A Moan and A Gasp

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A sharp gasp escaped Janet’s mouth, as she felt the excitement and pleasure of the stroke. She could feel the cold air kissing her face, giving a perfect sensation, as a cock rammed into her pussy with an upbeat rhythm. Her hands, holding the edge of the table she was bent over, her head yanked back by a hand, tugging now and then on her perfectly tied ponytail. Her back, forming an arch, trying to assist the soft yet firm cock reach her insides, her belly touching the cold surface of the table, her breasts, dangling in the air, almost allowing the nipples to tease the cold surface of the table. There she was, a foot on the ground, a knee on a chair, bent over a table and head in the air, watching the wall in front of her meet the ceiling. Her hands were stretched out to balance her weird yet satisfying posture, while her naked body was jolting forward in a constant rhythm.

This was Janet, fucking her colleague Raymond, in her workspace.

She turned her head back, looking at Raymond’s face. He seemed to be enjoying this more than her. Standing tall behind her, with his right hand firmly holding her ponytail and his left hand around her waist, he had locked her into a perfect position. Thrust after thrust, both Janet and Raymond started getting louder. Janet closed her eyes, focusing only on the sensations emerging from her pussy. A small moan, getting out of her slightly parted lips, turned Raymond on even more. His rhythm started rising, and it caused Janet to moan louder. It all fell into a loop. Raymond tilted his head down, looking at the mild ripples on Janet’s butt caused by the sheer force of his thrust. Closing his eyes, he went for it.

The room was filled with sharp swats of two bodies colliding with each other. This was the moment where they were shut out of everything. They were just two people, living in a world of ecstasy. They had no care of their surroundings now, as Raymond picked up the pace. Both of them had reached a world far from their home planet, where all that mattered was a moan, a grunt, and an invasion of a warm pussy by a firm cock. But soon, it started falling apart as both of them had a rising rush inside them, with an approaching orgasm. A wave of pleasure hit them as they both came at the same time, Raymond collapsing on Janet, ultimately squeezing her on the table. Raymond was out of breath, and so was Janet. Everything felt sloppy as they realised they had created a mess with their bodily fluids, emerging on the floor. They were both returning to the world of normal people. Everything started coming back to them, the distant voices, the chilled air in the room, and the moonlight invading the dark room from the window, highlighting the mess they had made on the floor. After catching their breath, both of them got up, gazing at each other. Janet smiled as Raymond placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Don’t pendik escort worry about the mess. I’ll have it cleaned.”

Raymond did not reply. He just smiled. Looking intently in her eyes, he said,

“See you tomorrow?”

This was Janet’s turn to smile. Locking her eyes with his, she replied,

“I don’t know. Guess you’ll have to find out yourself…”

Raymond could not wipe the smile off his face. Instead, it got even wider. He held her hands in his own, leaned in, and planted a deep passionate kiss on her lips. With that, he peeled his hand from hers, and left.

It was late and Raymond started rushing. Nodding at the guard, he walked out of the building. He was quite happy he had a home close to the office, allowing him to walk his way every day. On his way home, he went into a grocery store to pick up something frozen that he could eat at his home. He usually cooked, but being late and hungry did not agree with the idea of cooking. He picked up a frozen pizza and went to check out.

“Hi there, Mr. Williams!”

Raymond smiled at the familiar voice.

“Hey Cassie, how are you doing?”

“I am fine! What are you getting?”

“Oh, it’s a pizza. Can’t cook this late, you know.”

“Right. That will be 5 bucks.”

“Here you go. Good night!”

With that, Raymond stepped out and walked home.

Next day was the usual in the office. There was a meeting again and the meeting room was filled with people. Janet and Raymond were seated next to each other, just like most days. The meeting began and room echoed with voices of people trying to present their opinion. This was the usual flow of a meeting in this office. An issue would have been raised by someone, resulting in the meeting. Initially, people would just voice their opinions in a calm manner, which would progress into a little tense discussion. And after enough time, the discussion would turn into a debate. Raymond would then get up, voice his opinion with proper arguments, shout at certain people if needed, and everybody would agree with him at the end. That was just how it was. Raymond had earned the respect of his colleagues and that was why, they would listen to him. Anybody else his age would have been thrown out of the room for uttering a single word.

The meeting was just about to turn into a discussion, when Raymond felt a hand on his left thigh. A gentle soft touch, just grazing his pants. Without drawing attention, he casually looked down and realised Janet had her right hand busy teasing him. A slight smile appeared, and faded away quickly. The hand continued its movement, reaching higher and higher, making Raymond visibly uncomfortable. The discussion had gotten a little tense by this time and the discomfort of Raymond went unnoticed. The hand then started moving towards the inside kartal escort of his leg. Raymond felt his cock stirring in his pants. It was the gentle touch, like the touch of a feather, running high up and back down to his knee, that turned him on like that.

Raymond tried keeping it in the background, trying to focus on the topic discussed in the meeting. Just as he thought he should say a few words, the hand touched the tip of his penis. A light touch, circling the tip. And that did it. Raymond had a full erection now. He shifted a little in his chair, forcing Janet to withdraw her hand, trying to avoid getting caught. But the hand was back again. Everybody was too busy with their arguments to notice the activity under the table. Raymond raised an eyebrow at Janet and she winked back. She had that look on her face that convinced him that she wasn’t stopping. Without teasing more, Janet now went straight back to the tip, circling it. Raymond couldn’t control the sudden rush of excitement and a low moan escaped his mouth. Raymond was sitting in the first seat of the table, with Janet on the second. There was nobody on his right to notice anything. But Ken sitting opposite Raymond, heard the moan quite clearly. He did not say anything but had a big question mark on his face.

“It’s just the shoulder pain…It has started rising all of a sudden.”

“Get it checked man. Before it gets permanent.”

Raymond nodded and Ken went back into the pool of arguing members of the meeting. That was close, thought Raymond. But all that time, Janet was busy petting the cock in Raymond’s pants. Even while talking to Ken, Raymond had Janet’s hand on his cock, caressing the entire length. This was getting quite beyond his control.

“Guys, would it be fine if we continue this tomorrow?”

Everyone was surprised at this.

“Are you sure? You are never in the favor of leaving a discussion halfway,” Rose chimed in.

“Yeah, but I am feeling a little sick today. Can’t focus. Also, it has gotten pretty late, hasn’t it?”

Everyone agreed, and the meeting room started losing people.

Raymond picked up his bag, trying to hide his erection, and left the office. Janet was a little confused as he left without saying anything. That was until her phone beeped. A message from Raymond. She read the text and walked out of the room with a smile.

“Why don’t you finish what you started. Seventh floor washroom. Don’t keep me waiting…” read the text.

Janet lightly opened the door to the men’s washroom and found Raymond inside. There was usually no one on the seventh floor at this hour. It was almost night and most people had left. Janet closed the door behind her and gave a flirtatious smile to Raymond. Raymond grabbed her waist, pulled her close and started smooching. His left hand grabbed maltepe escort her body firmly, and the right hand held the back of her neck, while he tasted her tongue with his. Janet pushed him, and the both went back into a cubicle, closing the door behind them, still kissing. Janet broke the kiss and went close to his ear.

“Something else deserves the touch of my lips more…” she whispered, gently patting the cock.

And with that, she got down on her knees, put both hands on the sided of his legs and released the belt buckle with her teeth. She did the same with his pants until she reached his cock. His cock was semi erect, almost poking her in the face. She gently held his cock with her right hand, and kissed the tip of his penis, making it harder. She started stroking the entire length of his cock, while licking and kissing only the head. She then kissing the balls, her hand still caressing and stroking the cock lightly. She looked up to find Raymond’s eyes closed, and head facing up. This wasn’t the time to stop.

She started licking the base of his cock, and ran her tongue right to the tip. She kept this up until Raymond’s cock was completely erect. Now, she opened her mouth and buried the head of his dick inside it. She kept it in there for a few moments, massaging it with her tongue. She then took it out and kissed the tip with her soft lips. The tip of his cock now had some smudges of her deep red lipstick as a result of the kissing. Raymond gasped as she opened her mouth, and gently started taking the entire length of his cock inside. She managed to have the cock almost up to its hilt, as it reached the back of her throat. She pulled it out, held the cock with her hand and pushed it back in her mouth. Jerking the cock with one of her hands, she started blowing him.

Raymond started breathing heavily. He enjoyed blowjobs a lot, and Janet was quite skilled at it. Raymond looked down, and found Janet’s head bobbing over his cock, slowly but rhythmically. He was in such pleasure, he closed his eyes again. Janet started increasing the pace and started petting the balls with her other hand. Raymond was drowning in pleasure. He grabbed Janet’s hair, and pushed his dick in her mouth. This time, it went a little too deep and touched the back of her throat, turning Raymond on even more. He started pushing his dick in her mouth, as she started deep throating him. The pace kept increasing as he felt his orgasm building up. With a loud groan, he shot his load in her mouth. While stuffing her mouth with his cum, he pulled out to drizzle a little on her face as well. She looked up and found Raymond out of his breath. She got up, looked at him and smiled.

“How do I look?” she giggled, cum dripping out of the corner of her mouth.

“Just the way I like it…” he grinned.

Both got out of the cubicle and got cleaned. Everybody had left and they were the only two in the office. They walked out of the office and as they were walking past the guard, Janet said loudly

“A long day today. Looking forward to tomorrow, Mr. Williams?”

“Yes, of course, Mrs. greene.”

And with that, they parted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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