A Privileged Dog Ch. 02

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I didn’t know how to feel about last night. I wanted to cry and weep that I watched the love of my life have sex with another man, but then the admission of her love for me warmed me and made me smile. I knew she did, but coming from her instead of just my thoughts made me unbelievably happy.

I couldn’t sleep though. At times from joy and happiness, and other times from heartbreak and sadness. I just layed in my dog bed, curled up in a ball. I could hear Jessica and Mark moving around cuddling as they slept. I hated hearing it. I waited for what felt like days for it to be morning. I was hoping I’d get Jessica’s attention, and that Mark would leave.

“Puppy, come over to mommy.” I sprang up, I didn’t sleep a single second last night, I was tired as hell, but still eager as hell to serve Jessica and receive her attention.

I got by her side giving her a sad look. She tapped my nose with her finger, then leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. “Oh puppy, don’t be sad. Guys like Mark are just a nameless screw for me! I love you so much, you’re the cutest and most obedient doggy out there! But a girl has needs too.”

I gave her a smile and wagged my ass. I guess she is right. Sure I want to stick my needy puppy cock in her so badly, but she loves me and I make her happy!

“Oh Mark honey, wake up!” She said as she gave him a kiss on the forehead. He slowly woke up and looked at Jessica, still naked. “You should leave, my puppy and I will spend the day together. You were such a great screw last night,” she smiled.

She got out of bed and went downstairs. I crawled behind her as we went to the kitchen. She started preparing breakfast, this time with extra bacon just for me!

“So my needy boy, did you enjoy the show last night? Did you like seeing my boobs bounce around, my pussy getting fucked?” I whimpered with the saddest puppy eyes I could muster. She gave me a pouty face and then smiled. “Aww, well I’m sorry but you’ll have to get used to it! Just remember that you’re the one I really love.”

She ate her breakfast peacefully mersin esc as I sat there begging for her food as always. She teased me with a piece of bacon, hovering it over my nose as I hung my tongue out. She always giggles at my displays of desperation.

After she got her entertainment, she fed me just one piece at a time. She put her plate down and told me to lick the crumbs up off the floor and the dish. I licked up every bit as if I hadn’t eaten in days. She sat on her chair in front of me. I gazed up at her, taking a minute to oogle over her. “Jesus…” I thought. She is so hot. Her naked body just sat there. Her hips look even bigger when they get smooshed out to the sides on a chair.

She sees my stares and put her hand on my cheek. “Awww, your looks of need make me feel so wanted.” Then she grabbed my chin and lifted my head up. She looked down to see my throbbing erection. “Looks like you’re not the only one who needs my attention,” she said giggling. She spread her legs, exposing her pussy to me. I drooled at the sight of it, and I let out a pathetic yelping sound. She let go of my chin as she raised her foot up to my mouth. “Be a sweet little puppy and lick my feet clean.”

I licked them all over. I made sure they were clean as always. Between the toes, the heels, the arches. Everywhere. “Oh, look at my puppy so passionately trying to please me! Maybe he can get a special reward when he’s done.” With that incentive, I licked even more desperately!

After I finished licking her feet, she sat on the couch. I crawled in front of her, aching with need and desire for her. She let out a cute giggle. “Did my puppy do a good job? Did he do a good job for his mommy?” I nodded yes wagging my ass and panting! She stuck out one leg right under my needy puppy cock. “Here is your reward. Hump it for me the way a puppy like you would!”

I didn’t hesitate! I humped her leg with her laughing and patting my head. Her leg was so smooth and soft. It felt amazing.

I came all over her leg in under 30 seconds. She chuckled. “Oh puppy. esc mersin This is why I need another man’s cock. You can’t even last a few strokes on my leg! You’d probably cum just putting that needy little thing in me!” I whimpered knowing she was right.

She patted my head and ruffled my hair, snapping her fingers. “Come on boy, lick it up!” I lapped up the cum off her leg. I wanted it to be clean and smooth the way it was before. Just as I finished she got up and went to take a shower. This time she stuck her hand out just as she went into the bathroom. “Stay here puppy, mommy wants to take her shower without a horny animal staring at her this time.”

I could hear her humming as she showered. I also started to hear moaning. She started moaning “Mark”. She must’ve been rubbing herself off to him. She certainly didn’t try to hide it from me. She was moaning his name and rubbing herself for about half an hour before I heard her call me in. “Oh puppy, I need you here to lick my pussy extra clean!” Gladly. If my puppy cock couldn’t satisfy her, then at least my tongue could.

I could tell she loved cumming on my face. She never used toys or anything. When she needed to cum should just snap her fingers or call my name and I’d come running, ready to plunge my tongue into her snatch.

She came three times on my face, and I loved it. I felt like I was being marked by her.

She sighed in extacy, then looked down at me smiling. “Oh, you’re such a talented tongue boy.”

I wagged my ass happily knowing I can satisfy her.

We went back to her room, which was still a mess. I didn’t wait for her to tell me to clean it all up, I just did. I pulled the sheets off first knowing she would lay down as I cleaned up for her. I picked up the rose petals, threw out the candles, washed the sheets, and then folded them on the bed for her. I also hand washed her underwear and lingerie to have it ready for her. It took maybe two hours. The whole time I realized she was on her phone biting her lips and occasionally chuckling.

“Puppy, give mommy a foot mersineskort rub while I text Mark.”

She smirks when she’s my face of disapproval and sadness, but nonetheless I began massaging her feet as I watched her lay there on her phone. I really hate moments like this, knowing that I’ll be here massaging her feet, but she will probably forget I’m here, daising off into her phone.

After awhile, maybe 20 or 30 minutes, she looked down at me, still rubbing her feet. “Oh puppy, I know you don’t like me texting Mark, but don’t worry we aren’t gonna put on another show for you tonight. Not yet anyway,” she says with a grin. She went back to her phone, texting away.

Maybe I wanted attention, maybe I was just really horny seeing Jessica lay there, or maybe it’s all of the above. I stretched my head forward and sniffed her pussy making me even hornier than before. She noticed my foot rubs were slowing down and she looked at me.

“BAD BOY!” She slaps my face. “Did I tell you that you could sniff my pussy? NO! I told you to rub my feet while I texted Mark.” I whimpered in fear, she doesn’t get angry at me often, but I hate it when she does. I just wanted the attention I suppose. Better to be punished than ignored.

“Why’d you do that? Why were you a bad puppy? Huh?” I gave her a sad look whimpering as she towered over me. “You need to be puni-” but before she finished her sentence, it looked as if a lightbulb went off in her head. “Ohhh, you wanted this to happen didn’t you?” I looked up at her worried that she might be on to my trick. “Oh you dirty little thing. You just want my attention. God you’re so needy.” She walked away into her closet, putting on lingerie and then wrapping herself in a big fur coat. “Come here puppy” she said holding my leash. She attached it to my collar and then lead me to the basement.

“You are going to spend your time here. Don’t worry I’ll let you out tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. For now I’m going to Mark’s. If you can’t satisfy me, Mark will.” I whimpered loudly and cried as she walked up the stairs. The way she said that really stung. I could hear her opening the door. “Bye puppy! See you soon, love you.”

That made me feel a little better as I layed on the cold cement floor.

~to be continued~

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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