself and began to mount her she brought her hands to my chest, pushing with light pressure and kept murmuring, “i’m weak, i’m so weak……i’m so weak.
I reached down and placed my cock at her entrance and pushed in and immediately began to pump. Her breathing picked up more and she pushed on my chest a little harder. With no willpower left she finally succumbed to her desire, her need, and picked her legs up and back and said, “TAKE ME BABY, TAKE CARE OF MOMMY.
Her legs now opened fully, plus her words, drove me into a fury. I started stroking deep into her. I was holding myself up with my arms straight down at her sides and her hands were now around my back just under my shoulders and she was dug in. I was going at her in full gallop as I got closer and closer.
I increased my thrusts, slamming into her pelvis each time I bottomed out.
I felt her cum wash over my cock as I pounded into her. I was there but holding it, trying to delay it as long as I could so I could enjoy it and shoot as much as I could and as deep as I could inside her.

“MOM, I CAN’T HOLD IT, UH UH UH, I HAVE TO…….”, I said, as she cut me off.
I pulled out and moved up her, as she picked up her head I guided my cock to her mouth. As she opened her mouth to take me I let go,
“OHHHHHHH”, I screamed out, just as the first stream shot into her mouth.
She wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking hard as I threw my head back and let out another,
“AHHHHHH MOMMA, EAT MY CUM”, as I blasted into her sucking mouth.
I leaned my head down concentrating and holding as she sucked more and I let out a final,
“OHHH, OHHH, OHHH”, as I squeezed the last of it.
Out of breath I stayed there on one knee leaning over her holding myself up with one arm while holding my cock with the other as she had her lips wrapped tight around my cock, sucking every last drop she could get.

Finally spent I pulled out and fell beside her.
She laid on her back, “MMMMM baby, you taste goooood !”, she said, as I could hear her slightly lick and smack her lips.
I don’t know why but this time I didn’t mind that we were touching in fact I felt I needed to, heck I wanted to touch her, touch and feel her more.
I rolled on my side towards her as she rolled putting her back to me.
I snuggled up behind her putting an arm over her and pulling her back to me while planting soft kisses on her back. This was my appreciation of her and for her.
I wasn’t sure if this was a portent as we laid in that position and fell asleep. As I was drifting off I hoped after sleep wouldn’t come regret.

There was none from me however, you never know what the other person is thinking, will think or will do…………………………………..

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