A Very Happy Ending


Kelly browsed casually through the stack of mail that had accumulated in her post office box over the past week. “I just have to pick up the mail more often,” she chided herself as she tried to work her way through the large stack that moments ago had stuffed her box to overflowing.

There were the usual magazines, Cosmo and Elle, which she laid to the side to read later. There were a few bills . . . credit card statement . . . electric bill. But most of the stack consisted of fliers and promotional materials from the various stores where Kelly, a serious shopper, spent a lot of her free time. Shopping to Kelly was a lot more than simply a trip to the store to purchase a specific product. It was an experience to be enjoyed . . . carefully planned . . . savored completely.

After disposing of a few things that held absolutely no interest for her, Kelly took the remaining stack of mail out to her car, where she could study the rest with a bit more privacy. She wanted to take her time and see what might be out there in Retail Land to capture her fancy.

Suddenly, an envelope caught her eye. The return address said “Forever 21,” her absolute favorite store in the world. But it did not look like the run-of-the-mill sale announcement. It was personally addressed to her, Ms. Kelly Davis, P.O. Box 734, Allen, TX, rather than something generic like “Valued Customer,” or “Special Friend.” She also noticed that the envelope featured a first class stamp, which was also not typical for what many would term “junk mail.” Of course, to Kelly, anything from Forever 21 could never be considered “junk.”

Her curiosity sufficiently piqued, Kelly ripped open the envelope and pulled out what appeared to be personal letter written specifically to her. “Dear Ms. Davis,” it read. “We are pleased to inform you that your name was selected in a drawing to receive one of the gifts we are offering our valued customers as a part of Forever 21’s anniversary celebration.”

“Drawing?” Kelly thought to herself, trying to recall when she might have registered for something at Forever 21. Then she remembered the trip she and her best friend, Jackie, had made to Plano a few weeks ago to find some clothes for Jackie to wear on her new job. “Oh, yeah,” Kelly said to herself, remembering that she and Jackie had both filled out entry forms and slipped them into a box almost without thinking. “How about that,” she smiled. “I actually won something. That’s a first.”

Now eager to see just what she had won, Kelly read quickly through the rest of the letter. “You have won a free one hour massage at the Woodridge Spa in Plano. Woodridge is the finest day spa in the Dallas area, and we hope you will enjoy being our guest in appreciation for your loyalty to Forever 21.

“Please mention the code F21-004 when you call to make your reservation,” the letter continued. We hope to see you at Forever 21 again soon.”

Kelly smiled to herself, pleased that she had won something, and intrigued by the idea of getting a massage at a spa, which would be a new experience for her.

As soon as she got home, she went online and googled the Woodridge Spa in Plano. From the pictures on the website it looked like a very upscale, luxurious place. She scanned the home page, “The Woodridge Day Spa welcomes you to a peaceful, tranquil environment that will invigorate and transform you,” it read. “Our dedicated spa teams will take great care of your overall well-being and make your experience truly memorable.”

“Now that sounds like something I could get into,” Kelly smiled. She went on to read about the services available and admire the pictures of the posh facility. Then she noticed a button that said “Guest Reviews.” She clicked on it and scrolled down through dozens of testimonials submitted by apparently very satisfied customers.

“This was my first time to visit a spa and my experience was absolutely wonderful! I felt like a new person when I left. I could easily get addicted to The Woodridge!” It was signed “Satisfied in Frisco.”

“A top notch experience rivaling the top destination spas. Only here, your services are performed by warm friendly people. Brooke and Buffy were absolutely wonderful! I plan on becoming a regular.” This one came from “A loyal customer from Plano.”

“Totally Relaxed in Richardson” was equally enthusiastic. “I just wanted to say Thank You for a wonderful experience! Everything was relaxing and warm, and I felt very comfortable and centered during my visit. Lisa knew just what I needed and enabled me to let go of everything and focus on me.”

“Well,” thought Kelly. “This must be some kind of place. I’m going to find out for myself real soon!”

And two weeks later, Kelly was indeed ready to find out for herself. She had scheduled her appointment for 1:00 Wednesday afternoon, which gave her plenty of time to drop her daughter, Emma, off at school and stop by her house to do a little getting ready before heading for Plano. She had arranged for her mother-in-law Acıbadem Escort to pick Emma up that afternoon, telling her that she had an all-afternoon study session for one of her classes scheduled at the university, where she was working on her degree. That’s the same story she gave her supervisor at the campus office where she worked part time, as a way of explaining why she wouldn’t be in that particular day.

With those loose ends tied up, she would have most of the afternoon free, at least until about 4, when she would need to head home to beat her husband there. She didn’t tell Brad about going to the spa. She knew he would think it frivolous and indulgent, and possibly inappropriate for a 25-year-old married woman with a child in kindergarten. And that, in a nutshell, summed up why Kelly wanted, no needed, this experience so badly.

Besides, there was something about keeping a secret that made things a little more fun, and she got this tingling in her belly as she drove home from dropping Emma at school. It was the feeling she always got when she was about to do something naughty.

From the photos on the website, Woodridge looked like a place where you’d better look pretty hot when you showed up there. Otherwise, you’d probably feel very much out of place. Besides, Kelly enjoyed getting dressed up, especially when she could show off her sexy legs and voluptuous figure.

When she got home, she threw the clothes she was wearing on the bed and padded naked into her bathroom. In a few moments, she was luxuriating under a warm shower, as her mind wandered to the Woodridge amid thoughts of what might happen that afternoon. As she lathered herself with raspberry scented shower gel, she imagined herself lying naked on a massage table, enjoying the skillful touch of a hot guy in his mid-30’s, with strong, skillful hands, muscular arms, adorned by a couple of tasteful tattoos . . . just enough so that he gave off a little of that “bad boy” vibe. In her mind’s eye, she couldn’t see anything except those hands . . . those arms, as they worked their magic on her naked body

Without even realizing it, Kelly had allowed her hands to wander down to her breasts and she began to pinch her hard nipples tentatively as she massaged in the raspberry jell. Then her hands drifted farther down, across her belly until they reached the curve of her mound, which Kelly always shaved completely. As she traced her hand lightly over the tender flesh, she was reminded she had not shaved in a couple of days and some attention was definitely required. Taking out her shaving gel and razor, she spread the gel over her mound and along the outside of her sensitive labia, massaging it in before going to work with the razor.

But as she carefully made herself nice and smooth again, pulling her skin tight to ensure a close shave, pressing first one way, then the other, she couldn’t help but think again about the strong hands on her naked body and how it would feel to be ministered to by someone so strong, so skillful, so focused only on her needs. And before she even realized what was happening, this throbbing, pulsing sensation erupted from her core and shot upward through her belly and down to her toes. It took her breath and forced her to lean against the shower wall to keep her balance.

She had just had an amazing orgasm, simply thinking about what might happen that afternoon on the massage table. But she had little time to bask in her post orgasmic glow if she was going to make her 1:00 appointment at Woodridge. And she certainly did not intend to miss it!

As soon as her legs were steady again, she quickly got out of the shower, dried off and wrapped herself in a towel before heading into her closet to pick out what she was going to wear for the day. She selected a black and white dress with a full skirt and the hem just high enough to adequately display her tan, shapely legs, which Kelly thought was her best feature. It buttoned up the front, but only far enough that a significant amount of her generous cleavage was clearly on display. She slipped on a black lacy thong and matching bra, before heading back into the bathroom to attend to her hair and makeup.

In another 15 minutes she had slipped into the dress and was standing in front of her full length mirror admiring her handiwork. Her soft blonde hair was straight and fell just to her shoulders. Her big blue eyes sparkled with the excitement of what was to come that day. They traveled along the length of the reflection in the mirror down to the black, open-toe sandals with four inch heels that showed off her legs to best advantage and caused her curvy bottom to stick out just so. Satisfied, she pursed her full, pink lips and blew a kiss to the mirror as she hurried out of the bedroom.

The drive to Plano seemed to take forever, providing Kelly with plenty of time to let her imagination play over the various possibilities of the day. She felt that tingle of anticipation again, Acıbadem Escort Bayan and it grew even more intense as she pulled into the parking lot outside the Woodridge and walked toward the front door of a very impressive building.

The front entrance was two-stories tall and the wall of glass windows was framed with dark wooden accents and highlighted by a massive front door, carved from the same dark, rich wood. Kelly hesitated, wondering whether she should knock first or just plunge ahead. Consistent with her personality, she plunged, and in a moment was standing inside the massive entryway that soared two stories upward. The floor was fashioned from wide planks of dark, rich wood, and she followed it with her eyes across the breadth of the lobby until she saw a staircase that extended upward for one floor, before splitting into two staircases, one going to the right and the other to the left.

“May I help you?”came a deep baritone voice that brought Kelly back from her examination of the facilities. Kelly was sure her mouth dropped open before she could prevent it when she saw a man who could have come straight from the fantasy she enjoyed earlier in the shower. “I’m Carlo,” he added with a smile that showed off his beautiful white teeth, made even brighter in contrast to his olive skin and dark brown, nearly black, hair. His hair was long and straight and was pulled back into a tight pony tail that hit him just below his shoulders.

“And you are . . .?” he pressed, finally bringing Kelly out of her trancelike state.

“Kelly,” she stammered. “Kelly Davis. I have an appointment for a massage at 1:00.

Before she could react, Carlo reached out and took Kelly’s hand in both of his, making her feel like a child being controlled by the strong grip of an adult. “Have you been here before?” Carlo inquired.

“No, this is my first time.” Kelly was reluctant to admit that she was a novice at anything. But here, honesty seemed the best policy.

“Welcome to Woodridge,” he smiled. “Let me introduce you to Lori. She will get you started.” And with that he turned and began walking to the far side of the lobby and into a more intimate reception area, where a pretty twenty-something girl sat behind a massive walnut desk.

Kelly was glad that Carlo had decided to lead the way, because it gave her the opportunity to study him, or at least the back of him, a little more thoroughly. He was tall, at least a foot taller than Kelly’s 5-2. He was wearing a tight white pullover shirt with short sleeves that showed off his muscular arms. His white pants were tight as well, at least in the butt, which is where Kelly’s eyes fixated as she followed him into the inner sanctum.

She felt a little twinge in her pussy as she strained to see whether Carlo had any tattoos somewhere on those bulky arms. She had no doubt that her thong was beginning to dampen, as well.

“Lori, this is Miss Davis,” Carlo said as he took Kelly’s hand in his massive one, raised it gently to his lips, and kissed the back lightly. He turned to leave, then glanced back at Lori. “This is her first time with us. Please make sure she has a memorable experience.” And with that he disappeared into a hallway that adjoined the reception area where Lori’s desk sat.

“All right, Miss Davis, let’s get you started.”

“Kelly . . . please. I’m not old enough to be called Miss Davis.”

“All right, Kelly,” Lori continued. “We need you to fill out some paperwork for us. If you’ll get started on that, I’ll go get your robe and slippers.”

“Robe and slippers, huh?” Kelly thought to herself. “I think I’m gonna like it here.”

Kelly sat down in one of the plush wingback chairs that were tastefully positioned around the reception area and began the questionnaire. The questions were predictable. Things like name, address, phone number. How she found out about Woodridge, etc., etc.

Just as Kelly was finishing, Lori was back with the promised robe and slippers. The robe was white and made of terrycloth . . . . the softest, most luxurious terrycloth Kelly had ever felt. The slippers were white, as well, padded and, she was certain, also very comfortable. They just looked like they’d make you say, “Ahhhh,” the moment you slipped your feet into them.

“If you’ll just step into the dressing room and change,” Lori said, “I’ll take you to the quiet room so you can prepare for your massage.”

Quiet room? Prepare for the massage? Kelly knew she had a lot to learn about how things were done at the Woodridge. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” Lori responded warmly. “Ask away.”

“What am I supposed to wear . . . you know . . . under the robe?”

“Well, the point is to get you ready for your massage,” Lori explained. “So you’ll want wear under the robe whatever it is you want to get your massage in.”

“You mean like bra and panties?”

“Some people wear bra and panties. Some only panties. Others . . . I’d say Escort Acıbadem the majority . . . wear nothing. It depends entirely on what you’re comfortable with.” With that, Lori opened the dressing room door and motioned for Kelly to step inside. “We need to get started in 30 minutes,” she explained. “We don’t want to have to cut your session short.”

Carrying the robe and slippers, Kelly stepped inside the dressing room and closed the door, all the time her mind turning over the question of what she should wear . . . or not wear . . . when she was getting her massage. Now, Kelly was not a shy girl by any means. She rather enjoyed showing off her body at times. But this was a different situation . . . one that she felt a little unsure about. But at the same time, the combination of her earlier fantasy, the fact that she was playing “hooky” for the afternoon, and certainly, her naughty thoughts about Carlo, made her feel daring. Without any more thought, Kelly slipped out of her dress, unfastened her bra and peeled off her thong.

She stood for a moment and contemplated the image that looked back at her from the dressing room mirror. She brushed her hair softly away from her face and ran her hands lightly over her cheeks, down her sensitive neck to her collarbone, then farther down to her full, ripe breasts. She lifted them gently with her palms, enjoying the feel of their weight in her hands. She caressed the soft, sensitive flesh on the undersides with her fingertips, then used her thumbs to trace circles around her light brown areolas. She felt her nipples harden at her touch, so she began to twirl them softly between her thumbs and fingers. As the tingling sensation shot from her sensitive nipples straight to her hardening clitoris, an involuntary sigh escaped her lips.

As she continued to pleasure one breast with her left hand, her right slid quickly down over her belly, across the smooth curve of her mound, until her fingertips began to trace the length of her slit ever so lightly, up and down until she felt her nether lips begin to swell with arousal. As she parted them with her fingers, she could feel her warm nectar already slickening her opening. She was sure the abundant lubrication had actually started when she first saw Carlo upon her arrival.

By now, Kelly could smell her arousal, a sensation that only added to that feeling of butterflies fluttering in her belly. The sights, the smells, the touches all began to cascade one after the other until she was incredibly turned on . . . so hot in fact, that she was just about to slip a finger inside her tight wet tunnel when a knock at the door jolted her back to reality.

“Miss Davis . . . Kelly?” It was Lori. “Are you about ready?”

“S-sure,” Kelly stammered, feeling the heat of embarrassment rise in her cheeks. “I’ll be right out.” She quickly slipped the robe and slippers on and tried to ignore how good the soft terrycloth felt against her exquisitely sensitive nipples. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and stepped out.

Lori looked at her closely as Kelly came out of the dressing room, making her blush even more. Did Lori know what she’d been up to? But before she had much time to worry about it, Lori was leading her down a hallway to what she called the “quiet room.”

“The idea of the quiet room,” Lori explained, “is to get you nice and relaxed . . . to prepare you to have the best possible experience with your massage.” She opened a door and motioned Kelly into a dimly-lit room. The walls were paneled in dark oak and plush deep purple carpeting covered the floor. The first thing Kelly noticed was the New Age music playing softly in the background. Candles glowed from various spots around the room. A deep leather recliner sat before a fireplace, which appeared to be more decorative than operational. It was “burning” all right, but the “fire” seemed to be only for the purpose of providing atmosphere.

“Have a seat and relax,” Lori instructed. “Red or white?”

“Red or white?”

“Wine. Red or white?”

“Oh,” Kelly said, a little embarrassed. “White I guess.” And Lori disappeared through the door as Kelly made herself comfortable in the recliner. In just a few moments, Lori returned, glass in hand. She placed in on a table beside the recliner and smiled.

“This will help you relax. You’ll have about 20 minutes here before it’s time for your massage,” Lori explained. “Oh, do you have a preference who your massage therapist will be today?”

“Well . . . ,” Kelly paused for a moment. “You mean I get to choose my own?” This was sounding better all the time.

“Yes, provided they are not otherwise occupied during your appointment time.”

Kelly thought back to her fantasy in the shower. Then she thought of Carlo. “Is, er, uh, Carlo available?” she asked hesitantly, blushing a little at being so obvious.

Lori smiled broadly and Kelly could feel her cheeks redden further. “We have a lot of requests for Carlo,” she smiled. “Unfortunately, he’s one of our personal trainers. All our massage therapists are women.”

“Oh,” Kelly said, her disappointment evident. Then she thought back to the testimonials she’d read on the Woodridge website. The only name she could remember was Lisa. “Might as well give that one a try,” she thought to herself.

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