A Feast of Whipped Cream

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It was so inadvertent that without the stupidity associated with it, it would never have happened, as he certainly would never have thought to do anything so silly without prompting. As he placed the ants in his mouth he thought of how absurd the action he was about to take, might seem to be to anyone but himself. But his lust drove him to desperate measures, he must try to gain the power over her that he so desperately wanted so that he could have her as his own. He crushed the tiny ants in his mouth and then spat them all out. The taste was revolting but that was to be expected, after all he’d been warned he should not expect a pleasant experience. The Aboriginal man who had shared this very carefully held secret with him, had been very specific about what he must do to gain the power he wanted over a woman; and one woman particularly. He felt the liquid of the ants’ bodies enter his body and mind.

The pain in this head was extreme, it washed over him, he passed out and when he woke up it was night time, and he still lying out in the middle of the bush with no-one for company except the stars and a few skinny kangaroos. He dragged himself up right and staggered towards his hire car. Once inside the car, he sped off down the dirt track back towards town. He didn’t really feel any different did he? He wondered whether he’d been conned or whether the power he sought now lay within him. At the first opportunity he intended to test his use of the power that he had been promised. His cock hardened at the thought of what lay ahead for him if he was successful. That certainly seemed a good sign, at least his cock believed he was going to get the woman he so desperately wanted and have all his desires for her satiated.

The action he sought filled his mind with lust. He continued his drive into town, and when he reached her house, he parked just outside her house on her front lawn, and he slowly walked up to her front door. His hardness filled his mind, he wanted relief so badly but he was a patient man. The autumn night meant it was beginning to cool down a little at night, so that when he knocked on her door he could feel his legs starting to cool down; but his cock in his pants was so hard he had to re-arrange himself to feel more comfortable. He laughed to himself, how would she feel if she could see him playing with himself on her front porch?

He could hear her in her house, her shoes clicking as they moved towards him and near the front door. She stood nervously at the front door, it was very late for visitors, and asked “who’s there”. As if by providence she heard his reply. “It’s Steward, I need to have a quick chat with you, I promise it won’t take long”, he replied. She opened the door, and he walked inside, he reached out for her body, he wanted to touch her so much. He ran his hand over her warm bottom; he could feel her smoothness through her thin dress, as he walked past her. She turned to him and said, “any more of that and you’ll be outside again so quick you won’t even feel the pain in your butt.” She was always saying things that were the dammed opposite of what she really meant, why was she like a paradox?

He smiled at her, and in his mind he felt himself start to concentrate on what his body and mind desired so much. His instruction had been carefully provided by this very secretive man, and so he must take one careful step at a time to get exactly what he wanted from this very wonderful woman that his desires lay focused upon. He watched inside his mind as his eyes locked onto her eyes, and he tried so hard to fill her mind with his desire that she slowly remove all her clothes. She looked at Steward strangely, something had changed between them in that moment that their eyes had been locked together, she felt her body become aroused, and much to her own surprise she then asked him to accompany her into her kitchen.

Once inside the kitchen she told him to sit on the chair, she walked over to her radio and turned it on to the channel she desired, the erotic music filled her kitchen, and she began to dance around the kitchen in a way she had long fantasised about. Slowly she began to unbutton her thin flowing dress, and as she flung herself around in her erotic dance the dress slowly opened up. Stewart could gradually see more and more of her the wonderful flesh that he esenyurt escort desired so much. When her dress was completely unbuttoned, Stewart could see most of her body on and off as the flowing dress gave him glimpses of the body he lust for every minute of every day.

Finally she threw off what had now become a robe, and continued to dance in her silk bra and panties. They glistened in the moonlight through the window. Eyes beyond the window watched the erotic dance. Stewart was captivated by the erotic dance the woman of his dreams was displaying for him, it was truly wonderful. His lust made him want to run over to her and to wrap his arms around her, but something held him back; that would spoil the pleasure of the dance she was obviously gaining so much delight from performing. She seemed in a trance as she spun around, moving her body so rhythmically to the erotic music that filled her kitchen.

He wanted to see what path she would take to provide him with the erotic delights he sought from her in his mind. As the music slowed she very carefully removed her bra and panties making sure that Stewart could only see her back until the garments were completely removed. Once she was totally naked she turned towards him, and the music picked up a faster beat again, and she once again entered the erotic dance that filled her body, she moved around him, so close he could smell her body’s lust.

She made sure that her dancing naked body was touching him intermittently as she continued her erotic dance around him. She reached out with her fingers and ran them gently across his face, as she spun around and around, she could see that he was captivated by her erotic dance; where she was buried within the trance of her inner sexual woman. Her mind had been captured by her desires and she was living her dream of dancing for him; one she had fought so hard to suppress. In the recesses of her mind she knew they were destined to collide in a sexual dance of lust that would make them both different. And that this collision of passion would change them both forever, and bring them together so that they would have a symbiotic sexual tension that would carry them together through their lives.

It was too much for Stewart, his desires drove him to grab her, and as he wrapped his flesh around Rachel’s flesh, he could feel his flesh slide across her perspiring flesh. He loved that feeling, her hot pulsating body, bathed in perspiration, the smell telling him that she was in his arms. She was not going to stay still for long, she wriggled and pushed herself away from him, but this playfulness was only an encouragement to Stewart.

He dragged her onto the massive table that she kept in her kitchen. She lay there looking at him quizzically, just what had he planned for her? He took the stockings out of his pockets and tied her to her table. He smiled at her and said, “after that magical show you just put on for me I’m just so hungry, do you mind if I have something to eat in your kitchen?” Okay she thought let’s see where this takes us, so she replied, “help yourself there’s plenty to eat.”

Stewart knew exactly what he want he wanted to eat. She was a delight he had long held a secret hunger for, so delicious, so tantalising tasty, yes she was his supper. He ran to the front door, opened it, and grabbed the can of whipped cream he had hidden just outside the front door. He had wanted her a long time and now his dream would come true. He yelled out to her, “get ready I’m coming back with your big surprise – guess what? You’re my evening delight”. And as he re-entered the kitchen she lay there looking at what he had brought back with him. “And what exactly do you have in mind for that”, she said. He just smiled at her slyly. “You’ll see soon enough, cause I’m guessing that your erotic dance had left you all hot, and ready for some loving,” he said to her.

Now she had to admit, she was really turned on, and normally cream was not something she’d associate with fulfilling her desires, but obviously Stewart had something very nice in mind for her, and so that sounded just wonderful. “Okay do your worst, let’s see what you have in mind to make me happy”, she teased him. He looked into her eyes and a smile spread across his face. He stood at the end of the table, close to avrupa yakası escort her head, looking down on her face from above her, and instructed her to close her eyes. She complied, and waited to see what would happen next.

She heard the whipped cream can make the sound of cream gushing out as she lay there with her eyes closed in anticipation, and then it descended upon her face. She could feel the whipped cream all over her face. It was slightly cold. She slipped her tongue out and felt the cream slide onto her tongue, the velvety sweetness filled her senses, and her mouth was tingling as the smooth sweetness entered it.

And then she felt a different sensation. What was it? Oh my, it was Stewart licking her face. She lay there as Stewart took his time to slow eat all the cream that lay upon her, eating the cream off her forehead, then her eyes, her eye brows, her eye lashes, her nose, her cheeks, her ears, her lips, her chin, and finally her neck. That was a delightful and sensual experience, and he body desired more. She hoped he was very hungry tonight because he body burned for attention, and the whipped cream felt so smooth on her skin, and his tongue was so playful as it licked her face as clean as could be expected.

Stewart then moved down between her legs. She opened her eyes quickly and looked straight at him. She knew exactly what he had in mind now. She begged him, “Oh no Stewart, that’ll be too much, no I won’t be able to cope with that, please not between my legs, I’m so horny that will drive me crazy, I won’t be able to control myself if you do that, I won’t be able to stop coming if you spray cream all over me there, and licked me and lick me and lick me.” Stewart just smiled what a terrible attempt to talk him out of feasting upon her horny body. He had been dreaming of this for so long. She was his, he was not about to stop his quest to drive her wild with whipped cream!

He sprayed cream all over her pussy, all through her pussy hair, and down between her legs, until she could feel it begin to run over her arse and drip onto the table. She was on fire, she could feel herself so wet even before he had sprayed the cream all over her. The cream felt good on her skin but she knew that it was Stewarts tongue and mouth that would really bring her the pleasure she desired so much. It was all a dream really, what had prompted him to behave like this? It was just so wonderful, she had almost given up hope that he would make his move on her; to demonstrate to her that he desired her. What did it matter? All that mattered now, right at this moment, was her pussy was on fire and needed serious attention from him.

Stewart had just one more surprise for her! As he began to suck and lick the cream from the hair on her pussy, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small vibrator he had placed there earlier in the night. She heard the buzzing noise and knew that Stewart had something else planned for her. He slowly lifted her bottom of the table. He slid the vibrator over all the cream on the table that had run down off her bottom. He rubbed the cream that had melted around her arse, and when he knew she was ready, he whispered in her ear, “here it comes, slowly, oh so slowly, feel it vibrating and slide inside your arse.” Such filthy talk from Steward, it made her even hornier. And as she felt the vibrator slip inside her, she could feel her pussy spasm in response, and a wave of pleasure washed over her as she came for the first time that night. As he slowly moved the vibrator in and out, Stewart began his licking of her lips; sucking all the whipped cream off her pussy lips.

He lapped her with long deep strokes, making sure his tongue was giving her pussy lips a deep and passionate massage. She was yelling now, demanding that he keep licking, that he not stop until she had had enough. He sprayed more whipped cream between her legs as he now began to suck and lap at the hood of her clitoris, opening it up with his tongue, and then gently sucking on her clitoris. She was panting uncontrollably now, and he was sucking, licking, and eating, all the cream from her body. He placed his tongue inside her pussy and could taste the pungent taste of her hot desires. It had such a different taste to anadolu yakası escort the whipped cream. Her pussy tasted so great, he licked and sucked her, he pushed his tongue in deep, using his tongue to fuck her. He was rubbing his face all over her pussy, his stubble tickling her pussy lips.

She began to come again, and again, and Stewart kept going never letting up. Knowing that when she had enough she would let him know. He sprayed more whipped cream on her pussy, and began eating it up in large gulps, lapping it up like a pussy cat drinks its milk when it’s very thirsty. Rachel just couldn’t stand it any longer, she wanted to come again, but her mind and body wanted a rest. “Enough, enough, give me a rest,” she cried out. Stewart pushed himself up off the table and looked at her face; her cheeks were glowing red with the orgasms she had experienced. She looked at him and asked him enquiringly, “and what pray do you have in mind for that hot sausage you have in your pants now that my body is exhausted after all that attention?”

Steward undid his pants and they dropped to the floor. He then pulled his very long cock out of his underpants through the front gap. Rachel watched from the table as he moved towards her. He then climbed up onto the table, and placed his legs in a kneeling position either sides of her breasts. He looked at her and laughed. He questioned her, “after all that action madam I’m guessing you must be getting hungry yourself, can I offer you cock and cream?” She laughed too. “Okay, but make sure I really get lots of cream and not just the whipped cream, I want to eat up all you cream too,” she smiled awkwardly at him. Steward reached over, grabbed the whipped cream, and sprayed it all over her breasts and between her breasts.

Before he began with his cock, he took some time to spray cream on her breasts including her nipples. He just couldn’t resist this temptation to eat the cream from her breasts. She looked at him and said, “Okay that enough for me, now let’s see what we can do for you!” Stewart positioned his cock between her breasts, he cradled one breast in each hand, and pushed them together so that the pressure of her breasts created a wet and creamy friction for his cock; as he moved it in and out of it creamy breast hole. Rachel stuck her tongue out, and Stewart made sure that the head of his very long thin cock was within the reach of Rachel’s tongue. She used her tongue to tickle the crown of his cock. His cock had been hard for so long he knew it wouldn’t take him very long to come. He sprayed more whipped cream on her breasts, as his cock slid back and forward through her breasts.

She opened her mouth and licked her lips, inviting him to have his cock sucked clean. Stewart sprayed cream all over his cock, and placed it in her mouth. She sucked him like an ice-cream. She made sure he felt it all, running her tongue all over his cock. Then using her teeth to gently stimulate the underside of his cock. She then finally sucked hard on the crown of his cock. Yes, then it happened, to her delight to felt the cream inside his cock spurt out into her mouth. Yummy! Cream and cream, that’s just too delicious. She thought to herself, if I get hooked on this diet of cream, I’m going to do lots of exercise to work it off. What fun she though, fucking and eating cream, how good can life get?

He stood watching them through the window as they finished, and lay down together to cuddle each other, both exhausted from their fun together. Glad I don’t have to clean up that mess he mused. And as he watched them he thought to himself those white fellas are so stupid. Why would eating a few harmless ants change your mind capabilities? Everyone knew that Stewart had the hots for Rachel. Even a bushy black fella could see that, and so he just laughed to himself that Stewart had been so gullible. Nevertheless he had to admit that Stewart’s lust had certainly carried him to his ultimate goal. There was no doubt that Stewart’s desires for Rachel had been enough to overcome both of their inhibitions, and allow them to succeed in fulfilling both their desires for each other.

Rachel’s rapid capitulation to her inner desires had been amusing and a real delight to watch. That woman could certainly dance. These white fellas just didn’t get it, all they had to do was believe in themselves and take the risks that led to what they desired. What risks was it really, when the person you desire, desires you just as much? He turned away and walked down the street, to see his friend, who he knew had made some great cream buns today. Funnily he really felt like cream buns tonight. He smiled to himself, and licked his lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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